This is what I should be doing with my life according to Youtube

and this is mostly a type of blog post to showcase my formidable skills and please send this to headhunters 😛

Not sure how many know, because I do not really boost myself with what I had studied, but I am a psychologist and have done lots of personality and psychology tests so far, both professional and more informal ones. The majority of these tests/surveys revealed to me classic introvert jobs I should follow such as writer, editor, administrator, counsellor, psychologist, therapist, which I do relate to. But with these personality tests I took with the help of our mighty Youtube, I discovered more options, although I do feel I should have known this earlier in my lifetime, as I have no time to start now anew. And yes, of course, I totally lack this patience. I want it all now. It’s time I had it all already!  I am just kidding. Not.

this is what I should be doing with my life according to youtube
Photo Credit – Amanda Crean

This test says I could love a work that labels me as Advertising Executive (yes, I could do some ads and work on brainstorming ideas and be paid for that), Public Relations Specialist (in other words, someone that uses euphemism to pinpoint something bad that happened – not all the time – but most of the times; still feel I could be very much an expert at this as I can find the positive side to pretty much EVERYTHING), Corporate Coach (OMG – this definitely suits me now, I work in a fraud department call centre and I could coach new people to do my job, I also love implementing motivational stuff and teaching tools to help people learn), Personal Trainer (this would had been a surprise had I not taken this personality hidden talent I have, which turned out to be …. sports! because I am driven and have strong determination, again lots of positive thinking involved here!!), Teacher (well, hello, hello, no surprise to me I had this, I do find joy and fulfilment in teaching), Motivational Speaker (wow, well, what is this blog all about?), Headhunter (this is probably because of my analytical skills and love to chase precious people through all mediums possible and social media, a bit of a stalker) and Fashion Designer – well this is for sure something I would totally dive into – I do have specific taste and whenever I see fashion items as an example in TKmaxx that I like, they all of the time turn out to be of a very unique taste and high quality and belonging to a brand (that I later on google and discover it is a designer item) – this simply highlights my distinguishing exquisite taste in fashion. I am really telling you how great I am now!

According to this funny one I should give my skills to the Public Sector as a teacher (double points here now!), cop (well well, did you know I studied Criminology? – you know now! – this is not a joke), fireman (saving lives!), doctor, flight attendant, animal care workers, Life coach (again double points now!) and HR officer (other double points for the previous test said I could work and enjoy a headhunter job).

This seems to be going well.

Next – this test revealed the following result: “It seems that strategies are important to you. You pride yourself in getting the job done efficiently. You love stability. It seems you love to challenge your mind, so you can learn whatever you want. Your contributions will improve people’s daily life.” Well, isn’t this what I actually wish to achieve with this blog? Read my “Hello” page for that!

this is what I should be doing with my life according to youtube
Photo Credit – Amanda Crean

This one seems to be the same as the above but it generated a different path, probably because I also chose different options from the options the test had compared to the previous one. It says that I have a great set of skills that will make me money someday (well, that sounds, plausible:P) and I just need to decide which industry I want to apply them to. Guess what it says next? “Maybe you’ll be a chef in the best restaurants or an Olympic athlete, when you will figure it out, you’re sure to be a huge success.” Yes! Again, it’s strongly connected to my mindset – determination, self-belief and strong heart. Maybe that’s what you should take from me as a teaching from this post, apart from taking those tests to help you out or at least to have some fun:)

Found this very peculiar one, which even though is more like a fun to do take, rather than very practical, I do find insights in it. I got the Wizard – commanding all supernatural forces to do all that I want. In a way, wouldn’t I love having a job in which I can do whatever I want and be the greatest? Don’t we all have that as a dream job perspective?

No matter what you discover through personality and career quizzes, have you read this here about the fact there is always something you can do based on your current skills? These youtube fun tests might help reveal it a bit better, in a different way.

What does Youtube tell you to become or to do with your life?

how to dare
Photo by – Hannah Mckernan – Part of a creative photoshoot – team involved on instagram -Amazing Photography: @hannahmckernanphotography Models – me (through @cathy_cmpr) & @_joelander (freelance) Beautiful Location: @lissanhousecookstown Stunning Dresses: @creativeideasbridal Luxury Headpieces: @gibsonbespoke Simply beautiful Florals: @innocent_chaos Amazing Hair: @ohsobohohair Stunning Natural Make up: @sakdesigns Great Backdrops & styling: @thisoldhome Stationery: @ciarapatrickdesigns Suits: @deegrahamtailormade Cake: @baked_blessings

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