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Blogmas 6 – Top 10 – Interesting to know facts + 2 Fiction books

I purchased a book called Top 10 for Men this summer and the main reason was because at work we have some games we do on a weekly basis, and I wanted to inspire a colleague with information or notions she could put in her fun huddle, but in the meantime realised that these top 10 were dated from 2012, so not very applicable for 2019. However, some of the lists created, I believe could not have changed in time, so I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of fun together with these Top 10 Facts. This book was designed supposedly for men, yet I could spot a page which is named Self-made wealthiest women. So Let’s start with that!

blogmas vlogmas 2019

Top 10 Wealthiest Self-Made Women

  • 1.Wu Yajun – Founder of Longfor Properties – a journalist turned real estate developer, Yajun’s wealth has exploded to $5.7 bn.
  • 2.Sara Blakely – Founder Spanx – this Florida native designed stockings friendlier to hot-weather shoes.
  • 3.Oprah Winfrey – TV Star – The talk show host and media juggernaut overcame brutal childhood experiences to wield unmatched influence.
  • 4.JK Rowling – Author – When the author began the Harry Potter series, she was a single mom on welfare living in an Edinburgh flat.
  • 5.Doris Fisher – Founder, The Gap – fisher presides over a clothing empire that includes Banana Republic and Old Navy.
  • 6.Madonna – Musician – The world famous vixen once hustled cassette tapes of her demo in front of New York DJs until they agreed to play her music.
  • 7.Coco Chanel – Founder , Chanel – Born of French peasants and reared in a convent, this beauty plied her trade as a seamstress into the highest level of fashion.
  • 8.Josie Natori – Founder, CEO – The Natori Co. – After migrating from the Philippines to Westchester, NY to attend college, she abandoned investment banking to create high-end women lingerie.
  • 9.Shama Kabani – Founder, CEO – The Marketing Zen Gp – a social media marketer who has seen her worth swell 400% each year
  • 10.Deanna Jump – Founder – Teachers pay teachers – This Georgia teacher developed a way for her profession to share creative, engaging lesson plans. The first year she only made $300.

Top 10 Largest Constellations

1.Hydra 2. Virgo 3. Ursa Major 4. Cetus 5. Hercules 6. Eridanus 7. Pegasus 8. Draco 9. Centaurus 10. Aquarius


1.Calcium 2. Potassium 3. Sodium 4. Magnesium 5. Iron 6. Zinc 7. Strontium 8. Rubidium 9. Lead 10. Copper




  • 1.A la recherche du temps perdu/ In search of lost time/ Remembrance of things past – Marcel Proust – 1,200,000 words
  • 2.Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady – Samuel Richardson – 984,870 words
  • 3.Ponniyin Selvan (The son of Ponni) – Kalki Krishnamurthy – 900,000 words
  • 4.Poor fellow My Country – Xavier Herbert – 852,000 words
  • 5.Sironia, Texas – Madison Cooper – 840,000 words
  • 6.Romance of the 3 Kingdoms – Luo Guanzhong -800,000 words
  • 7.A suitable boy – Vikram seth – 593,674 words
  • 8.War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy – 587,287 words
  • Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand – 565,223 words
  • Il mulino del Po (The mill on the Po) – Riccardo Bacchelli – 559,830 words

since we are at the topic of books, I wanted to bring to your attention that in my Blogmas 5, I was mentioning about my 14 books on my reading list for 2020, and I briefly mentioned that they are all non fiction almost. Well, the 2 fiction ones, I would like to delight you here with their title:

1.The Plotters, by Un-su Kim, translated by Sora Kim-Russell

2.Costalegre, by Courtney Maum, Publisher Tin House

These 2 books were selected and I decided to include them on my list of reading because it seems whoever read them assumed Aquarius people would love them. Based on their descriptions, I believe they are something I would choose. “The Plotters” recommendation sounds like this: “I like to think of my Aquarius friends as secret masterminds: they seem shy, but they are actually deep thinkers – and plotters. Secret’s out, I guess, but it’s worth it to recommend this Korean literary thriller that centres on a shadowy organisation whose members dictate all the crimes in the city, and whose secret base is called The Library.” “Costalegre” recommendation sounds like this: “Any Aquarius worth their salt will thrill to wander into the world of Costalegre: that is, a group of avant-garde artists hanging around the Mexican jungle. It’s just the kind of oddball escape that progressive, independent-minded and artistic Aquarians live for.”

Very magnetic.

Will you be joining me for Blogmas 7?

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