Blogmas 11 – Healing through thinking

Disclaimer – By no means, am I suggesting to ditch your medical advice or medicines, this is simply to give you more guidance and relief for your suffering, no matter what that is.

Each of us is able to control their own thoughts. This is the miraculous power by which all things become possible. If we think negative thoughts, we attract energy imbalances and, this is from where disease and illness is feeding. When we have positive thoughts, we welcome the well-being and health state of mind and of body in our lives. We need to teach ourselves how to regain full control over our minds, by ALWAYS supervising it and making sure it is helping us and it is not ran against our own selves. The big power thought has, is that it can cure diseases and it can make us happy again, full of life and strength. Our infinite healing powers are rooted in all people’s subconscious, and in your subconscious too. By changing our way of thinking we radically change our life.

Our thoughts are active and they represent the seeds we plant.

Our subconscious is not interested whether the thoughts are good or bad, rather it responds in compliance with the energy of that thought. Our subconscious will never try to contradict what we think, it will always accept for good whatever we say consciously. Therefore, we need to be decisive when it comes to our own lives, health and love. By giving up on our old thinking patterns that is deeply rooted in our subconscious minds, we will have earned a healthy life and lifestyle.

Thought is LIFE. Our thoughts create our environment and our worlds also. If we have healthy thoughts, we will keep our health and well being. If we feed unhealthy thoughts, not only will we not enjoy a healthy life but we will also be deprived of harmony and love in our lives.

We must not forget: our body is the product of our mind, and the mind is able to control our body. If we maintain ourselves on the positive side of our thoughts, the same will happen with our body. Love, peace, harmony, purity, idealistic thoughts promote radiant health. Our body is closely linked to our minds. If we have a toothache or stomach ache, our minds are affected as well.

When we stop thinking correctly, it means we are disturbed by something. If there is a state of depression in our minds, our bodies won’t function properly. Our mental health is far more important than our physical health. If the mind is healthy, the body will follow. If the mind is sending outwards pure thoughts, all illnesses will vanish from the human body. Every thought, every word and emotion provokes a vibration in every cell of our body and it leaves there a deep first impression. We must learn to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. As an example, courage thoughts would immediately serve as an antidote for any consequences regarding fearful thoughts.

It’s extremely important to note that every cell of our body grows, suffers and receives an impulse of death or life to every THOUGHT THAT CROSSES OUR MINDS.

When our physical body is intoxicated, it’s not just a consequence of poor eating habits, it’s also an effect of emotional factors. Being mad, sad, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, all these emotions and feelings affect normal functioning of the bile, of liver and it creates inflammation in the small intestines. Fear transforms large intestines. As a results, our abdomens get bloated and feelings of discomfort , insomnia, metabolic problems emerge. All these modifications determine an abnormal immune system reaction.

Negative thoughts are directly responsible for mental “poisoning”, and they reflect in our physical body. This is how diseases are being born in us. Negative feelings represent a poison and stress for our entire body.

Anger, rage, revenge all culminate to a malfunctioning of our gut and intestines. Nervous tension creates a blockage in intestines, making them inactive. If the person continues to be angry, this emotional negative download becomes chronic, and nutritional deficiencies which are specific to that disease become more visible. Sodium and water are retained by the human organism, while potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium and vitamins B are exhausted or consumed by the body to react to the stressful stimuli.

What’s very sad, is that we slowly do this to ourselves, by neglecting certain obvious slow downs of our organs, and this is how the following can appear: indigestion, collies, constipation, poor circulation, etc. On top of all this, stress, fury, fear, nervousness, feeling or being unhappy, worry, all these negative emotions affect our well being and accentuate an illness and premature ageing.

When our thinking becomes clear and pure, by affirming good in everything, such blockages mentioned above cannot appear. Immediately after we create a new way of life and a new way of thinking in our minds and hearts, it means we are willing for a soul change. The way we think, makes our bodies to release certain energies which will attract the same energy and we are the only ones responsible for the consequences of negative thinking.

One of the Divines laws to which human is supposed to adhere is the Law of cause and effect, which is known also as the Karma Law. Just as it can action in physical body, Karma has a way of being visible and active in the mental and spiritual body. This means, all diseases have a physical, a mental and spiritual cause. The human, to be able to take all life exams, must learn to correlate physical healing with mental and spiritual healing. Not always all life exams are passed by people, and for that we have to come back on Earth in a new reincarnation. Only in this way, will we progress spiritually, because this is how evolution happens.

So, every illness or disease has a mental cause as well as a physical one. Negative and bag thoughts, worries, fears, all evils and cruelty we show, produce in our bodies a mark which can transform in disease in the mental body as well as in the physical body. So, to heal or treat a disease, we need to know its origin. By using positive neuro-language programming, a person can heal herself or himself alone, unless there is a spiritual cause to that particular disease as well. In this case, this type of mental healing or treatment will have a reduced effect. The person that suffers from a specific disease has to suffer the consequences of his or her actions. That person can only get healed and well back again through suffering, pray and through the divine or the person in question will have to carry on the same illness in the next life or reincarnation because not all the times we finish our karma from past lives in one reincarnation. According to how many mistakes we need to correct, we can suffer from illnesses or types of diseases for many lives.

When we will be able to enter a harmonious, positive mental state of mind, old thinking patterns will dissolve and molecular structures of our bodies will alter, according to our new consciousness, as a normal reaction. The definite decisive factor in our healing is our individual perception reflected in positive thoughts and wishes for everyone around us.

Healing miracle emerges from our own positive health thoughts.

It’s a very long list to enumerate here on the blog, and I know I said in the previous blogmas – 10 (link here) that I would share the list, however I believe , before I can do that, there needs to be further insights revealed to make the access to the healing information possible. to open your eyes and minds.


Will I see you reading my next Blogmas?


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