Coming back to life

I know what I want to share with you more which will keep me constant on here and which will provide substance both to you and me. I can speak currently 4 foreign languages, being a little bit of a linguist and a polyglot and I can understand a little bit of another 2 languages. I am going to start sharing how to learn multiple foreign languages at the same time and how to keep up with the languages you already know to make sure you do not forget them. In a nutshell, how to use your multilingual skills and how to improve on it or how to upgrade your polyglot skills level with more languages to add to your brain.

I have been passionate about Spanish from a very early age and I have learned French and English in school since I was 9 or 10 years old. I am native Romanian and fluent in Spanish and intermediary in French. I can understand Italian a little bit and Portuguese a little bit more and can speak some words. I am interested in improving my current level of French, I need an upgrade to be able to become fluent there too, and I would very much love to be able to speak Italian and Portuguese. Portuguese is such a beautiful language, I just adore it. I also have a special interest in Estonian.

digital detox plan 2018

I will be sharing tips and tricks, information on language learning and multiple foreign language posts containing words or phrases and information to educate yourself on that. I am aiming at doing this interactively so will think of using my Instagram account for this too, so make sure to also follow me on there! I am currently planning the content on this, and I am thinking on incorporating my obvious interests into this, by sharing words from all these languages (maybe not all at the same time) with respect to my fields of operation that I hope to be of inspiration to you and since the subjects are versatile, I aspire to help to develop our vocabulary easier.

Will you be joining me in this exciting journey?