How to drink your tea ?

Drink your tea in the most beautiful cup of tea !

how to drink your tea

What do you do when life gets hard on you ?

When everything that you do brings no results ?

… When you are demotivated ?

how to drink your tea


Well, I just came across a lovely story about how we can approach hard life situations. It was originally told by Father Arsenie Boca, one of the greatest’s confessors Romania had, who left behind an impressive spiritual heritage. One of the most beautiful spoken words reflects in the cup of tea story, that was meant to help the ones in suffering, to comfort them.

how to drink your tea

Here is the story that Father Arsenie Boca told:

“A family went once on a trip in England and visited an antique shop as they were planning on buying something special for their 25th wedding anniversary. Both the husband and the wife enjoyed antiques and clay objects, especially tea cups. They noticed an exceptional cup and said, “Can we see that cup? I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. ”

Tea Time How to drink your tea

While the lady gave them what had demanded, the cup of tea began to speak: – You can not understand. I wasn’t from the beginning a cup of tea. Once, I was just a lump of red clay. The master took me and rolled me, beat me hard, repeatedly tormented me, and I cried, “Do not do that!” “I do not like!” “Leave me alone!” He only smiled  and said softly: “Not yet.” Then, ah! I was sitting on a wheel and was spun, spun, spun. “Stop! Dizzy! I am dizzy! “I cried.

how to drink your tea

But the master only nodded and said, quietly: “Not yet.” He turned me, He kneaded and molded me, hit me up and I obtained a form and then He put me in the oven. I never felt so warmly! I cried, I fought and I hit the door … “Help! Get me out of here! “I could see Him through an opening and I could read His lips, while shaking His head from side to side:” Not yet. ”

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When I thought that I will not stand another minute, the door opened. Carefully, He pulled me out and put me on the shelf … I started to cool off. Oh, I felt so good! “Well, so much better”, I thought. But after I cooled off, He took me again, He brushed and painted me everywhere … smells were horrible. I thought I was suffocating. “Oh, please, stop, stop!” I cried. He just nodded and said, “Not yet!” Then suddenly put me back in the oven. But now was not the first time. It was twice as hot and I felt that I would suffocate. I asked. I insisted. I shouted. I cried … I was convinced that I would not escape! I was ready to quit. Just then the door opened and He took me out and again put me on the shelf, where I cooled and waited and waited, wondering: “What is He going to do next?”

how to drink your tea

An hour later, He gave me a mirror and said, “Now look at you.” And I looked. “That’s not me; I couldn’t  … It’s beautiful. I am beautiful! spoke softly the cup of tea. “I know you were hurt when run, troubled, hit, spun, but if I would have left you alone, you’d be dry. I know you got dizzy when I turned the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have lost pieces of yourself, you would have crumbled. I know it hurt and it was very hot and uncomfortable in the oven, but I had to put you there, otherwise you would have cracked. I know they did not smell good when I brushed and I stained all over, but if I had not done that, you’d never really hardened.You would have never glowed in life.

Tea Time How to Drink your tea

If I wouldn’t have got you for the second time in the oven, you would have not survived much, because the cure did not take. You’re a finished product now. You’re what I had in mind the first time I started working with you. “

Tea Time How to Drink your tea

Moral of the story is this, as stated by the confessor Arsenie Boca: “God knows what to do with all of us. He is the potter and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us susceptible to the pressures required for that perfect work to do good and acceptable and His holy will. If life seems difficult and you are hit, beaten and pushed almost mercilessly; when your world seems to be spinning out of control; you feel that you are in a terrible suffering, when life seems dire, make yourself a tea and drink it in the nicest cup, sit down and think about what you read here and then discuss some of your troubles with the Divine Potter. “

Tea Time How to Drink your Tea

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Positive Efficient Affirmations to Map your Future – Part 1

Recently I finished reading “21 Days to Master affirmations” by Louise L. Hay and it was a life changing insightful book that you MUST read.

I would like to include as usual, all my favorite “things” that are helpful and meaningful and I hope you will find this post enjoyable as well, in the same manner, I found the book.

“Life loves you and wants you to have the very best of it. Life wants you to have peace of mind, inner joy, confidence and an abundance of self-worth and self-love. You deserve to feel at ease in every moment of your life and you deserve to earn a good living.”

“An affirmation is everything you say or think. When I talk about affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.”

“You need to pay attention to your thoughts so that you can begin to eliminate the ones creating experiences you do not want in life.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“The only moment you ever live in is this moment. It’s the only time you have any control over. If you don’t choose to feel good at this moment, then how can you create future moments that are abundant and fun ?”

“Affirmations are solutions that will replace whatever problem you might have. Whenever you have a problem, repeat over and over: All is well. Everything is working for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“You were born extremely confident. You came into this world knowing how wonderful you are. You were so perfect when you were a tiny baby. You didn’t have to do anything – you were already perfect – and you acted as if you were aware of it. You knew you were the center of the Universe. You weren’t afraid to ask for what you wanted. You freely expressed your emotions. Your mother knew when you were angry – in fact, the entire neighborhood knew it. and when you were happy, your smile lit up the whole room. You were so full of love and confidence.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“Little babies will die if they don’t get love. Once we are older, we learn to live without love, but no baby will stand for that. Babies also love every inch of their bodies, even their own faces. They have no guilt, no shame, no comparisons. They know they are unique and wonderful. You were like that. Then somewhere during your childhood, your well-meaning parents passed on their own insecure feelings and taught you feelings of inadequacy and fear. At that point, you began to deny your own magnificence. These thoughts and feelings were never true, and they certainly aren’t true now. So I want to bring you back to the time when you really knew how to be confident.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“Be willing to allow the changes to happen when they come up in your life. Be aware that where you do not want change is exactly the area where you need to change the most. The Universal Intelligence is always responding to your thoughts and words.”

The following about health reminds me of Dr. Bach Flower remedy therapies, as it suggests the same idea, which of course, I have seen it in previous and numerous other holistic books.

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“I believe that we contribute to every illness in our body. The body, as with everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our body is always talking to us, if we only take the time to listen. Every cell within our bodies responds to every single thought we think. When we discover what the mental pattern is behind an illness, we have a chance to change the pattern and, therefore, the disease. Most people don’t want to be sick on a conscious lever, yet every disease that we have is a teacher. Illness is the body’s way of telling us that there is a false idea in our consciousness. Something that we are believing, saying, doing or thinking is not for our highest food.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“Sometimes people do want to get sick. In our society, we have made illness a legitimate way to avoid responsibility or unpleasant situations. If we can’t learn to say no, then we may have to invent a disease to say no for us.”

“True healing involves body, mind and spirit. I believe that if we cure an illness, yet we do not address the emotional and spiritual issues that surround that ailment, it will only manifest itself again and again.”

If you want to know more about what Dr. Bach advised and recommended, I highly advise you to read my introductory article about Dr. Bach Flower Remedy Therapies


“If you want to create better health in your body, there are definitely some things you must not do: You must not get angry on your body for any reason. Anger is another affirmation, and it’s telling your body that you hate it, or parts of it. Your cells are very aware of every thought you have. Think of your body as a servant that’s working as hard as it can to keep you in perfect health no matter how you treat it. Your body knows how to heal itself. If you feed it healthy foods and beverages, give it exercise and sufficient sleep, and think happy thoughts, then its work is easy. The cells are working in a happy, healthy atmosphere. However, if you’re a couch potato who feeds your body junk food and lots of diet soda, and you skimp on sleep and are grouchy and irritable all the time, then the cells in your body are working in disadvantage – they’re in a disagreeable atmosphere. If this is the case, it’s no wonder that your body isn’t as healthy as you would like it to be.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“You will never create good health by talking or thinking about illness. Good health comes from love and appreciation. You want to put as much love into your body as you possibly can. Talk to it and stroke it in loving ways. If there’s a part in your body that’s ailing or diseased, then you want to treat it as you would with a sick little child. Tell it how much you love it, and that you are doing everything you can to help it get well quickly.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“You can choose to think thoughts that create a mental atmosphere that contributes to illness, or you can choose to think thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere both within you and around you.”

Positive efficient affirmations to map your future

“Another false assumption is that you must be an artist to be creative. That’s just one form of creativity, and there are so many more. You are creating every moment of your life – from the most common, ordinary creation of new cells in your body, to your emotional responses, to your present job, to your bank account, to your relationships with friends and to your very attitudes about yourself. It’s all creativity.”


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What I learned from Station 11 by Emily St. John Mandel

Emily St. John Mandel imagined a world destroyed by a terrible flu, with few people remaining on Earth. The collapse is so well put into scenery that you will not think the same about the world after you have read it.

What I learned from reading Station 11

You will enjoy everything that civilization brings, yet at the same time, you will feel that, no matter how good or bad the world would be or the situation in the world would be, there are still things that perpetuate, that never actually die, no matter what apocalypse would come. The infinity of people’s hopes for the better, the fears, the lives, the stereotypes of people who lead or want to lead and enslave others through their dogmas.

What I learned from reading Station 11

And still, in all that, there is beauty. The life, the light, you, me, every single one of us.

Here are some of my favorite things read or put into a different perspective throughout the book:

The bright side of the planet moves towards darkness

And the cities are falling asleep, each in its hour,

And for me, now as then, it is too much.

There is too much world. 

-Czeslaw Milosz

What I learned from reading Station 11

So this is how it ends, she thought, when the call was over, and she was soothed by the banality of it. You get a phone call in a foreign country, and just like that the man with whom you once thought you’d grow old has departed from this earth.

What I learned from reading Station 11

People want was the best about the world. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

I stood looking over my damaged home and tried to forget the sweetness of life on Earth. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

The best advice her mother ever gave her: Walk in like you own the place.

What I learned from reading Station 11

Hell is the absence of people you long for. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

On silent afternoons in his brother’s apartment, Jeevan found himself thinking about how human the city is, how human everything is. We bemoaned the impersonality of the modern world, but that was a lie, it seemed to him; it had never been impersonal at all. There had always been a massive delicate infrastructure of people, all of them working unnoticed around us, and when people stop going to work, the entire operation grinds to a halt. No one delivers fuel to the gas stations or the airports. Cars are stranded. Airplanes cannot fly. Trucks remain at their points of origin. Food never reaches the cities; grocery stores close. Businesses are locked and then looted. No one comes to work at the power plants or the substations, no one removes fallen trees from electrical lines. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

I have been thinking about immortality lately. What it means to be remembered, what I want to be remembered for, certain questions concerning memory and fame. I love watching old movies. I watch the faces of long-dead actors on the screen, and I think about how they’ll never truly die. I know that’s a cliche, but it happens to be true. Not just the famous ones who everyone knows, the Clark Gables, the Ava Gardens, but the bit players, the maid carrying the tray, the butler, the cowboys in the bar, the third girl from the left in the night club. They’re all immortal to me. First we only want to be seen, but once we’re seen, that’s not enough anymore. After that, we want to be remembered. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

doesn’t it seem to you that the people who have the hardest time in this – in this current era, whatever you may want to call it, doesn’t it seem like the people who struggle the most with it are the people who remember the old world clearly ?

What I learned from reading Station 11

he had a way of moving so quietly that he seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

Station 11 will take you to a personal exploration of how you would feel if there were no more TV’s, no more internet, no more electricity or hot water. And it brings you back to reality, which we should all appreciate more and be grateful for each day. As we have the privilege of all that civilization is now. We are free. 

What I learned from reading Station 11

Just step out of your mind into the world…

Dr. Bach Flower Remedy Therapy

Enter the world of the most efficient nature therapy!

I have discovered Dr. Bach flower therapy remedies back in 2008-2009 when I was in search of a course to take to improve, enhance and help with my psychology studies. I recently finished Module 1 of Dr. Bach Flower therapy remedies and even though this type of therapy has been around for so many years now, there are few people who know of its existence and who even think of using it.

There is no need for more explanations for the benefits of nature, of plants, of herbs, of flowers. I have already mentioned about it in various posts, such as this one.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies
Photo: Amanda Crean

Dr. Edward Bach trained and qualified at University College Hospital and gained the Diploma of Public Health at Cambridge in the early 1900s. He was mostly interested in the patients themselves, than in their diseases.

He believed and it is true, that the body is a mirror reflecting the thoughts in the mind. It was the sufferer himself, the person, who needed treatment and help to overcome his worries, his fears, his depressions, hopelessness.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedy

Dr. Bach always believed that our physical health depends on our way of thinking, our feelings and our emotions. Good health is harmony, rhythm, when we think happily, positively, constructively. Ill-health is when we think negatively, unhappily, destructively.

Dr Bach flower therapy remediesDr. Bach came into contact with Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, who said that the patient is the most important factor in the process of healing. Homeopathic remedies were prescribed and still are for the personality of the patient, his characteristics, his idiosyncrasies as well as the physical symptom.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

Dr. Bach concluded through his later examinations and treatment of patients that physical disease was not of physical origin, but as he mentioned it “was the consolidation of a mental attitude”.


Dr. Bach discovered 38 flower remedies and each one of them is aimed at a different state of mind or emotion. They do not treat physical illness directly, but by restoring harmony to the mind they allow the body’s natural defenses to work more easily.


Private Garden Visit 4

Dr. Bach system is complete because it treats emotions and not the triggers that cause them. It is not just for today, yesterday and tomorrow, but for all the time.

Mount Vernon Bach Centre
Source: Pinterest

Dr. Bach placed the 38 flower remedies into 7 groups.

  • For Fear: Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestnut
  • For Uncertainty: Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat
  • For Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances: Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Olive, White Chestnut, Mustard, Chestnut Bud
  • For Loneliness: Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather
  • For those Over-Sensitive to influences and ideas: Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly
  • For Despondency or despair: Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple
  • For Over-Care for Welfare of Others: Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

The remedies are explained by describing the emotion or personality trait for which they are needed, but of course, there is a positive side to all of them.

It is emphasized throughout the Bach Remedy literature that the treatment is based on personality, and so whatever the problem might be, the remedies should be selected according to the emotional outlook, the mood, temperament and personality of the individual concerned.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

Dr. Bach strongly believed that physical ill health was a result of disequilibrium within our minds and that it was therefore of utmost importance to treat the mind in order to bring about healing of the sick body. Indeed, there are many instances where this philosophy is well established and accepted within medicine generally. Tension, anxiety, worry and so on, all have the potential to create a variety of physical problems, manifesting in different ways.

Dr Bach flower therapy remedies

There are however, certain conditions which do not have a definite emotional cause. And there are some conditions which are purely organic and although the Bach Flower therapy remedies have an important role to play in re-establishing the person’s overall well-being, a more conventional, orthodox approach may be essential. In these cases, the remedies cannot take the place of vital treatment when it is needed and it should always be sought if there is any doubt or cause for concern about your physical health.

Dr Bach flower therapy remedies

However, whatever the problem, there is no doubt that worry, fear, depression, self-pity and other negative emotions which so often accompany ill-health, hinder our recovery and retard convalescence. But because the remedies treat these negative feelings, with their help our inner strength can be revived and this will aid our recovery and return to health.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

There are remedies to help us if we lose our way, or find ourselves turning back, or if we are uncertain and feel afraid about taking the next step.

Life is full of challenges – pleasant as well as unpleasant – but whatever it is that presents a stumbling block in our lives, it is there for a purpose, to help us learn about life and give us experience.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

There is something for us to understand from all experiences, good and bad, and always something to gain, for no matter how negative a situation might seem, there is always a positive aspect to consider.

Having endured the suffering, whatever it might be, it is then up to us to take head of these warning signs should they ever return, and correct the imbalances before it has a chance to make us feel unwell again. And that is our lesson. The Bach Flower therapy remedies are there to help and guide us, but true progress – our real healing – comes from within.

bach flowers therapy remedies

Bach Flower therapy remedies is a complete system of healing prepared from wild plants, flowers and trees of the countryside. Using them, you will be able to start discovering more of yourself, more about the power of nature as a therapy and heal yourself and others around you.

What will you be exploring from Dr. Bach Flower Therapy Remedies?


Life Advice from The Signature of All Things – Part II

“Beatrix instructed Prudence that she must never say back and forth, when backwards and forwards was so much more refined. The word fancy in any context sounded crude, as did the word folks. When one wrote a letter at White Acre, it went sent in the post, not the mailA person did not fall sick; a person fell ill. One was not partly there; one was nearly there. One did not stove along; one hurried along. And one did not talk in this family; one conversed.”

“Shyness is simply another species of vanity. Banish it.”


“I also wish to speak to you, Prudence, about Mr. Edward Porter’s behavior this evening at the dinning table. You should not have let that man stare at you for quite so long as you did. Engrossment of this sort is demeaning to all. You learn how to abort this sort of behavior in men by speaking to them with intelligence and firmness about serious topics. It is not sufficient to be merely good, you must also become clever. As a woman, of course, you will always have a heightened moral awareness over men, but if you do not sharpen your wits in defense of yourself, your morality will serve you little good.”


How to say thank you:

“I offer you my unfeigned thanks for your encouragement. Unfortunately, my thanks are the only compensation I can make at the moment, but they are sincere.”

“Wild creatures belong in wild places.”

“Don’t go too far with the cleaning. A little neglect can be of benefit. Have you ever noticed how the most splendid lilacs, for instance, are the ones that grow up alongside derelict barns and abandoned shacks ? Sometimes beauty needs a bit of ignoring, to properly come into being.”


“If you ask me what I believe, I shall tell you this: the whole sphere of air that surrounds us is alive with invisible attractions – electric, magnetic, fiery and thoughtful. There is a universal sympathy all around us. There is hidden means of knowing. When we cease all argument and debate – both internal and external – our true questions can be heard and answered. That is the powerful mover. That is the book of nature, written neither in Greek nor in Latin. That is the gathering of magic, and it is a gathering that, I have always believed and wished, can be shared.”



Life Advice from The Signature of All Things – Part I

“The Signature of All Things” was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Big Magic” a couple of years ago and I recently finished reading it, having had a wonderful experience with it and I would like to share with you the life advice learned through it.

“If one wanted to continue living and if one wanted to ultimately prosper, then anything that can be learned, should be learned.”


“Do not be bold. You can butcher the sheep only once. But if are careful, you can shear the sheep every year.”

“Henry had no idea what the man was talking about, but he stayed silent. He had learned in the past 4 years to speak only when he knew that which he was speaking about. Moreover, he had learned that silence can sometimes relax a listener into thinking that one might be intelligent.”

“Be tight with your money. The less you indulge yourself now, the more you can indulge yourself in the future, when you have made your fortune.”


“The only accurate word for their union was a Dutch word, a business word: partenrederji – a partnership based on honest trade and plain dealing, where tomorrow’s profits are a result of today’s promises and where the cooperation of both parties equally contributes to prosperity.”

“The basis of every one of Henry Whittaker’s calculations was I shall win!, and invariably he did win.”

“A parent is inexcusable who does not personally teach her child to think.”


“Good behavior should be expected, not rewarded.”

“The world is a fool who longs to be tricked. There is a mighty gap between the idiots and the clever and one must come down on the side of cleverness. To show a longing for anything that one cannot have, for instance, is not a clever position.”

“Not everything has an answer.”


“Beauty is not required. Beauty is accuracy’s distraction.”

“Any child who was old enough to walk, speak, and reason ought to be able – without any further assistance – to comfort herself.”

“The more money one has, the better people’s manner become. It is a notable fact.”


Real 50 Shades of Grey

Writer and children’s book illustrator Ingrid Sundberg has created a Color Thesaurus – a collection of 12 color charts that list the correct names of all shades. It is an useful reference tool for anyone interested in arts and everyone loving colors, like me.

So check them out below !

white shades

I think it is so sophisticated to name a color of a different item, such as a piece of clothing or jewelry as having a pearl color or porcelain color. Or ivory color. Love it !

pink shades

From this range I like very much the watermelon color, the rosewood and taffy colors.

brown shades

Now this is useful for hair colors. My hair color is a combination of umber, mocha and pecan. It sounds like a desert 🙂

green shades

Green is one of my favorite colors. Therefore all its shades are my preferred colors !

light yellow shades

Don’t you love the latte color or the macaroon color ?

red shades

Well, this is going to be useful when purchasing lipsticks, although many of the lipsticks have names that resound in a way or another to a specific shade of “rouge”.

blue shades

The ocean color is so exquisite !

purple shades

Now this is the second preferred color, and every shade of it is so beautiful! I especially enjoy the mulberry, the wine and the eggplant.

black shades

Who said black is a non-color ?

yellow shades

I start to think that I enjoy more the name of the shade of the color than the color itself 🙂

grey shades

And take a look at this. It’s just 20 shades of grey.

May I remind you to bookmark this page for your future references and purchases 🙂

Images courtesy of Ingrid Sundberg.

More shades of colors are to be found in my newest post – Birthday colors!

The mind blowing nature therapy

I recently had a read through the book called “The Signature of all Things” by the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, pray, love” and most recent book named “The Big Magic” (on which I wish to get my hands on asap!) and here are some excerpts to help you shape more into your mind and spirit the health benefits of various plants and herbs.

therapy with nature

“Jacob Boehme (…) who had mystical visions about plants was (…) an early botanist (…) and believed in something he called

– namely, that God had hidden clues for humanity’s betterment inside the design of every flower, leaf, fruit, and tree on earth. All the natural world was a divine code, Boehme claimed, containing proof of our Creator’s love. This is why so many medicinal plants resembled the diseases they were meant to cure, or the organs they were able to treat.

Basil, with its liver-shaped leaves, is the obvious ministration for ailments of the liver.

Walnuts, shaped like brains, are helpful for headaches. And so on, ad infinitum.”

nature is health

“God had pressed Himself into the world, and had left marks there for us to discover.”

nature is therapy forever

If you love anything enough, it will eventually show you its secrets.