Since everyone has an opinion on it, I will share mine too

Whether it was created in a lab or not, if it got out of control or if it was naturally derived, this corona virus (Covid-19) seems to have taken control over our lives, in the sense that fear, panic and shock are daily emotions nowadays encountered not only in people that seriously could have a reason to feel like that, but it’s a common feeling encountered in young people and young adults or in healthy human beings. Yes, we should be concerned, but not to this extent of “we are all gonna die”.

If we think about the numerology of 2020, which is made of double 2s, and if we remember that 2 is the number that expresses emotions and feelings, we can conclude that this year is extremely emotional. There’s 2 sides to this coin. We can express positive feelings or we can choose negative emotions. And no matter which one you choose, you are right. When there is double 2s, we augment and increase the intensity of that symbol and of that energy, in this case the energy of the numerology-related number 2, which is emotions. We can choose to focus on positives and not on negatives, and that will expand even further, bringing more good energy in our lives and potentially saving us from negative experiences.

But if we solely focus on the negatives and the fearful images, words and feelings we are shown in the media, then, we can only expect to increase that and make a hill out of a mole. We have got to keep our rational minds here in calm, and focus on living our lives without having the panic around covid-19 take over our lives.

Fear, panic and anxiety are negative emotions and they can attract negative experiences in our bodies. Therefore, healing our emotions is critical to overcome our diseases or to make them be felt to a lesser extent. Flowers from Dr.Bach Flower Therapy have the potential to heal our emotional challenges. Plants are living beings. Become aware of this and be mindful of your surroundings. The more we engage to our natural surroundings, the easier will become to feel the subtle healing powers of these flowers. Because plants are in constant communication with us. Dr. Edward Bach categorised his remedies into The 12 Healers, the 7 Helpers and the Second 19 Helpers.

Dr. Bach felt The 12 Healers Flower Remedies were for our primary soul types, the sort of person we are. He equated these with the Soul lessons we have come to learn such as inner peace (Agrimony), strength and ability to say NO (Centaury) and wisdom (Cerato). We can see these types more easily in children – as adults we have accumulated other layers or imbalances – but when we are under pressure our soul type may betray itself. We sure feel this pressure these days with the new corona virus.

So, the 12 Healers are Agrimony, Centaury, Cerato, Chicory (to dissolve self-pity and “me,me,me” into generosity of giving), Clematis (to bring dreamers back to Earth), Gentian (to resolve discouragement and despondency into the positive quality of faith) Impatiens (to release the quick tense mind into gentleness), Mimulus (transforming fear of known things into bravery), Rock Rose (to transform terror and dread into courage), Scleranthus (to bring balance and determination from indecision), Vervain (to release over-enthusiasm into quiet and tolerance), Water-Violet (to change a proud aloof or quietly grieving person into the joy of service and taking part in life). Please note this is only a brief description and not the full understanding of the remedy. I will come back with a later post on the full “prescription” around these lovely flower remedies.

The 7 Helpers of the Dr. Bach Flower remedies are to support the Healer Remedies for long term conditions and are as follows: Gorse (for hopelessness), Heather (for fussy introspection), Rock Water (for rigidity of attitude), Wild Oat (for lack of direction in life), Olive (for weariness and exhaustion), Oak (for the strong person who never gives up), Vine (for a domineering forceful attitude, to bring the quality of calm wise leadership).

The other 19 flower remedies are called the second 19 and relate to emotional states that result from life’s knocks and challenges and are as follows: Holly (for jealousy, envy, revenge and suspicion and greed – in full negative, bringing the quality of love), Pine (which brings self-esteem relieving a feeling of guilt and self-blame), Aspen (for fear of unknown things), Beech (for intolerance), Cherry Plum (for fear of the mind giving way), Chestnut Bud (for failure to learn from mistakes), Crab Apple (this is also called the cleansing remedy, also known for self-hatred), Elm (if you feel overwhelmed by responsibility), Heather (for self-centredness and self concern), Honeysuckle (for living in the past), Hornbeam (for tiredness at the thought of doing something), Larch (for lack of confidence), Mustard (for deep gloom for no reason), Red Chestnut (for over-concern for the welfare of loved ones), Star of Bethlehem (for shock), Sweet Chestnut (for extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left), Walnut (for protection from change and unwanted influences), White Chestnut (for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments), Wild Rose (drifting, resignation, apathy) and Willow (for self-pity and resentment).

Bach Flower remedies are an alternative or complementary treatment that is used for emotional problems and pain. They’re made out of watered-down extracts from the flowers of wild plants. Dr. Edward Bach was a medical doctor and homeopath and created these remedies in early 1900s.

Dr. Edward Bach used to say “Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality”.

So, in my opinion, I think we need to change our emotional state to be able to conquer any potential diseases. Yes, it can be very hard to be in a positive mindset when you are really struggling when really ill, and that’s why it’s important to stay up as positive , as chilled, as calm and as mindful as possible to avoid our energetic body get a glitch and we potentially get sick.

Please maintain your mental health to a higher level of positive mindset, thinking and attitude and peaceful state of mind and tranquillity and avoid stress.

If anxiety won’t let you focus on a powerful bold mental health, why not try to read out more about these flower remedies?

For anxiety, we can try the Bach Flower Remedy called Aspen, and this will bring back into our lives more reassurance that things will be ok. If you feel there is too many responsibilities you need to take care of during these times with Corona Virus (Covid 19), you can try Elm remedy to give you support in the face of all things you need to take care of. Gentian remedy can help if you feel discouraged in case something goes wrong such as you get a flu or cold and you start thinking you will get the novel virus, if you are already in a state of depression and you have given up as you see no light at the end of the tunnel, please consider Gorse remedy, as it will emphasise on hope and a hopeful and optimistic view of life’s circumstances and challenges.

If you find yourself stuck in the past, thinking of things that occurred many weeks ago and you believe this is going to affect you still or you will get the virus because so many people got it, then you might consider Honeysuckle remedy because it will assist you in being present and thinking more of living in the present and stop focusing on the past (or past examples of bad or negative experiences related or not with Covid 19). Hornbeam remedy can help you get motivated to start working on whatever you are working but you feel you lack the motivation to start on it because you feel it’s not worthy anymore given the current world situation and you’re stressed about it. I also think Mimulus remedy will give you back the courage to fight back this fear you have regarding Coronavirus. Oak remedy will give you the strength you need if you feel you struggle on with your mental health regardless of how much you try to keep yourself positive and rational and calm about the possibility of getting Coronavirus.

If you have Coronavirus or you had it and recovered but gave it to someone and you blame yourself for this and you feel guilty, Pine remedy can help you release that internal struggle and blame. Red Chestnut remedy can help you with peace of mind if you feel overly concerned for a dear person or a family member living in a Red Zone that they might catch the new virus. If you are truly feeling overwhelmed by fear and terror regarding the Coronavirus and the end of the world because of this Covid19 , then you might consider Rock Rose for fearlessness.

If someone close to you or a family member or friend or someone you know well has been tested positive for Covid 19 and you are feeling shocked or in grief, you can consider Star of Bethlehem remedy. You can also get this yourself if you are shocked if you discover you have the Coronavirus, obviously I wish you not to, but let’s think of all potential outcomes so we feel prepared. If we feel prepared, we are better equipped to deal with any shock or after effects of a situation or life challenge and can manage healing in an effective way as we follow a plan. The main reason people panic is because of the uncertainty of a situation. But, if we choose to think rationally and with calm the potential outcomes , we can get a better emotional state of mind and this will help us tremendously because if we believe we are energy, positive energy within us attracts more positive energy and experiences. This way we keep ourselves far away from all negativity and potential outcomes because of that. But, if you still feel anguished and you feel there is no optimism within you, then you might consider Sweet Chestnut remedy. Walnut remedy will protect us all from the fear we experience regarding this new change that we need to adapt to, this new world that is to appear because of the Coronavirus outbreaks.

If you have repetitive thoughts and you feel you cannot switch off and you find it hard to sleep given what’s happening in the world , then White Chestnut remedy can help with your tranquillity and sleep. If you feel resentful on people who have given you the flu or Coronavirus or if someone is sick because of someone you know has passed on the Covid 19 onto them, I would consider Willow remedy for you to give you a more positive outlook on life and release that resentment you feel. This willow remedy can also help if you feel sorry for yourself and think always that you are going to get unwell and that this is so unfair.

Recognising exactly how you feel is the key to choosing your essences. If you have selected more than 7 essences, cut down your choice by concentrating on how you feel now. Then match the exact mood you’re in with the appropriate essence. Most people find it easy to select their own essences. All you need to do is find the essences that reflect your situation, mood or personality the best. You can mix up to 7 remedies at a time. All of the states described are everyday emotions that we all feel from time to time. Even the most negative state has a corresponding positive quality that shows us what we can be when we are fully ourselves. Sometimes we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves, few of us want to be seen as jealous or intolerant, but once we have admitted how we feel, we are halfway towards balancing that emotion. So, if you have trouble working out your feelings, why not ask someone who knows you to help.

I would like to help you out too, and to the best of my capabilities I will reply to your emails at regarding confusion related to what remedies would suit you best based on your current state of mind or your current emotions you feel. Remember, this is not treating a disease, it’s complementary to any illness and it helps by balancing your emotions, which in turn will help the physical body by releasing the tension in the mind and de-stressing, because now we know that research has concluded stress can impact on our physical health in a negative way. So we must heal our negative emotions to help heal our bodies. Our immune system is prone to diseases if stress is too high.

Bach Flower Remedies are essences made from plants. An essence is the preserved vibrational substance – or vital life force – of the plant or flower that is used for healing and to prompt deeper levels of health and well-being. The essence can include a part of the plant, such as stems, leaves, roots, buds, or it can be a distillation of the whole plant. The flower or plant essences act upon our non-physical body rather than the physical body, influencing our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and unresolved emotional traumas. Users of vibrational essences may find that, as their thoughts and emotions change, their symptoms shift as well.

Flower essences blends

When you or someone else is in distress or is experiencing an emotional spiral, whether it is because of the loss of a loved one, the experience of a life threatening accident, or the worry of facing a challenging situation (potentially getting infected with Covid19 or Corona virus) , the following flower essence blends will help to soothe and balance your emotions.

Physical and emotional shock – Bach rescue Remedy (the most known Bach Flower Remedy) – you can purchase this already made up, or you can blend your won remedy using Star of Bethlehem – for releasing the trauma, Rock Rose – against terror and panic, Cherry Plum – for fear of losing control and Clematis as it helps to make you stay conscious.

Sleeping problems – Rock Rose (it helps with nightmares) , White Chestnut (releases those worrying thoughts) and Agrimony (helps with restlessness from repressed worries)

Worrying about others – Red Chestnut (against irrational anxieties), chicory (releasing the concern for others, the neediness) and Holly (against jealousy and suspicion).

This is what Dr. Bach teaches us:

“It is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our cares, our worries and so on, we not only free ourselves from our illness, but the Herbs given unto us by the Grace of the Creator of all, in addition take away our fears and worries, and leave us happier and better in ourselves.

Thus, behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes. Let us seek these out and heal them, and with the healing of them will go the disease from which we suffer.

The mind being the most delicate and sensitive part of the body, shows the onset and the course of the disease much more than the body, so that the outlook of mind is chosen as the guide as to which remedy or plant or flower remedies are necessary.”

Did you ever consider that at the heart of all diseases and distresses lay an imbalance in our emotional state and that true health is emotional harmony?

10 things that kill women energy

The re-invention of yourself is an ongoing quest that is emotional, physical and spiritual. For us, women, to tap into our feminine energy is vital and it is about being committed to ourselves, first and foremost, and this means being committed to our own spiritual and personal growth, living with intention and passion while striving to contribute to our immediate world and the world at large in a positive and meaningful way.

Your life and my life is our vision quest, and so it’s up to each of us to design it, it’s about how we conduct and carry ourselves onto the path we have selected and most of all, how we follow through. To tap more into our feminine energy we also need to know the things that actually kill our femininity.

Here are 10 things that kill women feminine power and energy.

  1. A woman should only communicate with people that love her and that she loves back. She should not allow for herself any areas of conflict in any way. A woman should not communicate with those that she does not like, those people that we all have in our lives that are simply disagreeable. One of the worst mistakes a woman can do is to do something that she does not like or enjoy doing because this consumes a great amount of feminine energy which kills her spirit. This does not mean that you should not communicate at all as obviously this is quite impossible in today’s society. This refers to the fact that women should be very brief when discussing with someone unpleasant to them. When we try to make ourselves pleasant to other people we might dislike or find that we need to dissimulate we do not like them, we waste our feminine energy.
  2. Lack of personal care and physical exercise to take care of our bodies. A woman that does not take care of herself cannot take care of anyone. It’s cheap to look decent and groomed and neat, tidy. A man will always admire a women that is elegant, that is well groomed, a woman that loves herself and that has respect for herself. When a woman fails to take care of herself, she won’t feel good with her own self, and her energy drops and she starts emanating negativity or she is rejected by other people. A woman has to shine and she must not blur herself by self damaging her own feminine power by not caring for herself.
  3. Lack of emotions. Emotions belong to those that have a soul and feel all emotions. We all have emotions because we have a soul. Emotions cannot all the time be just positive. But you also have to be careful about who you let to see your painful spot as you might be vulnerable and they might hit you right there. Live your emotions. Women cry at movies, women laugh and express themselves and they must do this, and live fully, be cheerful, be positive, be alive and enjoy moments as this is something that makes a woman live in her energy, in her feminine power. Femininity is all about expressing yourself with no fear.
  4. Women must have hobbies. Women must be creative, they need to create beauty, energy around them. Even if she is only cleaning the house or doing a hobby she is owning her creativity. She is doing that hobby to recharge herself. Expressing her creativity is filling up her energy with more feminine and positive energy. Lack of hobbies is a thing that can diminish and eventually kill a woman’s energy. If a woman does not create something, even as small as it may be, then her energy stagnates. Anything that a woman does with her own hands is called and it is tapping into her creativity. When she is creating something beautiful, whether that’s doing the dishes, planting a flower, anything at all feminine wise, when she does anything that is beautiful after she puts her effort into it, she becomes beautiful.
  5. The need to dominate and to rule is killing women’s feminine energy. When the woman has a responsible man aside her, she knows she can rely on him and she won’t have this urge to rule or do it herself. No matter how you think about it, there are things that are exclusive to men and things that are exclusive to women.
  6. Women should not become slaves for their men. They need to respect themselves and yes, the woman maintains the relationship, the woman takes care of the home, the woman caters more for him, however, the man is the one that should bring in money and he should cater for her in other ways. But if she fails in this, if she is too picky with him, if she keeps on taking care of him as if he is incapable of doing so, treating him as a boy instead of a man, taking the role of the mother way too often, she will kill her energy, her femininity. No real man wishes to have beside him a slave that does it all. That’s why men rule and women obey. It’s more to talk here, but there is also the common sense and good manners code.
  7. Women must be unique. Women should not compare themselves with other women as they kill their own energy by doing so. A woman should never see in another woman a rival, a potential threat to her home and that can only occur and be felt if the woman is fully accepting herself and embraces her own feminine power and her own unique feminine goddess energy. The reason this does not happen is because women, instead of being together, they hate each other, they want to be someone else, as they fear or they lack the knowledge to discover their own uniqueness. When women compare themselves with other women they consume a lot of energy.
  8. A woman should not have the desire to fight for something to prove she is better, she is more beautiful and she is more intelligent. A woman does not need to prove this, and a woman should not feel she is competing with any other woman, as this activity only drains life out of a woman and our of her unique feminine energy.
  9. A woman must communicate with other women. This is a powerful source of energy for a woman. Obviously, this is with who she likes to be around. A woman should have some very closed friends with whom she speaks as she takes a lot of energy by speaking with other females. Women can only gain this energy by being around and communicating to other women.

10. Lack of personal space and time. A woman must have time for herself, for her own businesses and dealings in life. Always make sure you do something for YOURSELF and not for others or for something or to someone to prove to, as mentioned a woman should not compete with other women and should not feel the need to compete because she is unique, different and perfect as she is, simply because she is taking care of herself and she is already doing everything that she enjoys, she is creative, she makes time for herself and for her hobbies and she is doing only what she likes.

Remember: The 2 most important days in your life are the one you are born and the day you find out why.

A million likes won’t make you like yourself. A flower does not cry when you do not notice it. Its worth was never dependant on your attention. It is beautiful whether you see it or not. You are that FLOWER. We, women are flowers. Pour all your love into you. Fall in love with yourself, again and again.

As you take care of your energy, your energy will take care of yourself.

Sometimes, what is meant for you, can’t find you because you are simply not being yourself. That’s why it’s important to tap into your own creative feminine divine power. “Be the moon and inspire people, even when you’re far from full”, I read the other day.

Remember you are the source of your own power.

The characteristics of the work you obtain and the way you describe it reflects your inner self

Journaling about how I feel I am, about what I like about my job and about what I wish in the working that I do, has made me realize very important aspects about myself and mirroring the information with my husband, have discovered that this, what I am about to blog about, really makes sense. Indeed, I got this insight that the way I describe the work that I do, with its goods and bad, describes me spooky well. I have also come to the realization and have come to terms to what is actually its significance when we say or we are told by leaders and inspirational speakers etc that we should forget what society is telling us, we should ignore what people tell us we cannot do and we can do. I know truly, deeply have figured it out.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo By – Natalia Figueredo

This is how it works:

I have come to the conclusion that many times, I want to be or become someone or do something due to expectations I believe of myself to have and to be my own, when the fact is they were imprinted by something I would have seen online, or offline in real life to people that are so happy with their lives, careers and so on and who make feel everyone listening to them that they have discovered, understood and aligned to their path. This alignment and flow in these people’s life is something so powerful that it is impossible for everyone else not experiencing it to not be inspired, maybe jealous, curious and secretly wishing to have their life, while taking as much in as possible from their speech, attitudes, behaviors, clothing, ideas and even desires to do or become someone meaningful or worthy or admired or to become that “word” which is on everyone’s lips nowadays – successful.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self
Photo by Jon Tyson

I believe that what we really are attracted to these successful people is their total happiness and perfection in life (wealth, health and family) which is intrinsic to EVERYONE and that we all wrongly believe that the energy and bliss they are experiencing is something we could experience too if we follow our desires. But our desires are not really our desires. They are made up from the energy, passion, vibration and inspiration we feel energized by when we listen to these people. Instead of taking in the courage to listen to our inner beings and confront what actually makes us happy (which most of the times is in contradiction to what we think we want because it was imprinted by society) we believe that we are going to feel that freedom, independence and happiness, free of any burden of unwanted responsibilities if we follow their path. Their path is presented to us with such an energy that is contagious and it’s getting confused to our own path. We want the same life too. We admire successful people, we may chase them on Instagram, we may acutely read them or watch them or listen to what they have to say and we breathe their story instead of taking in their energy and passion for their path and not the path itself. This happens because society is made in such a way that our minds are confused to what actually is success.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

While growing up we are tamed into perfect believers that if we work hard enough and if we follow the rules of other successful people we will be happy. Parents tell children, “how are you going to pay bills with this? (whether is painting, games, literature, fashion, anything that contradicts your parent’s vision of success which they encountered in their imprinted life)” or “if you do not learn this now, you won’t be able to get a job and what are you going to do then?” (instead of focusing on what they do best now and enhance their strengths) or “this is nice and you are good at it, but you need to do this still, it’s more practical” (implying that if we do not do certain jobs, we are not going to live, which our brains cannot conceive because we are hardwired for survival, so any notes on that, and we forget our passions, we go cozy and comfortable, we go safe.) So safe, that when we hear successful people talk about their struggles, our brains instead of understanding that it is about following our unique passions, about going wild and not domesticated, we go into a society friendly mode by which we comply even more with life and what other people say – work hard, study this and that, make your way into the business; started from the bottom, now we’re here vibe isn’t about following someone else’s dreams or ways of getting into this “success”ful trend, is about finding your / our own distinct talents and using them. It’s about following our intuition with what we like and want to study or work in, it’s about working harder on persevering with our dreams as this is SO MUCH HARDER than working harder on a safe job. It’s so HARD to maintain yourself accountable for your dreams and passions and talents and how you grow into an expert in that. It is extremely difficult to follow the path of rejection from everyone telling you “you are wrong”, “you will lose all your money”, “I do not believe in this working for you”, “you should just keep this as a hobby rather” and everyone turning your back at you because they are afraid YOU are confronting their lack of courage to go for their path and destiny. It’s easy to close your eyes and pretend that it does not exist. As a comparison, it’s easier to think food is just food to eat and fill my body than truly going deep and understanding food is medicine and that all disease comes from poor eating habits and lack of interest in learning that, because this too, has to do with the same thing – lack of courage. We are cowards because we know it’s actually hard to fight against our selves and our imprinted expectations, wishes and hopes and ideas of success.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

Success is unique to everyone. And it is a perception. Perceptions are not the same as reality. Perception is subjective and it has to do a lot with your environment and your imprints and your unique being. Perception is not reality. Therefore, the way we perceive success does not mean the emotions we would feel if we would attain that success we see in others, would be real. As one of my Uni teachers said, “Behind every emotion, there is another emotion.” Perception is illusion. Success is an illusion of something we make up in our own heads highly influenced by peers, society, energies we perceive and wrongly translate into happiness. Energies we feel are the vibration of the “successful” person that is doing what he/she likes, has positive and beautiful results and shares it with the world. This sharing makes him/her happy. This happiness translates into that energy we perceive. We perceive their vibration which was able to be materialized into a concrete form and they have made something tangible. That thing which is tangible that we define as success is the inner self fulfilling its destiny he/she set up way before they were born. They had the courage to follow their intuition despite everyone else being against them not obeying the rules.

We are all intuitive. We all feel things. Even though they are perceptions, and they are subjective, they belong to us and there’s a reason we feel it. To follow it. 

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

This is another insight I gained while journaling – I do enjoy working, but I need to put in the work that I want to do and feel in the flow with. If I am forced (and we all force ourselves to go against what we feel inside we should be doing, by following what other people are telling us we should do to be happy, since everyone else is happy doing the same thing) to work something I do not want to work (even though I may be successful in that and maybe quite reach a good status) then I develop certain negative emotions and feelings inside such as anxiety, stress and lack of contentment for my life, I do not feel fulfilled rather depleted of energy and consumed by responsibilities I dread and wish would not have to be accountable for. These emotions generated by the job I work are what I actually despise when I say “I do not like my job”. It’s not the job itself. It’s how it makes me feel. The way my job makes me feel means that I need to gather even more energy to cope with processing it. Which is not something I want to do. I want to keep my energy for myself, for what I truly want to work. For what really makes me happy. I want to keep that energy for activities that will generate emotions which I do like and enjoy feeling – such as tranquility, gratefulness, bliss, peace, inspiration, self esteem and other inner unique emotions which make me happy. If I feel more the negative emotions generated by how I perceive my job, it does not mean I cannot feel the positives one generated when I am out from the office and doing what I enjoy, it simply means I have to spend more time in the negative and less in the positive and it requires more energy taken from the positive to actually process the negative and be able to get back in balance for the next day. If you have ever felt drained at the end of a working day, you know what I mean. That feeling means you need to sleep to regain your energy and positive attitude to problem solving at work. It’s not that I dislike problem solving. I dislike the activity I have to do to use problem solving. I want to use that in an activity that I enjoy being challenged. If that makes sense.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Emma Matthews

So, next, based on the above, I want to tackle the following:

The reason we look for something else when we obtain a job that we do not resonate with and we say “Oh, I would wish to have a job in which … this and that” or “How awesome would it be, if …” is because we are our jobs and we do not really like ourselves, we do not really accept our weaknesses or vulnerabilities and there’s plenty of stuff we need to change and we don’t. Our jobs are an environment that generates bad energy and negative vibes and that’s because deep down that’s how we really are. The way you describe your job is how you react. As an example, I describe my job as stressful, annoying, boring, full of hassle, too much responsibility, too serious, very secretive in a way and procedural, process driven, analytical, high service levels and too many demands. Well, guess what, I am very serious (I take my responsibilities very seriously), I am analytical, very attentive to details and that makes me easily drained, I have lots of responsibilities that I wish could be shared in terms of finance management, I can be very annoying as I want things to be made my way because I am extremely cautious and precaution and safety are my top strength qualities and traits, I am not very adventurous and prefer the safe road, step by step approach which is something demanded at my job and I can be very anxious and stressed if I do not get things done quickly enough and with quality (because I am very serious and conscientious) and that’s how I realized why I am my job. And why would I or we even go for a job that is something about ourselves that we do not like and wish to overcome?

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo By Emma Matthews

Because everything in the universe is ENERGY. We attract what we are. We are our jobs. We are our environments. Because we attract them through how we breathe, think, speak and act. We have attracted the jobs we have which we would like to change. Because we are attracting what we are, what we truly want is the opposite. And we desire and look up for the opposite because we search for balance and harmony. Harmony and balance can be achieve if there is a minus and a plus. That’s when we are whole. We have everything we need to survive, to grow further and enrich other people’s lives like “successful” people do. When we want to have a different thing than what we have, it’s because we are searching to fulfill ourselves. We cannot be whole by only being one thing we are. We need it all. That’s why we are searching for our purposes, we follow goals and passions and hobbies to release energy that balances and harmonizes ourselves. We need our jobs as we have it. But we also need to follow our intuitions. Because our intuition has the purpose to take us on the path that will actually create this harmony and will actually take us where we are supposed to be, to become “successful.” 

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

I also believe that our intuition is like the fragments of bread that Hansel and Gretel left behind themselves to find their way back home while wandering in the woods. We have chosen this job we have now, way before we were born, we are predestined and we have chosen to leave our intuition to guide us in life to make sure we fulfill our destinies (and become humanly “successful” through our passions and energies and teachings we get from that to pass on) and then come back home – to God.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

I have lots of Youtubers and bloggers that I aspire to, that inspire me and that I love their flow and think to myself, “how can I have that life too, that easy, peaceful and wealthy life”? I see and perceive and feel their energies – they have already tuned into their intuitions and follow their path and are on their way to their destinies. I think when we admire someone and are inspired by their achievements in life we actually admire their found energy in fulfilling their destiny and listening to their intuition, and being who they ARE already, not who they WILL BECOME. We feel (because our intuitions really are special) that they follow their path and will go back to God happy to have finished their own assigned missions. We feel their accountability towards their destiny. We want to do that too, but we believe we need to do what they are doing to reach the same level of happiness, contentment and fulfillment, just because that’s what we see at the surface and what we perceive. And that’s when intuition plays in and when we need to follow. But we don’t, we trust more the other people and what society says we should do to have achievements. And that’s why I believe I now understand when we read about “why we should set aside what society tells us to do, and not do it”.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
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I have listened to myself. I have listened and discovered that what I admire at successful people is an internalized expectation of myself set by the society to achieve something worthwhile to become admired and lovable and a model for other peers. I do not need to have a specific position to be happy and I do not need to have specific knowledge in specific fields of operation to be accepted by society, to be admired by others and to be employed or get a job. I do not need to dress in a certain way to feel beautiful or to be seen as beautiful. I do not need to do SO MUCH to be allowed x, y and z things/stuff/activities/treats etc.

You do not need to do so much and hassle so much to be allowed to just be happy as you are, with what you know and with what you do, you do not need to do so much to be allowed to have x, y and z in life. Follow your intuition because it will take you where you need to be and it will make you become who you are supposed to become, the person you predestined yourself to become and forget about what society tells you.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
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I also discovered that who I am is not the same to whom I want to become or whom I would like to be like because what I would like to become might very well be given by my false illusion about my expectation that I need to be and become in a certain way since that’s how I have seen someone I admired that is happy and I made a wrong assumption (again, subjective perception) that that person’s life flow is in total alignment with their environment so then I need that environment too, to fulfill myself too and so, I believe I need to become someone alike that successful person by putting effort into creating an environment like them, maybe creating a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast etc. But that does not mean it will make me fulfill my destiny or it’ll fill me inside with contentment and happiness and harmony.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Jon Tyson

My core value and strength is based on safety and extreme precaution and caution. In everything that I am and I do, I am cautious and rarely take risks (unless I can go ahead with the consequences of losing something because I am not really losing). This type of cautiousness and safety that I create around me and that I breathe and I am is comforting to me because I know I can rely on myself since I am very serious, responsible and accountable and this is achieving me independence because I am practical, down to earth and determined in employing a step by step approach to problem solving and being so reliable has its benefits in society because society functions on these core values of doing things as you are told, obeying, not taking adventurous steps or not following the guidelines. It’s how I gained my independence. My money. Therefore my way of being safe in the world actually gives me independence and that is creating my freedom. That’s why I enjoy things to go in a certain way and I like to be cautious, I pay attention to details, I make sure things I organized and systemic and everything is in order. Because otherwise, it would threaten my status quo of freedom. And freedom brings me tranquility and peace and harmony. It’s very twisted and complex, but that’s the human mind and it may be hard to swallow this information. But this is what I believe.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
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My inner hidden anxiety is how I am for real but cannot accept that as it makes me react quickly and jump to conclusions and then regret my actions because that’s the main thing anxiety does – makes you want to react quickly to STOP the anxiety. And how would I do that if not by reacting too quickly to RELEASE THAT NEGATIVE ENERGY and EMOTION. But doing so there are consequences. That quick reaction is risky. I do not like risky. So it’s like a vicious circle. The only way to break it is to maintain my precautions. And how do I do that? Follow what society says it’s good for you. So my inner self attracts my future job/work environment. Because we are the way we describe our jobs. To balance that inside, we hide our true self with masks. My mask is a face of calm and peace and rationale and long time processing thinking patterns in the midst of a devastating emotional inner hidden (sometimes even from myself) turmoil. And that mask keeps me on balance. So, I search and aspire to a job that is alike my mask. I need a job of which activities and tasks I can speak are not stressing me and that inspire tranquility and great harmony. I dream of working in a harmonious positive (or how I perceive it) work environment to balance out that true hidden self of anxiety, stress and high demands. I look for peaceful working environments as self defense mechanism. But I always end up in jobs similar to my inner being, because I have not come to fully accept myself yet (having just discovered it, I first need to internalize that and understand it) and I attract what I am. Living with our selves for such long time, we have also started to love ourselves and all our craziness and it is difficult to free oneself of that which we know characterizes us. In a way, I do enjoy challenging working environments, competitive tasks and activities and high demands because I like to prove myself I can do that and also that, and that too and so on. This attitude is linked to what we were told while growing up “if you do this and that, you get this and that”. This means that we have been imprinted with this idea that we need to do more and more and we need to achieve more and more to obtain more and more and TO DESERVE ALL THAT WE WANT. But no one has ever told us when it was enough. Because it is enough. You are enough. 

I believe this is why it’s important to listen to our intuition. Our intuition is the only one telling us “that’s enough!”, “you are enough”. Enough of that.

I am not who I want to be like or who I want to become.

I am not who I think of myself to be. I am not who I think I am.

I am who I will be if I trust my intuition now and follow what it’s whispering to me. My intuition will take me where I need to be and it will guide me to whom I will become.

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
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Sometimes, my intuition yells at me, and I silence it. Or some days, I do listen but then I remind myself who I think I want to become not knowing I AM already and I simply need to follow the predestined steps I set for myself, before I was even born. I know who I am. Do not doubt your intuition. I have left my intuition as a gift to me in this life to use. I call myself to use it to reach my destination and my destiny. To reach myself.

You are not who you want to be like or who you want to become. You are not who you think of yourself to be. You are not who you think you are. 

You are who you will be if you trust your intuition now and you follow what’s whispering to you. Your intuition will take you where you need to be and it will guide you to become who you are to become. 

The way you describe your work reflects your inner self - how your job is related to your hidden self
Photo by Emma Matthews

As a conclusion, your perception of your job reflects your inner self and you struggle to fight that by putting on a mask in opposition to how that perception makes you experience life or makes you feel emotions or feelings you do not wish to. Your mask is made up of emotions that generate positive vibes, feelings and mostly ENERGY that balances out your POWERFUL INNER TRUE SELF. We are searching for harmony to balance the inner self and the desired self. Harmony can be achieved by following our intuitions. Step by step.

Reflect on the way you describe your job. How are you, really? 

freestocks your job reflects your inner self






How to Dare

The followings are excerpts from the book “Creative Confidence – unleashing the creative potential within us all” and are taken from the chapter named DARE – from fear to courage, which in my opinion, pinpoints not just the creative process, but the decision making in life overall. I found it very useful, meaningful so, hopefully, if you had not had the chance to read the book, these glimpses into its fragments will convince you to pick it up from a book shop.

“Alberta Bandura has had a profound impact on the world of social learning and has been called the greatest living psychologist. He invented the methodology of what he calls guided mastery. The process of guided mastery draws on the power of first hand experience to remove false beliefs. It incorporates psychology tools like vicarious learning, social persuasion and graduated tasks. Along the way, it helps people confront a major fear and dispel it one small, manageable step at a time.”

learn how to dare creative confidence

The dramatic experience of overcoming a phobia that had plagued them for decades – a phobia they had expected to live with for the rest of their lives – had altered their belief system about their own ability to change. It had altered their belief in what they could accomplish. Ultimately, it transformed their lives.”

“When people have this belief, they undertake tougher challenges, persevere longer, and are more resilient in the face of obstacles and failure. Bandura calls this belief self-efficacy. Doubts in one’s creative ability can be cured by guiding people through a series of small successes. The state of mind Bandura calls self-efficacy is closely related to what we think of as creative confidence. People who have creative confidence make better choices, set off more easily in new directions and are better able to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. They see new possibilities and collaborate with others to improve the situations around them. And they approach challenges with newfound courage.”

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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“In our experience {the authors}, one of the scariest snakes in the room is the fear of failure, which manifests itself in such ways as fear of being judged, fear of getting started, fear of the unknown. And while much has been said about the fear of failure, it still is the single biggest obstacle people face to creative success.”

“Creative geniuses are quite prolific when it comes to failure – they just don’t let that stop them. Research has found that creative people simply do more experiments. If you want more success, you have to be prepared to shrug off more failure. The real measure of success is the number of experiments that can be crowded into 24 hours. The faster you find weaknesses during an innovation cycle, the faster you can improve what needs fixing.

“Albert Bandura used the process of guided mastery – a series of small successes – to help people gain courage and overcome deep seated phobias. What would have been nearly impossible to accomplish in one giant leap became manageable in small steps, with the guidance of someone knowledgeable in the field. In a similar way, we use a step by step progression to help people discover and experience the tools and methodologies of design thinking, gradually increasing the level of challenge to help individuals transcend the fear of failure that blocks their best ideas. These small successes are intrinsically rewarding and help people to go on to the next level. Building confidence through experience encourages more creative action in the future, which further bolsters confidence. The lessons learned from failures may make us smarter – even stronger. But that doesn’t make failure any more fun. So most of us naturally try to avoid failure at all costs. Failure is hard, even painful. Fear of failure holds us back from learning all sorts of new skills, from taking on risks, and from tackling new challenges. But you come to accept that it’s part of learning, and in doing so, you are able to remain confident that you are moving forward despite the setbacks.”

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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About “urgent optimism – the desire to act immediately to tackle an obstacle motivated by the belief that you have a reasonable hope of success. Gamers always believe that an epic win is possiblethat it is worth trying, and trying new, over and over again. In the euphoria of an epic win, gamers are shocked to discover the extent of their capabilities. As you move from level to level, success can flip your mindset to a state of creative confidence.We just need to hold out a reasonable hope of success as well as the possibility of a truly epic win. Like a muscle, your creative abilities will grow and strengthen with practice.”

“Diego Rodriguez in his blog Metacool says that innovation thinkers often use informed intuition to identify a great insight, a key need, or a core feature. In other words, relentless practice creates a database of experience that you can draw upon to make more enlightened choices. When it comes to bringing new stuff into the world, Diego argues that the number of product cycles you’ve gone through (what he calls mileage) trumps the number of years of experience. Once you have gone through enough rapid innovation cycles, you will gain familiarity with process and confidence in your ability to assess new ideas. And the confidence results in reduced anxiety in the face of ambiguity when you are bringing new ideas into the world.”

“Whether you consider yourself a born innovator or are new to creative confidence, you can get better faster at coming up with new ideas if you give yourself and those around you the leeway to make mistakes from time to time. – constructive failure. We all need the latitude to try out new ideas. Look for ways to grant yourself creative license, or give yourself the equivalent of a get-out-of-a-jail-free card. Label your next new idea an experiment and let everyone know that you are just testing it out. Lower others’s expectations, so that failure can lead to learning without career damage. Author and educator Tina Seelig asks her students to write a failure resume that highlights their biggest defeats and screw-ups. In the process of compiling their failure resume, however, they come to own their setbacks, both emotionally and intellectually.”

“When a child loses confidence in his or her creativity, the impact can be profound. People start to separate the world into those who are creative and those who are not. They come to see these categories as fixed, forgetting that they too once loved to draw and tell imaginative stories. Too often they opt out of being creative. The tendency to label ourselves as non creatives comes from more than just our fear of being judged. When our self-worth isn’t on the line, we are far more willing to be courageous and risk sharing our raw talents and gifts.”

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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“When people are insecure, they’re not at their best. As people become more confident, they eventually adopt a bring-your-whole-self-to-work attitude and allow themselves to be vulnerable in a creative context. This vulnerability and ability to trust the people around you can help to overcome so many of the barriers to creative thinking and constructive behaviour.”

Resilient people, in addition to being resourceful problem solvers, are more likely to seek help, have strong social support and be better connected with colleagues, family and friends. Resilience if often thought of a solo effort – the lone hero who falls and rises up again to do battle. In reality, however, reaching out to others is usually a strategy for success. It doesn’t have to be an admission of weakness. We need others to help us bounce back from adversity and hardship. Dan Roam in his book How to Draw Anything insists that everything you ever need to draw on a whiteboard – or a napkin – can be deconstructed into 5 basic shapes: a line, a square, a circle, a triangle, and an irregular shape he calls a blob. Next, he explains drawing fundamentals – such as size, position, and direction – that can comically simple yet still go underused. On the topic of size, for example, if you make one object bigger than another, your audience will understand that this object is either closer or larger. And so it goes.”

learn how to dare creative confidence

“If you can draw the 5 shapes above, then visual thinker Dan Roam says you are on your way to being able to draw anything – including people. With a focus on drawing for communication – not art – Dan can arm up your sketching skills in a matter of minutes. For example, Dan has 3 ways of drawing people (as he demonstrates us below) depending on what you want to get across: 1. Stick figures are very simple and convey mood or emotion – especially if you want to make the head one third of total size of person, so you have more room for showing expression. 2. Block figures add a rectangular torso and are good for showing motion or different body postures; 3. Blob figures (also known as star people) don’t show emotion or action well, but provide a quick way to draw groups and relationships.”

learn how to dare creative confidence

“Dan doesn’t exactly teaches you to draw. He just teaches you how to make better use of the simple drawing skills you already have. With people who draw well, perfectionism can be every bit as crippling as a lack of confidence in non drawers. Non artists need reassurance – and maybe a drawing lesson or 2 – so that they can express themselves in rough sketches when a picture is more powerful than words. And the artists need encouragement to set their perfectionism aside to draw a few simple lines that communicate the essence of their idea. Both need the kind of supportive culture that ignores the quality of their sketches and focuses on the quality of their ideas. Wherever you fall on the artists skill curve, half the battle is to resist judging yourself.

“Courage is the accumulation of small steps. What matters most in the end, though, is this: your belief in your capacity to create positive change and the courage to take action. Creativity, far from requiring rare gifts and skills, depends on what you believe you can do with the talents and skills you already have. And you can develop and build on those skills, talents and beliefs. As Hungarian essayist Gyorgy Konrad once said,

Courage is Only the Accumulation of Small Steps.” 

how to dare
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Why we love specific fashion clothes

It’s no surprise to you that even if you say you are not interested in fashion, that you actually mean it. Of course you are interested! You use clothes and style and common sense to look good anyway. Fashion does not necessarily contains trends or high street clothes or designer items. Fashion is our personal style and the way we choose to present ourselves to the world. The first time I realised why women love fashion so much was after reading more about the Duchess of Yorkshire Georgiana Cavendish (Yes, my mom named me after a duchess and well, I live hopefully to at least reach her toes in terms of accomplishments for the world), who loved fashion very much and used fashion as a means of changing society, showing her mind, her thoughts, her self to the world, expressing her inner world to the people around her. That’s when I realised why we love specific fashion clothes or items. 

why we love specific fashion clothes
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It is because they remind us of a specific feeling we have when we wear them. It is because that specific clothing item was worn or seen in a very specific moment of our lives, when we registered that to obtain as an example the feeling of success or the feeling of happiness or the feeling of security or the feeling of tranquillity or the feeling of total freedom and peace someone who highlighted or made us believe they feel that way was wearing something very similar to what we want. Because our brains do shortcuts and the logical flow of events here is something as it follows:

I see this person who seems to be happy and has everything she or he wants. I like the way he or she is dressed. I like what she or he inspired me to feel or think or even act on. I want to feel like that too. Therefore, intuitively and subconsciously we will choose everything possible from that image we have in our brains of that situation to bring it to reality in our lives. And that may mean purchasing that dress or that hat or those shoes. Because in our minds, we collect those small pieces and we will soon re-create the puzzle we had seen before and we too will be happy.

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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It is a mixed feeling of confusion and belief that it is the things that are bringing happiness or success to that person, but it is actually the feelings we sense from that person, its energy, its life that we feel attracted to and which we actually deep down desire. Sometimes we do not have the financial situation to get those items. But we never forget them, we may believe we do, but the next time (which can also actually be even in years time) we see something similar to that life perfect image we hold in our minds, we are reminded we want that. And we say, I really love this piece of clothing. It suits me so well. I love it so much. And we buy the item.

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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We buy the feeling we believe that item will bring to us. Of course, there are times and lots of times, when what we buy is actually worth it because first of all, even though deep penetrated into our souls and maybe even forgotten that its root to us liking it comes from the past, it really suits us and it does look amazing on us. Because whenever we recorded that image of the situation in our brains, we recorded very well if we would actually also look good in that. We use our brains to analyse so much that it is like our second language, and so we do not realise its power. We know very well what and how to wear something to be beautiful. Of course, I have to make an amendment and a sort of a disclaimer: you must have a bit of a common sense to understand that you do not need to leave your house in a bra or in extremely short shorts or skirts to feel attractive or successful or something alike our common up side down media portrayed value idols. I am not referring to that.

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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I will give you an example. When I was younger, my mom used to wear lots of skirts and dresses that seem to flow with her when she was walking. This is how I remember it. They were colourful and looked so good on her. I remember one time when she came to visit us (myself and my brother) when we were on a summer holiday with our grandparents. She had a flowery summery mid skirt along with a sleeveless body-con type like top. She had heeled wedges, hair in the wind and a stylish bag or that is what it felt to me back then and her now vintage cat eye sunglasses. I can envision that moment quite clearly and it was a hot summer day and she looked amazing. So feminine, so powerful, so lovable and so elegant and full of dignity if you understand what I mean. That image has been in my mind for such a long time, (as I remember I was around 10 years old when I pressed that record button in my brain), that only recently I realised that is the main reason I like to dress like that! That’s the reason I like heels, because I felt in that moment that my mom felt amazing wearing her clothes, and felt amazing wearing her skirt and it felt to me she is feminine yet strong and bold and having the power to achieve EVERYTHING she wants. And that feeling is what I wanted to get. She was wearing something that I knew I need to wear myself to feel like that and become as such. Now, bear in mind, I am a fine observer. I see details especially when in relation to psychology and the human mind workings. I am very introspective and that;s probably due to my introvert nature. That’s how I developed this judgemental mind around clothes. My clothes and what I like to wear. So, when I finally wear items creating the look from my subconscious mind, I actually do feel strong, feminine, capable and so beautiful, as if everything is possible. I have a special pleasure of collecting wedges. Well, I guess, we now know why! It’s easy to walk in it, they look great, you are taller and more elegant, especially when wearing a skirt. Lady like style.

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
Photo Credit: @BrookeCagle

This is how a woman expresses herself. She envisions what she wants to feel like without consciously being aware of that, then she follows the trends and at one point in time, there it is the dress or fashion item that she needed to bring her to the successful life she desires. Sometimes, we register incorrect patterns of success. Clothing that is no longer appropriate for our ages or for women in general. Every single one of us has made that mistake at least once. But most of the times, from what I have realised and lived, when we admire someone very much, we are extremely attentive to how they wear themselves in the world, how they speak, how they look, what accessories they wear and so on, we observe so well the details in those moments because we are very curious and we want to have the same lifestyle as that particular person we look at to. So, when we see something we believe looks amazing because that person influences us with its perception and because we admire and trust its thinking, we too, unknowingly become obsessed with it too, and we will buy that item with the next occasion. Again, that may even be in one year or a couple of years or even more or maybe less. But, what’s a fact, is that, we love specific fashion items because they represent something very deep to us, a feeling which we want to feel, a success we want to live, a life we want to have. They fashion items are part of that dream life or feeling and to achieve that, we also use material stuff to get that feeling. We do use our logic too, sorry to disappoint you, if you were going to say something mean, but this is how the brain actually works. Through shortcuts to keep us happy.

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
Photo Credit: @BrookeCagle

When we chase specific fashion items, we chase specific feelings of success or freedom or happiness which are associated with that image that we recorded in the first place. 

We express ourselves so subtle. This is what I have been collecting lately on my desired tkmaxx clothes folder.

Would any of these make you feel you like it too?

Coral Embroidered Strapless Mini Dress

Maybe you have your own story to it?

Navy Umbrella Print Waterproof Trench Coat TULCHAN

What are you chasing after? 

Vanilla Cream Floral Print Kimono STELLA NOVA

It seems to me I am chasing freedom of expression, peace, success and happiness. EVERYTHING 🙂 

Maybe you notice that I am creating outfits out of all the items I like

lue & White Pineapple Print Skater Dress

I have wrote another similar post here, with more fashion loves! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, thank you so much for taking your time to read through my blog! Let me know if you have discovered your reasons for liking specific fashion items down below!

why we love specific fashion clothes why we wear certain clothes
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1 Year of intermittent Intermittent Fasting

No, no, it’s not a misspelling. This is all about my 1 year experience of intermittently doing intermittent fasting. Last year in the beginning of May, I came across some information about fasting on YouTube. I knew a bit about fasting and what it does and what it means to the body from the religious point of view. Yes, and the food you are supposed to eat and not eat during the fasting period. However, intermittent fasting was something new to me at the time. At least the concept or the name given, because in a way I had been practising it when I was younger before going to uni.

What is intermittent fasting? It’s the same question I asked myself. It is a regular fasting by which you eat in a specific eating window daily, letting your digestive system to breathe for 16-18 hours per day. During those 16-18 hours (or a bit less, if you are just starting, let’s say 12-14 hours) you do not eat anything. You just drink water, tea or coffee (with no sugar or milk). Because I was hooked with the idea of cleansing the body and having a better digestion and charmed by the release of the growth hormone that occurs during the fasting period and its wonderful anti-aging effects, I jumped onto it. From eating all day long, every 2 hours for 16 hours a day, I moved in one night to eating 2 times a day during 8 hours. The opposite of what I was doing up until that point. I had no issues in adjusting to the schedule of eating. In fact, because I was expecting to experience the hunger effect in the morning, I went on with the expectation that I will be feeling hungry, but I will drink more tea. Clean even more my body. It was very easy to me to do it. Contrary to what I expected it to be, a bit harsh, not very easy to adapt but it will be worthwhile, it was extremely smooth in my experience. Probably because I wanted it to work so much. I was enthusiastic about my discovery and about Dr. Berg’s YouTube Channel. It was also Kinobody Channel that I discovered and a few others after digging more, Thomas DeLauer (who is more into ketosis) and at the time, I was watching Jon Venus for a while also, and realised that he had a video on fasting a while ago too, but at the time, it did not click anything in my head. Probably because I was associating fasting with something radical and too sudden, like dry fasting or religious fasting as it is in my religion. So, researching more and more with each day I was fasting, I realised how natural it comes to me to do it, but at the same time, was doing some exercises because I wanted to tone up my body. Kinobody entered my frequency for that scope. Little by little, I learned more about the process and realised the deep changes that were taking place inside and outside my body. The first week went off quite fast. And because I was pleased with the easiness of it all, the flow of the experience, it’s probably why I carried on. The first few days, the first main difference occurred.

intermittent fasting 1 year experience
Photo credit – Olu Eletu

I realised just how much clearer and focused I was compared to the times of the past when I would eat every 2 hours to have energy and enough drive to go through the day, to cope with the multitude of tasks and customers over the phone in a very demanding and challenging fraud department of a call centre. I realised just how my concentration improved, I was able to deal with the situation so much smoother and I had a better mood overall to deal with stress. I believed that you need sugar and glucose in your blood and brain to have energy. I was so wrong. You need the lack of that to be focused. To have determination. Perseverance. To avoid procrastination and to be dynamic and energetic. 

Intermittent fasting made me realise just how much I was addicted to food, and sweets to believe that I needed it to go through the day. To actually work well. My brain was foggy and addicted to food. I was eating every 2 hours because that’s what some doctors and health specialists recommend, to eat often and less. But that triggers your insulin levels every 2 hours. Those mood swings? That insulin going up and down every time you eat was the main reason I had mood swings. And they were powerful, I was so mad, angry and upset on myself for my job. I hated my job. I thought that the reason I felt so up and down was the work I was doing. Maybe it played a part too, but then, how come after this intermittent fasting, the game changed completely? Little by little, I realised it was not the job itself. It was my lack of focus, my lack of presence in dealing with the tasks and customers situations was the reason I felt I did not enjoy what I was doing. I was caught in a carousel of emotions every minute because my brain needed more sugar to have the energy necessary to deal with frustrations, stress and challenges, and deadlines and timescales. I believed you need energy to cope with a demanding job. I was wrong. What you need is focus, a clear head and a peaceful mind. Those mood swings caused by this insulin swing and insulin resistance were not making me feel at peace. My mind was scattered in thousands of directions and I could not focus on one thing, because I did not wish to focus on what thing. I was actually wanting to deal with the feelings I had at the time. Those feelings of frustrations and feeling stressed, overwhelmed, annoyed with customers and annoyed with life for being forced to have that type of job (which I still do, but I have a so much better, peaceful and mindful approach towards). I had my brain injected with poison every day, every single hour and my brain only wanted the sugary thing. My brain could not focus on the task at hand. It had to deal with its addiction. I, on the other hand, had to deal with my brain addiction and its lack of focus to cope with my job. I was torn apart because I was upset on myself for not being able to cope with the chocolate addiction and for not being able to handle my job fulfilment. Too many emotions. So much chocolate drama. Food drama. I was constantly thinking at my next break and what to eat. I was always thinking of food and what I could eat. All the time, my brain and my mind were located in the food paradise. It is overwhelming for the conscious mind. It was not sustainable and anyone reading this, understanding what I say, feeling alike or glimpsing, yeah, it kind of feels like me, my God, you have no idea that life does not need to be like that.

Intermittent fasting has changed my life. I have also learned lots of stuff about health and mostly about myself and about my mind. Not my brain. My brain does what my mind tells him. The brain is an engine that we need to use for our mind’s use. It’s not the other way around, as most of the people live by, and as I lived by not long ago.

After the first month of intermittent fasting, I lost my period. I lost it for around 2 months, and then freaked out and stopped the 16-18 hours of fast. Went back to eating around 3-4 meals a day without skipping breakfast, but this time, it was different. Eating regularly felt different. I was more aware of what I was experiencing when I wanted to eat something in particular. Especially if the food desired was chocolate. I knew I was craving that because I felt unloved. I felt unfulfilled professionally. I felt I was not using my gifts or my talents and I would need sugar to compensate me for my failures. It was as if my brain was telling me, but you have this, eat this now and you will feel better, you’ll see, life is better after something sweet, life is sweeter after sweets. I realised I was not my brain nor my mind. I was more than that and I was not a reflection of what I felt I should eat. I understood the differences between what my brain is, what my mind is, and what my consciousness and spirituality is. I felt free of the burden of my brain addicted to food and free from thinking all day long of food. I felt free to actually focus on what I had to focus on. Things were so much clearer in my head and they transpired in my work. I was getting better at focusing at my day to day role. I felt less the stress that a couple of months ago I was experiencing. I was more at peace with myself. This was such a great realisation to me. Like an epiphany. Something like, so that’s why this happened. So that’s why I was doing that. It was like suddenly knowing something.


My chocolate cravings diminished hugely during and after the intermittent fasting period. I went on after the 2 months intermittent fasting to a one month let’s say normal eating, but I was still eating in a eating frame window of around 12 hours. I was letting more time between meals before jumping to another one and I felt less and less the need to eat every 3 hours. I felt relieved. I mean, if this is what rehabilitated people from drugs or alcohol feel, I do understand why they would fell off track. It’s the emotional side of the addiction that needs cure, not the biological one. It’s very easy to make your brain understand it does not need something you are addicted to, but it is hard and it takes time to make your heart understand a trauma or an emotional conflict and how to overcome it correctly without the involvement of addictive substances. Because sugar is a substance if you did not know. A toxic one. It’s poison. POISON. TOXIC. Then during that time, my period came back. So I decided to adjust my fasting window to one more hour. But it turned out it was actually 15-16 hours, it’s just that I did not realise how easy it was for me to forget I needed food. I was not feeling hungry and when I was eating I was enjoying food SO MUCH MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. I could sense and taste more. My experience with food not only changed but improved in terms of sensations. It’s weird. I realised I was actually doing intermittent fasting without knowing in early November. I think I had a flu or something because in November my period did not come. But at that point I was not as concerned as I was in the first month. Because by that time I thought I just need to stop this for 2 weeks and it will flow again. Which it did. but then, I met a health consultant and I realised just how wrongly I had been eating all that time. Even though my sweet cravings have diminished a lot and the sweets that I was eating were more natural or better, and I was anyway and still am into organic food and wholefoods, I was making mistakes which I hope you will not do. Eating sweets after main meals, no matter what label of natural and better for you they have, is still sugar and sugar combined with any other food is alcohol to the liver. It’s more than sugar toxicity. It’s damaging for the liver, especially in the long term. The second mistake was that I was not consuming enough of greens, I was eating vegetables and I love them, but I enjoy more peppers and tomatoes and radishes and onions. I love onions. Very little greens like salads, kale or spinach. And that’s a huge mistake on a ketosis (high protein diet or lifestyle) or an intermittent fasting lifestyle. When you fast, the body releases lots of toxins from the body and they go through the liver to be cleaned out of the blood and the body. Not having enough of greens and its nutrients an other chemicals that help the liver to stream them out of the body is quite heavy for the liver. It’s like unpaid overtime. After a while, the performance will diminish. Why bother when there is no pay? I stopped that non-sense I would say in time. But that does not mean that the years before that, when I would eat a bit of desert after each meal, which is like alcohol after every single meal for more than 10 years-15 years, have not marked some difficulties for my liver to clean myself and itself. If the liver cannot heal itself through the greens we consume, then it won’t have the capacity to clean toxins and waste from our bodies. And that’s when I finally understood why parents said to us when we were young that we must consume vegetables and we must eat our greens. They must have heard it from their parents too and maybe in the past it was simply put out as for health benefits because vegetables have lots of nutrients and vitamins. But the reason we need it, is because those vitamins and nutrients help us live. If our liver would not perform as it’s supposed and expected to, then it would not have much life, and neither would we.

So, bottom line, eat your greens daily. In November last year, I did change a bit my lifestyle and my intermittent fasting became even more drastic. I stopped eating sugar. Little by little, I had since December last year to April this year a sugar free diet or lifestyle. And it felt amazing. I did lose a lot of weight (2 kg for me, being quite skinny, is a lot) mainly because I stopped consuming those foods which were high in sugar and hidden sugars and because sweets were expelled for a while from my diet. I talked about my sugar free experience in this post here, if you are curious how that made me feel and what I learned from that.

intermittent fasting 1 year experience
Photo Credit – Phi Phi

The reason I called this post intermittent intermittent fasting is because my whole year was intermittently an intermittent fasting. I had 16-18 hours of fast. I had 12-14 hours of fast and also I had 10 hours of fast. But I did not once had a fast lower than 10 hours. In the last month, being April at the time of this post, I had intermittent fasting for around 12-14 hours. Which seems to work best for me now. And I started including a bit of sugar too. The recommended sugar per day should be 20 grams max. If you take a look at a package of biscuits you will realise, the whole package if eaten, and most of the times, by most people it is, it contains 40-60 grams of sugar. Can you imagine how much toxicity is in your body if only one package of biscuits has that amount and you would consume your coffee with sugar, you have a fruit yogurt or you eat a piece of cake as desert? And that’s without counting the hidden sugar in bread, sometimes meat, precooked meals etc. It’s unbelievable.

When I started intermittent fasting, I did not want it to lose weight. I am skinny anyway and always have been. I was interested in the long term benefits such as anti aging effects due to release of the growth hormone, no more insulin resistance, detoxifying my body naturally, better focus, improved sleep. I actually forgot to mention this, but I experienced a diminished need for sleep. And when it comes to sleep I am a koala bear. I would sleep A LOT. This aspect changed since doing IF. I am not needing to have 10 hours of sleep. I am able to cope just above fine with 7-8 hours. Which is an extra benefit to me. I am no longer tired and dreading to wake up in the morning. The attitude towards that changed also probably because my moods are now constant. And not up and down. I have lost weight even though my purpose was not that, but I am comfortable getting it back too, I would simply need to switch off the IF for a couple of months and eat regularly like 4 times a day. I noticed that when I was fasting and training I had seen an improvement in my muscles, in the sense that I was a difference before when exercising and not doing IF and after. It was more vivid the change. IF also is said to actually maintain your muscles and contrary to the believes that if you do not eat, your muscles will lose their weight. Actually, that happens when you are starving, but during IF you are not starving, you simply are not hungry because your body naturally does its job and it provides the energy it needs from the fat stored in your body, without the need to ask your brain to manipulate you into giving a treat. Cause, we are not dogs, are we?

In conclusion, my intermittent fasting thought me the following 5 important things:

  • I am not my brain and its thoughts. I am consciousness and I am human.
  • Mindfulness is very powerful and you understand it better through intermittent fasting, being much capable of practising it in other areas after an IF experience
  • Your focus is on your food or on your present moment. It’s one of the two. If you are not experiencing the present moment, it’s because you have a food addiction and an insulin resistance issue.
  • Peace truly comes from within. I have found peace and the opposite of this peace is called insulin resistance and its twisted mood swings and impulsive actions and consequences.
  • Do not underestimate your brain nor its power to dominate you. You have no idea how clever you are. You sabotage yourself daily and you don’t even know that it’s your brain doing it to you, because it’s the brain controlling you instead of you controlling your brain. And it’s really not that hard to manage it.

Intermittent fasting is part of my lifestyle now, I am also considering ketosis, however that is something that in my opinion should be tried out a couple of times during the year, like a couple of months. Do more research into that. Do lots of research into intermittent fasting if you are going to try it out. Do not jump into an 18 hours fasting period because, even though at first I thought it was easy, it was not easy to my body, my period disappeared. A hormonal imbalance does not equal health. Do it gradually, from 9 hours of fasting to 10 and so on. I am now doing 12 hours simply because my body is a machine. It serves me, but I need to take care of it. Sometimes you take your car to repairs. Sometimes you need to be loose. Experiment with balance. This is what I want to do. Not too much of anything but not too little either. A bit of everything in equal parts. Intermittently.

That’s how life is. Intermittent times of great fulfilment and deep mad disappointments. What we need, is to learn to jog with the two and bring the positives from a negative experience and think of the bad things in a good thing. Insulin resistance should be stopped in emotional situations too. Going from high to low is devastating and rising from low to high can be to euphoric sometimes and too much adrenaline may cause issues. Equilibrium. Intermittent equilibrium.

intermittent fasting 1 year experience
Photo Credit Remi Yuan – @remiyuan


What I learned from my sugar free experience

Last November I had an encounter with a health consultant and something simply clicked in my head with regards to sugar and sweets. The health consultant was mentioning about specific foods which should not be consumed as per my blood type, if I remember correctly. We were discussing the fact that I don’t cope very well, well not me, but my body, does not cope very well with dairy. Particularly milk. We went on to discuss about the fact that dairy should not be consumed with anything else. At that point in time, I already had enough info about certain food combinations, but for some reason, dairy was never something that I considered that much, probably because I do not really eat dairy on a daily basis and when I do consume it, I am very particular about what I can eat because over the years I have learned how to listen to my body and its reactions to what I put in it. And, maybe because I am not that much into dairy, that I never really put that much effort into it, as the only thing that I would eat would be butter, meaning on a regular basis. And, it got to that point that this health consultant said to me that dairy products are not to be eaten with anything else as they digest very slow or cannot be digested if mixed up with anything else. Not sure how the conversation went to sweets, well, I do, it’s because I used to have a strong addiction towards chocolate, and he mentioned that sugar consumed with any other type of food ferments in the stomach, causing indigestion and moreover, alcohol. Oh, wait, I remember, it’s because I had done some analysis for my liver.

my sugar free experience lessons
Photo Credit Liana Mikah

And my liver came back as if I was a bit of an alcoholic. But I am a particular alcoholic. The last time I remember having a sip of wine was ages ago. I don’t even drink on New Years Eve or on any special occasions, not because I have something against it, but because it is extremely dehydrating to the body and of course, because I do not wish to put my liver to do overtime. It’s not like it pays off. If you get the joke. My liver does enough of taking care of that huge amount of sweets I used to do. And it does a lot now, trying to clean up the mess left behind from more than 30 years with that lifestyle. So, when I heard that my liver believes I am an alcoholic, a little light popped up around my senses as if it was the emergency line screaming OMG. But, why? It turns out my sweet tooth is the culprit. So, naturally, it determined me to stop even more the cravings. I was already doing intermittent fasting, and my sweet tooth already was vastly diminished to what it compared to be, and was already switching to more so believed at the time “natural” and “organic” sweets. But that is still sugar. No matter what other beautiful or green label you add to sugar, that is still sugar and it will behave in your body the same way a non organic sweet or an artificial sweet would do. Sugar is the most toxic thing ever invented and we consume it daily. The sugar was transforming me into an alcoholic. I care about my liver very much. My liver is very important to me. We have a strong connection, I mean, it cleans my body of harmful things I eat and it is the most important organ in the body, having to deal with producing protein, breaking down old and damaged blood cells, breaks down the fats and produces energy. You name it. It is a detoxifying organ as well and it metabolizes drugs. No, not that kind of drugs. The medicines or supplements we take. How can I not be careful with it?

sugar free eating habit change 1

I did not stop sugar right away as with my addiction, I would have probably went into chocolate withdrawal. I ate less and less every day and payed more attention to the sugar and how I felt about it, I was becoming more mindful around my thoughts about sugar and sweets. After around 2 weeks, I completely gave up pastry, cookies, biscuits, sweets, organic sweets, natural sweets, or fruits in high amounts of fructose. I was not consuming sodas or any other things like that anyway, when I was drinking my tea, it was without sugar and I rarely have coffee, like once in a couple of years. It was especially hard the first few days but then, the more time passed, the better I felt and I realised how free I had come to become. Free from the prison my brain crayoned for me, telling me, I need a bit of sugar to deal with this, I need a bit of sugar to care for myself, to love myself, I need a bit of chocolate, my brain is foggy. It was foggy because it was too much sugar. Not because it was too little of it. I had become free of the thought what type of organic natural chocolate to buy,  or when should I eat that piece of chocolate, or when is the next break to have a sweet snack to cope with today? Free from drama. Free from chocolate drama and all its aftermath: OMG, I ate so much, OMG I am fat, OMG cellulite. ETC.

I have been sugar free for around 4 months. I have to say it was amazing. I am back on sugar now, but do not imagine I went into a sugar free type of an experience for a detox period (even though I know this is how it may sound like), I wanted to do this to stop having days in which everything I ate was sugary no matter if that was gluten free and organic. Due to this, I am able to control my urges far better than before and that’s because I am more mindful of the sugar and its consequences and of the brain’s addiction or maybe of my brain’s lack of something and I start analysing what is making me feel this need of sugar. During these 4 months of sugar free, I realised that whenever I was craving sweets, it was not because I was in the mood for something sweet, which was what my brain was manipulating me into believing, as the brain was manipulated by the toxin called sugar, it was because there was 1 possibility out of 3 options: 

  • -emotional lack of some sort of a feeling, usually not feeling loved or lack of perception of love
  • -being bored and my brain needing something to get it stimulated
  • -inertia from past habits to have something sweet or social copy paste of some sort (if a colleague was having a snack, the habit of eating snacks together, or even by myself, as a form of caring for myself, you know, the idea that you need time for yourself and you would treat yourself with something to enjoy the experience more, to carpe diem shit, but this time, really harmfully twisted, it’s like a sort of live today to die tomorrow)

Sugar when consumed with bread, dairy, pastries, meat, eggs, ANY TYPE OF FOOD, it converts in alcohol in the liver. ALCOHOL. Eating daily like this will more than likely bring health issues and I bet that if you also consume alcohol regularly, it will be even more harmful. Sugar is dangerous. It’s an assumed type of danger we all take, a risk if you want. But with all risks, we need to take precautions. The precaution in the case of sugar is to eat less, consume it mindfully and understand that it is a toxin. It’s toxic. No matter what your brain is telling you now, because it’s actually the brain that is addicted rather than your body, and your brain is confused, it is toxic and you must engrave that in your brain. You must associate sugary things with toxicity. And not just any type of toxicity, it’s the type that will kill you for sure, but obviously, slowly, so that you won’t know it was its fault. 

White Round Sunglasses Marc Jacobs

To stop your sugar addiction, I recommend watching the documentary That sugar Film. It will bring a bit more clarity to your confused brain. And I am sorry if I am a bit harsh. So, is sugar. Harsh, but sweet. I can be sweet too. And tell you that you can do it like I do, consume maximum 20 grams of sugar per day. Even though I do make sure I have lots of days from the 7 days per week, sugar free. And by sugar free I mean free from the artificial sugar, and the hidden sugar. There is a lot of sugar in bread, in salami, in hummus, in milk, in pre-packaged food, in yogurt. I cannot think of anything else now, not because there would not be a zillion other products that have sugar, but because I stopped consuming lots of them, and I cannot name any now, since they’re not on my radar. I should have written this when I still did have them popping my brain each time I was hungry. Months ago.

If you do eat bread, ham, salami, pre-packaged food, lots of sandwiches, Subways, or Macs or whatever else you have, let me tell you something, you are consuming sugar. Sugar is also a great so-called “natural” preservative. You can find it in canned foods. Everywhere. It’s everywhere. It’s really everywhere. It’s very, very hard to actually find something with no sugar. Maybe those food products on which it is especially written SUGAR FREE. And most of the times, some of those, do have sugar, but it has the scientific name of other type of sugar: xylitol, corn syrup, inverted corn syrup, maize syrup, and all sorts of other chemical artificial sugars. It’s still sugar. This even worse, as it is more chemical. You really have no idea what you put in your body. Then you wonder, why you are sick, why you gained weight, why you are not losing the weight, why you’re moody. Why. Why. Why. Lots of whys. Because the answer is SUGAR. If food is the main culprit of all diseases, then by logic, since all food contains sugar, and sugar is toxic, sugar is the main culprit of all diseases. Remove sugar and you will gain clarity of thought and of body weight. You will be healthier than ever before. Sugar and sweets is so toxic that the body needs to take the vitamins and minerals and nutrients to actually clean up the body from the toxic waste it leaves. By using our vitamins and nutrients to remove the sugar, we are left with no vitamins and nutrients for our main organs so that our bodies can show health. That’s how harsh sugar is. The sweeter it is, the more it endangers your health. 

Sugar free means health. Clarity of thought. Clarity of moods. Less ups and downs in happiness and sadness. More mindfulness. Sugar free comes with a better understanding of one’s self. With a deeper meaning and a greater comprehension around the brain and the differences between the brain and the mind and the consciousness. You will realise you are more peaceful when you are sugar free and the one thing that will probably remain the rest of your life after a sugar free experience or treatment or detox, whatever you want to name it, is the blunt fact that you do not think all the time about food and you are not the food you eat, not in that sense, that what you eat is what you look like. You are not defined by food. You do not live to eat. You eat to be able to live. See the difference. Better, taste the difference with your own sugar free experience. I dare you! 

And if you did do it, let me know in the comments below, I am interested in how you feel or have felt 🙂

do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos
Photo Credit – Annie Spratt




White & Blue

I was writing about our colour preference and its subconscious meaning in this post last year and I remember very well that at that specific point in time, my 3 choice colours were green, turquoise and blue, I even confessed it in the blog post, and now, taking the test again, I selected green, turquoise and red or violet. This means my objectives and goals have shifted directions. They are different than September last year. But I did not reach this important fact by taking the test again. Actually, I just took the test now, while writing this blog post, as I wanted to include that article here, as a reference.

And if you want to learn how to name all colours correctly, try bookmarking this page here and discover your favourite colour name. 

personality life live
Photo Credit – Ryan Graybill

I reached this conclusion a couple of days ago, when I realised most of my clothing wish list *temporarily being held on my tkmaxx folder on my laptop – are ranging from the colour palette turquoise, white, hints of deep reds or magenta, some pink and obviously my top preferred greens.

Would you like to have a sneak peak?

Here … they are! 

However, most of my fashion likes from tkmaxx website incorporate blue and white.

If you love the items and colour choices, you might benefit from reading further! I would love it, if you would do!

Photo Credit – Annie Spratt

I found this website quite recently, and having a scroll through my favourite colour at the time of the browsing, I realised the insights and knowledge and info contained in it, is worth being bookmarked – again initially, after discovering it, green was my first choice. And today, I decided to read why am I attracted to blue and white garments. It turns out, corroborated with the colour personality test you can also take here and of course, on this website I said about bookmarking, the deepest need for a turquoise colour personality is to create emotional balance in their life, to be able to express their hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make their own way in the world under their own terms. Yes, I find myself in this depiction. The deepest need for a white colour personality is to create simplicity in their life and to be independent and self reliant, so that I would not need to depend on anyone else. There’s a special note about white and I quote: “Rarely is this colour a favourite colour from childhood – white tends to become a favourite at a time when you are going through a transitional period in your life, preparing for new beginnings or seeking a new direction in one or more areas of your life.

Photo Credit – Lyndsey Marie

Well, remember my last update on my About, now Hello page? – I was confessing I am actually deciding whether I still want to go ahead with this blog and if so, how. Colours do work. Reading more about turquoise, I find that it means open communication and clarity of thought. Which in a way, is what happened with me when confessing my perfectionism struggle through my Hello page, as at the bottom of this desire to make it better or the deep subtitle of me, even sharing that, lies a hidden thought that I have not achieved the stability I desire through doing what I want to do in life and earning money from what I love doing. Then, I will follow with this phrase: “In colour psychology, turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. … Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the colour of the evolved soul. Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation. It is a good colour to use when you are stuck in a rut and don’t know which way to move.

Photo Credit – Nilton Oliveira

White – it’s the colour at its most complete and pure, the colour of perfection. Obviously, it reiterates what I have been feeling like lately: “In colour psychology white is the colour of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white isn’t stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. White is a colour of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope, helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to de-clutter your life. White may indicate the completion of a cycle in your life – you may find you have a desire for white clothing or white in your surroundings at a time when you are moving in a new direction in your life.” I am only sharing a bite size of the insightful powerful information discovered along my way to understand my recent change of perception in choices made whether buying clothes or other items, such my Avene Hydrance Serum (whose bottle is transparent and the white, creamy moisturiser or hydrating serum can be seen – white again) or a book, whose cover is white, or light green or hints of magenta – my recent book haul, (I have uploaded a picture on my instagram, also, below, now that I am writing this, realise, the colours are impacting my life in a big way!).

book haul colour
Instagram –

This stuff really works, imagine this – your subconscious goes through updates, and maybe upgrades, and it reflects outwards through our colour choices, which you could say, it’s just what I like, and actually, it reflects your true colours – so, what if, when you want to change something or you would like to upgrade your skills or improve your status quo, you would start incorporating more the specific colour that can help you attain that “goal”. You can listen to each colour subconscious meaning here, by the way.

Photo Credit – Lucas Silva Pinheiro Santos

Those deep hints of red or magenta (and by the way, did you also notice, I uploaded an extra photo with magenta leaves & trees in my Hello page, between the lines explaining what I am doing with this blog?) also say something about me. Magenta is actually the colour of universal harmony and emotional balance. “With magenta as your favourite colour you seek harmony and balance in every aspect of your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually – magenta helps to release old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve you, helping you to grow and move forward to greater balance. With a vivid imagination and creative ability, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view. This will show up in artistic pursuits … With magenta you also love to surround yourself with beauty as it inspires your creativity.” And now the cherry on the cake when speaking about the deepest need of a personality colour magenta – Your deepest need is to have a perfect balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes to become totally aligned and at one with yourself.” Then, reading about the red, as we all know it is the colour of energy, passion and action, I do feel I am dynamic and actively trying to figure out how to do my own thing, and the deepest need for choosing red is physical achievement, fulfilment and satisfaction and to experience life through the five senses. I do find myself, as I was mentioning money a bit earlier, that I do want to experience all the senses and what they can offer. And that’s through financial satisfaction too, because money can buy you things which can fulfil you and your next needs for life upgrades, such as moving in a new house, having new furniture, new clothes, a new lifestyle. A new you, physical and spiritual. Just, what I am striving to attain and what the colour choice white has pinpointed out to me.

I don’t know about you, but I am yet again, astonished by the profound understanding I am getting from knowing my colours, literally and figuratively speaking. 

Photo Credit Sammy Harris
Photo Credit – Sam Harris – @hammy.sarris


1 week 0 bread

Yeast is a fungus. Yeast is found in bread. Consuming too much bread can have a negative impact on your health because, first of all, it is a carb, and carbohydrates transform in the bloodstream into sugar, which in turn, can cause issues to your overall health (taking that into account plus, nowadays, people have a desert after each meal, and in between meals as a snack, because, hey, stress and modern world, can you imagine how strong your body must be to be able to process so much sugar?). Sugar is the most toxic substance that exists out there for the human body and that we intake unknowingly. Therefore, reducing the sugar intake as well as being more mindful about consuming carbohydrates is my main priority. Because health is my main priority.

alisa-anton- my experience of eating no bread
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I used to be the type of human that consumed a bread in one day. I used to eat bread everyday, almost at every meal, although I have to say, I RARELY combined it with meat, as you might know by now, that’s something we should never do, because carbohydrates and protein cannot be digested by our stomach, due to different enzymes being involved in the process and when both eaten, the enzymes neutralise themselves, leaving the food in the stomach to rot, adding the yeast in it and all the other sugar cravings, you can imagine what a killing bomb there’s inside. Yeast is something we should avoid because it is a fungus. It is something that feeds itself out of the nutrients you have, leaving you unhealthy and craving for more sweets, as this is what it makes it grow and survive. I became conscious about this because someone in the family developed a sort of candida in the stomach and, that started to be visible on the surface of the body too. The physical beauty part, let’s just say, it’s not an issue, but that created more health issues inside the body. Mucus, infections, inflammation inside the body, which ultimately leads to other diseases. It’s so important to be mindful of the food you eat, especially how you combine it to make sure there is no way the food stays in your body undigested, to be able to actually use the nutrients from it and to have your health bloom, and not slowly, killing you from inside out. Discovering this, I immediately started finding alternatives to bread with yeast. Yeast free bread is usually the soda bread or the buttermilk bread or the sourdough bread, which is believed to be the best bread out there, due to its natural content of just water, flour and sourdough starter, which again is made of flour and water put together to ferment for a couple of days. Finding these alternatives on the market is extremely difficult. Big brands cannot invest in making sourdough bread as it is supposed to be created. Instead they add yeast to it and call it a sourdough bread. I find that deceptive and not to mention, the price they put for such a bread, which is ultimately not a sourdough bread, a lie, a marketing trick, a bullshit. So, what’s left, if you cannot find alternatives to really eat bread? Apart from making your own bread, which takes time and obviously we are all living a busy lifestyle in these modern days, well, the answer is: ditch it.

5 steps I am changing my lifestyle and health habits in 2018

This is what I did. I decided to stop consuming bread or any other yeast free breads that I could possibly find to be more healthy options, and I have to say, it was hard. The first few days, I felt hungry all the time. But, I did continue and after that week off, when my system adjusted to the “no bread mode”, or better, my brain, I ate a bit of bread from the one brand that I really loved and had no yeast, but it was a buttermilk soda type of bread, unfortunately not gluten free, but hey, that had a very, so very delicious taste.

What happened after that only one week of no bread after which I decided to eat a slice of my favourite bread? 

I did not feel the same way about bread as I did before. The taste did not feel as I felt it initially or before this experiment. I realised, bread is just another addiction and my brain was simply addicted to the taste, which after ditching it, it realised there is nothing special about it. It’s not something I cannot live without. It is not something I need on a daily basis.

It’s funny how after stopping eating bread for only one week, that my entire brain structure in reference to the bread taste changed completely. It’s incredible the impact it had on my life and it is incredible to realise that it’s actually the same with any other food addictions or maybe even other types of addictions. You may not even realise you have an addiction until you stop eating that product for a long period of time and then decide to have it once again, maybe as a treat, maybe just a little bit more or to start again consuming it. I promise you, you will never again have the same feeling or taste as you had initially. Period.

I stopped consuming bread for one week and this is what happened
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This can leave you either free of the burden of fighting with that addiction (known or unknown), whether it is chocolate, sweets, bread, carbs, whatever, or it may also leave you with a feeling of missing the initial feeling, the taste you tasted, that delicious thing that made you happy for a little while (which in its essence, it’s an addiction). Missing that feeling, in my opinion, can be seen in 2 ways: you are still addicted and if you miss that, you will probably end up consuming again the addictive product (and not in a mindful way) or you are mindful of the experiences and you start appreciating more the taste, which will make you more careful of how much you eat of a certain product and how exactly you feel about food in general. I find this one week no bread experience that it was more than just an experience of health and becoming more conscious about bread and its impact on my health. It was an experience of life. Giving up attachments will leave you free of the burden of actually having and hanging onto that attachment. It will leave you free to experience something else. It will create a different lifestyle, a different and better love of life, a sort of gratefulness and it does bring a more candid and kinder approach towards your self and ego. You become more aware of the differences between your ego and your self. You become more in touch with your higher self and start domineering your ego. You become more aware, more open to life and more mindful overall.

You realise you are more than just the food you eat. You get more in touch with your self. You become aware of the fact that you are not what your brain wants. You are not your brain or its addictions, you are not the same as your brain’s needs. You are a higher self that can manage its brain. And when you manage that, you are able to manage your whole life in the direction you want to go.

I stopped consuming bread for one week and this is what happened
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How I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

Getting sick way too often is the main reason is making me stick to my healthy eating lifestyle and new habits that I have developed in the last few months. Having my immune system down all the time, my work influenced by not being able to attend to because I was ill, getting behind with tasks and having a low mood altogether was caused by the food I ate and how I related to my health. Even though I thought I was eating correctly and I was being healthy in my approach to food, it turned out, as my years have passed by and with it, a collection of flues and colds, getting more and more sophisticated in their approach to put me down in bed, that I was doing mistakes.

Huge Mistakes I learned from 

  • Eating sweets and sugary things (vegan or natural or organic also are included here) after main meals. This is a BIG NO NO to everyone that wants to make sure they are free from diseases. Eating sweets and sugar after a main meal, will create fermentation in your stomach, thus leading to fungus and the impossibility for the food to be digested and for the body to get the nutrients from the food intake. The main reason sugar must not be combined with anything at all, is first of all because of its effect as being toxic to the human body and on top of that, is not able to be digested if eaten with any other foods. I wrote more about the food combinations for proper optimal health here.
  • Eating too much sugar! Did you know the maximum intake per day should be 25 grams of sugar? Did you know that if you read the label of any vegan, organic, natural or even refined sweet, the smallest amount of sugar comes to 10 grams and that’s for a very small piece of sweet? A pack of 4 biscuits would normally have 48 grams of sugar. 48 grams in a small pack of biscuits! That’s nearly double the maximum daily recommended dose and that’s only at one meal! If you think about it, we are raised to believe we need desert after every meal. That’s a lot of toxicity to the body, which means that instead of having your body working to give you the nutrients from the food you ate, you force your body to chase the sugar to get it out of the system, failing to get the nutrients, as the body will use those nutrients to clean up the mess with the sugar. No nutrients left to give to you for your mood, health and skin! Getting sick all the time is one main reason you need to stop eating sugar. I learned it the hard way. 
  • Eating too much carbs in comparison to vegetables, greens and protein. Eating too much carbs and avoiding all the other food categories there is, means the same thing to the body as eating all day only sugar. The carbs are transformed into sugar in the human body, therefore you should avoid having meals hugely composed of potatoes, rice, cereals topped with protein and no vegetables. First of all, combining protein to carbs is something that will cause indigestion and in time, possibly candida, fungus, bacteria and diseases, and second of all, too much carbs. No vegetables taken to clean up the protein or to even clean the system in the body after that messy meal. I used to make these mistakes too, and I used to believe that that’s healthy and good eating, because that’s what our parents raised us with and they are healthy. But times have changed, our stress levels are higher, we spend less and less time in nature and more in the virtual world, not moving our bodies enough to even help it to remove all the toxins and erase the negative effects of the bad food combinations we make. That’s why it’s important to understand these food mistakes and avoid them at all costs. For your own health!
  • Not consuming vegetables or too little vegetables. This would show in your poo, and sorry for the TMI here, but you need to look that up on google and discover that it does say a lot about your health. Once you switch your diet to the right one, you will see improvements there too. Vegetables also help clean your liver, help with your skin, bring enough minerals and vitamins to maintain our health and are a MUST.

I am not saying you need to give up any foods, although I ditched some, but you need to find ways to eat them accordingly so they won’t influence you in a negative way.

Knowing all these facts, I am able to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and keep my eating habits to mostly keto, vegan or vegetarian, depending on the days, sugar free, yeast free and gluten free as much as possible.

There is also a lot of information about eating according to your blood type. That has hugely impacted my lifestyle too, and definitely I can relate to how my body knows that I should not consume, as an example, milk or dairy in general. It seems the only exception is butter. When I read the information available at the time about the blood type food diet, I realised that indeed, my blood type does not allow dairy to be something suitable for my health or well-being. But it took me years to even realise that. And more years to actually ditch it. 

I also try to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle by incorporating in my diet lots of different vegetables. Lots of legumes and as much as possible vegetable or non-meat protein. I feel much lighter and focused, with a clear mind when eating this way. This works for me, it may not work for you, as you may have a different blood type and thus a different need to fulfil within your body and with your eating habits and I strongly encourage you to look up the information and read more about it.

how i maintain a healthy eating lifestyle habits
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Use your kitchen when you eat, not your bed!

Eating, in my opinion, is not just a physical thing we need to do to have our bodies work properly and to carry our heads for as long as possible. It’s also a well being activity. Eating is part of the first line of Maslow’s pyramid needs that has to be fulfilled to carry us to the top, to become the best version of ourselves and to be able to reach the top need of Maslow’s pyramid needs. Therefore, I believe that if you eat as you should, combining the foods properly, eating what your body wants you to feed it with, your body will give you the energy you want to fulfil all your other needs. Step by step, until the top. So, as a well being activity, I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle by eating slow, being mindful of what I eat, how I eat, making sure I do sense the food, and I am not just eating it because I need to eat and fuel my body. Being mindful about the food, the taste, the texture, being present when I eat and only eating and not checking my phone, or watching a movie or browsing YouTube. Just eating and that’s all. I eat as if I am exercising. No other distractions. You experience a different mode and my well being definitely has developed into a more conscious choice to experience wellness. Wellness is not just in therapy or spa resorts. Wellness can be achieved with any small activity or task you do. Eating is such a trivial thing, but if you become mindful about it, your whole life will change. And that happens because our bodies and brains can only focus on one thing, putting all its energy there and getting the best out of the food we eat. At least, this is my opinion and it works for me.

I hope you get some inspiration out of all of this and start living your healthy eating habits in 2018!

Do you have any tips on how you maintain your healthy eating lifestyle? 

how i maintain a healthy eating lifestyle habits
Photo Credit – Brooke Lark