Blogmas 10 – Spiritual causes of diseases/illnesses

How many of us can accept the idea that disease is the result of a way of thinking that is not beneficial to us and can also be because we have accumulated a cocktail of negative emotions that weaken our immune system?

How much or how can we live with this acceptance when we are ill or confronting with a disease and its symptoms? Even though it may sound hard to accept that there is something else behind the disease and that this disease can actually help you to become a better person, to resolve certain wrong thinking patterns, to give up bad habits from the past – forced by the disease itself and forced by what this disease is limiting you to do – step by step, you start not only, to heal yourself but you also help the medicines to work much better and faster with your mind and your soul and after you overcome it, you become a much wiser person and have more harmonious relationships with people.

The more we live, the more we experience. We get a cold, a flu, viruses and bacteria, we hurt ourselves daily, as children we experience harm more often. The supreme cause of all disease can be found in the realm of the other dimension – in the same regions from which the disease extracts its initial power to harm us. For that reason, it is important to understand that it is not sufficient to just annihilate the effect of the disease, but to also heal the root cause of it, that is the spiritual and emotional cause. There are 3 classic causes of disease. These are interior negative moods, which appear in us because of our traumatic or negative life experiences.

The first is the lack of harmony.

Lack of harmony is what we experience when life suddenly loses its meaning, or when we lose the important connection with life itself. As an example, let’s think of an elderly couple. After a very long marriage, suddenly, one of them dies. It’s possible that they may not had had a perfect relationship. Even so, between them, there was a beautiful connection, the liaison appeared due to everything beautiful they both got involved into. The partner that survived may go into a crisis because they lost their partner, and shortly, he/she may develop an illness that would make them disappear from Earth too. This is lack of harmony.

The state of lack of harmony that people might experience as a reaction to these type of life experiences, results in a diminishing of personal power. This happens all of a sudden, on one hand, and on the other hand, it can also be catastrophic, because it’s shaken our foundation, as an example, when people lose their work place, and hence the means to live, to survive. When we experience the loss of power, our energetic matrix is affected and we become vulnerable to disease.

Second classic cause of disease is FEAR. A person that goes through life fearful is 2 times more prone to illness because the anxiety diminishes quite aggressively and progressively the good state of being, and this will impact on the feeling of feeling safe in the world. Well being is the state on which our health system is built on. When this foundation is affected negatively, our immune system capacity to function is weakened.

When our immune system is weakened, we are in danger. It’s easy to spot the connections: fear and anxiety produce a lack of harmony in ourselves, in our energy flow. In the same way, lack of harmony creates fear and both collide and they affect each other weakening our immune system. Disease is a natural cause of this weakness because it has a way in.

Another cause of disease, a classic one, is the loss of one’s soul. This is the most serious cause that can lead to premature death and severe diseases. This loss of soul is usually a reaction to a trauma. We often say “he lost his will to live etc”. It’s like someone lost their willpower over life. ANY TRAUMA IS A LOSS OF PART OF THE SOUL OR THE SOUL ITSELF. Post-traumatic stress syndrome is something that relates to this.

Some symptoms for this loss of part of the soul are:

1.the feeling that you are divided, that you are not entirely present in the moment time

2.memory blockages – unable to remember parts of one’s life

3.lack of capacity to feel the love from someone or to receive love from people

4.emotional ignorance/remote emotions

5.subtle emotions and feelings of apathy or non-attention

6.Lack of enthusiasm and initiative

7.LACK OF JOY remember my blogmas 2 (my illness and my spiritual cause – link ), 3 (more about joy or lack of it = meaning – link ) and 4 (How to feel more joy – link ) ?

8.Lack of ability to progress in life

9.Lack of discerning capacity

10.Chronic negativity


12.Suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours

13.Melancholy and the feeling of being desperate

14.Chronic depression

Although this phrase “loss of soul” is not something you would hear all day long, we do usually use language that says or has the same meaning: “When I went through that, I felt like a part of me died” or Ever since, I had stopped being the same person I was before the accident” or “I feel like I lost something and I cannot be the same again”. When we talk about the loss of soul, and if you think about this yourself, if you had been through different episodes in your life that were hard or traumatic (trauma is experienced differently by all of us) , everyone says that “they have lost a PART OF THEIR SOUL”, and NO ONE KNOWS THAT THE PARTS THAT WERE LOST CAN ACTUALLY BE RECOVERED.

Simply reading and thinking about any of the above can be a huge step towards healing.

In the next blog post, I will be adding a list of illnesses and their spiritual cause. UPDATE – FIND THE LIST HERE.

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