Blogmas 9 – This Christmas buy something for yourself too, not just for the others

2019 christmas gift guide

You probably have heard this millions of times: If you do not love yourself, how do you expect others to love you? If you learn how to love yourself, you will boost your self confidence and you will attract love on your side. If you love yourself, others will love you too. So what better way to start this and implement self care and self love rituals than before Christmas and on Christmas?

First, for you to be able to gift something to yourself, you need to think what is one thing you would like someone else to give you this Christmas? Is it something practical, is it something symbolic, is it something shiny, is it something food related? Is it something expensive? Is it minimalist inspired? Or is it handmade? Is it something that treats your soul, your mind, your heart, your spirit or just your physical appearance?

Second, decide, if you want to ask your family members and dear ones to select something from that list of potential gifts you would like to receive, and so, you know for sure, you will love it and you won’t have to put a mask that you enjoy it? Maybe you could do it in Secret Santa style and have everyone in the family write down a list of 5 desirable gifts of which to choose from and then when you get your Secret Santa, you know exactly what you could buy. Maybe you want to buy that gift yourself for yourself and that will make Secret Santa for you even easier.

Once you have decided how gifts are split this year, and even if you simply want a surprise gift, without revealing too much of what you really desire, you should still treat yourself with something solely for YOURSELF. It could be an event, an experience or a physical gift. However, make sure you decide on what type of gift you want and how you want this Christmas to be remembered. Maybe it’s the first time you ever considered yourself first as the one to receive a gift or have the privilege to be gifted first. It’s just like savings: imagine you need to pay yourself first every month, just like you pay rent or bills, you need to have a sum of money that you pay yourself every month and that you decide for yourself only what you do with the money. So, what do you really want to buy yourself?

Think about the questions you were dared in my previous blogmas 8 – link here – and see if you get more answers about yourself and a potential gift that will truly make your soul happy.

A lot of the times, when we work overtime and we do it maybe often, we get accustomed to working and when we do not work, we feel like we are wasting time. I feel it is the same thing with gifting ourselves first, then, the others, we get so used to thinking about the others FIRST, and what they want and what would make them happy, and we sometimes put ourselves second. In reality, if you always put yourself second, it will come a time when you will realise that, you have no more energy to work out for those priorities, for those people that always come first. If you constantly do overtime, you will get drained and guess what? Soon enough, you won’t be able to even work the single time as per your contract because you have come to this self consuming and energy draining stage of your life when you need to take care of … YOURSELF.

A lot of the times, we always think on caring for everyone else around us. When we need everyone’s help, it might come, sure, and especially from family members and dear ones, but there could be a time in your life when they may not be around, they might be busy, and unable to care for you as you have always cared for them. Not because they are selfish or self centred or that they do not care. It’s because the universe makes it in such way that you need to again deal with it alone, to give you space and time to teach you a lesson regarding priorities, mostly around this time of the year. If you are not well, you cannot cater for your special ones.

I urge you to gift yourself TIME to yourself. Time to read about things that excite you. Time to discover yourself. TIME to do that which you need to do or wish to do, no matter how silly or futile it may seem at first. That which you are attracted towards is what will bring you closer to what you need to become. It will give you all that you need.

This Christmas, the gift to give to yourself consists of TIME. No matter how you use that time, make sure it is time FOR YOURSELF ONLY. Not to buy the gifts for the children, not to buy the gifts for friends, not to think about the Christmas dinner, not to clean the house or do usual stuff. It’s time you loved yourself with TIME. It’s time you give time to yourself too, not just to others.

Maybe we all need to re-watch that movie Justin Timberlake played in, IN TIME, to remind ourselves of how precious time is. And that time is now.

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