Independent, with quite an unusual, revolutionary spirit, progressive ideas and lots of vitality, Georgyana is well balanced, generally charming and sometimes a veritable expert at smoothing over (and maybe glossing over) problems, she is quite gracious, romantic and good-hearted, possessing strong morals and much faith in people and in life. People usually turn to Georgyana for a pleasing dose of faith and optimism. With an unmistakably enthusiasm about life, she expresses herself in unique and inspiring ways – she is creative, original and progressive without trying. She enjoys family life, peace and quiet.

Georgyana is frank, honest and smart. Very imaginative, with a good sixth sense. She likes travel, change and movement. Very sensitive, observant, adaptable, likable and somewhat of a chameleon. Georgyana loves speaking and writing and she does this with both charm and artistry, as her intellectual pleasures are very much influenced by her feelings. She likes beauty, the Arts, travelling, frequent changes of scenery and she has been told to be a wonderful storyteller, with a great sense of observation and quickly grasping and sizing the situation. She is crafty, subtle and perceptive.

Georgyana’s taste is usually “simply extravagant”, well-defined, strong and something she is quite proud of. Some people may say she has a talent for finding items of value and good taste. Highly creative and generally driven to express that creativity, passionate and that’s how this blog has started. Extraordinarily resourceful, Georgyana can handle many things on her own and in uniquely creative ways, energetic and determined, she has strength, resistance and patience.

Photo by Hannah Mckernan

Georgyana may appear and even be shy with people she does not know, however she is delicate but proud, bold and lively. She is always changing, ready always to innovate, to change everything. She is inventive.

This blog is for her to express that constant desire for change, to express her creativity and to offer something meaningful, helpful and enjoyable to her community.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the content!