Vietnamese Language – Fun Facts

Last year, I purchased this book.

Babel by polyglot Gaston Dorren

I remember starting reading it and the first chapter was about author’s struggles and beautiful learning path of Vietnamese. I find reading about different languages around the world a captivating activity and that’s because I get to experience the cultural intelligence but also to expose my mind to a new way of understanding people in general. It’s making me become more in love with people in the sense that I discover myself to become so much more tolerant about myself and less judgemental about people’s actions or behaviours or way of speech, because everything makes sense now.

Have you heard about CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE ? Have a go by reading this article here.

People are a portrayal of their language and culture and the more you read about languages and in depth descriptions regarding behind the scenes of a foreign language creation, such as the ones highlighted by Gaston Dorren in his book “Babel”, you get to achieve a higher level of open mindness and flexibility and adaptability.

I got inspired by the book and in the light of sharing with you my discoveries and little gems of cultural intelligence, I have created a document about some key notions around Vietnam or Vietnamese language.

You may also download the document:

Did you enjoy this type of content? Let me know in the comments and enlighten me with what language do you speak or which would you love to know speaking !

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