alisa-anton- do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos

Do people really read blogs or just browse the photos?

I observe things and I also obverse myself observing. I find myself quite often browsing through the photos that appear on a blog rather than really reading through the content. Not all the time, but most of the time, I would scroll through the photos, thinking at what the girl wanted to show with that specific attitude or pose or outfit or gaze etc. Observation is something through which we learn and grow up. Observing we get the skill called social copying, which is what makes us be part of a society and to feel we belong in it, because we act as it is expected and we are rewarded in the same way that people who behave like that are rewarded. And we want those rewards ourselves too.

do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos

I was reading through this blog post and the author is making us question whether blogging is a middle class profession because of all the consumerism around it. And this consumerism is linked to this specific thing we seem to love to do – to observe, to scroll, to browse, to look at something and imagine if it was ours or maybe we just put it in a wish list, somewhere in our desktop folders. We observe the photos that are contained within a blog post. We think about the story the pictures tell to us and what the story actually is for the girl in the photo. We wish we would be her. And when this pops into our heads, we also wish we had those outfits or something from the outfit too, such as, a hat, a lipstick, a bracelet, etc. I am sure you have experienced this. I am sure you bought something at least once, simply because someone you admire “sold” it to you. It’s not about being easily influenced. It’s about being influenced by someone you admire, whom you like and you live through (their insta stories, youtube videos or blog post photos and what it tells our brains their lives must be like, which we desire so much to live like). We are influenced by our sensation that we need to copy and imitate the life that is sold to us to live by. The lifestyle surrounding a blogger or youtuber seems so easy and full of adventures. We feel we need to live by those standards too, because that’s what real happiness is. We scroll through the photos and those perfectly taken photos illustrate such a beauty to us that we immediately think about observing more into that dream life. We stare at the photos, we ignore the words between the photos (which most of the times actually say that that lifestyle is not as it is portrayed) and we day dream about the background of the photos, the content of the photos, the girl in the photos. We observe too much others and so little our own selves. 

do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos
Photo Credit – Annie Spratt

When we observe so much others and those perfectly life styled photos, our brains believe we are very interested in the subject of the photo, and not just that, our brains think we are so interested in what it is behind the photo, surrounding the subject, what the subject wears and how it’s worn, that our brains and subconscious minds will follow even more by directing our energies into creating the circumstances to actually bring those props from the photos and those items worn in the photos, to our attention. Why? Because our brains and minds are in such way crafted that when you feed it with something that you wish, your mind will create the space, the opportunities and the circumstances for you to experience or get the option to choose if you want that. And how does this happen? Well, accidentally you click on something online because you finally have the attention towards that item, since you are so hooked on that girl and its blog photos or style. You see it, your mind is telling you, this is what you were wanting and waiting for. You love this colour. This brand. This brand is connected to that girl in that perfectly styled photo. And the girl in that photo is so happy. If you buy this, you will too, be happy like that girl. What we actually shop for is that experience we are being sold when we browse and look at the photos online. We want to feel exactly like we imagine the subject in that perfect photo feels. But we might imagine it totally wrong. 

do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos

When we become experts in observing online, our brains become experts into guiding us to obtain those short term feelings of what we believe it is happiness. We buy. We get. We wear. We see something new. And so on. The circle begins yet again. Our brains understand that we like those experiences. But our minds are confused with what we actually desire. We desire to also display that creativity that the girl in the photo does so well and makes us want us to be in and wear (+owe) her Cinderella shoes. We do not have time for the words between those photos. There are so many beautiful delightful photos and we like so many bloggers. We need to get that feeling. We need to live a little as if we were that successful blogger in the picture. So we buy again or scroll more through the photos, to observe more, because the more we see, the more we memorise and the more our brains will search elsewhere for those feelings to be generated by items we think will bring those pleasures to us. This addiction goes on until our brains record the images so well, that when we are offline, everything that our minds do, is search for those props in the photos, to bring us closer to our supposedly dream career and life living. We are so wrong. I, myself, influenced by the perfectionism displayed by influencers online, have made my mind to search for items that I would not necessarily search for, if they would not be a must, and ended up believing I need a new wardrobe or a new outfit to feel how I am wanting to feel or hope I will feel. Successful. Accomplished. Happy. Fulfilled. Desired. Creative. Feeling an influencer myself sort of feeling. And this is why we actually check the photos and not the words.

There is no time for words. Pictures are worth 1000 of words, right? But most of the times, they are worth 1000 WRONG words in our heads.

do people really read blogs or just scroll through the photos



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  1. Jennifer

    Oh how I agree with you and oh my, yes I have been there. I fell down the rabbit hole with blogs and even a bit on Instagram a bit more recently where I found I was changing myself to fit what I thought I wanted based on those photos. In the end, I found out hey wait a minute, I don’t even enjoy this? So now I am trying to remind myself that in the end you have to be happy with yourself first!


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