What’s obvious to you, may be amazing to others

This idea pretty much connects to the fact that we all have something we are great at or maybe just good enough and we do not trust ourselves enough to “release” it as a product, to market it as a service or to share it online/offline.

I know I am the kind of person that likes its “creations” to be close to perfect before sending it out to the world, although I have to say, I am trying to get out of this “perfectionism box”. Things do not need to be perfect before you do something. My blog is actually a great proof for that. And, well, it’s another proof that, you need planning and careful strategic thinking and actions before you can have hopes of earnings out of it. But even so, expressing yourself, expressing your gift, your talents, your hobbies, your passions not only will make you feel better but will fuel you with more energy. More passion. More action.

So, reading this “What’s obvious to you, may be amazing to others” really opened up my eyes. And I have posed myself this question:

What is it that it’s obvious to me, that may be amazing to others? 

I have some answers. But they are to be kept for myself, for the moment. I am sure you have some answers for yourself too.

This post is actually coming to light because I did not know how else to share a blog post I found extremely helpful, meaningful and enjoyable on one of my favourite platforms to read and share stories, medium.com.

The article is called “The 5 amazing exercises to elevate your creative thinking powers“.

Please find it linked below and get prepared to train your creativity!


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