1 Year of intermittent Intermittent Fasting

No, no, it’s not a misspelling. This is all about my 1 year experience of intermittently doing intermittent fasting. Last year in the beginning of May, I came across some information about fasting on YouTube. I knew a bit about fasting and what it does and what it means to the body from the religious […]


What I learned from my sugar free experience

Last November I had an encounter with a health consultant and something simply clicked in my head with regards to sugar and sweets. The health consultant was mentioning about specific foods which should not be consumed as per my blood type, if I remember correctly. We were discussing the fact that I don’t cope very […]


Proper food combining basics for optimal health

It’s not enough to eat healthy and avoid sugars or processed foods to say you are leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s not enough to also just be vegan. It’s not even enough to eat organic. None of that really matters or works for your optimal health unless you properly combine foods and learn which foods […]