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As any other person, there are certain brands that I like to associate myself with.

One of them was Vision for which I used to collaborate with. As part of my lifestyle, I used their products and I shared them on my Vision health website.


The main reason I believe in this brand of health products is because the ingredients used to manufacture the exquisite products are sourced from the cleanest and ecological areas on Earth, making the end product to have unique properties for the human body. Bio-active, natural, high in antioxidants and distinct in their production, this brand is top high on my list and I invite you to discover its benefits, mission and vision along with me. *****PLEASE NOTE, I AM NO LONGER A COLLABORATOR OF VISION *****

The way in which I idealize to live is quite simple, a vintage bohemian style, sometimes minimalist and at times rich in colors. I am quite tranquil and love to be very close to nature. Still, at the same time, I love technology and to make use of it.

Here are some other parts of the internet where you can find me, trying to create that lifestyle in different online environments.

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Pearltrees – It is a platform a lot alike Pinterest and Wantfeed, but more easy to manage in a way. You can create your own Folders and gather there everything that you find exciting, fun, inspirational and even to-do-lists, or archive everything that you have put into your bookmarks. All these folders are named in Pearltrees Collections. And you can share them with the world or have them in one place, as if you install the app on your mobile, it will synchronize everything on all your devices.
Wattpad – It is a platform for wanting to be writers or simply writers. People that enjoy writing and creating a world through the way they use the words. I have an account there, where sometimes if I am hit with inspiration I would write some fiction or non-fiction or things that I enjoy and that make me feel I have expressed myself. You can even call it a diary, but not for personal stuff, it is for my creativity to flow. Learning to write better and creatively from other members of the community as well.
Pinterest – you already know what this deals with. I used to browse a lot on it. but then Instagram took its place for me.

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