Feeling like I cannot keep up with social media

I have noticed that my mental health recently has seen a slight negative change because I cannot cope with the never ending posts, blogs, stories and pics update on every social media page that I follow. This has resulted me in feeling gloomy, moody and down as I feel everything I want to speak about has already been spoken or is in the process of happening. It is frustrating because I feel I cannot express myself and even though it is obviously an internal limitation because of my perfectionism, it feels so real. I think we all struggle with social media pressure and presence and with balancing what we should actually pursue compared to what we see we are told to pursue.

I feel there’s something new every single minute and hour and it has become a compulsive behaviour to scroll through other people’s feed, pics and stories. It’s not even something that interesting that they post and sometimes I feel I can do that too. But then fear pays me visits to keep me in place. In the comfort zone where nothing happens.

I want to keep up with social media and I enjoy it but at which point am I gaining really something? I have been considering deleting everything but each time I do something like that I immediately regret it because it is like erasing a lot of effort, work and time put into it up until that moment. So i struggle to get back to my path.

With so many other attractive colourful other paths that people who have it, say or display it as the creme de la creme, I guess it’s hard to stick to your own hustle. It is hard to keep up.

Or at least that’s how I feel today.

What about you?