Since everyone has an opinion on it, I will share mine too

Whether it was created in a lab or not, if it got out of control or if it was naturally derived, this corona virus (Covid-19) seems to have taken control over our lives, in the sense that fear, panic and shock are daily emotions nowadays encountered not only in people that seriously could have a reason to feel like that, but it’s a common feeling encountered in young people and young adults or in healthy human beings. Yes, we should be concerned, but not to this extent of “we are all gonna die”.

If we think about the numerology of 2020, which is made of double 2s, and if we remember that 2 is the number that expresses emotions and feelings, we can conclude that this year is extremely emotional. There’s 2 sides to this coin. We can express positive feelings or we can choose negative emotions. And no matter which one you choose, you are right. When there is double 2s, we augment and increase the intensity of that symbol and of that energy, in this case the energy of the numerology-related number 2, which is emotions. We can choose to focus on positives and not on negatives, and that will expand even further, bringing more good energy in our lives and potentially saving us from negative experiences.

But if we solely focus on the negatives and the fearful images, words and feelings we are shown in the media, then, we can only expect to increase that and make a hill out of a mole. We have got to keep our rational minds here in calm, and focus on living our lives without having the panic around covid-19 take over our lives.

Fear, panic and anxiety are negative emotions and they can attract negative experiences in our bodies. Therefore, healing our emotions is critical to overcome our diseases or to make them be felt to a lesser extent. Flowers from Dr.Bach Flower Therapy have the potential to heal our emotional challenges. Plants are living beings. Become aware of this and be mindful of your surroundings. The more we engage to our natural surroundings, the easier will become to feel the subtle healing powers of these flowers. Because plants are in constant communication with us. Dr. Edward Bach categorised his remedies into The 12 Healers, the 7 Helpers and the Second 19 Helpers.

Dr. Bach felt The 12 Healers Flower Remedies were for our primary soul types, the sort of person we are. He equated these with the Soul lessons we have come to learn such as inner peace (Agrimony), strength and ability to say NO (Centaury) and wisdom (Cerato). We can see these types more easily in children – as adults we have accumulated other layers or imbalances – but when we are under pressure our soul type may betray itself. We sure feel this pressure these days with the new corona virus.

So, the 12 Healers are Agrimony, Centaury, Cerato, Chicory (to dissolve self-pity and “me,me,me” into generosity of giving), Clematis (to bring dreamers back to Earth), Gentian (to resolve discouragement and despondency into the positive quality of faith) Impatiens (to release the quick tense mind into gentleness), Mimulus (transforming fear of known things into bravery), Rock Rose (to transform terror and dread into courage), Scleranthus (to bring balance and determination from indecision), Vervain (to release over-enthusiasm into quiet and tolerance), Water-Violet (to change a proud aloof or quietly grieving person into the joy of service and taking part in life). Please note this is only a brief description and not the full understanding of the remedy. I will come back with a later post on the full “prescription” around these lovely flower remedies.

The 7 Helpers of the Dr. Bach Flower remedies are to support the Healer Remedies for long term conditions and are as follows: Gorse (for hopelessness), Heather (for fussy introspection), Rock Water (for rigidity of attitude), Wild Oat (for lack of direction in life), Olive (for weariness and exhaustion), Oak (for the strong person who never gives up), Vine (for a domineering forceful attitude, to bring the quality of calm wise leadership).

The other 19 flower remedies are called the second 19 and relate to emotional states that result from life’s knocks and challenges and are as follows: Holly (for jealousy, envy, revenge and suspicion and greed – in full negative, bringing the quality of love), Pine (which brings self-esteem relieving a feeling of guilt and self-blame), Aspen (for fear of unknown things), Beech (for intolerance), Cherry Plum (for fear of the mind giving way), Chestnut Bud (for failure to learn from mistakes), Crab Apple (this is also called the cleansing remedy, also known for self-hatred), Elm (if you feel overwhelmed by responsibility), Heather (for self-centredness and self concern), Honeysuckle (for living in the past), Hornbeam (for tiredness at the thought of doing something), Larch (for lack of confidence), Mustard (for deep gloom for no reason), Red Chestnut (for over-concern for the welfare of loved ones), Star of Bethlehem (for shock), Sweet Chestnut (for extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left), Walnut (for protection from change and unwanted influences), White Chestnut (for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments), Wild Rose (drifting, resignation, apathy) and Willow (for self-pity and resentment).

Bach Flower remedies are an alternative or complementary treatment that is used for emotional problems and pain. They’re made out of watered-down extracts from the flowers of wild plants. Dr. Edward Bach was a medical doctor and homeopath and created these remedies in early 1900s.

Dr. Edward Bach used to say “Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality”.

So, in my opinion, I think we need to change our emotional state to be able to conquer any potential diseases. Yes, it can be very hard to be in a positive mindset when you are really struggling when really ill, and that’s why it’s important to stay up as positive , as chilled, as calm and as mindful as possible to avoid our energetic body get a glitch and we potentially get sick.

Please maintain your mental health to a higher level of positive mindset, thinking and attitude and peaceful state of mind and tranquillity and avoid stress.

If anxiety won’t let you focus on a powerful bold mental health, why not try to read out more about these flower remedies?

For anxiety, we can try the Bach Flower Remedy called Aspen, and this will bring back into our lives more reassurance that things will be ok. If you feel there is too many responsibilities you need to take care of during these times with Corona Virus (Covid 19), you can try Elm remedy to give you support in the face of all things you need to take care of. Gentian remedy can help if you feel discouraged in case something goes wrong such as you get a flu or cold and you start thinking you will get the novel virus, if you are already in a state of depression and you have given up as you see no light at the end of the tunnel, please consider Gorse remedy, as it will emphasise on hope and a hopeful and optimistic view of life’s circumstances and challenges.

If you find yourself stuck in the past, thinking of things that occurred many weeks ago and you believe this is going to affect you still or you will get the virus because so many people got it, then you might consider Honeysuckle remedy because it will assist you in being present and thinking more of living in the present and stop focusing on the past (or past examples of bad or negative experiences related or not with Covid 19). Hornbeam remedy can help you get motivated to start working on whatever you are working but you feel you lack the motivation to start on it because you feel it’s not worthy anymore given the current world situation and you’re stressed about it. I also think Mimulus remedy will give you back the courage to fight back this fear you have regarding Coronavirus. Oak remedy will give you the strength you need if you feel you struggle on with your mental health regardless of how much you try to keep yourself positive and rational and calm about the possibility of getting Coronavirus.

If you have Coronavirus or you had it and recovered but gave it to someone and you blame yourself for this and you feel guilty, Pine remedy can help you release that internal struggle and blame. Red Chestnut remedy can help you with peace of mind if you feel overly concerned for a dear person or a family member living in a Red Zone that they might catch the new virus. If you are truly feeling overwhelmed by fear and terror regarding the Coronavirus and the end of the world because of this Covid19 , then you might consider Rock Rose for fearlessness.

If someone close to you or a family member or friend or someone you know well has been tested positive for Covid 19 and you are feeling shocked or in grief, you can consider Star of Bethlehem remedy. You can also get this yourself if you are shocked if you discover you have the Coronavirus, obviously I wish you not to, but let’s think of all potential outcomes so we feel prepared. If we feel prepared, we are better equipped to deal with any shock or after effects of a situation or life challenge and can manage healing in an effective way as we follow a plan. The main reason people panic is because of the uncertainty of a situation. But, if we choose to think rationally and with calm the potential outcomes , we can get a better emotional state of mind and this will help us tremendously because if we believe we are energy, positive energy within us attracts more positive energy and experiences. This way we keep ourselves far away from all negativity and potential outcomes because of that. But, if you still feel anguished and you feel there is no optimism within you, then you might consider Sweet Chestnut remedy. Walnut remedy will protect us all from the fear we experience regarding this new change that we need to adapt to, this new world that is to appear because of the Coronavirus outbreaks.

If you have repetitive thoughts and you feel you cannot switch off and you find it hard to sleep given what’s happening in the world , then White Chestnut remedy can help with your tranquillity and sleep. If you feel resentful on people who have given you the flu or Coronavirus or if someone is sick because of someone you know has passed on the Covid 19 onto them, I would consider Willow remedy for you to give you a more positive outlook on life and release that resentment you feel. This willow remedy can also help if you feel sorry for yourself and think always that you are going to get unwell and that this is so unfair.

Recognising exactly how you feel is the key to choosing your essences. If you have selected more than 7 essences, cut down your choice by concentrating on how you feel now. Then match the exact mood you’re in with the appropriate essence. Most people find it easy to select their own essences. All you need to do is find the essences that reflect your situation, mood or personality the best. You can mix up to 7 remedies at a time. All of the states described are everyday emotions that we all feel from time to time. Even the most negative state has a corresponding positive quality that shows us what we can be when we are fully ourselves. Sometimes we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves, few of us want to be seen as jealous or intolerant, but once we have admitted how we feel, we are halfway towards balancing that emotion. So, if you have trouble working out your feelings, why not ask someone who knows you to help.

I would like to help you out too, and to the best of my capabilities I will reply to your emails at regarding confusion related to what remedies would suit you best based on your current state of mind or your current emotions you feel. Remember, this is not treating a disease, it’s complementary to any illness and it helps by balancing your emotions, which in turn will help the physical body by releasing the tension in the mind and de-stressing, because now we know that research has concluded stress can impact on our physical health in a negative way. So we must heal our negative emotions to help heal our bodies. Our immune system is prone to diseases if stress is too high.

Bach Flower Remedies are essences made from plants. An essence is the preserved vibrational substance – or vital life force – of the plant or flower that is used for healing and to prompt deeper levels of health and well-being. The essence can include a part of the plant, such as stems, leaves, roots, buds, or it can be a distillation of the whole plant. The flower or plant essences act upon our non-physical body rather than the physical body, influencing our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and unresolved emotional traumas. Users of vibrational essences may find that, as their thoughts and emotions change, their symptoms shift as well.

Flower essences blends

When you or someone else is in distress or is experiencing an emotional spiral, whether it is because of the loss of a loved one, the experience of a life threatening accident, or the worry of facing a challenging situation (potentially getting infected with Covid19 or Corona virus) , the following flower essence blends will help to soothe and balance your emotions.

Physical and emotional shock – Bach rescue Remedy (the most known Bach Flower Remedy) – you can purchase this already made up, or you can blend your won remedy using Star of Bethlehem – for releasing the trauma, Rock Rose – against terror and panic, Cherry Plum – for fear of losing control and Clematis as it helps to make you stay conscious.

Sleeping problems – Rock Rose (it helps with nightmares) , White Chestnut (releases those worrying thoughts) and Agrimony (helps with restlessness from repressed worries)

Worrying about others – Red Chestnut (against irrational anxieties), chicory (releasing the concern for others, the neediness) and Holly (against jealousy and suspicion).

This is what Dr. Bach teaches us:

“It is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our cares, our worries and so on, we not only free ourselves from our illness, but the Herbs given unto us by the Grace of the Creator of all, in addition take away our fears and worries, and leave us happier and better in ourselves.

Thus, behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes. Let us seek these out and heal them, and with the healing of them will go the disease from which we suffer.

The mind being the most delicate and sensitive part of the body, shows the onset and the course of the disease much more than the body, so that the outlook of mind is chosen as the guide as to which remedy or plant or flower remedies are necessary.”

Did you ever consider that at the heart of all diseases and distresses lay an imbalance in our emotional state and that true health is emotional harmony?

Blogmas 11 – Healing through thinking

Disclaimer – By no means, am I suggesting to ditch your medical advice or medicines, this is simply to give you more guidance and relief for your suffering, no matter what that is.

Each of us is able to control their own thoughts. This is the miraculous power by which all things become possible. If we think negative thoughts, we attract energy imbalances and, this is from where disease and illness is feeding. When we have positive thoughts, we welcome the well-being and health state of mind and of body in our lives. We need to teach ourselves how to regain full control over our minds, by ALWAYS supervising it and making sure it is helping us and it is not ran against our own selves. The big power thought has, is that it can cure diseases and it can make us happy again, full of life and strength. Our infinite healing powers are rooted in all people’s subconscious, and in your subconscious too. By changing our way of thinking we radically change our life.

Our thoughts are active and they represent the seeds we plant.

Our subconscious is not interested whether the thoughts are good or bad, rather it responds in compliance with the energy of that thought. Our subconscious will never try to contradict what we think, it will always accept for good whatever we say consciously. Therefore, we need to be decisive when it comes to our own lives, health and love. By giving up on our old thinking patterns that is deeply rooted in our subconscious minds, we will have earned a healthy life and lifestyle.

Thought is LIFE. Our thoughts create our environment and our worlds also. If we have healthy thoughts, we will keep our health and well being. If we feed unhealthy thoughts, not only will we not enjoy a healthy life but we will also be deprived of harmony and love in our lives.

We must not forget: our body is the product of our mind, and the mind is able to control our body. If we maintain ourselves on the positive side of our thoughts, the same will happen with our body. Love, peace, harmony, purity, idealistic thoughts promote radiant health. Our body is closely linked to our minds. If we have a toothache or stomach ache, our minds are affected as well.

When we stop thinking correctly, it means we are disturbed by something. If there is a state of depression in our minds, our bodies won’t function properly. Our mental health is far more important than our physical health. If the mind is healthy, the body will follow. If the mind is sending outwards pure thoughts, all illnesses will vanish from the human body. Every thought, every word and emotion provokes a vibration in every cell of our body and it leaves there a deep first impression. We must learn to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. As an example, courage thoughts would immediately serve as an antidote for any consequences regarding fearful thoughts.

It’s extremely important to note that every cell of our body grows, suffers and receives an impulse of death or life to every THOUGHT THAT CROSSES OUR MINDS.

When our physical body is intoxicated, it’s not just a consequence of poor eating habits, it’s also an effect of emotional factors. Being mad, sad, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, all these emotions and feelings affect normal functioning of the bile, of liver and it creates inflammation in the small intestines. Fear transforms large intestines. As a results, our abdomens get bloated and feelings of discomfort , insomnia, metabolic problems emerge. All these modifications determine an abnormal immune system reaction.

Negative thoughts are directly responsible for mental “poisoning”, and they reflect in our physical body. This is how diseases are being born in us. Negative feelings represent a poison and stress for our entire body.

Anger, rage, revenge all culminate to a malfunctioning of our gut and intestines. Nervous tension creates a blockage in intestines, making them inactive. If the person continues to be angry, this emotional negative download becomes chronic, and nutritional deficiencies which are specific to that disease become more visible. Sodium and water are retained by the human organism, while potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium and vitamins B are exhausted or consumed by the body to react to the stressful stimuli.

What’s very sad, is that we slowly do this to ourselves, by neglecting certain obvious slow downs of our organs, and this is how the following can appear: indigestion, collies, constipation, poor circulation, etc. On top of all this, stress, fury, fear, nervousness, feeling or being unhappy, worry, all these negative emotions affect our well being and accentuate an illness and premature ageing.

When our thinking becomes clear and pure, by affirming good in everything, such blockages mentioned above cannot appear. Immediately after we create a new way of life and a new way of thinking in our minds and hearts, it means we are willing for a soul change. The way we think, makes our bodies to release certain energies which will attract the same energy and we are the only ones responsible for the consequences of negative thinking.

One of the Divines laws to which human is supposed to adhere is the Law of cause and effect, which is known also as the Karma Law. Just as it can action in physical body, Karma has a way of being visible and active in the mental and spiritual body. This means, all diseases have a physical, a mental and spiritual cause. The human, to be able to take all life exams, must learn to correlate physical healing with mental and spiritual healing. Not always all life exams are passed by people, and for that we have to come back on Earth in a new reincarnation. Only in this way, will we progress spiritually, because this is how evolution happens.

So, every illness or disease has a mental cause as well as a physical one. Negative and bag thoughts, worries, fears, all evils and cruelty we show, produce in our bodies a mark which can transform in disease in the mental body as well as in the physical body. So, to heal or treat a disease, we need to know its origin. By using positive neuro-language programming, a person can heal herself or himself alone, unless there is a spiritual cause to that particular disease as well. In this case, this type of mental healing or treatment will have a reduced effect. The person that suffers from a specific disease has to suffer the consequences of his or her actions. That person can only get healed and well back again through suffering, pray and through the divine or the person in question will have to carry on the same illness in the next life or reincarnation because not all the times we finish our karma from past lives in one reincarnation. According to how many mistakes we need to correct, we can suffer from illnesses or types of diseases for many lives.

When we will be able to enter a harmonious, positive mental state of mind, old thinking patterns will dissolve and molecular structures of our bodies will alter, according to our new consciousness, as a normal reaction. The definite decisive factor in our healing is our individual perception reflected in positive thoughts and wishes for everyone around us.

Healing miracle emerges from our own positive health thoughts.

It’s a very long list to enumerate here on the blog, and I know I said in the previous blogmas – 10 (link here) that I would share the list, however I believe , before I can do that, there needs to be further insights revealed to make the access to the healing information possible. to open your eyes and minds.


Will I see you reading my next Blogmas?