How I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

Getting sick way too often is the main reason is making me stick to my healthy eating lifestyle and new habits that I have developed in the last few months. Having my immune system down all the time, my work influenced by not being able to attend to because I was ill, getting behind with tasks and having a low mood altogether was caused by the food I ate and how I related to my health. Even though I thought I was eating correctly and I was being healthy in my approach to food, it turned out, as my years have passed by and with it, a collection of flues and colds, getting more and more sophisticated in their approach to put me down in bed, that I was doing mistakes.

Huge Mistakes I learned from 

  • Eating sweets and sugary things (vegan or natural or organic also are included here) after main meals. This is a BIG NO NO to everyone that wants to make sure they are free from diseases. Eating sweets and sugar after a main meal, will create fermentation in your stomach, thus leading to fungus and the impossibility for the food to be digested and for the body to get the nutrients from the food intake. The main reason sugar must not be combined with anything at all, is first of all because of its effect as being toxic to the human body and on top of that, is not able to be digested if eaten with any other foods. I wrote more about the food combinations for proper optimal health here.
  • Eating too much sugar! Did you know the maximum intake per day should be 25 grams of sugar? Did you know that if you read the label of any vegan, organic, natural or even refined sweet, the smallest amount of sugar comes to 10 grams and that’s for a very small piece of sweet? A pack of 4 biscuits would normally have 48 grams of sugar. 48 grams in a small pack of biscuits! That’s nearly double the maximum daily recommended dose and that’s only at one meal! If you think about it, we are raised to believe we need desert after every meal. That’s a lot of toxicity to the body, which means that instead of having your body working to give you the nutrients from the food you ate, you force your body to chase the sugar to get it out of the system, failing to get the nutrients, as the body will use those nutrients to clean up the mess with the sugar. No nutrients left to give to you for your mood, health and skin! Getting sick all the time is one main reason you need to stop eating sugar. I learned it the hard way. 
  • Eating too much carbs in comparison to vegetables, greens and protein. Eating too much carbs and avoiding all the other food categories there is, means the same thing to the body as eating all day only sugar. The carbs are transformed into sugar in the human body, therefore you should avoid having meals hugely composed of potatoes, rice, cereals topped with protein and no vegetables. First of all, combining protein to carbs is something that will cause indigestion and in time, possibly candida, fungus, bacteria and diseases, and second of all, too much carbs. No vegetables taken to clean up the protein or to even clean the system in the body after that messy meal. I used to make these mistakes too, and I used to believe that that’s healthy and good eating, because that’s what our parents raised us with and they are healthy. But times have changed, our stress levels are higher, we spend less and less time in nature and more in the virtual world, not moving our bodies enough to even help it to remove all the toxins and erase the negative effects of the bad food combinations we make. That’s why it’s important to understand these food mistakes and avoid them at all costs. For your own health!
  • Not consuming vegetables or too little vegetables. This would show in your poo, and sorry for the TMI here, but you need to look that up on google and discover that it does say a lot about your health. Once you switch your diet to the right one, you will see improvements there too. Vegetables also help clean your liver, help with your skin, bring enough minerals and vitamins to maintain our health and are a MUST.

I am not saying you need to give up any foods, although I ditched some, but you need to find ways to eat them accordingly so they won’t influence you in a negative way.

Knowing all these facts, I am able to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and keep my eating habits to mostly keto, vegan or vegetarian, depending on the days, sugar free, yeast free and gluten free as much as possible.

There is also a lot of information about eating according to your blood type. That has hugely impacted my lifestyle too, and definitely I can relate to how my body knows that I should not consume, as an example, milk or dairy in general. It seems the only exception is butter. When I read the information available at the time about the blood type food diet, I realised that indeed, my blood type does not allow dairy to be something suitable for my health or well-being. But it took me years to even realise that. And more years to actually ditch it. 

I also try to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle by incorporating in my diet lots of different vegetables. Lots of legumes and as much as possible vegetable or non-meat protein. I feel much lighter and focused, with a clear mind when eating this way. This works for me, it may not work for you, as you may have a different blood type and thus a different need to fulfil within your body and with your eating habits and I strongly encourage you to look up the information and read more about it.

how i maintain a healthy eating lifestyle habits
Photo Credit – Brooke Lark

Use your kitchen when you eat, not your bed!

Eating, in my opinion, is not just a physical thing we need to do to have our bodies work properly and to carry our heads for as long as possible. It’s also a well being activity. Eating is part of the first line of Maslow’s pyramid needs that has to be fulfilled to carry us to the top, to become the best version of ourselves and to be able to reach the top need of Maslow’s pyramid needs. Therefore, I believe that if you eat as you should, combining the foods properly, eating what your body wants you to feed it with, your body will give you the energy you want to fulfil all your other needs. Step by step, until the top. So, as a well being activity, I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle by eating slow, being mindful of what I eat, how I eat, making sure I do sense the food, and I am not just eating it because I need to eat and fuel my body. Being mindful about the food, the taste, the texture, being present when I eat and only eating and not checking my phone, or watching a movie or browsing YouTube. Just eating and that’s all. I eat as if I am exercising. No other distractions. You experience a different mode and my well being definitely has developed into a more conscious choice to experience wellness. Wellness is not just in therapy or spa resorts. Wellness can be achieved with any small activity or task you do. Eating is such a trivial thing, but if you become mindful about it, your whole life will change. And that happens because our bodies and brains can only focus on one thing, putting all its energy there and getting the best out of the food we eat. At least, this is my opinion and it works for me.

I hope you get some inspiration out of all of this and start living your healthy eating habits in 2018!

Do you have any tips on how you maintain your healthy eating lifestyle? 

how i maintain a healthy eating lifestyle habits
Photo Credit – Brooke Lark

2 thoughts on “How I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

  1. Love your point about being mindful of where you eat – I definitely try not to eat in bed now! Have a lovely week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading Gabrielle, yes, it’s easy to forget our stomach wants us to be more careful with it and eating in bed is not how we should treat ourselves- hope you have a lovely week as well!


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