There is something you can do better than anyone else

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi

I realised today that I am well equipped to spot new ideas, new concepts, new notions, new strategies or better, to handle them in a realistic way, however, I find that most of the times, some of those new things that I would like to implement are ahead of their time. They are from the future, and I discover that people are not ready for massive changes as I was expecting or hoping that they would want to put into practice to also enjoy its benefits, and together to actually create the world that we love living in. The example in this case consists of me discovering the concept of character strengths belonging to Martin E.P. Seligman and the concept of PERMA for well-being. The contribution Seligman brought to the field of psychology impacted it a lot, reminding us all that people are not just labels of mental illnesses but also humans who display their character in the world and who have emotions and lots of strengths. The volume “Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification” written by the founder of positive psychology, Martin E.P. Seligman and researcher Christopher Peterson presents 24 character traits which consist of 6 groups of virtues classified in 24 character strength. You probably know by now that my core character strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence as I wrote about it here.

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When I discovered these character strengths it was the summer of 2012, and it had passed up until that moment 8 years since their discovery and lots of sources to apply the survey or read about them and understand yourself better. And still, that was such a brand new thing that people should focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses. I remember I wanted to get involved in the HR Department for the company I was working at the time to have an influence over how the company was selecting its employees at the time, but the concept was so innovative and different and scary to only care about the strengths and not put such effort into discussing the weaknesses, that my idea failed as ecstatically as it emerged in my head. But just because people were not ready to use an idea at one point in time, it does not mean it is a bad idea or that you should stop pursuing what you wish to become in life. Many years after this incident, and I find myself at my new job toying with the way to handle it so that it gets the real attention and it truly impacts not just me and my well being, but all my colleagues and other colleagues who probably need this but they do not have a voice yet or are quietly waiting for someone to promote it for them.

"Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

This is one example that I can think of now. But obviously I reached this conclusion because I have payed special attention to my needs and to my self over the years and I know who and how I am, even though I might play it around that I am not entirely sure, just to have game ahead when confronted with enemies. I am a creative strategist in life and in all life’s small tasks. This thing that I can do something ever so small as to promote the information I come across brings me excitement and I do not really remember when was the last time I experienced this in a workplace environment. This is the first sign that you owe it to yourself to chase the fire that ignites your spirit. Because this exploration and pursue of interests will likely bring more inspiration to you, as it does to me, and not just inspiration but insight into who you really are. It will guide you to forge your determination to plant the seeds and expect the flowers. To smell the blooms and to celebrate the colour that’s arrived in your life.

"Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." Rumi

This appreciation of beauty and EXCELLENCE is actually a strength which contains this skill I have to foresee the possibilities of changes. I am always looking for the novelty, I am always in the run for the newest information with regards to my passions and hobbies. Always seeking new horizons where I can glance over. Where I could be alive. The appreciation of EXCELLENCE is portrayed through my constant vibrant calling towards avant-garde-ist notions, products, services and abstract information or knowledge.

how to build your character strengths
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When you let your passions show and you work with them, you experience well being. When you know your core character strengths, you are able to cope with making every single second a powerful well being act show, because you know what to focus on. You know what you need. And when you know what you need, you will find yourself in the position of the author holding the pen to his life being written down. It’s not someone else holding it, it is YOU.

PERMA concept stands for this new theory of well being – Positive emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment. Now, the path to this well being is reflected through feeding your spirit with character strengths activities that bring you more in connection to your soul and boost your self esteem and self confidence to the point that your overall productivity gets enhanced and this mirrors back in your workplace, your accomplishments and eventually your well being.

how to build your character strengths
Photo Credit – Annie Spratt

To nurture your character strengths you need to first discover them. Do the free survey online here and find ways to incorporate activities to feed your character strengths in your work environment. Since my core character strengths is appreciation of beauty and excellence, it would not mean I will start collecting art at work, unless I am working for an art gallery, it means I focus my attention on developing further this skill in recognising excellence in everything that is new, futuristic maybe even, and beautiful through its significance, in the meaning it plays out in the world.  And that’s true sharing knowledge and wisdom through posts, feeding in ideas to improve services, products or businesses or getting involved in any activity that makes me express my appreciation of beauty and excellence.

One way of taking responsibility means to take action by taking small steps every day in order to make your dreams come true. Your first small step is figuring out what are your character strengths. Your second step depends on what those strengths are and how you feel you can become that which the strength is calling you to become. Then, all the other steps will fall into place.

how to build your character strengths

And remember this:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi

Nourish your MUST – Did you read this?*

*should and must in the pursuit of passions and dreams 

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What truly makes me feel accomplished, successful and happy

I remember working for someone many, many years ago and reaching a point when I received a sort of promotion in the form of more money towards my salary. Even though I appreciated receiving more for the work I was putting in, because I did deserve it, as I am extremely reliable, serious and hard working, that did not make me happier or feeling more accomplished or believing of myself to be successful. And that’s because success to me translates to something totally different than what might signify to you or to other people.


I find success to be something personal and the word itself means something different to another person. Even to you, reading this out, success might come in the form of a huge following online, getting lots of clients or customers, achieving a specific level up, going up in the walk of life or simply more money, more power to buy certain things or services.

what makes me feel successful

I realized that this definition we all have for success comes from our core values and our character strengths. Every single one of us is different and we all have different values and character traits and strengths. A couple of years ago, when discovering the positive psychology field, I read the basics of it and where it all started and that was through Martin Seligmans books. One of them explored the idea of the science of our characters and a survey he created along with late Dr. Christopher Peterson, changed my world.

what makes me feel successful happy accomplished satisfied with my work

I discovered that what would make me happy in work so that I can tell the world the well known affirmation I am successful, accomplished and happy with my life is made up of 6 character strengths put into 4 core values categories. Understanding these concepts, makes it easier for me and for you as well, if you would like to take the survey (VIA classification survey) to cope with your personal story of the meaning of success and to be happy in life.

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These character strengths I owe are as follows: ranking first place – appreciation of beauty and excellence, second place, creativity, third place honesty, forth place, love, fifth place judgement and sixth place love of learning. These concepts which in their own significance explain so much more about what success and happiness in life is, make me who I am and how I am. Appreciation of beauty and excellence is something I work with through my blog, through all the small (or large) businesses I follow and enjoy shopping from as beauty is not just being beautiful, beauty is something from within too, beauty is being eco friendly, beauty is shopping ethically, beauty is being kind, compassionate, beauty is spirituality and appreciation of art, nature, music, writing, dance, everything that is beautiful in my own realm of beauty. And if you have this character strength, then whatever you are attracted to, that is your way of displaying appreciation of beauty and excellence. I find excellency comes from that beauty, as beauty is something close to perfection and perfection is very hard to attain, it is connected to doing your best in everything you do to obtain that excellent job. And that is beauty too. I am sharing my appreciation of beauty and excellence in this post here. Find out what I appreciate, follow and to whom I would like to collaborate, who inspires me and what composes my human nature and being.

creativity what makes me feel successful

Creativity is my second character strength and something I need to use to be happy with the work I put. Growing up, I always attempted to learn how to be creative and to actually display creativity and to make sure I would become a formidable human being, much like an artist that changes the world, failing to recognize that I am already creative and you are too. We are all creative already. Doing exercises to improve or enhance or boost our creative natures is helpful and advisable especially for the brain, that always seeks new food, however, exercising it needs to go more on the side of practicing rather than just reading about it. I like to be creative. I like to do things in a different way, I find this is something that makes me stand out. That forces me to be put into the light. But I want to be creative not for the sake of it, rather to bring something useful, meaningful and enjoyable to humanity too. Maybe this is why I am writing on this blog, maybe this is why I studied psychology and have always wanted to work in a field of psychology that is new, different, more creative and have always found that positive psychology is something I am passionate about, ecopsychology is a new field I am interested in, graphotherapy, which I find extremely useful and easy to put into practice or color therapy that is so wonderful to work with, art therapies and everything in this modern world that is innovative, such as video therapy or the blooming of Virtual world and devices, that will probably come up with a way to do virtual therapy too. I am all into that. Love is and would be something I would look forward to contribute with. And to do that, I have the other character strengths to help with, one of which would be the love of learning and judgement. These last 2 concepts are valuable to me just as much as all the others are, because I am a life long learner and I enjoy finding new things out, I discover that this trait makes me very open minded. Being open minded is very important for the present time and it will be for the future as well, because lots of innovations will come to us and we need to be open to learning and to judge its need into our own inner worlds. Judgement is a character strength I currently work with actually, because I am working in the Fraud Department in a call center, and this along with the other core strength which ranks third, that is honesty, is making me resist in the job I do, even though it is a call center. Honesty is also connected to appreciation of beauty and excellence. Excellence can only be attained through honesty, through love. Love of people and of truth. And then we end up this self centered speech (although sometimes, we need to be self centered to make sure we do know ourselves and we are able to find out right place in this world) with my most important character strength that I do not believe finds much place in the workplace, rather in my personal life, which is love. Family life is the one that matters mostly for me and love is needed for me to maintain my balance, my purpose, my vision. And love is included into appreciation of beauty and excellence as well, because it can speak of humanity, of spirituality, of wisdom, of life. What would life be without love?

what makes me feel happy successful and accomplished

The core virtues are composed by all your character strength and they mention a notion that encompasses it all under one name. My core virtues are transcendence, wisdom, courage and humanity. What does this mean? It means that under these names falls everything that will make me happy, will make me feel successful, will make me feel and be accomplished. I am working on all these aspects, and based on Martin Seligman’s approach, if you work with only 4 of your character strengths (at your current job), you will feel happy in work and ultimately that brings happiness into your life, as you feel successful since you are working with your character strengths. With your strengths, which I believe show your passions, show where your talents are and portray your vision of life, and maybe your mission, if you dig deeper.

What are your character strengths and do you use them in your work life? 

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6 Neil Gaiman inspirational lessons to take in the 2017 New Year

Make Good Art was a speech that Neil Gaiman delivered for some graduates at an university back in 2012 and it was after that event, that it was put into a very beautifully designed book named Make Good Art that I read and even though its teachings refer to what it needs to be done to accomplish a good art in the arts field, I believe I can twist them and make them be valuable as a inspiration to take on for the 2017 New Year for anything that you wish to accomplish. Or for your New Year’s Resolutions’ tools to help you attain the goals you have set up to.

how to follow your passion in 2017

First of all, Neil Gaiman says that “When you start a career in the arts you have no idea what you are doing” and that is an awesome aspect because if no one knows then there were no rules set up, and if there are no rules, then no one can tell you that something in particular it’s impossible because no one has went beyond any boundaries, since there were none discussed.

I would put that into whatever career you start, you have no idea where it is going to take you or if it is going to take you anywhere as nowadays every day a new career appears with the emerge of technology, social media and overall the internet. Therefore, even though there are specific rules for each job you take, it does not mean that you cannot innovate and try out things or recommend ideas. Be open to opportunities, but make sure to take those that take you closer to that career you seek. Which can change in the future as much as you change your path through those opportunities you take, that make you grow and thus, change your ideas of your career.

“If you don’t know it’s possible, it’s easier to do.” Neil Gaiman

how to follow your passion in 2017

The second lesson is that if you know what you want to do, then just go ahead and do it. #justdoit right? Neil Gaiman discussed that in the field of arts it is hard to establish a balance between what you want to achieve and what it is correct to do taking into account that you need to pay debts, rent, food and life in general and at the same time, work on your creative dreams. What the author mentions worked for him was to imagine he was walking towards a mountain that was his dream and if at any point in time, he would be uncertain about what he should do, he would then stop and ask himself if that road it taking him closer to the mountain and taking him away from the destination. That links to the first thing to be open to opportunities but pay attention not to be diverted to someone else’s mountain when taking specific opportunities. This applies to all jobs and all life events, not just in the creative fields.

The third lesson is the one that we encounter in every book, with any motivational or inspirational figures out there, and that relates to dealing with failures, resilience, self-esteem and confidence in what you do that it will work out.

“The problems of failure are problems of discouragement, of hopelessness, of hunger. You want everything to happen and you want it now. And things go wrong.” Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman advised us not to do anything just for the money as it will turn out we will not have anything else apart from the experience of the money, usually spent or maybe not received.

He says “nothing I did where the only reason for doing it was the money, was ever worth it”.

There are always problems of success. Sometimes you take on jobs that you not necessarily like, but they pay the bills and you start creating a comfort zone, a lifestyle that you cannot give up because it won’t be able to be paid by what you actually want to work. Neil Gaiman shares the following: “the biggest problem of success is that the world conspires to stop you doing the thing that you do, because you are successful”.

The forth lessons connects with the previous ones, because it is connected to failure. ” I hope you make mistakes” it’s Neil Gaiman’s message. Because it means you have tried and you have learned something from it to take on in the future. It means you have tried what you wanted to try and you will have no regrets.

how to follow your passion in 2017

“Fifthly, make your art.” Neil Gaiman

Do that thing that you are passionate about and that only you can do. You are unique and your passion will thrive if you put your skills up to work it out. There is no one else in the world like you to do it and have the success that you can have. I want to share with you another paragraph that I found very inspirational and motivational to keep going on and to follow that passion you have:

“The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. THAT’S THE MOMENT YOU MAY BE STARTING TO GET IT RIGHT.” Neil Gaiman

Lastly, the sixth lesson to take in the 2017 New Year is that you need to have 2 of the following 3 traits in any passion you follow and in any job you apply for:

  1. Your work is good
  2. You are easy to get along with
  3. You deliver your work on time

2 out of 3 is fine 


  • “People will tolerate how unpleasant you are if your work is good and you deliver it on time.
  • They’ll forgive the lateness of your work if it’s good and if they like you.
  • You do not need to be as good as the others if you’re on time and it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.” Neil Gaiman, Make good art 

At the end of the speech and of the book, because I read the book, Neil Gaiman shares the best advice he had ever received and it was from the Sandman’s book written by Stephen King that says:

“This is really great. You should enjoy it.”

how to follow your passion in 2017

Enjoy your journey to your destination. Being too much worried will take that joy and that’s ultimately what matters, that you have lived each day consciously. In the present, Now. 

How to stop procrastinating right now

I believe the reason I procrastinate is that I compare myself to other people, to their achievements and to their lives. Because of that, I instantly feel that what I want to put out there is less important, less creative, less attractive, less helpful or meaningful and enjoyable, which if you have been around for a while, you already know I strive to showcase through these posts.

I procrastinate most of everything that I have a to-do-list for. Exercising. Figuring out what I want to be in life. An organized status of my posts. A blog post. My Instagram account. My social media presence. My reading list.

I never procrastinate on the next New Youtube video from someone I follow. I never procrastinate on chocolate. I never procrastinate on going to work, to the monotonous stressful job as a call center representative. I never procrastinate on stuff that I got accustomed to to do. So then, that leads me to the next thing.

It means I need to start new habits. But then if I am going to do a to-do-list for that, it is obvious what it will end like. I actually do have a #goals for that as well. Therefore, I will simply just do it. I will start letting the universe I have envisioned in my head to create on this blog, flow by itself. Because saying that I have the writer’s block, is another form of procrastination.

“Houston, we have got a problem!” my mind starts anxiously. FEAR.

how to stop procrastinating fast

Fear that you are making a mistake. Fear that you let too much of yourself seen or read. Fear that you will be judged. Worse: fear that you will not be liked for what you put out there. Fear that you are not meaningful. Fear that you are not enjoyable. Fear that you are not what people look for to read. Fear that you will embarrass yourself. Fear that someone at work might see this. Fear that you will be seen as a weirdo. Fear that you are an open book. Fear that you can get hurt. Fear that you will feel ashamed. Fear that this is useless. Fear that it will not take you anywhere and it is a waste of time, in the end. Fear you will fail. Fear that I will disappoint. Fear that people will see me different after this but in a negative way, and I bet you know what I mean. Fear that I would lose respect. Feel that I am not in control. 

Fear that I will be vulnerable.

But then I believe that all those fears are actually another form of comparing myself with other people’s content and creative expression and their positive feedback. If other content creators, storytellers or creative writers or bloggers that I enjoy going through their writing receive such beautiful responses, and I too, believe they are doing an awesome job, then it means that my thoughts are less whatever I think of others’content because I actually secretly wish my content was as exceptionally creative and wonderfully put into words, poetic and alluring as theirs. I want to be them.

Why do I feel I need to copy someone else’s work that I think of as beautiful?

Because I see in others what I see in myself. Other people are our mirrors. There is a reason behind the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” Understanding this, I see now that everyone I follow on social media, every book I read and I like, every blog content that I feel unique and different and creative and I love it is actually a part of me.  It is something that was said or done and that was something that I might have done as well or thought as well, if I had that voice online. That’s the whole secret of getting followers. You get what you are.


I have always had great grades. But it was the quality that got me those grades. I want numbers, but I want it in quality. I am not looking for brand deals, as there are way too little brands I actually buy. I am more of a minimalist. But I do have a lot of thoughts and ideas and words and things to say.

And I fear that what I want to say it is not what people consume these days. I fear failure as everybody does. I fear I might say stuff that it is stupid and that will make people think something about me that I did not even consider when expressing myself. Do not get me wrong, I too consume Youtubers, blogs and online information that is artificial. It’s just shiny on the outside. It has no substance. But I know what I actually consume from that blog. I like the style, the architecture of the blog, the photos, the lights, the colors, the vibes, the mood created, the inspiration. Sometimes even the material stuff: dresses, jewelry, scarves, products, STUFF.

how to stop procrastinating now

All that stuff that we like and wish for, is a way we use to display our personalities and ourselves into the world. It is a way of creating our personalities as much as it is constructing our lives and it sometimes clutters it.

If I like that scarf, that ring, that phone, that book, that bike, that skincare brand or that ideology or organic, natural, ecologic, minimalist, then it means I want to associate myself with that to express myself and to create myself. To love myself. As I will be able to say about myself that I am this and that. Which instantly boosts your self esteem and it makes you feel good about yourself.

It makes you feel good about yourself when you portray a certain image you have created in your head you want to like. Based on your idol, based on your favorite youtuber, based on your mother, based on a lifestyle, based on a designer’s piece of clothing. You are all that stuff.

However, I have realized that even though that helps, and it is not necessarily a bad form of pinpointing your mark into the world as long as you do not exaggerate with it and you only live to accumulate things, I find that also this need of social media presence is the same thing. You want to attract numbers, people that like you to highlight what you already know deep down in a way or maybe you don’t. Who knows.

how to stop procrastinating now

I will not lie, I dream of big achievements. Because those are the people I follow and enjoy. I want comfort, money, abundance, but I also need and desire health, spiritual enlightenment, personal development and becoming myself that which I want to give you through my posts: become a meaningful, helpful and enjoyable person.

I am already. My ego does not wish to keep to herself. She wishes that I become this worthwhile human being that left a positive mark on the Earth to other human beings. Maybe even to inspire them to become something like that as well.

So, without any other plans, I am releasing my energy into the universe through what I write. I hope to inspire you in some way! And I hope you will be a part of this somehow… I mean this is how I have stopped procrastinating. Thinking too much of a content and a way to put it out there. Just do it. 

That’s my new habit: JUST DO IT!

P.S. Dear Universe: I am open to your opportunities. Bring them on!

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How to appreciate your life

Anxious about work, anxious about home, anxious that I need to figure out who I want to be and who I am, what I like.


Anxiety can take many forms. It can make you search frantically online for information, it can make you try to collect different things, it can make you analyze things too much, it can make you not stay still, it can get you away from your inner self, it can make you obsessive compulsive with social media and it definitely takes away your tranquility.

It’s like a disease. No, an epidemic lifestyle.

I have a cure. A book. I was reading Pond by Claire Louise Bennett and I experienced a elevated mood rapidly because I got immersed in the style of the writing. It is exquisite. It sets you to stay still and listen to the words whispered through the beautifully written pages. It moves you into its direction: a peaceful, tranquil lifestyle. A love for being in the moment. For living the life you were given. For being curious with everything that it exists.


It made me so at peace that I really believe it stopped the long train of thoughts I had about all things in my life. If you choose to read it, I believe you too will be mesmerized by the way it makes you accept your life and love it. It will teach you how to appreciate everything you have. Everything you are.

It will be like a warm bath with candles, along a book and lovely flowers that spread their fragrance of life and color and it will haunt you long after you have put it down with its simplicity, yet refined writing style, with its delicacy, yet bold affirmations of life.


It will absorb your soul with its elegant creative writing and it will quiet your anxiety with its luxurious lush shapely cocktail of words that form a distinct universe in your mind, putting your agitation to do something or look for something to rest. Mental clarity is achieved and the inner turmoil accompanied when you experience anxiety will feel has diminished with the same speed the light travels through time. That’s how Pond will make you travel. In line with life, in line with NOW.  


100 swiss insights working in telesales

Living a life full of positive affirmations

As a continuation to my previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2) about positive efficient affirmations, please find below, more excerpts from the book of 21 Days to Master Affirmations. I find them very helpful, influencing your life in good and positivity. In this hectic life, we need a moment to realize just how simple and easy it is to change your thoughts. Yet, hard to put into practice.

Flip it to :

Affirmations for Self-esteem

One of the barriers to allowing positive affirmations to work is feeling “not good enough”—that is, you feel that you don’t deserve to have good in your life. Below is a list of self-esteem affirmations. I’d like you to see how many of them you can memorize, and then repeat them often. Doing so will help change that “worthless” feeling you might be carrying around, to one of self-worth. Then watch your positive affirmations materialize.

I choose to feel good about myself.
I stand on my own two feet. I accept and use my own power.
I am totally adequate for all situations.

It does not matter what other people say or do.

What matters is how I choose to react and what I choose to believe about myself.
I see the world through eye of love and acceptance. All is well in my world.
My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am.
I deserve all that is good.
My life gets more fabulous every day. I look forward to what each new hour brings.

I am neither too little nor too much, and I do not have to prove myself to anyone.
For every problem that I may create, I am confident that I can find a solution.
Life supports me in every possible way.
Imove through life and know that I am safe—divinely protected and guided.
I accept others as they are; and they, in turn, accept me.
I am wonderful, and I feel great. I am grateful for my life.
I have the self-esteem, power, and confidence to move forward in life with ease.

“The more tenaciously I hold on to an old belief when I say I want to make a change, the more I know this is an important one for me to release.”

Affirmations for Change

Be willing to allow the changes to happen when they come up in your life. Be aware that where you do not want to change is exactly the area where
you need to change the most.
The Universal Intelligence is always responding to your thoughts and words. Things will definitely begin to change as you make these statements.

Changes can begin in this moment.

I am willing to see how and where I need to change.
Life brings me only good experiences.

I am open to new and wonderful changes.
I release any limitations based on old negative thoughts.

I joyfully look forward to the future.
I am safe in the world. I am comfortable with change and growth.
I give myself the green light to go ahead and to joyously embrace the new.
Freedom and change are in the air. I discard old ideas.
I feel reborn.

I am free from the past, and I joyously welcome the new.
I open my consciousness to the expansion of life.

There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.
Every change in my life can lift me to a new level of understanding.
It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing.
I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.
Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am.
I allow change to occur without resistance or fear. I am free.
I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.
Everyone changes and I allow change in everyone.”

Affirmations for Letting Go of the Past

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

The past is over and cannot be changed. This is the only moment I can experience.
I now choose to release every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought from my mind and my life.
It is healing to show my emotions. It is safe for me to be vulnerable.
I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.

My heart is open. I am willing to release all resistance.
I now release anger in positive ways.

I love and appreciate myself.
I move beyond old limitations and now express myself freely and creatively.
I am willing to release the need to be unworthy.

I am becoming all that I am destined to be.
It is safe for me to go beyond my parents’ limitations. I am free to be me.
I release all struggle now, and I am at peace.
I release any limitations based on old, negative thoughts. I joyfully look forward to the future.

I say “Out!” to every negative thought about the past that comes into my mind.
I release any feelings of competition or comparison from the past.”
“One of our biggest spiritual lessons is to understand that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment.

People can only do so much
with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that they have”.

“Affirmations for Forgiveness

This is a new moment. I am free to let go.
I take responsibility for my own life. I am free.
I learn to forgive and release. Inner peace is my goal.

I am grown up now, and I take loving care of my inner child.
I forgive others, and I now create my life in the way I wish it to be.
My spiritual growth is not dependent on others.
Forgiving makes me feel free and light.
I release myself from prison. I am safe and free.
It is empowering to forgive and let go.
There is no right or wrong. I move beyond my judgment.
I am willing to go beyond my own limitations.
My parents treated me in the way they had been treated. I forgive them—and their parents, too.
I refuse to limit myself. I am always willing to take the next step.
I give myself permission to let go.”

“Affirmations for Loving Yourself

I am worthy of my own love.
I am loved and accepted exactly as I am, right here and right now.
My consciousness is filled with healthy, positive loving thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience.
The greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love.
I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.
I love myself exactly as I am.
I look terrific and feel terrific.

Here I am world—open and receptive to all good!
Love is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life.
I see myself as beautiful, lovable, and appreciated.

I am proud to be me.
I know that before others will love me, I have to love myself.

My self-love begins now.
I am gentle, kind, and patient with myself. Those around me reflect this tender care.
I am the most important person in my life.
I look within to find my treasures.
I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.
I love who I am, and reward myself with thoughts of praise”

“Affirmations for Creativity

I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.
I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my own heart.
I do something new or at least different—every day.
There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose.
My family totally supports me in fulfilling my dreams.
All of my creative projects bring me great satisfaction.
I know that I can create miracles in my life.
I feel good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways.

I am my own unique self: special, creative, and wonderful.
My potential is unlimited.
I am a joyous, creative expression of life.
My innate creativity surprises and delights me.
I am a clear thinker and I express myself with ease.
I give myself permission to be creatively fulfilled.
My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.”

“You’re in your current job because of things you believed in the past. You drew it to you by your thinking. Perhaps you learned your attitude toward work from your parents. No matter—you can change your thinking now. So bless with love your boss, your co-workers, the location, the building, the elevators or stairs, the offices, the furniture, and each and every customer. This creates a loving mental atmosphere within you, and the entire environment will respond to it.
Thoughts can be changed, and situations can be changed as well. That boss whom we find intolerable could become our champion. That dead-end position with no hope of advancement may open up to a new career full of possibilities. The co-worker who is so annoying might turn out to be, if not a friend, at least someone who’s easier to get along with. The salary that we find insufficient can increase in the twinkle of an eye. We could find a wonderful new job. There are an infinite number of channels if we can change our thinking. Let’s open ourselves up to all the possibilities. We must accept in consciousness that abundance and fulfillment can come from anywhere.
The change may be small at first, such as an additional assignment from your boss in which you could demonstrate your intelligence and creativity. You might find that if you don’t treat a co-worker like they’re the enemy, a noticeable change in behavior may occur. Whatever the change may be, accept and rejoice in it. You’re not alone. You are the change. The Power that created you has given you the power to create your own experiences!”
“You know that you’re successful in all that you do. You’re inspired and productive. You serve others willingly and gladly. Divine harmony reigns supreme within and around you and within and around each and every person in your workplace.
If you like your job but feel that you’re not getting paid enough, then bless your current salary with love. Expressing gratitude for what you have now enables your income to grow. And please, absolutely no more complaining about the job or your co-workers. Your consciousness put you where you are now. Your changing consciousness can lift to you a better position. You can do it!”

“Affirmations for Work

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

I deserve to have a successful career, and I accept it now.
I enjoy the work I do and the people I work with.
I am always relaxed at work.
When I encounter problems on the job, I am willing to ask for help.
The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness.
My work is recognized by everyone.
I am grateful for this employment.
I turn every experience into an opportunity.
All my supervisors treat me with love and respect.
I am capable, competent, and in the perfect place.
I see the best in everyone, and they respond in kind.
My thoughts create a wonderful new opportunity.
Everything I touch is a success.
New doors are opening all the time.
I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.”

“Another thing that can keep you from prospering is being dishonest. Whatever you give out comes back to you. Always. If you take from Life, then Life will take from you. It’s that simple. You may feel that you don’t steal, but are you counting the paper clips and stamps you’re taking home from the office? Or are you a person who steals time or robs others of respect—or perhaps steals relationships? All these things count and are a way of saying to the Universe: “I don’t really deserve the good in life. I have to sneak it and take it.”

Become aware of the beliefs that may be blocking the flow of money in your life. Then change those beliefs and begin to create new, abundant thinking. Even if no one else in your family has done this, you can open your mind to the concept of money flowing into your life. If you want to prosper, then you must use prosperity thinking.

There are two prosperity affirmations that I’ve used for many years, and they work well
for me. They’ll also work for you. They are:

“My income is constantly increasing,”
“I prosper wherever I turn.”

“Affirmations for Money and Prosperity

Make these affirmations part of your daily routine. Say them often in the car, at work, while looking in the mirror, or anytime you feel your negative
beliefs surfacing.

I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe, and I am grateful.
I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.
I am worthy of having money in the bank.
My income is constantly increasing.
Today money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
My credit rating is getting better all the time.
I spend money wisely.
I always have as much as I need.
I have as much money as I can accept.
I bless all of my bills with love. I pay them on time.
I am always financially solvent.
I am joyfully providing for my retirement.
I enjoy saving, and I spend in balance.
I delight in the financial security that is a constant in my life.
I give myself permission to prosper.”

“Affirmations for Stress-free Living

I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me.
I create a stress-free world for myself.
Irelax all of my neck muscles, and I let go of any tension in my shoulders.
I slowly breathe in and out, and I find myself relaxing more and more with each breath.
I am a capable person and I can handle anything that comes my way.
I am centered and focused. I feel more secure each day.
I am even-tempered and emotionally well balanced.
I am at ease with myself, and I am at ease with other people.
I am safe when I express my feelings. I can be serene in any situation.
I have a wonderful relationship with my friends, family members, and co-workers. I am appreciated.
I am comfortable with my finances. I am always able to pay my bills on time.
I trust myself to deal with any problems that arise during the day.
I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind.
I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.
I have the strength to remain calm in the face of change.”

“Love who and what you are and what you do. Laugh at yourself and at life, and nothing can touch you. It’s all temporary anyway. Next lifetime you will do it differently anyway, so why not do it differently right now?”

“As we learn to use affirmations, we may also be drawn to adopt a more holistic approach to living. The holistic philosophy is to nurture and nourish
the entire being—the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. If we ignore any of these areas, we are incomplete; we lack wholeness. It doesn’t matter where we start as long as we also include the other areas.

If we begin with the body, we would want to work with nutrition, to learn the relationship between our choice of food and beverages, and how they
affect the way we feel. We want to make the best choices for our body. There are herbs and vitamins, homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies.

We would want to find a form of exercise that appeals to us. We might want to explore some form of body work such as Rolfing, Heller Work or Trager. Massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture, or chiropractic work are all beneficial, as well. There is also the Alexander Method, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais, Touch for Health, and Reiki forms of body work.

With the mind, there are lots of psychological techniques: Gestalt, hypnosis, rebirthing, psychodrama, past-life regressions, art therapy, and even
dream work. Meditation in any of its forms is a wonderful way to quiet the mind and allow your own “knowingness” to come to the surface.

I usually just sit with my eyes closed and say, “What is it I need to know?” and then I wait quietly for an answer. If the answer comes, fine; if it doesn’t, fine. It
will come another day.”

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Achieving inner tranquility

“In our hectic lives the pathway to the enchanted world of peace and tranquility often eludes us. Perhaps we try too hard – we seek it here, we seek it there, and, our lives become even less tranquil than before. It is often said that tranquility lies in simple things – in reading a book, listening to a particular piece of music, walking through a gallery or visiting a park. When life is stressful, just close your eyes and shut out the world for a few moments and allow yourself to recreate those tranquil moments.”

This is 1000 paths to tranquility, by David Baird. Following I will include the paths that I feel the most connected to and I hope you will embrace their meaning and find your tranquility as well. If not, then maybe you may need to get the book and look through all of the 1000 paths. Enjoy !

the benefits of making bad decisions on

“Tranquility is not the same as laziness. Laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired.”

“Tranquility is not with those who insist their lives have been destroyed by others. Those who know tranquility take responsibility for their own lives.”

“Tranquility is one of those things that is harder to find the more frantic your search for it. Relax and let it find you.”

“A tranquil mind is paradise found.”

Tea Time How to drink your tea

“Stillness and tranquility set things in order in the universe.”

“Tranquility comes through listening. It is impossible to truly listen while doing something else at the same time.”

“Tranquility comes when we can accept ourselves. For some, it is reaching a point of accepting they are what they will always be and for others it is the point of deciding what it is they will become.”

“Tranquility can be reached once you are able to accept that life is unlikely to go as you had planned.”


“Tranquility can be reached by simply allowing the mind to become quiet.”

“You will only find tranquility once you accept the need for a little self-examination in your life.”

“Tranquility is reached by overcoming fear.”

“Face life with your natural mind – not with your conditioned mind.”

“There are many paths to tranquility – you do not need to adopt Zen or become Japanese to find it.”

Positive Efficient Affirmations for health
Photo: Amanda Crean

“Tranquility is not created. It is there in all of us already. We simply lose touch with it.”

“Tranquility is about being natural, it’s about being yourself in all that you do.”

“Find tranquility and you will find that you are special.”


“Tranquility is the garden in which your soul can grow.”

“Tranquility is yours by right, like the air that you breathe.”

“Much turmoil is created by those who insist on taking you “out of yourself” while often the tranquility we seek is only found by getting inside our self.”

“Tranquility has many by-products, including happiness.”

“Tranquility is the place where you can let go of trying to become something and where you can concentrate upon being someone.”

Positive Efficient Affirmations for health

“Tranquil people are willing people. They do not interfere in the lives of others.”

“To find tranquility is to come home.”

“Tranquility lies in the beauty that forms in your mind.”

“Tranquility sustains you from the inside.”

“The kingdom of tranquility already lies within you.”


“Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.” James Thurber.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Buddha

“Patience is the art of hoping.” Vauvenargues

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” Rousseau

“People only see what they are prepared to see.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.” Chinese proverb


“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle

“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.” Aristotle

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon

“There is nothing permanent except change”. Heraclitus

“Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.”

“If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.” Chinese proverb

“The calm person is far more sociable and civilized than those who try to live rigorously by laws and watchwords.”


“Tension is destructive – calm aids healing.”

“Many in this world are known more by what they despise than who they think they are.”

“Facts do not cease to exist just because we choose to ignore them.”

“Security does not exist in nature – accept this and return to calm.”

“Wonder at the wonder of it all.”

Bloom where you are planted

“Allow yourself to get lost in the forest of your imagination.”

“A calm mind is a healthy mind.”

“Calm doesn’t mean shutting yourself away from life, it means finding a truer, deeper understanding of life’s problems.”

“Having a calm mind is being able to choose how to react.”

“Don’t feel guilty about making things easy for yourself.”

“Calm is the sister of patience and patience is the parent of hope.”

“In nature there is no storm that is not followed by calm.”

weekly favorites
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“Calmness gives us the patience to do small things to perfection and the skill to tackle the difficult with ease.”

“When we can face reality in a calm way, then the mind can feel tranquil.”

“Calm is the clock during the thunderstorm.”

“Contemplate that which is dearest to your heart for that is the seed of calm.”

“Those who can travel their life calmly, unattached and unrepulsed by objects and events, will win eternal peace.”

“Our difficulty in remaining calm seems to stem from the fact that few of us actually like and trust ourselves.”

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

“A life where there is no time to be calm and reflect is not really a life.”

“The point of it all is to be able to control your own mind to focus on what is most important to you.”

“A life without calm is a life without soul. A life without soul is like an empty sack. An empty sack cannot stand upright.”


“The most vital time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

“A calm heart is a free heart.”

“You don’t have to be the winner to take part.”

“Compatibility comes about not through sameness but through respect for our differences.”

“To be patient with another is to show simple human courtesy.”

Georgiana hand
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“We are rarely free in this life. We allow ourselves to become slaves to fashion, slaves to image, slaves to thoughts and sensations. All these are dams to the flow of our natural thought processes.”

“Are we ourselves or some shallow imitation of others who we would like to be?”

“Whatever people try to tell you, don’t be fooled by them. Don’t accept other people’s delusions.”

“Cherish your dreams, for if your dreams die life becomes a wingless bird.

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies
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“Enjoy the smile that the flower gives now, for with time it will surely die.”

“Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” Zen saying

“There is nothing finer than resting after doing nothing – laziness is resting before doing nothing.”

“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.”

Dr Bach Flower therapy remedies

“While man complicates his life, every other creature is busy enjoying it.”

“Let the flower you hold in your hand be your world for that moment.”

“While fashion strives to make us all the same, life succeeds in making sure we are all different.”

“Fun is the sacred right of everyone.”

“Even the most ordinary among us are quite extraordinary.”

“The aim of life is to live, take a deep breath, and begin.”

“Wonder is the beginning of understanding.”

“Where there is delight there is little concern for effort.”

“There can be no rainbows without rain.”


“Life is filled with detours, the secret is to enjoy the scenery.”

“One generation’s tragedy becomes next generation’s comedy, so you might as well start laughing about it now.”

“Don’t ask others what they think unless you are prepared to listen.”

“Collect all the pretty shells from the beach and you will destroy the beauty that was that beach.”

“When considering how to spend your day, think about being asked in years to come how you spent your life.”

“Adopt the pace of nature.”


“Enjoy the richness of the world.”

“It is fine to gaze up at the stars, but don’t trample all the daisies underfoot.”

“Remember to be gentle with yourself and others.”

“Consider the candle – the brighter is lights others, the faster it consumes itself.”

“Tranquility is not a retreat from reality.”


“Why is the present called the present? Because it is a gift.”

“You are the sum total of the choices you make.”

“You can’t put an ocean in your pocket.”

“Thoughts grow in brains as grass grows in fields.”

“Do not mistake personality for self.”

“Tranquility will only come when you can completely trust your own judgments.”

Daisies In Field Of Flowers With Blue Sky

“You will discover that, whatever you thought before, you are a child of the universe and like the starts in the sky or the trees in the park, you have a right to be here.”

“Your conscience will not prevent sin – it exists to prevent you from enjoying it.”

“Count your blessings daily.”

“Don’t be ashamed to think a few nice thoughts about yourself occasionally.”

“Something as simple as a relaxing bath can work wonders to restore tranquility.”

“Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.” Swedish proverb

“Focus on what it is you want in your life.”

“Don’t ignore the things that give you real pleasure.”

“Quality is never accidental.”

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.” Chinese proverb

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The benefits of making bad decisions

The followings are excerpts from the most recent book I am reading, named Whatever you think, think the opposite.

I could not put it into words better. The stories are short, straight to the point, clear, motivational and inspirational. It would be a shame for you not to benefit of these.

the benefits of making bad decisions on

So here they are:

“Until the Mexico Olympics of 1968 the customary way for a high jumper  to cross the bar was with his body parallel to it, in a technique known as the Western Roll. But that was about to change. A little known athlete approached the bar, which was set at a world record height of 7ft 4 1/4 inches. He took off, but instead of turning his body towards the bar, he turned his back on it. He brought his legs up and flipped over the bar backwards. His name was Dick Fosbury, and his method of jumping became known as the Fosbury Flop. It is still used today. He jumped higher than anyone before, by thinking the opposite from everyone else. This example is just a technique for thinking, but here the technique for thinking became a technique for jumping, turning a flop into a success.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

Photographing Flowers

“Firstly we will pick a perfect specimen, then we will arrange it carefully, light it beautifully, and spray on some dew. It will probably be beautiful, but only up to a point, because we have seen thousands of pretty flower pictures before. So how are we going to make out picture memorable ? In the 1930s Andre Kertesz took a picture of a wilted tulip. Once you have seen it, it is impossible to forget.” Here is an example I found on the web:

Tea Time How to Drink your Tea

It is a wrong way to answer but it is a beautiful solution to the problem. 

“There is a story of a professor who was bathing in the River Cherwell in Oxford, at a place called Parson’s Pleasure, in which it was the custom to swim naked. As the professor got out of the pool a punt of undergraduettes glided by, whereupon he grabbed his towel and wrapped it round his head.”

It’s not because you are making the wrong decisions, it’s because you are making the right ones. We try to make sensible decisions based on the facts in front of us. The problem with making sensible decisions is that so is everyone else.

the benefits of making bad decisions on

the benefits of making bad decisions on

It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.

Many people reach the age of 40, only to realize they have missed out of life. In many cases they had everything going for them, except when the gauntlet was tossed their way, they lacked the courage to pick it up. No one is going to cut off your right hand, take away your motorbike or put you in jail if you do not succeed. Even when we want to be timid and play it safe, we should pause for a moment to imagine what we might be missing.

“It’s the goal of every Englishman to get to his grave unembarrassed”, John Cleese.

the benefits of making bad decisions on

You can’t afford the house of your dreams. That’s why it is the house of your dreams. So wither find a way to get it or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.”

“The corporate non-risk taker rises fast on the freshness of youth; an open mind, a pleasant demeanor and good looks will accelerate the rise. His superiors are pleased to promote him since it reflects well on them. The candidate reaches a platform of responsibility, not something to be treated lightly. After all he is now a manager, albeit a junior one. His salary raises in accordance with status, not ability, and he reaches board level. It is now time to appoint a joint or deputy managing director. Our man is considered to be a good company man, but he is a bit dull. He doesn’t produce innovation: he doesn’t do anything for the image of the company. There’s a very good young man in his department earning a third of his salary, who younger members of staff respond to. Our man at 40 is moved sideways, and at 47 he is out. He didn’t reach the top of the ladder, he has fallen and there is no climbing back. He’s finished, yet he has done nothing wrong. That is the problem. He has done nothing wrong.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

“Let’s look at reckless Erica. As a youngster she doesn’t have the charm of the previous character. Not the corporate type. She’s irritating but enthusiastic and popping with daft ideas. So they keep her on. Most of her ideas are regarded as impractical, too adventurous or plain silly. But somewhere in the company someone picks up on one of her wilder thoughts and promotes it. It gets noticed because it is different and fresh. For the next 3 years she produces a series of unusable ideas. She becomes increasingly irritating and she is fired. Now the odd thing is that it is not as difficult for her to get a new job as she thought, because a number of people remember that rather good idea she produced 3 years ago. They prefer to gloss over the failures. Her name on the payroll adds a bit of glamour to her new company. But the same process happens again. Once more she is fired, but now there are 2 pieces of work that make her memorable. She’s not just a one off. Her whole life is lived like this, a series of ups and downs, more downs than ups. But when she reaches the age of 40 she has a track record. She has become a respectable person. Still reckless Erica, but more in demand than ever because she failed to conform.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

“The age of unreason – Old golfers don’t win (it’s not an absolute, it’s a general rule). Why? The older golfer can hit the ball as far as the young one. He chips and putts equally well. And will probably have a better knowledge of the course. So why does he take the extra stroke that denies him victory? Experience. He knows the downsize, what happens if it goes wrong, which makes him more cautious. The young player is either ignorant or reckless to caution. That is his edge. It is the same with all of us. Knowledge makes us play safe. The secret is to remain childish.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

“How you present yourself is how others will value you”. 

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Oscar Wilde.

What’s your opinion ?

“What is a good idea ? One that happens is. If it doesn’t, it isn’t.”

“Ideas are a matter of taste. A good idea is a clever solution to a problem, one that I have never seen before. But if an idea is not taken up and used as a solution to a problem it has no value.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

“Steal from anywhere that resonates with your inspiration or fuels your imagination. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable. Originality is non-existent. Remember what Jean-Luc Godart said: It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.

“Don’t go to University. – Going to university usually means I don;t know what to do with my life, so I will go to university. A gap year confirms this. They are delaying tactics. Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do early in life. The majority have great difficulty in putting their assets to useful purpose. Going to university is not going to solve the problem. Whereas going to work will.

“Good marks will not secure you an interesting life. Your imagination will.”

the benefits of making bad decisions on

Go to work. – If you start work at 18, you are 5 years ahead of someone starting at 23. At 23, for all your education, you will still be the office junior. If you get your career decisions wrong when you are young, you can alter the course, but at 28 it is a bit late to find out you are in the wrong job. So don’t go to university unless the subject of your learning is close to your heart. Got to work and do your learning in the school of life.

The benefits of making bad decisions on

An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa With your long hair, from where I am sitting you could be a woman. Frank Zappa replied From where I am standing you could be a table.” 

“The best piece of advice ever given was by the art director of Harper’s Bazaar, Alexey Brodovitch, to the young Richard Avedon, destined to become one of the world’s great photographers. The advice was simple:


Bear these words in mind, and whatever you do, will be creative.”

The benefits of making bad decisions on

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How to drink your tea ?

Drink your tea in the most beautiful cup of tea !

how to drink your tea

What do you do when life gets hard on you ?

When everything that you do brings no results ?

… When you are demotivated ?

how to drink your tea


Well, I just came across a lovely story about how we can approach hard life situations. It was originally told by Father Arsenie Boca, one of the greatest’s confessors Romania had, who left behind an impressive spiritual heritage. One of the most beautiful spoken words reflects in the cup of tea story, that was meant to help the ones in suffering, to comfort them.

how to drink your tea

Here is the story that Father Arsenie Boca told:

“A family went once on a trip in England and visited an antique shop as they were planning on buying something special for their 25th wedding anniversary. Both the husband and the wife enjoyed antiques and clay objects, especially tea cups. They noticed an exceptional cup and said, “Can we see that cup? I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. ”

Tea Time How to drink your tea

While the lady gave them what had demanded, the cup of tea began to speak: – You can not understand. I wasn’t from the beginning a cup of tea. Once, I was just a lump of red clay. The master took me and rolled me, beat me hard, repeatedly tormented me, and I cried, “Do not do that!” “I do not like!” “Leave me alone!” He only smiled  and said softly: “Not yet.” Then, ah! I was sitting on a wheel and was spun, spun, spun. “Stop! Dizzy! I am dizzy! “I cried.

how to drink your tea

But the master only nodded and said, quietly: “Not yet.” He turned me, He kneaded and molded me, hit me up and I obtained a form and then He put me in the oven. I never felt so warmly! I cried, I fought and I hit the door … “Help! Get me out of here! “I could see Him through an opening and I could read His lips, while shaking His head from side to side:” Not yet. ”

About Georgyana Vision

When I thought that I will not stand another minute, the door opened. Carefully, He pulled me out and put me on the shelf … I started to cool off. Oh, I felt so good! “Well, so much better”, I thought. But after I cooled off, He took me again, He brushed and painted me everywhere … smells were horrible. I thought I was suffocating. “Oh, please, stop, stop!” I cried. He just nodded and said, “Not yet!” Then suddenly put me back in the oven. But now was not the first time. It was twice as hot and I felt that I would suffocate. I asked. I insisted. I shouted. I cried … I was convinced that I would not escape! I was ready to quit. Just then the door opened and He took me out and again put me on the shelf, where I cooled and waited and waited, wondering: “What is He going to do next?”

how to drink your tea

An hour later, He gave me a mirror and said, “Now look at you.” And I looked. “That’s not me; I couldn’t  … It’s beautiful. I am beautiful! spoke softly the cup of tea. “I know you were hurt when run, troubled, hit, spun, but if I would have left you alone, you’d be dry. I know you got dizzy when I turned the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have lost pieces of yourself, you would have crumbled. I know it hurt and it was very hot and uncomfortable in the oven, but I had to put you there, otherwise you would have cracked. I know they did not smell good when I brushed and I stained all over, but if I had not done that, you’d never really hardened.You would have never glowed in life.

Tea Time How to Drink your tea

If I wouldn’t have got you for the second time in the oven, you would have not survived much, because the cure did not take. You’re a finished product now. You’re what I had in mind the first time I started working with you. “

Tea Time How to Drink your tea

Moral of the story is this, as stated by the confessor Arsenie Boca: “God knows what to do with all of us. He is the potter and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us susceptible to the pressures required for that perfect work to do good and acceptable and His holy will. If life seems difficult and you are hit, beaten and pushed almost mercilessly; when your world seems to be spinning out of control; you feel that you are in a terrible suffering, when life seems dire, make yourself a tea and drink it in the nicest cup, sit down and think about what you read here and then discuss some of your troubles with the Divine Potter. “

Tea Time How to Drink your Tea

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Take a look at the most beautiful cup of tea that I have written about in this post here. And enjoy your tea 🙂

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