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Blog Update – Why I was off

The main reason is that I have lost my focus with what I wanted to achieve passion wise and have felt that this blog is not having a theme on which I can grow, expand or enhance. Enriching other people’s life through powerful helpful insights regarding mindfulness, lifestyle and life art is my purpose and I want this blog to be inspirational and beautiful and everything art writing related.

I guess, it must have been a too big goal for me and fear of failing has jumped all over, causing the exact thing I did not want to happen. Fear or writing, sharing and attempting to create.

However, recently I was just reading about the reasons you should not share your goals on, a blog post written by Aytekin Tank which I found to be extremely useful and meaningful for me, and I believe it might shape your vision too.

“Some experts argue that early praise can leave the individual receiving the praise feeling like he or she has already won … in turn causing them to be less likely to follow through with their goals.” Aytekin Tank explains. While I mostly agree with this statement, I also consider that sharing your goal early, maybe, even before starting your journey to achieve it, might put you in a place where you feel forced to go through some steps that you actually did not want to take. But because you have let people know, you know feel it’s something expected of you, and if you do not go further you would have failed them. And one might go through some of the steps, however you might eventually abandon the race because you do not identify yourself with the goal anymore. It’s not yours now, as you have shared it.

I never sing victory before I get the trophy, and that’s because it happened to me the above long time ago and I have learned that for me, oversharing personal or professional decisions impacts my ability to deliver on it. Even though, I have not really shared much on what this blog is wanting to become (or at least in my eyes) I have layered some expectations to me and I have underestimated my ability to follow through. Because I was no longer identifying with my desire to blog. Seeing other successful people writing and sharing beautiful and meaningful messages have made me criticise so much my work that first, I stopped following the bloggers I really enjoyed and gained inspiration from and secondly made me doubt myself and what I want to do, made me doubt the possibilities of ROI on this investment in blogging (and by investment, I do not refer to anything financially, it’s simply time, energy, passion and maybe, inspiration) and decided that I should be practical and focus on my current job.

And when in your current job, even though you have put the extra work, you have done more than you would normally do, to be in a better spot than before does not pay off, you return to your passions, seeking guidance, or affection from your passions. This is what happened to me.

and because sharing is caring, I thought maybe that for you, the few that follow through and read me on, I should at least, come up with this post and explain myself. Thank you for sticking through.

I am back. And will pursue my endeavour maybe with far more determination than before, however I am also still trying to discover a path of my own here. Is there anything in particular you are looking for when you browse my blog?

Let me know in the comments below!