5 New things I am trying to do every day

You probably heard that thing about making sure to change your path to the way home from work every now and then as it helps the brain to maintain a healthy activity and it stimulates it to remain vigilant and alive. The brain grows and enhances its capabilities when we feed him with new things every day. This year I decided to try to do 5 small things or changes every day to make sure my brain stays fit.

5 new things I do every day

Spend at least 10 minutes per day with one course (at a time) from FutureLearn.

I love the platform much more than Coursera as I feel the courses are more attractive, the website is so much accessible and easy to browse on. It does not have lots of information all over the place as Coursera does and it feels more fun to be on. I have subscribed to multiple courses on Coursera over the years and have failed successfully at completing them. Not all of them, but definitely a huge part of it. I decided to impose myself a schedule in which I put only 10 minutes a day and follow through one course at a time to make sure I learn something new every day and month.

food diversity
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Make sure to have a diversity of plants, fruits, vegetables and foods every day.

Just as the brain loves new information and is happy to be taken out of the box with new stimuli, our bodies have a special pleasure in receiving new nutritional food on a daily basis. The body is stimulated by lots of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and when you offer that from a variety of food sources, the body has plenty of resources to function properly. It also has the possibility to heal you much better and I want to make sure my body has a bank of vitamins at its or my disposal whenever an emergency occurs. Hopefully, no more flues or colds for me this year. I had enough of that in the last years and I have learned what my body wanted to let me see: more vitamins, more variety in food. I think you already know how I am changing my eating habits this 2018, if not, please have a read here.

create more flow at your current workplace
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Do (& CREATE) more of what I enjoy doing (writing) at my current workplace. 

Having to work in a call centre is quite hard to actually get a different status than call centre representative as I am not interested in becoming a team leader or manager. But as with most call centres, the one I plant my brain and focus on a daily basis, has an intranet where I can actually write about stuff I am interested in. I can blog there too and CREATE SOMETHING. Something made of me, of my thoughts, of my knowledge, of my expertise. I can also put into practice more my core character strength of appreciation of beauty and excellence, as when I share insights and posts, I like to do it to the best of my capabilities. This is a small thing to do as I would not change my job or my daily activities, rather it is something on top of it, however it is something I find pleasure in and that pleasure releases tension, stress and anxiety and that’s the best thing I can do for my wellness and to improve my productivity at work. I am sure that if you dig deep you will be able to find something that brings you in the state of flow at your current workplace without being forced to actually abandon your job because you feel it does not satisfy your needs or character traits.

meditate how to mindfulness mindful
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Now, meditation is a highly popular topic now and it is so for a reason. Meditation improves your general well being, your gratefulness, your wellness and your productivity. Scientifically proved and researched. Meditation can take lots of forms. I do not need to tell you what or how to meditate, I simply want to pinpoint the fact that this is on my daily task list and my wish list and the reason I need to incorporate more of this in my lifestyle is determined by my lack of presence and concentration at work. I am starting to become less and less interested in being competent and that happens simply because I am tired and exhausted and bored with the job. You might say, find a different job, the one that motivates you, that inspires you and that makes you get up in the morning and smile to everyone on the streets. But I am the type of human that needs security. At the moment, this is the job that brings me stability. I am torn apart if I do not have that and to maintain it, there are some sacrifices. I still have plenty of time to do what I love to do and obviously I am trying to build something to one day be able to live of my creativity and blog, hopefully. To fulfil this need to become more present at work, I intend on practising meditation and on incorporating some writing and sharing of tips and tricks totally unrelated to the work subject at my job, so that I immerse myself in some form of positive vibes and start attracting more the opportunities I dream of. Meditation will help me anyway, independent of me sticking with my current job or leaving for a better, more satisfying one. Meditation is more of a skill that I feel more and more in the future will be demanded (maybe not in the workplace) but the employer will ask of a human (which I do not believe will ever be mentioned in the job description, rather be a bullet point that the interviewer will tick for you) but to display its ability to meditate (which can actually be tested through personality tests, interviews and surveys), because the future, in my opinion, will require more mindful people, that are calmer, saner and more emotionally intelligent. Employers want rational healthy and mindful employees. No one wants to work with chaotic creatures, especially if their lives are torn apart.

annie-spratt minimalism declutter less buy less purchases
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Minimise costs, clutter and stop buying more things

Efficiency of resources has never been one of my strengths. Luckily over the time, with trial and error and with loss, I understood the lesson of efficiency. A bit late, but hey, you know what they say, it’s never too late. I am a minimalist at heart, however, I get easily distracted with beautiful things, partly due to a strength I have, my core character strength of appreciation of beauty and excellence that I discussed about here, and another cause it’s the lack of flow in work. Not getting the personal satisfaction from the work I put all my efforts into, and that is most of the time, quite energy draining (first because, I cannot really say I like what I do for a living, and secondly, because when you don’t like something, you need to put double focus to actually do the job properly, which in turn creates exhaustion even more), not enjoying it is making me try to compensate that through different mind techniques – such as defence mechanisms, such as over indulgence in material things or beautiful things that I believe I need. It’s actually a form of sugar addiction too, because you feel the need to try to create yourself in a different way, if it did not work on a professional level, and that is true one’s image. That way, confidence is boosted too and a bit of satisfaction tries to prevail to the surface. Quite confusing? No, it is the logic of the human needs and not having them satisfied. I am hungry for creativity, for expressing myself, for working creatively and in a smart manner, for having an easy life as I see lots of my peers experience. Minimising purchases and making sure to only invest in the pieces that I truly need to display my interior (as mentioned here) will literally save me time, time to use for something else, for meditation, for Future Learn, for reading, for exercising, for being creative in the kitchen. For so much free time to do more of what I love to do.

Do you plan to do anything at all new on a daily basis?  

 plan to do anything at all new in 2018