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I was writing about our colour preference and its subconscious meaning in this post last year and I remember very well that at that specific point in time, my 3 choice colours were green, turquoise and blue, I even confessed it in the blog post, and now, taking the test again, I selected green, turquoise and red or violet. This means my objectives and goals have shifted directions. They are different than September last year. But I did not reach this important fact by taking the test again. Actually, I just took the test now, while writing this blog post, as I wanted to include that article here, as a reference.

And if you want to learn how to name all colours correctly, try bookmarking this page here and discover your favourite colour name. 

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Photo Credit – Ryan Graybill

I reached this conclusion a couple of days ago, when I realised most of my clothing wish list *temporarily being held on my tkmaxx folder on my laptop – are ranging from the colour palette turquoise, white, hints of deep reds or magenta, some pink and obviously my top preferred greens.

Would you like to have a sneak peak?

Here … they are! 

However, most of my fashion likes from tkmaxx website incorporate blue and white.

If you love the items and colour choices, you might benefit from reading further! I would love it, if you would do!

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I found this website quite recently, and having a scroll through my favourite colour at the time of the browsing, I realised the insights and knowledge and info contained in it, is worth being bookmarked – again initially, after discovering it, green was my first choice. And today, I decided to read why am I attracted to blue and white garments. It turns out, corroborated with the colour personality test you can also take here and of course, on this website I said about bookmarking, the deepest need for a turquoise colour personality is to create emotional balance in their life, to be able to express their hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make their own way in the world under their own terms. Yes, I find myself in this depiction. The deepest need for a white colour personality is to create simplicity in their life and to be independent and self reliant, so that I would not need to depend on anyone else. There’s a special note about white and I quote: “Rarely is this colour a favourite colour from childhood – white tends to become a favourite at a time when you are going through a transitional period in your life, preparing for new beginnings or seeking a new direction in one or more areas of your life.

Photo Credit – Lyndsey Marie

Well, remember my last update on my About, now Hello page? – I was confessing I am actually deciding whether I still want to go ahead with this blog and if so, how. Colours do work. Reading more about turquoise, I find that it means open communication and clarity of thought. Which in a way, is what happened with me when confessing my perfectionism struggle through my Hello page, as at the bottom of this desire to make it better or the deep subtitle of me, even sharing that, lies a hidden thought that I have not achieved the stability I desire through doing what I want to do in life and earning money from what I love doing. Then, I will follow with this phrase: “In colour psychology, turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. … Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the colour of the evolved soul. Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation. It is a good colour to use when you are stuck in a rut and don’t know which way to move.

Photo Credit – Nilton Oliveira

White – it’s the colour at its most complete and pure, the colour of perfection. Obviously, it reiterates what I have been feeling like lately: “In colour psychology white is the colour of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white isn’t stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. White is a colour of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope, helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to de-clutter your life. White may indicate the completion of a cycle in your life – you may find you have a desire for white clothing or white in your surroundings at a time when you are moving in a new direction in your life.” I am only sharing a bite size of the insightful powerful information discovered along my way to understand my recent change of perception in choices made whether buying clothes or other items, such my Avene Hydrance Serum (whose bottle is transparent and the white, creamy moisturiser or hydrating serum can be seen – white again) or a book, whose cover is white, or light green or hints of magenta – my recent book haul, (I have uploaded a picture on my instagram, also, below, now that I am writing this, realise, the colours are impacting my life in a big way!).

book haul colour
Instagram – @georgya.na

This stuff really works, imagine this – your subconscious goes through updates, and maybe upgrades, and it reflects outwards through our colour choices, which you could say, it’s just what I like, and actually, it reflects your true colours – so, what if, when you want to change something or you would like to upgrade your skills or improve your status quo, you would start incorporating more the specific colour that can help you attain that “goal”. You can listen to each colour subconscious meaning here, by the way.

Photo Credit – Lucas Silva Pinheiro Santos

Those deep hints of red or magenta (and by the way, did you also notice, I uploaded an extra photo with magenta leaves & trees in my Hello page, between the lines explaining what I am doing with this blog?) also say something about me. Magenta is actually the colour of universal harmony and emotional balance. “With magenta as your favourite colour you seek harmony and balance in every aspect of your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually – magenta helps to release old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve you, helping you to grow and move forward to greater balance. With a vivid imagination and creative ability, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view. This will show up in artistic pursuits … With magenta you also love to surround yourself with beauty as it inspires your creativity.” And now the cherry on the cake when speaking about the deepest need of a personality colour magenta – Your deepest need is to have a perfect balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes to become totally aligned and at one with yourself.” Then, reading about the red, as we all know it is the colour of energy, passion and action, I do feel I am dynamic and actively trying to figure out how to do my own thing, and the deepest need for choosing red is physical achievement, fulfilment and satisfaction and to experience life through the five senses. I do find myself, as I was mentioning money a bit earlier, that I do want to experience all the senses and what they can offer. And that’s through financial satisfaction too, because money can buy you things which can fulfil you and your next needs for life upgrades, such as moving in a new house, having new furniture, new clothes, a new lifestyle. A new you, physical and spiritual. Just, what I am striving to attain and what the colour choice white has pinpointed out to me.

I don’t know about you, but I am yet again, astonished by the profound understanding I am getting from knowing my colours, literally and figuratively speaking. 

Photo Credit Sammy Harris
Photo Credit – Sam Harris – @hammy.sarris


Birthday colors

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a website called Colostrology. Which no longer exists, but it was transformed into a book. Colostrology or your birthday color combines astrology with intuitive wisdom and the power of the color to create a personal color for each day of the month of the year.

rainbow color

“There is a world of possibility contained in each day of birth. There are strengths and weaknesses and gifts and challenges. You have a sun sign and a ruling planet, and you belong to a particular element – fire, earth, air or water. Your birthday carries a numerological vibration that has a specific meaning. Each of these components shapes your personality and life experiences, and when combined, they create the personal colors on which Colostrology is based.” There are 365 personal colors. When the original website was still up, you only needed to search for your date of birth and see the color picked up for you. It may not be a color that you like, but it was designed to help you add it to your environment to help bring out the essence and meaning of you more into the world.

There are also monthly colors. The following are words taken from the book. This will determine you purchase it as you need to know exactly what does it say on your exact date of birth.

I have put it together with the names of colors, shade names from my previous article about the correct names of colors, in an attempt to see if they can be called differently. Some of them have slight differences, the shade is either too dark or too light, some, like caramel, I cannot find what to compare it with. Enjoy!


January Color – Caramel – Practical, Determined, Builder 

The color for the month of January is Caramel. Logical and sure-footed, this is a color of substance and determination. After the exuberance of December, we are met with the practical and down-to-earth month of January. The earth tones in Caramel help us feel stable and responsible. This color encourages us to ground our earthly ambitions through discipline and persistence.

Sheer lilac


February – Sheer Lilac – Uplifting, Progressive, Detached

The color for the month of February is Sheer Lilac. Inspiring and imaginative, this color invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness. Sheer Lilac helps us comprehend the spirit of humankind and allows us to experience our friends and the people in our community as family. Use this color when emotionally entangled, for it can help you practice and understand detachment.

Fair Aqua

March – Fair Aqua – Intuitive, Subtle, Empathetic 

The color of the month of March is Fair Aqua. Dreamy and illusive, this color helps guide people between the conscious and subconscious worlds. Fair Aqua evokes the qualities of trust and clarity. Neptune, god of the oceans, presides over the month of March.


April – Cayenne – Fiery, Energetic, Courageous 

The color for the month of April is Cayenne. Fiery and energetic, this color signifies passion, strength, and courage. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, governs the heavens during the month of April. We have just entered the spring season, during which there is a promise of growth and plenty, and everything is new and popping with excitement. This is a time for new beginnings and initiating action.

Bud Green

May – Bud green – Healing, Rejuvenating, Prosperous 

The color for the month of May is Bud Green. Vital and assuring, this is the color of stability and healing. Bud Green opens the heart and rejuvenates the spirit. The sun moves through the earth sign of Taurus during the month of May. This earthy quality is prevalent as the color green springs into action after the bleakness of winter and graces us with its presence. Bud Green gives us a balance of strength and substance.

Aspen Gold

June – Aspen Gold – Radiant, Intellectually Energizing, Uplifting 

The color of the month June is Aspen Gold. Energizing and activating, this is a color filled with radiance and light. Aspen Gold has the ability to lift out spirits and bring sunshine into our lives. Mercury, the planet of communication, moves through the heavens during the month of June. Yellow is known for stimulating the brain and increasing intelligence and mental agility.

Coral Blush

July – Coral Blush – Soothing, Receptive, Nurturing 

The color for the month of July is Coral Blush. Gentle and soothing, Coral Blush inspires love and receptivity. The moon rules the skies during the month of July and just as the moon goes through its phases and cycles, so do we. The silver in this color signifies the value of change, reflection and receptivity, and the pink represents love and tenderness. Together they make a color that can be used in times of change or transition and as an aid for emotional healing.

Sun Orange

August – Sun Orange – Regal, Inspiring, Powerful 

The color of the month of August is Sun Orange. Grand and royal, this is a color that resonates with power and greatness. Gold signifies both spiritual and material wealth. During the month of August the sun moves through the majestic sign of Leo, the sign that rules royalty. The brightness of this color dispels darkness and is especially helpful when you feel the need to protect yourself. It also assists in aligning you with riches, monetary support, and your position in life.

Baja Blue

September –  Baja Blue – Divine, Discerning, Artistic

The color for the month of September is Baja Blue. This is a divine and alluring color that resonates with beauty, purity and wisdom. Mercury and then Venus move through the heavens during the month of September. This is a time when our thinking and our appreciation of beauty is heightened. Baja Blue increases our breadth of scope. It can help ease tension and promote tranquility. This color opens the mind to higher concepts and a less limiting point of view.


October – Cerulean – Peaceful, Poised, Balanced 

The color for October is Cerulean. Calm and soothing, Cerulean signifies love, beauty and balance. Cerulean embodies the essence of peace and serenity while inspiring us to be strong and take decisive action. Venus, the planet that rules the month of October, governs love and beauty. This is a great month to enhance your physical appearance or beautify your surroundings.

Claret Red

November – Claret Red – Intense, Passionate, Transforming 

The color for the month of November is Claret Red. Intense and passionate, this color inspired depth, strength, and love. People during this month can see beyond the mundane and into the heart of others. This is a great color to use when integrating perception with a more lighthearted detachment. Claret Red helps you stay inspired as you build your dreams and ambitions.

Pagoda Blue

December – Pagoda Blue – Wisdom, Truth, Vision

The color for December is Pagoda Blue. Deep and meditative, this color signifies wisdom, truth and optimism. Pagoda Blue gives vision and trust to those who wear it. It is a great color to use while traveling or exploring. The color is a useful aid in dealing with others who have alternative points of view.

Do you have a different opinion as to which color could be the shade from the color thesaurus created by Ingrid Sundberg?

If you wish to purchase the Colostrology book from Amazon, click here

Happy Colorful Birthday! 

birthday color shades names




Real 50 Shades of Grey

Writer and children’s book illustrator Ingrid Sundberg has created a Color Thesaurus – a collection of 12 color charts that list the correct names of all shades. It is an useful reference tool for anyone interested in arts and everyone loving colors, like me.

So check them out below !

white shades

I think it is so sophisticated to name a color of a different item, such as a piece of clothing or jewelry as having a pearl color or porcelain color. Or ivory color. Love it !

pink shades

From this range I like very much the watermelon color, the rosewood and taffy colors.

brown shades

Now this is useful for hair colors. My hair color is a combination of umber, mocha and pecan. It sounds like a desert 🙂

green shades

Green is one of my favorite colors. Therefore all its shades are my preferred colors !

light yellow shades

Don’t you love the latte color or the macaroon color ?

red shades

Well, this is going to be useful when purchasing lipsticks, although many of the lipsticks have names that resound in a way or another to a specific shade of “rouge”.

blue shades

The ocean color is so exquisite !

purple shades

Now this is the second preferred color, and every shade of it is so beautiful! I especially enjoy the mulberry, the wine and the eggplant.

black shades

Who said black is a non-color ?

yellow shades

I start to think that I enjoy more the name of the shade of the color than the color itself 🙂

grey shades

And take a look at this. It’s just 20 shades of grey.

May I remind you to bookmark this page for your future references and purchases 🙂

Images courtesy of Ingrid Sundberg.

More shades of colors are to be found in my newest post – Birthday colors!