What truly makes me feel accomplished, successful and happy

I remember working for someone many, many years ago and reaching a point when I received a sort of promotion in the form of more money towards my salary. Even though I appreciated receiving more for the work I was putting in, because I did deserve it, as I am extremely reliable, serious and hard working, that did not make me happier or feeling more accomplished or believing of myself to be successful. And that’s because success to me translates to something totally different than what might signify to you or to other people.


I find success to be something personal and the word itself means something different to another person. Even to you, reading this out, success might come in the form of a huge following online, getting lots of clients or customers, achieving a specific level up, going up in the walk of life or simply more money, more power to buy certain things or services.

what makes me feel successful

I realized that this definition we all have for success comes from our core values and our character strengths. Every single one of us is different and we all have different values and character traits and strengths. A couple of years ago, when discovering the positive psychology field, I read the basics of it and where it all started and that was through Martin Seligmans books. One of them explored the idea of the science of our characters and a survey he created along with late Dr. Christopher Peterson, changed my world.

what makes me feel successful happy accomplished satisfied with my work

I discovered that what would make me happy in work so that I can tell the world the well known affirmation I am successful, accomplished and happy with my life is made up of 6 character strengths put into 4 core values categories. Understanding these concepts, makes it easier for me and for you as well, if you would like to take the survey (VIA classification survey) to cope with your personal story of the meaning of success and to be happy in life.

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These character strengths I owe are as follows: ranking first place – appreciation of beauty and excellence, second place, creativity, third place honesty, forth place, love, fifth place judgement and sixth place love of learning. These concepts which in their own significance explain so much more about what success and happiness in life is, make me who I am and how I am. Appreciation of beauty and excellence is something I work with through my blog, through all the small (or large) businesses I follow and enjoy shopping from as beauty is not just being beautiful, beauty is something from within too, beauty is being eco friendly, beauty is shopping ethically, beauty is being kind, compassionate, beauty is spirituality and appreciation of art, nature, music, writing, dance, everything that is beautiful in my own realm of beauty. And if you have this character strength, then whatever you are attracted to, that is your way of displaying appreciation of beauty and excellence. I find excellency comes from that beauty, as beauty is something close to perfection and perfection is very hard to attain, it is connected to doing your best in everything you do to obtain that excellent job. And that is beauty too. I am sharing my appreciation of beauty and excellence in this post here. Find out what I appreciate, follow and to whom I would like to collaborate, who inspires me and what composes my human nature and being.

creativity what makes me feel successful

Creativity is my second character strength and something I need to use to be happy with the work I put. Growing up, I always attempted to learn how to be creative and to actually display creativity and to make sure I would become a formidable human being, much like an artist that changes the world, failing to recognize that I am already creative and you are too. We are all creative already. Doing exercises to improve or enhance or boost our creative natures is helpful and advisable especially for the brain, that always seeks new food, however, exercising it needs to go more on the side of practicing rather than just reading about it. I like to be creative. I like to do things in a different way, I find this is something that makes me stand out. That forces me to be put into the light. But I want to be creative not for the sake of it, rather to bring something useful, meaningful and enjoyable to humanity too. Maybe this is why I am writing on this blog, maybe this is why I studied psychology and have always wanted to work in a field of psychology that is new, different, more creative and have always found that positive psychology is something I am passionate about, ecopsychology is a new field I am interested in, graphotherapy, which I find extremely useful and easy to put into practice or color therapy that is so wonderful to work with, art therapies and everything in this modern world that is innovative, such as video therapy or the blooming of Virtual world and devices, that will probably come up with a way to do virtual therapy too. I am all into that. Love is and would be something I would look forward to contribute with. And to do that, I have the other character strengths to help with, one of which would be the love of learning and judgement. These last 2 concepts are valuable to me just as much as all the others are, because I am a life long learner and I enjoy finding new things out, I discover that this trait makes me very open minded. Being open minded is very important for the present time and it will be for the future as well, because lots of innovations will come to us and we need to be open to learning and to judge its need into our own inner worlds. Judgement is a character strength I currently work with actually, because I am working in the Fraud Department in a call center, and this along with the other core strength which ranks third, that is honesty, is making me resist in the job I do, even though it is a call center. Honesty is also connected to appreciation of beauty and excellence. Excellence can only be attained through honesty, through love. Love of people and of truth. And then we end up this self centered speech (although sometimes, we need to be self centered to make sure we do know ourselves and we are able to find out right place in this world) with my most important character strength that I do not believe finds much place in the workplace, rather in my personal life, which is love. Family life is the one that matters mostly for me and love is needed for me to maintain my balance, my purpose, my vision. And love is included into appreciation of beauty and excellence as well, because it can speak of humanity, of spirituality, of wisdom, of life. What would life be without love?

what makes me feel happy successful and accomplished

The core virtues are composed by all your character strength and they mention a notion that encompasses it all under one name. My core virtues are transcendence, wisdom, courage and humanity. What does this mean? It means that under these names falls everything that will make me happy, will make me feel successful, will make me feel and be accomplished. I am working on all these aspects, and based on Martin Seligman’s approach, if you work with only 4 of your character strengths (at your current job), you will feel happy in work and ultimately that brings happiness into your life, as you feel successful since you are working with your character strengths. With your strengths, which I believe show your passions, show where your talents are and portray your vision of life, and maybe your mission, if you dig deeper.

What are your character strengths and do you use them in your work life? 

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My appreciation of beauty & excellence character strength

Well, hello there! This post is all about my most important character strength based on VIA classification survey by Martin Seligman, which is appreciation of beauty and excellence. What is this, you might ask? It is what would make me love my job. Having the opportunity to work with brands or within a company in which I find that appreciation of beauty and excellence of the product or service is there. That, together with other core values I have, that I find, fall under this magic fundamental pleasure I have in appreciating my kind of beauty in the world, and the other core values are: transcendence, wisdom, courage and humanity. So, I will share with you here, some of the everything that I am passionate about, that I find useful, meaningful, enjoyable to me and that I believe is to the world as well, as it can influence it to the better, making everyone having a better life in the end. If you want to understand more this vision, read this post here.

appreciation of beauty and excellence character strength martin seligman VIA survey

I am probably writing this post more for me than for any other reason. I am writing it to get a clear road on the brands that I would like to work with, to get a bigger picture of the area where I am more focused on, and it seems I am concerned with the body, mind, spirit fields, and I have a focus on environmental friendly, eco and bio products and/or services. I also feel, a lot of this character strength I have is linked with what I wrote in this post here.

With no specific order, I appreciate and enjoy tea. Is there a job where I can live to taste tea and maybe get involved in creating blends? I would love that. I have fallen in love with tea because my grandmother used to drink it a lot, having had her own yard and growing her own herbs and medicinal plants, and also being very close to a hill/mountain where together with my grandfather they would climb it for fun and also in search of wild medicinal plants and berries. I was in those expeditions too when growing up and I guess, that’s how I have given birth to this love of nature and natural products and nutritional foods. That is a beautiful thing to me, I appreciate a company that does products or services that are in alignment with our natures and with nature, not disturbing the environment. I myself, try to be as eco-friendly as possibly. So, tea. There are several tea companies I follow and bought tea from, that I believe are worth the money. I sometimes wonder if, whenever I discover a new small brand of tea, is good to make more awareness of it or not, because that small biz is small because that’s how it can actually remain organic, natural, wild and eco friendly, as an example. If more people would buy from it, the company might need to start exploring more ways into bringing the product or service to the needs of the market, which might mean compromising on the quality or on the quality of suppliers. If you know what I mean. There had been lots of products or services I really loved and once they became bigger, the quality dropped. To fulfill the need. But I am not sure that is really a sustainable way of doing good business. And let’s remember that businesses initially were set up or at least their very definition was suppose to be related to helping the community. Or maybe that’s just a modern concept of green responsibility. But every business should have it. My master degree (as I studied Knowing and Combating Crime) focused on Corporate Crime, and I believe a corporate crime is not having this social responsibility. Going back to tea, the brands I really love and their teas are so tasty, natural, good, healthy, again, in no specific order, as I am unable to compare and it would fail the purpose of the post, are:

JingTea – they focus their sourcing efforts on what they consider to be the best tea regions in the world. A large proportion of these are in South and East Asia, which subsumes countries and regions with hundreds if not thousands of years of history of producing the finest tea. The teas I bought from them, which were so delicious are:

JingTea Organic Green Tea Dragon Well (fair trade and single gardened) – so what do we have here? First, it is organic (I do not need to explain the importance of this, do I?), second, it is fair trade, which means, people working at it were paid a fair price and are able to live good, those communities being helped (humanity, doing good in the world) and third, is that it comes from a single garden, not from multiple places, mixing the tea. This makes it better at taste, and at micro-nutrients and minerals. Healthy. Also, can I mention that the packaging is so beautiful and so good for tea to maintain its characteristics. It is also a good caddy to use in the future, after you have finished the tea. You can use it for something else to deposit into.

Jingtea organic green tea
Another tea from JingTea I loved, but I purchased it in a different format when I bought it, and I cannot find that they have it now like that, is Morrocan Mint Tea (which is made up with green tea). I really liked this, because it was naturally sweet, and you could sense the mint and the green tea. Apparently this happens, because they use Chinese steamed tea, than the traditional gunpowder tea (which is commonly used when making this tea blend).

LalaniandCo Tea – well, this is a luxurious tea, in taste and price as well. But so worth it. The one I have is The Winter White Tea which is a vintage white tea, a rarity, from 2011 and I take special care of it, I only drink it with special occasions. You can actually drink multiple times from the same cup of tea used, with the condition to dry the leaves back or use it for various cups the same day (if having guests, as an example). I chose it because of this (taken from lalaniandco website): “Young, boutique and family run, LaKyrsiew was planted in 2001 on fresh organic soil and produces a total of just 1,500kg of tea per year with a passion for flavour.” When I read fresh organic soil, passion for flavor and the rarity or the plant, of course, I went for it. I seek quality, luxurious tea. And this is definitely worth it, especially if you enjoy tea as much as I do. It is a treat. The tea is so soft when you drink it. It is not hard as most teas. It has a scent of some kind of alcohol. But it is not. This January if you want to stay away from alcohol, but wish to enjoy a wonderful taste of something rich, why not try this great tea? Being organic and since 2011, each year, I find that its taste improves and it is truly something to hold for the years to come. It ages too. That is spectacular. Not to mention Lalaniandco teas are a family run company and they specialize in finding extraordinary small-batch teas, choosing from the most talented gardens, going even into the detail of the varietals of tea plant used and the making process for the batch, the best, made as a luxury craft, with the same artisan skill as with a family vineyard or a small whisky distillery. That is excellency. And I appreciate that very, very much. Would love to travel to those places to see it being made. To really taste those regions, the nature.

LovOrganic Tea – I bought from here a very dear tea I enjoy, which is linden tea, which is not very common in the UK or maybe not even in other parts of the world, apart from my home country, Romania, which tastes like a cookie, if I had to describe it. The authentic taste I know for the linden tea was close to the linden tea sold by LovOrganic, having organic teas, which as you might expect, again are the best to drink, to really take in the vitamins, nutrients and minerals it has. I do not have the packaging for these LovOrganic teas I bought, and the Linden tea I was mentioning, at the time I purchased it, it had the Linden logo (possibly this one to be very authenticLinden Rose), I am sure it is still enjoyable, along with some other teas I purchased at the time, such as Vanilla Rooibos Tea and Lov is Good Tea, but something did remain, apart from the sweet memories, and that is the mugs I purchased, one which is green made from ceramic and transparent one made up of glass. Perfect for my teas!

Moving on, to something more beauty related. I also make sure when I purchase beauty or skincare products, to choose natural, organic, cruelty free as much as possible, because it does matter, to the planet and to our health. I do not use that much make up, if I even use it on a daily basis, but when I do, I reach to RMS Beauty products, that I mostly purchased through another beauty related brand I follow and enjoy, LoveLula, a website that holds and promotes and sells products that are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and where you can discover new brands in those areas. RMS Beauty stands for certified organic ingredients, feeding the skin with nutrients, vitamins and enzymes and the products are formulated to be as pure as possible, keeping skin healthy and promoting anti aging benefits for long-term beauty. That again is something I appreciate, doing beauty that does not last only for the day, but that in time, still shows, through the hidden natural benefits of the products. That is true beauty products. The ones I use and you might be interested in (if you’re a woman) or your partner might be (if you’re a guy reading this) are:

RMS Beauty Brightening Brush – I use it for defining my eyes actually

RMS Beauty Luminizer Xquad – these four high-impact luminizers can be worn alone, blended for a custom glow or mixed into any product for super luminosity.

my rms beauty

RMS Beauty Vintage Liner – for defining your eyes with the RMS Beauty Brightening Brush

my rms beauty

RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Foundation Brush – This brush is free of animal hair and is completely vegan. Designed with a dual technology that has never been seen before, the skin2skin foundation brush uses varying length bristles that are tightly layered in a swirl pattern to effortlessly and instantaneously blend your foundation. This is very good looking too on your vanity table.

my rms beauty

Baggu bags – which I discovered through the website RedRubyRouge (focusing on supporting budding designers who are forward thinking and offer something utterly unique and RedRubyRouge also believes in the ethos and the ethics behind the brands they promote and that is something I really appreciate). So Baggu makes bags based on the construction of the plastic grocery bag, the Standard Baggu is durable, lightweight, and can hold 2-3 times more than a traditional grocery bag. The ones I have are 2 – one, which is back at home, in Romania and I do not have a picture of it here with me, but this is the one I chose (link) , and I actually wear it as a work/casual day out bag as it fits lots of stuff in and the other one is this fat cat black bag for transporting or storing (let’s say when travelling, either clothes or cosmetics or books, or notebooks, etc, you can use it for whatever you need it to). It is a bag that you look at and it instantly makes you smile.

fat cat close up pouch baggu

fat cat close up pouch baggu

Moisturisers – Vegan Cruelty free natural skincare from Vision VIP Group. I wrote about it a lot on my other blog. More info on this here and here.  I also use the products I mentioned in my most current minimalist skincare routine – link here.

moisturiser 1001 remedies close up

I use Vision products because they use ingredients from the finest regions on Earth, that are organic, wild, natural and unaltered by humans or technology. The ingredients are gathered at specific times in the year when their nutrients are at the highest level and can increase our or boost our health.

I like Oskia Skincare products which I discovered initially, through LoveLula, I read their philosophy and I appreciate their honesty. Oskia uses only naturally derived, clean ingredients that are kind to the skin and to the environment and they do not use potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. Oskia products also work with our skin to provide a long term skincare solution. All this along with their other parts of their mission has made the brand to reach my heart. What I used from the brand was Eye Wonder cream, PURE MSM beauty supplement, Get up and Glow, an awarded serum to be used before and after make up, bringing glow and brightness to the skin and the Renaissance Hand Cream. All these products are BEAUTIFUL.

Wantfeed platform – there is not much I can say about this one now, but this is a platform developed by Stefan Michalaks, a youtuber, where you can upload your favourite products from the online and share them. I have a tremendous list, but it seems wantfeed is in the beta version now and even though the links used to work a couple of months ago, at this point in time, it seems they do not. You can see what I have included in my wantfeed here until the website will be up and running. I support their work so I bought a make up bag in which you can actually hold various other items too. I do not have that much make up to use. And the pattern is so alive and so feminine. A bit of art. Which again, I love.

the michalaks bag

Why do I enjoy all these I shared here so far? Because their visions, missions and plans relate much to a form of beauty that I appreciate and to which I want to associate myself with. It’s like gathering the things you like, much like a collection of beautiful stuff. It just makes you happy. Because it relates to something deep inside that feeds your soul, your values, your character, your true nature. All these brands and services and products I write about are in a way or another shaping the world we live in, and the owners, their creators are pursuing their dreams; the fact that they do that, transforms our lives in better, brings something good into the world and inspires me and hopefully you too, to change something in your life, to pursue your passions too, in order to be able to help people in your own way. That’s what appreciation of beauty and excellence stands for in my humble opinion.

Mapology is another small biz, a creative one that I would really like to collaborate with.

mapology maps creative

I am thinking of designing myself a map. If that project will come alive, I would be so happy to share it with you. I have written about the creative maps Mapology makes here and here.

what is mapology guides maps creative

I think for now, this has become too long. I will keep some for another post if that is what you would be interested in, share your comments down below. Have you heard so far of any of these small (and big) creative businesses?