Step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition

I came across Christie Marie Sheldon through MindValley, which is a company that I discovered a couple of years ago that focuses on personal growth and offers courses, masterclasses and books from the best authors in personal development in the world. Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive healer and energetic coach which is not something that you would come across on a daily basis and it is one of those persons that can read your aura. If you have ever read about chakras and your chi energy or your aura then, that’s what she does. She can see it. She knows everything about you in an instant. I have experienced this with one of our Romanians energetic coaches and finding more information and insights from around the world, makes the initial learning far more precious and demonstrates once again, that we are more than this physical body. We are energy.

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition

So, intuition is something we all have but we do not use it or we do not really rely on it as much as we should. If you have ever had the feeling that you should be doing something or not be doing something, and you did not follow that internal guide, and later on, you realised that your initial thoughts were correct and you should have or should have not followed a specific pattern, then, hello You, that was your intuition and that’s how you know that it is something you do have and it does work. It’s not esoteric. It’s a fact.

Christie Marie Sheldon is a gifted intuitive life coach and author. She is Mindvalley’s #1 bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields, erase their inner blocks, and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential.

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition

I had encountered a specific tool to help us use our intuition to solve a problem we feel we have. This is something she created and her guide is very simple. First and foremost, you have to understand the

ABC – Always be connected to the Light.

The light is everything you believe in, whether is a guru, the universe, God, the divine, etc. It is the LIGHT. By being connected to the light, we understand that we are part of the Light, that Light is guiding us and that we are in connection with it. We feel and we believe it is true. (and this would most likely be the case, no matter what you believe in – the universe, the law of attraction, meditation etc)

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition
Photo Credit – Cristian Newman

Next step is to pose yourself a question and rate it how does it feel on a scale of 1 to 10. Let’s say our issue now is that we do not trust ourselves and we lack the confidence to do something. There is going to be a series of questions that you ask yourself and answer. 

What’s the first age I felt this?

(Keep asking the question until you get the answer, it would be the first thing that comes to mind when you pop the question – do not try to think too much about it, just ask the question, – if you are in the proper state of mind for this meditation/exercise, you will receive the answer, you will know it straight away) In this example, I have felt that I did not trust myself and lacked confidence in my body/beauty at the age of 7 years because …. 

Who did I duplicate this from? Was it my mom, my dad, someone else? Who have I learned this behaviour/response to a problem from? 

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition

(this question relates a lot to what you answer to the previous question, you will observe that you go deeper and deeper into the core of the issue by posing these questions. It is trying to bring to the surface the reasoning behind your problem) – In my example, I duplicated it from others who have told me that I am not like the others of my age at the time. The fact that my mom did not back me up, supported this belief. 

What’s the emotion attached to it? 

(what do you feel when you think about that situation?) In our example here, embarrassment, shame, inadequacy, something wrong with me, etc. 

Where in my body do I feel this emotion? Where is it located in my body? 

(we ask this question, because as Christie Marie Sheldon explained in her masterclass, we accumulate emotions in our bodies. Our chakras are connected to everything in our physical body. Our chakras are our emotional body. Our energy is our aura and our aura gets disrupted with what happens in our chakras. For everything that we experience physically, there is an emotional memory recorded in our body and thus into our chakras. When our chakras are depleted from energy because the emotions have piled up, we experience blockages. You will ask this question and you will instantly feel it in your body. It’s like an energy, a heat,a tension, something that feels in a specific part of your body.) In our example, I feel it in my stomach. 

After you have located it, imagine the Light coming into that part of the body and say the following positive affirmation, (it’s like a mantra):

I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space and realities. 

I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space and realities. 

I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space and realities. 

How to pose for your wedding bridal shooting how to be a bride wedding modelling 6
Photo Credit – Hannah Mckernan

Repeat this several times while at the same time imagining the Light coming into that part of the body. The light is our infinite Self which is Love, compassion, healing, God, the universe. The reason we start our affirmation with I clear and transmute it, is because through these words we delete stored emotions, just as you delete cookies in your internet browser. It would make the browser run smoother. We bring the light to evaporate these stored negative emotions that are blocking us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. We all know how to be the best versions of ourselves.

Following this step: ask the following question:

What would it take for me to feel utterly completely self confident?

(based on our example)

I would need to obtain some form of success that I am fine and have had success even though I am different. If we go deeper, while we are saying what we need so we can feel enough/supported etc (based on each individual problem), you might realise that the answer is already popping out. As in this example, I felt that I should not feel embarrassed and that I should not be ashamed that I am skinny. Or that I do receive feedback on daily basis that I am beautiful. I have positive feedback from colleagues and managers at work that I am doing a great job even though I do not look as society tells us I should like as a woman. Just because I do not have the same appearance does not mean that I am less or more than other people’s capabilities. In our example, we continue after digesting these insights that pop into our minds, with another question.

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition
Photo Credit – Madhusmita D

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate now the initial problem with self confidence?

It is a lot of the times, less than what you rated at the beginning of the exercise. If it only dropped let’s say from 9 to 6, you can continue again with the exercise until you feel it is 0. You can do this on a daily basis. This allows our chakras to strengthen as we are clearing the stored useless emotions that block us and prevent us from being the best we can be. It is self work and sometimes we are lazy to work with ourselves, but this is a tool that can help solve a problem. And you get to focus your attention on your intuition a lot, which improves your overall well being, as you train it and it will be manifested more easily after that in your activities.

Due to society’s programming, most people are not tuned into their spiritual self, and so they’re not aware of their true purpose. Many people end up living a life incongruent to their true selves. When a person lives a life unaware of their true spiritual nature, their consciousness is stuck in low vibrational frequencies. And this not only blocks progress, but it creates unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

step by step guide to solve a problem using your intuition

This simple tool is a first small step in a series of facilitating exercises that Christie Marie Sheldon implemented in her programs and I believe it is so easy that we can incorporate it in our day to day life and start seeing results fast and solve our problems using our intuition which is our internal best reassurance guide to take the best decisions.

Have you tried this exercise?


What problem did you solve? 

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