This is what I should be doing with my life according to Youtube

and this is mostly a type of blog post to showcase my formidable skills and please send this to headhunters ūüėõ

Not sure how many know, because I do not really boost myself with what I had studied, but I am a psychologist and have done lots of personality and psychology tests so far, both professional and more informal ones. The majority of these tests/surveys revealed to me classic introvert jobs I should follow such as writer, editor, administrator, counsellor, psychologist, therapist, which I do relate to. But with these personality tests I took with the help of our mighty Youtube, I discovered more options, although I do feel I should have known this earlier in my lifetime, as I have no time to start now anew. And yes, of course, I totally lack this patience. I want it all now. It’s time I had it all already!¬† I am just kidding. Not.

this is what I should be doing with my life according to youtube
Photo Credit – Amanda Crean

This test says I could love a work that labels me as Advertising Executive (yes, I could do some ads and work on brainstorming ideas and be paid for that), Public Relations Specialist (in other words, someone that uses euphemism to pinpoint something bad that happened – not all the time – but most of the times; still feel I could be very much an expert at this as I can find the positive side to pretty much EVERYTHING), Corporate Coach (OMG – this definitely suits me now, I work in a fraud department call centre and I could coach new people to do my job, I also love implementing motivational stuff and teaching tools to help people learn), Personal Trainer (this would had been a surprise had I not taken this personality hidden talent I have, which turned out to be …. sports! because I am driven and have strong determination, again lots of positive thinking involved here!!), Teacher (well, hello, hello, no surprise to me I had this, I do find joy and fulfilment in teaching), Motivational Speaker (wow, well, what is this blog all about?), Headhunter (this is probably because of my analytical skills and love to chase precious people through all mediums possible and social media, a bit of a stalker) and Fashion Designer –¬†well this is for sure something I would totally dive into – I do have specific taste and whenever I see fashion items as an example in TKmaxx that I like, they all of the time turn out to be of a very unique taste and high quality and belonging to a brand (that I later on google and discover it is a designer item) – this simply highlights my distinguishing exquisite taste in fashion. I am really telling you how great I am now!

According to this funny one I should give my skills to the Public Sector as a teacher (double points here now!), cop (well well, did you know I studied Criminology? – you know now! – this is not a joke), fireman (saving lives!), doctor, flight attendant, animal care workers, Life coach (again double points now!) and HR officer (other double points for the previous test said I could work and enjoy a headhunter job).

This seems to be going well.

Next – this test revealed the following result: “It seems that strategies are important to you. You pride yourself in getting the job done efficiently. You love stability. It seems you love to challenge your mind, so you can learn whatever you want. Your contributions will improve people’s daily life.” Well, isn’t this what I actually wish to achieve with this blog? Read my “Hello” page for that!

this is what I should be doing with my life according to youtube
Photo Credit – Amanda Crean

This one seems to be the same as the above but it generated a different path, probably because I also chose different options from the options the test had compared to the previous one. It says that I have a great set of skills that will make me money someday (well, that sounds, plausible:P) and I just need to decide which industry I want to apply them to. Guess what it says next? “Maybe you’ll be a chef in the best restaurants or an Olympic athlete, when you will figure it out, you’re sure to be a huge success.” Yes! Again, it’s strongly connected to my mindset – determination, self-belief and strong heart. Maybe that’s what you should take from me as a teaching from this post, apart from taking those tests to help you out or at least to have some fun:)

Found this very peculiar one, which even though is more like a fun to do take, rather than very practical, I do find insights in it. I got the Wizard – commanding all supernatural forces to do all that I want. In a way, wouldn’t I love having a job in which I can do whatever I want and be the greatest? Don’t we all have that as a dream job perspective?

No matter what you discover through personality and career quizzes, have you read this here about the fact there is always something you can do based on your current skills? These youtube fun tests might help reveal it a bit better, in a different way.

What does Youtube tell you to become or to do with your life?

how to dare
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What truly makes me feel accomplished, successful and happy

I remember working for someone many, many years ago and reaching a point when I received a sort of promotion in the form of more money towards my salary. Even though I appreciated receiving more for the work I was putting in, because I did deserve it, as I am extremely reliable, serious and hard working, that did not make me happier or feeling more accomplished or believing of myself to be successful. And that’s because success to me translates to something totally different than what might signify to you or to other people.


I find success to be something personal and the word itself means something different to another person. Even to you, reading this out, success might come in the form of a huge following online, getting lots of clients or customers, achieving a specific level up, going up in the walk of life or simply more money, more power to buy certain things or services.

what makes me feel successful

I realized that this definition we all have for success comes from our core values and our character strengths. Every single one of us is different and we all have different values and character traits and strengths. A couple of years ago, when discovering the positive psychology field, I read the basics of it and where it all started and that was through Martin Seligmans books. One of them explored the idea of the science of our characters and a survey he created along with late Dr. Christopher Peterson, changed my world.

what makes me feel successful happy accomplished satisfied with my work

I discovered that what would make me happy in work so that I can tell the world the well known affirmation I am successful, accomplished and happy with my life is made up of 6 character strengths put into 4 core values categories. Understanding these concepts, makes it easier for me and for you as well, if you would like to take the survey (VIA classification survey) to cope with your personal story of the meaning of success and to be happy in life.

digital detox plan 2018

These character strengths I owe are as follows: ranking first place – appreciation of beauty and excellence, second place, creativity, third place honesty, forth place, love, fifth place judgement and sixth place love of learning. These concepts which in their own significance explain so much more about what success and happiness in life is, make me who I am and how I am. Appreciation of beauty and excellence is something I work with through my blog, through all the small (or large) businesses I follow and enjoy shopping from as beauty is not just being beautiful, beauty is something from within too, beauty is being eco friendly, beauty is shopping ethically, beauty is being kind, compassionate, beauty is spirituality and appreciation of art, nature, music, writing, dance, everything that is beautiful in my own realm of beauty. And if you have this character strength, then whatever you are attracted to, that is your way of displaying appreciation of beauty and excellence. I find excellency comes from that beauty, as beauty is something close to perfection and perfection is very hard to attain, it is connected to doing your best in everything you do to obtain that excellent job. And that is beauty too. I am sharing my appreciation of beauty and excellence in this post here. Find out what I appreciate, follow and to whom I would like to collaborate, who inspires me and what composes my human nature and being.

creativity what makes me feel successful

Creativity is my second character strength and something I need to use to be happy with the work I put. Growing up, I always attempted to learn how to be creative and to actually display creativity and to make sure I would become a formidable human being, much like an artist that changes the world, failing to recognize that I am already creative and you are too. We are all creative already. Doing exercises to improve or enhance or boost our creative natures is helpful and advisable especially for the brain, that always seeks new food, however, exercising it needs to go more on the side of practicing rather than just reading about it. I like to be creative. I like to do things in a different way, I find this is something that makes me stand out. That forces me to be put into the light. But I want to be creative not for the sake of it, rather to bring something useful, meaningful and enjoyable to humanity too. Maybe this is why I am writing on this blog, maybe this is why I studied psychology and have always wanted to work in a field of psychology that is new, different, more creative and have always found that positive psychology is something I am passionate about, ecopsychology is a new field I am interested in, graphotherapy, which I find extremely useful and easy to put into practice or color therapy that is so wonderful to work with, art therapies and everything in this modern world that is innovative, such as video therapy or the blooming of Virtual world and devices, that will probably come up with a way to do virtual therapy too. I am all into that. Love is and would be something I would look forward to contribute with. And to do that, I have the other character strengths to help with, one of which would be the love of learning and judgement. These last 2 concepts are valuable to me just as much as all the others are, because I am a life long learner and I enjoy finding new things out, I discover that this trait makes me very open minded. Being open minded is very important for the present time and it will be for the future as well, because lots of innovations will come to us and we need to be open to learning and to judge its need into our own inner worlds. Judgement is a character strength I currently work with actually, because I am working in the Fraud Department in a call center, and this along with the other core strength which ranks third, that is honesty, is making me resist in the job I do, even though it is a call center. Honesty is also connected to appreciation of beauty and excellence. Excellence can only be attained through honesty, through love. Love of people and of truth. And then we end up this self centered speech (although sometimes, we need to be self centered to make sure we do know ourselves and we are able to find out right place in this world) with my most important character strength that I do not believe finds much place in the workplace, rather in my personal life, which is love. Family life is the one that matters mostly for me and love is needed for me to maintain my balance, my purpose, my vision. And love is included into appreciation of beauty and excellence as well, because it can speak of humanity, of spirituality, of wisdom, of life. What would life be without love?

what makes me feel happy successful and accomplished

The core virtues are composed by all your character strength and they mention a notion that encompasses it all under one name. My core virtues are transcendence, wisdom, courage and humanity. What does this mean? It means that under these names falls everything that will make me happy, will make me feel successful, will make me feel and be accomplished. I am working on all these aspects, and based on Martin Seligman’s approach, if you work with only 4 of your character strengths (at your current job), you will feel happy in work and ultimately that brings happiness into your life, as you feel successful since you are working with your character strengths. With your strengths, which I believe show your passions, show where your talents are and portray your vision of life, and maybe your mission, if you dig deeper.

What are your character strengths and do you use them in your work life? 

what are your character strengths.jpg

What I have learned about myself from my missed opportunities

Apart from experiencing the obvious regret of failing to accommodate my brain and my attitude to handle the opportunities life threw at me, there is something else that happens when you realize you are not taking full advantage of your potentials. That is, in my case, all the things that I have discovered about myself because I missed the opportunities. First of all, I also missed opportunities right when I was facing them, in the sense that, that specific opportunity intimidated me so much, that I could not grab it. That, is unbelievable a powerful self disappointment, which transforms your future self adjusting to opportunities in 2 ways: one, realizing that the opportunity wasn’t quite as you expected it to be, or it is not really such a huge opportunity, but because you were so close to it, you managed to actually realize that, which in my case, made me understand I am a powerful opportunity myself (great to see that when in front of another opportunity, it’s a bit of a comparison type of enhancing one’s self esteem and self image) and two, one opportunity can actually develop a new opportunity in your life, because you took advantage of the first one, like a rolling snow ball effect. However, how equipped are you to actually have the courage to take the opportunity to achieve that?

what I have learned about myself from my missed opportunities

I know I am not that well trained in that direction. Moreover, I find myself criticizing everything I am inspired to do because of my perfectionist aura, hence sabotaging myself, lacking the courage to actually confront my fears and grab that opportunity. So, this is, what I have learned from my missed opportunities experiences:

  • I am afraid of a certain degree of success, because I am afraid I am not able to handle it because I never had a success to know how it feels or what it actually means
  • I am ashamed to ask for certain things from people, even when I know that could help me because I feel I do not deserve it and this is because of my perfectionism
  • I am embarrassed when I meet new people who have tremendous success and they are so much younger than me as this shows, at least to me, that I have not had that much drive to actually stand out and that’s because I am not really sure if I really want to stand out and be the actor or if I would rather prefer to simply have a comfortable seat to watch the show
  • ¬†I don’t feel ready to take the leap and get out of my comfort zone because I do not think that to have success you must force something that you do not enjoy. I believe success comes from something you do easily and with joy
  • I am scared not that I will fail, but rather that I will possibly have a TOTAL COLLAPSE
  • I would not take an opportunity if I feel I have to stretch more than I feel comfortable to
  • I experience nervousness and its physical symptoms and I cannot cope with that stress (this happens when that amazing opportunity appears and I am told to go for it)
  • I become inhibited when I am in front of the great opportunity – my voice is lowered in volume, it kinda becomes shaken and blurred, I cannot find my words and my body language tells the other person I am shy. But that is not being shy. That is much worse. It’s intimidation. Inhibition. And inhibition is felt as if I have a block, a wall, a stop in front of everything I wish I could be or do at that time. It is transforming me into someone uncomfortable in my own skin, it makes me super aware and conscious of all my flaws and it gets in my way of accelerating my success. It’s a fail.
  • I am way too conscious of how I am perceived to the point that I deny myself different things, from kindness to gifts, to pleasures of life and even peace of mind. I torment myself with how stupid I could have been.

missed opportunities teachings wisdoms

These would be a few of the flaws that become visible now to you as well when I miss an opportunity or when it presents itself in my face and I look at it and let it pass by, making a strong long felt miserable impression of myself as well.

But there is also good things that come from missed opportunities and from all the flaws that make themselves seen when failures occur. This is positive aspects I have learned about myself from my missed opportunities and my missed opportunities feelings:

  • I am highly emotional and yet I have a rare degree of balance to which I can turn to find self comfort. This makes me overly sensitive and this hypersensitivity causes fear, timidity and lack of self confidence along with feeling overwhelmed by my self consciousness, but all of this spring from positive characteristics I possess such as my acute awareness and intuition. I am like an antenna for other people’s feelings and I often know before a word is spoken how they feel. I would not be able to have this capacity if I would not have experienced it myself. As a result, I have an enormous empathy for the inner turmoil of others and can do much good for people with emotional problems, something I intuitively felt a long time ago, when I decided to pursue my vocation as a psychotherapist or counselor, or healer of some sort. Which I didn’t, but that does not prove anything. I am in a position of helping people anyway, and I am learning patience everyday, every single moment. Hard times, hard jobs make you discover even more your personal power and even if I had not had the courage to follow my path in the first place as I chose it, I know it was a road I had to travel to become how I am today.
  • All the flaws I have are also qualities. Without my sensitive nature I would not have been aware of people’s expectations of me. I would not have been that easy to work with, therefore making my way in life easier and my life flowing like a river instead of a stormy sea and I would not have understood myself so well.
  • Due to my intuition, I am more sensitive, making my path a little easier and more direct, because I intuitively know the appropriate next step.
  • My perception of life is somehow more acute than others (when comparing myself with other peers) as I feel I see more clearly (for my future and my self) and more spiritually due to my high degree of sensitivity
  • I have learned to cherish myself more because I am my worst critic.
  • I value one particular lesson the missed opportunities taught me: I will be better prepared for the next opportunity
  • I am actually an optimist, a dreamer, someone that can see into the soul of things and I feel totally impractical at times. But this keeps me going through failures. If I missed an opportunity I know it is because I have to miss this one to be able to see better and grab the next one that is to arrive.
  • I do not believe in miracles, or that the next opportunity will not come. I know miracles exist and I know the next opportunity will arrive, so I would rather get myself ready for it. I rely on opportunities and miracles!
  • I became more creative and inventive after one opportunity missed, because I create in my head all the things I could have said and done to attract it better in my life, to contribute to my success. This creative exercise works again, to prepare me for the next occasion.
  • The paralyzing effect that some opportunities make me experience taught me something positive about myself as well: I can overcome that, no matter how difficult it appears to be. I am able to not let my feelings and emotions play too big of a role by accepting what I feel at that time, acting with flaws, being like I am in those moments (and possibly seen as shy and not that smart or wise, since my speech becomes so poor) and forgiving myself once I overcame it.
  • I learned to forgive myself for these failures and spread confetti in my heart. If I will not do that, I will never stop being so critical of myself, I might never let go of my Utopian goal and will forever be miserable since pursuing an unrealistic ambition, such as perfectionism in everything I am (even though mine is quite sincere), will make me lose perspective and feel dissatisfied not only with myself, but with others too, as the perfectionism style will surround my perception of my dear ones experiences as well. Human existence is relative. It is not black and white. It is a lot of shades of grey. Understanding this, being conscious of this will form the basis for my self love and true happiness. And I believe it can help you too.
  • One last thing that I would like to mention I have learned about myself from my missed opportunities resides in the fact that the regret of missing it, will make me, the next time another one presents itself at my door, to actually get out of my comfort zone and try to regret the paralyzing effect rather than the lack of it and its wise teachings.

What did you learn from your missed opportunities? Share them with me in the comments down below! 

what I have learned from missed opportunities wisdoms

Creative vs. Artistic

I just realized that whenever I was thinking of myself on how to be more creative, my mind was actually taking the notion of “creative” as the synonym to “artistic”. These 2 concepts are different. They integrate themselves, they collide into each other, however they are not the same thing. The reason we hold a specific definition to a concept is in my opinion based on our motivations, desires and personal values. The fact is that I wish to be artistic because I value art, I see it as a form to pinpoint cultural aspects or society trends or different personality traits or aspects we all must work on to improve not just ourselves and our lives, but our society as well. I realized that I am actually drawn to wish to become artistic, to have something of value to offer, to bring something to change people’s lives. To offer support and help and be someone that is looked at for insights, wisdom, purpose, beauty, creativity and lifestyle. But that they are all under this umbrella of “artist”. I want to be an artist of life.

I always misunderstood the concept of being creative to being artistic. Being creative is showing our originality to the world. Being artistic is showing that originality but teaching something through it. Impacting society, people’s lives. Impacting. Like magic.

creativity vs artistic

The 3 secrets of magic according to magician Ferdinando Buscena are:

  1. Reality is not always what it seems to be
  2. Imagination creates reality
  3. Reality is made up of words

I should be a magician. I want to offer my magic to the world. Through writing. But artistic writing.

To imagine something different, something better or something more interesting is to push the existing world into a state of change. Some of the greatest revolutionary acts of time came to be because someone had the courage to imagine something new. It’s not that I do not have the courage to imagine something new. I want to showcase that as an act of avant-garde, as something artistic, as something totally different than ever before. I am unique.

However, there are times when it’s easy to be distracted and forget about your “magic”. It’s too transforming. Too life changing probably. Or too artistic to be understood. Too dramatic maybe? I have realized this need in myself to explore this creativity that wishes to be artistic. To be an artist of something. I have not discovered that yet.

If it is true that imagination creates our reality, then we can view ourselves as alchemists (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist,¬†if you read that, you understand this in full), able to transform society and the culture at large with our words and ideas. We have the power to heal our lives and those of our dears ones with the magical energy that comes from our imaginations. Just by documenting our ideas, we can begin the process of change. It’s time to begin. This is a manifesto for myself. But you might find yourself involved in it as well. And I invite you to begin this journey of finding out what your artistic skills are with me. Sir Thomas Browne said: “We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.”¬†This is probably going to be the first post in a series of articles based on discovering our true wonders.

Do you do the same? Do you secretly wish to be magic, an artist of life like me? 

Fall in love with your job

There are 3 ways you can fall in love with your job. The first one is to work in that field you have a passion about. The second is by achieving success in that type of activity you do, which ultimately will lead your heart to loving the job you are doing, because you are successful and you are valued for what you deliver. The third is when you try to accommodate yourself to the job, by using your skills, talents or passions at your current workplace, by either doing some extra activities (usually not paid) but that you truly enjoy and make you really love your job or by actually moving into a new role simply because the company you are working for needs that and you happen to be the right person at the right time. But this rarely happens. Or I have not come across this very often.

There is another way that can help you adjust yourself to start falling in love with your job. It is called using your character strengths in your current role or when you are searching for a new job.

A team of German researchers found that those who consider their job a calling use between 4-7 character strengths while performing it. The less character strengths you use, the less interested you are in what you do.

Therefore, once you know your character strengths (you can go to to take the free survey to discover it) you can start using it at work or when you want to apply for a new position.

fall in love with your job character strength

I find this survey extremely helpful, because sometimes the character strengths that portray something we really love is not something we know how to name. I read about this research made on a tribe who had specific names for all green shades, which they could name, even though they were very close in shade. The researchers put these people to name our specific shade of green (the color green as we see it) that we can all name as green (as we don’t really use shades to name the green, it’s just green in our eyes for every shade of green) and they could not name it because they did not see it before. They had no idea that particular shade of green existed prior to the research and they still could not name it. That’s because we grow up with specific notions and concepts and those concepts make us understand the world. If we do not hold a concept for a specific thing, not only we cannot see it, but we cannot name it. And even if we can see it, we won’t be able to describe it. Which makes it harder to act on it.

I feel the same thing happens when we need to pin point what is it that makes us happy at work. First of all, no one teaches us how to do that and secondly, there is no notion of attributes we should have to love our jobs. So, this specific survey The Character Strengths will reveal to you your true traits. The traits that lay hidden inside you, that you can rely on when you are in the state of flow, but that which you cannot name. As you do not know how to name something you appreciate and enjoy doing. I am referring to something very specific in a particular task. As an example, my core character strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence, followed by creativity, honesty, love, judgement and love of learning. Now, if you think about it, what jobs do you see advertised that can offer me that? The feeling of appreciation of beauty and excellence, creativity, honesty, judgement? It is a feeling I experience when I create on my blog, but then, who will pay me for my blog? I must have a huge following to start receiving an income just from my writing or sharing stuff here.

My core virtues are transcendence, wisdom, courage and humanity. This translates to me in a job related to healing, teaching, even artists. It is hard to find a job description saying we require artists. So, the true value of this survey consists in the fact that you get to have a name for what makes you happy when you work, you get to have a concept for that specific thing you experience when you are in the state of flow, you get to finally understand yourself better and to make the best of your time at work by following that which brings to you that creative freedom.

Therefore, I strongly recommend for you to take the survey, get a notion for your pleasurable attributes for working and start incorporating that more into your day to day working life or lifestyle in general. I guess it is fine to not necessarily work having to use all your character strengths, but will you feel happy to have that job?

We now have this opportunity to discover those traits and start acting on it. Because just as the people who could not name the green color, yet they could name all shades of green, we have a lack of understanding the basics. The very thing that makes all shades of green. 

And we only need between 4-7 character strengths to say that our jobs bring us joy. Have your first 7 core character strengths revealed here. 

fall in love with your job core character strength test



Gandhi discovered There is more to life than increasing its speed. And I think this is just beautiful. And slow is beautiful. Some things cannot and should not be sped up. They take time, they need slowness.

Have you heard about the slow movement? I know (and confirmed it through my reads) that it actually started in the city of Bra, Italy with the Slow Food movement, which supports the idea that eating should be something enjoyable, something cooked and consumed at a relaxed pace. When I was working in telesales, I remember calling clients and leads in Italy, and their lunch time was of 2 hours. Watching Michael Moore’s movie Where to Invade Next, I understood why. They go home to eat with families at lunch, that’s why their lunch time is 2 hours long. How amazing would that be to happen everywhere?

ponder slow movement like a cat

But there’s no time for that! Our corporate obsessed minds are too busy to waste 2 hours only on lunch! I mean, lunches nowadays have become like skimmed milk – a taste of lunch, to keep you skinny, yet unhealthy, hungry all the time and moody, living with the illusion that you ate well and healthy. We do not have time for our minds to chill. We keep them too busy all the time, and we demand so much of ourselves. Yet, we offer ourselves so little. Because there is no time for that either.

Slow movement is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. On the contrary, the movement is made up of people like you and me, people who want to live better in a fast-paced, modern world. The slow philosophy can be summed up in a single word: balance. Be fast when it makes sense to be fast (like a marathon) and be slow when slowness is called for (like having your lunch peacefully). Seek to live at what musicians call the tempo giusto – the right speed.

The paradox is that slow does not mean slow. Performing a task in a slow manner sometimes brings faster results. It is also possible to do things quickly while maintaining a slow mindset.

I realized that¬†Pond written by Claire Louise Bennett is a tribute to the slow movement. Because reading it, it puts you into that slow frame of mind, when you ponder your thoughts, your sensations, your perceptions, your observations, your actions and your words. Reading¬†Pond is like sunbathing on an island you visit off peak season. You get to see the beauty of the lonely landscape, you get to appreciate it and then you wonder how you could have ever visited that in full crowded season. It’s the same with understanding the slow movement.

You must surrender to it to experiment and you will not wish to go back. I praise the slow and I praise¬†Pond, because with each day that passes, I turn more and more to re-reading sentences in this exceptional book. It might be the fact that it feels as if I give my mind the time to enjoy each word and each logic of the train of thoughts expressed through Claire Louise Bennett’s creative writing skills. In this glorious fast-paced world, my mind has no time to grasp all that it wishes to grasp, because I am forced to hurry up and not stop to ponder or balance the world I see in my brain, I am forced to move on instead of taking it all in, I am forced to let go of things I do not wish to let go. I am told quantity is desirable, ALONG with quality. I question how can you attain 2 opposites. How can you desperately climb a mountain and enjoy the ocean simultaneously? It’s impossible. Yet, corporations and society defies all physics and forces us to convert ourselves into some kind of robots with superpowers, losing our humanity, since that’s not a resource that can make money. Multitasking does. Being paid for 2, 3 or even more jobs in a single low paid one. This is the fast world we live in. We cease to see it because it is not nice to discover you are living a delusion in which you think you are a human with a multitude of by default skills and competencies that you were brought up to take pride in.

We are being convinced it is ok and even desirable to wish to achieve robotic features. We are only convincing our minds about our souls who do not matter anymore.

slow movement like a cat.jpg

Because our souls take joy in the slowness of it all. I believe we will soon move towards the slow world just as we switched to the fast paced one, since there is more to life than increasing its speed. As Claire Louise Bennett puts it in her book: “Beginning very ordinarily, it ought to be said, and then, via a series of protracted yet imperceptible increments, the sky imported the trenchant beauty and dubious brilliance of a new and unnamed world.”



I don’t hate maths anymore

Growing up, I cannot deny that I was better with languages and literature than with sciences and I was definitely not in love with maths. Yet, in time, I have concluded it is extremely important to learn maths in school and the way the school is structured, with maths playing a huge part, is actually very good.

Math is more than just math as we all know it. When you strive to understand it, your brain is growing, is expanding, it creates itself into a new form. It creates You. Your thinking, your way of calculating stuff, your pattern in critical thinking, in creativity, in problem solving. Math and learning math affects your life. Because math is put there to help you develop a specific thinking pattern and model.

I discovered some time ago numerology. The art and science of numbers and their significance in your life. The numbers you are created of have meanings, symbols and can bring light into your life, into who you are, why you are the way you are and what your potentials are.

This is why I started learning more about numerology and because I had been made a personal numerology reading forecast some time ago. A very long time ago and it was so helpful, so accurate and so clear, that I decided I want to help someone else with that knowledge and tool as well.

Before I offer you this possibility, for me to do your personal numerology reading forecast, I would like to give you a bit of information about this science. Because numerology is more than math.

What can numerology offer you?

The Life Path – gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your life path is the road you are travelling.

The day you were born bears great significance in understanding who we are and where out talents lie. The date of birth indicates some special talents you possess. It is a gift to you that will help you in your Life Path.

The expression number reveals your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or your goal in life. Some numerologists refer to this number as the Destiny because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming. You work at fulfilling this potential every day of your life. The Expression is your being, your Life Path is the major lesson you are attempting to learn. By understanding your Expression number, you will come to understand your basic nature and the abilities and issues inherent in your being.

Your Heart’s Desire. This is the inner you. It shows your true motivation. It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. Therefore, it dramatically influences the choices you make in life. The heart’s desire demonstrates the identity of your soul.

Your personality number is derived from the consonants of your full name at birth. Your Personality is like a narrow entrance hall to the great room that is your true nature. Your Personality number often serves as a censoring device, both in terms of what you send out and what you allow to approach. It discriminates in the kinds of people and information you let enter your heart and mind. Your Personality number also indicates how others are seeing you.

Your Maturity Number indicates an underlying wish or desire that gradually surfaces around the age of 30-35. This underlying goal begins to emerge as you gain a better understanding of yourself. No matter what your age is at present, your life is being channeled in a specific direction toward a very specific goal. That goal can be seen as a reward or the fulfillment of a promise that is implicit in your current efforts, often without your knowing it consciously. While the characteristics of this number are usually visible during childhood, we tend to lose sight of these aspects until later in life. But our lives are always being affected by this influence.

Numerology is based on the understanding that we enter life with certain strengths and weaknesses. Karmic lessons are areas that we are currently weak in and must be faced and worked on in this life. You may well recognize your Karmic Lessons as weaknesses you have learned to overcome in the course of your life, however, the challenges implied in your Karmic Lessons will continue to come up occasionally for the rest of your life.

Hidden Passions number. Your Hidden Passion Numbers reveals one or more strengths and talents that you can rely upon and are available to you. The Hidden Passion represents your specific field of expertise, or a concentrated talent. Its existence gives you a strong desire to develop and to express that particular ability. Having the talent demands that you express it, that you experience this part of you, and that you live according to its nature. In this way, the Hidden Passion shapes your personality, and guides your life.

Planes of expression numbers. Each of us experiences life on 4 different levels: with our physical body, with our mental faculty, our emotional makeup and our intuition. Numerology indicates how we as individuals function on each plane. These planes of expression can greatly help you to understand your talents and abilities.

Your Balance number provides you with the guidance on how best to deal with difficult or threatening situations.

Your Rational thought number reveals what can probably best be described as the way you think.

Your Subconscious self number reveals how you react to demanding situations. It indicates your ability to get the most of your talents and opportunities, especially when you face new or challenging situations. It also reveals the areas of your character that need to be strengthen.

Challenges numbers. Each of us is born with weaknesses and strengths. Numerology looks at life as if it were an educational process that is meant to bring out and enhance talents, and turn our weaknesses into strengths. This serves to complete our being. The job of becoming whole is one in which we must face our weaknesses and consciously work to improve ourselves. There are 4 challenges to be faced during our lives. For many of us, the same challenge is repeated, while for others there are 4 distinctly lessons to learn.

The challenges on your life path provide specific lessons that you must attend to, and, in order to inspire and help you, life will place you in situations that require the specific characteristics of your challenge numbers. The 4 challenges you are required to overcome during the course of your lifetime  will influence you in different periods of your life, except for the the Third or Main Challenge, which lasts from birth until death. All of your challenges are present at birth, like actors standing in the wings.

Your Pinnacles Number. The Pinnacles are 4 long term cycles or periods on your Life Path. Each Pinnacle represents a specific lesson we are working on. The Pinnacles are very important. The transition from one pinnacle to another is always very strongly felt.

All of these and Personal Years numerology reading will provide you with in depth information that will guide your life and give you profound insight into what your purpose is and how you should live. Or better, how it is best for you to live. What you should be doing to get the best out of this lifetime.

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I wish you a beautiful day and hope to help you through my numerology reading services.

What do you need to take the leap?

Vision, time, support, confidence, courage, desire, dreams, opportunities, new horizons, changes, power, health. Words that make up the personality who can choose a path and stick to it. Not wonder around, distracted by wolves, like the Little Red Riding Hood. Stick to your plans no matter the obstacles. Resilience. Resistance. Trust.


Probably, I am made of that. You are probably created with those words as well. All parents wish success to their children. I bet yours were not an exception. We were all created and we all came on this Earth with a strong desire to become the best possible version of ourselves. But, to take a risk and go on your own might involve attaining some external expectations as well. Not just yours. Or maybe yours are not that big. Maybe you do not dream to become famous, rich or well known. Maybe you just dream to have a tranquil, beautiful decent life. Not rich, but not poor either. Not stressed, but not bored either. Not monotonous, but not risky or too adventurous either. You probably just want to be at peace. In the flow.

I know I secretly wish that serenity. And the flow. I want to stream like a cold refreshing river: simple, alive, helpful, peaceful and powerful, persistent. Never ending.

A mindset, a motto, a goal dream, a vocation, a passion, an obsession. We all live these feelings. These words are more than just words, they are filled with sensations, with emotions, with memories, with wishes, with vivid images of our desires and needs. It’s a cocktail. I am drunk. I drink too much dreams. I make my own dreams and then immerse myself in them, daydreaming. No action though. No steps to realize them, to actually live them, instead of breathing the illusion of living it.

I find that the urge to do something comes in waves, sometimes a persistent itch, that makes me wanna scratch it until I bleed, sometimes as a passing thought in my train of daydreaming thoughts. And I do not pay enough attention to it. I know I am capable of a lot. But am I really capable? Or I am lying to myself, giving myself the time to let the time pass by and then have the excuse, it’s passed my time to try that or change something? I feel my unconscious mind is doing a sabotage to me. So, that I won’t feel the pain of failure.

Because failure is so scary. At least to me. And that’s how perfectionism is born within a human soul.

I am trying to do that exercise with imagining all the possible worst case scenarios and having a back plan for everything, however, I do not trust myself enough with it. I feel I will regret the decision of taking the leap. Thinking I would have wasted my time. Thinking I would have lost energy, money and time. Time is of exceptional precious importance and value to me. It’s fundamental. Because I use time to make money. I use time to obtain energy to make money. I use time to daydream. I use time to do things. It’s why I am so careful with to whom I am giving my time.

And at a close look, I, most of the time, use it to work in an environment that does not contribute to my well being overall. It does not make me grow. It became monotonous. And it is taking my energy. My spirit. My glow. Like in the old Sailor Moon cartoons, when villains would take away the souls of innocent people to feed their lives, their time, their success, their power. I am giving my power to something I do not particularly enjoy. What am I talking about, I totally dislike it. I am in it for the money. I want to be in it for the sake of it.

For fun.

I want to have fun. To be in the flow. To enjoy my time at the office. I want constant positive wonderful uplifting change. Satisfaction. Like a spring water discovery feeling. Like a waterfall. But, for my soul.

I realized I need vision. I need resistance with myself in all environments. It’s not that I am not though. I am. But I am weak in face of adversity. I am resistant. But in face of resistance, I fail to trust myself or learn to trust my strengths more, rather I succeed in getting my faith weakened. And then doubts start creating a web in my heart.

Do you question weather you deserve a different life?

I read that question recently, and I keep asking myself for an answer. I do not want to sound arrogant to my subconscious mind and I do not need to have self pity or low self esteem thinking that I have not done anything to deserve something better. Because the truth is, no matter who you came to become in life, you deserve happiness, tranquility, health and success in all matters, weather spiritual, emotional or material.

You, like me, deserve to be rich in all forms richness exists.  So, do you question weather you deserve a different life? 

What do you need to take the leap? I think I need strength, vision, support and more small success to start develop a self confidence.

You sharing my blog posts, helping me grow if whatever I journal here, is giving you at least a nano size insight, will give me a boost in my self esteem. It will make me persistent more. It will motivate me. Motivate me!

I don’t really like to ask for help. And maybe this needs to change. Please, share this, if you found it meaningful in any way and do tell me in the comments section what do YOU need to make a change! Sometimes reading about other people’s experiences, can highlight your revelations.



I cannot patiently wait for tomorrow to edit something nice and share it here. This is fundamental for your self. I think you owe it to yourself. I think The alchemist by Paulo Coelho must become mandatory in schools, universities and work places.

Excerpts from the best well put into words inspirational wisdom:


When will you become friends with your heart?

There is no monopoly on dreams

I am reading “All grown up” by Jami Attenberg and I got to a chapter in which a very successful, beautiful, wise and independent artist is presented through main character’s eyes. I will quote everything down below as I believe you have experienced as well the feelings portrayed. It is that feeling that someone gives you that they embody everything you wish to be. It is the human being you dream to be, it is that creativity you aspire to show to the world and that will create your future, your freedom, your happiness.

“I sit at the feet of Felicia, the most famous instructor in our program. I am in her apartment in her Logan Square building, which she restored on her own. Like she took a book on home improvement out of the library, read it, and then just did the spackling and electrical wiring and tiling herself because it needed to be done. She dresses in all black, jeans, T-shirts, lacy see-through things sometimes, and she has an amazing body, tough, sinewy, tan arms and a tight ass, and long fairy-dust hair, blond-gray, which she wears in braids sometimes. Also Felicia has incredible jewelry, the real stuff, diamonds and gold and platinum, most of it inherited from an affluent aunt who never had children of her own, although Felicia did apprentice with a jeweler for a while so some of it she made herself. She has 3 solo gallery shows in the next year, one of them in Berlin, and has been commissioned to do an installation in Brazil, where she was basically given a town square to do with whatever she likes. Nothing she owns comes from a man. Everything she touches turns into something bigger. She has made herself out of scratch. I am 26 and I would cut my left tit to be her.”

The emotions those readings give you? You must have felt that with someone too. That is a form of admiring someone so much that their entire life is what you dream your life would become. Reading further “I go wherever she wants me to go and I tell her she’s perfect without her having to ask. I begin to skip classes whenever Felicia calls me. I don’t even think to say no.” A role model. An idol. A dream life. But what I actually desire is that feeling that I imagine she has when I see that person, when anyone else meets this idol of mine. As this expression of perfect life embodied in this person that everyone at some point in their life have met or seen, is surely sparkling those feelings of freedom and success and independence into everyone’s souls.

That goal or dream or objective that you have to be like that and to inspire to someone else those emotions and actions is not always something that society tolerates. Because you must make a career, you must have a house in order to be successful, so that you can feel accomplished, so that you can finally be happy.

And that’s not how it should be. To have a career, to have that house, to achieve that success are all means goals. When you wish for something SO that you can feel or be in a certain way is a means goal. The end goal, the one that makes you truly happy is the one that follows after the SO.

I want to have my own house SO that I can be free and stress free of any mortgages. SO I don’t have to work all the time to pay financial obligations. I want to be independent SO I can travel whenever I feel like and don’t bother with begging for days off work. Everything that follows the SO is an End Goal, the one that offers you that something that truly gives you happiness and peace of mind. It is that feeling we pursue. That is what makes us happy and to be able to say to others we are indeed successful.

Here are 3 most important questions for you to start writing down your end goals and stop pursuing what society tells you to:

1. What do you want to experience in this life? What do you want to see, to be like, to feel, to travel, what is your lifestyle?

2. How do you want to grow to be able to experience life and be able to do in this life? What are you gifted at, what more do you need to be able to do what you want to do?

3. What is your contribution in this life to other people? How do you want to help with the people in this life? What did you experience and learn that you can teach to others? What do you want to give?

Give yourself 3 minutes ONLY to answer each category: Experience, Growth, Contribution. Why only 3 minutes? Because if it’s more than that, your rational mind will alert you about limits that are not helping you become the extraordinary human being you are. Such limits include stupid questions like, who are you to dream you can be the best writer, who are you to deserve luxury and richness, what can you possibly offer to others when you can barely help yourself with your life, career, love etc? You see, all that is what society tells you, it tells you that you cannot be that Felicia you adore. It wants you to obey and not dream as Felicia did and how it worked for her. But I want to tell you, you owe it to yourself to dream, and take that Felicia type human being from your environment and turn it into You. Because there is no monopoly on dreams. Everyone else is concerned in either hating or embracing Felicia, because society wants you to be like that, concerned within your limits. Dream beyond those limits.

How would the world look like if we were all like Felicia? A better, happier place simply because everyone does what they love, what their souls want their bodies to do for them.

Become Felicia. Dream beyond those limits. 

Dream goals