There is something you can do better than anyone else

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi

I realised today that I am well equipped to spot new ideas, new concepts, new notions, new strategies or better, to handle them in a realistic way, however, I find that most of the times, some of those new things that I would like to implement are ahead of their time. They are from the future, and I discover that people are not ready for massive changes as I was expecting or hoping that they would want to put into practice to also enjoy its benefits, and together to actually create the world that we love living in. The example in this case consists of me discovering the concept of character strengths belonging to Martin E.P. Seligman and the concept of PERMA for well-being. The contribution Seligman brought to the field of psychology impacted it a lot, reminding us all that people are not just labels of mental illnesses but also humans who display their character in the world and who have emotions and lots of strengths. The volume “Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification” written by the founder of positive psychology, Martin E.P. Seligman and researcher Christopher Peterson presents 24 character traits which consist of 6 groups of virtues classified in 24 character strength. You probably know by now that my core character strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence as I wrote about it here.

soul river

When I discovered these character strengths it was the summer of 2012, and it had passed up until that moment 8 years since their discovery and lots of sources to apply the survey or read about them and understand yourself better. And still, that was such a brand new thing that people should focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses. I remember I wanted to get involved in the HR Department for the company I was working at the time to have an influence over how the company was selecting its employees at the time, but the concept was so innovative and different and scary to only care about the strengths and not put such effort into discussing the weaknesses, that my idea failed as ecstatically as it emerged in my head. But just because people were not ready to use an idea at one point in time, it does not mean it is a bad idea or that you should stop pursuing what you wish to become in life. Many years after this incident, and I find myself at my new job toying with the way to handle it so that it gets the real attention and it truly impacts not just me and my well being, but all my colleagues and other colleagues who probably need this but they do not have a voice yet or are quietly waiting for someone to promote it for them.

"Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

This is one example that I can think of now. But obviously I reached this conclusion because I have payed special attention to my needs and to my self over the years and I know who and how I am, even though I might play it around that I am not entirely sure, just to have game ahead when confronted with enemies. I am a creative strategist in life and in all life’s small tasks. This thing that I can do something ever so small as to promote the information I come across brings me excitement and I do not really remember when was the last time I experienced this in a workplace environment. This is the first sign that you owe it to yourself to chase the fire that ignites your spirit. Because this exploration and pursue of interests will likely bring more inspiration to you, as it does to me, and not just inspiration but insight into who you really are. It will guide you to forge your determination to plant the seeds and expect the flowers. To smell the blooms and to celebrate the colour that’s arrived in your life.

"Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." Rumi

This appreciation of beauty and EXCELLENCE is actually a strength which contains this skill I have to foresee the possibilities of changes. I am always looking for the novelty, I am always in the run for the newest information with regards to my passions and hobbies. Always seeking new horizons where I can glance over. Where I could be alive. The appreciation of EXCELLENCE is portrayed through my constant vibrant calling towards avant-garde-ist notions, products, services and abstract information or knowledge.

how to build your character strengths
Photo Credit – Annie Spratt

When you let your passions show and you work with them, you experience well being. When you know your core character strengths, you are able to cope with making every single second a powerful well being act show, because you know what to focus on. You know what you need. And when you know what you need, you will find yourself in the position of the author holding the pen to his life being written down. It’s not someone else holding it, it is YOU.

PERMA concept stands for this new theory of well being – Positive emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment. Now, the path to this well being is reflected through feeding your spirit with character strengths activities that bring you more in connection to your soul and boost your self esteem and self confidence to the point that your overall productivity gets enhanced and this mirrors back in your workplace, your accomplishments and eventually your well being.

how to build your character strengths
Photo Credit – Annie Spratt

To nurture your character strengths you need to first discover them. Do the free survey online here and find ways to incorporate activities to feed your character strengths in your work environment. Since my core character strengths is appreciation of beauty and excellence, it would not mean I will start collecting art at work, unless I am working for an art gallery, it means I focus my attention on developing further this skill in recognising excellence in everything that is new, futuristic maybe even, and beautiful through its significance, in the meaning it plays out in the world.  And that’s true sharing knowledge and wisdom through posts, feeding in ideas to improve services, products or businesses or getting involved in any activity that makes me express my appreciation of beauty and excellence.

One way of taking responsibility means to take action by taking small steps every day in order to make your dreams come true. Your first small step is figuring out what are your character strengths. Your second step depends on what those strengths are and how you feel you can become that which the strength is calling you to become. Then, all the other steps will fall into place.

how to build your character strengths

And remember this:

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi

Nourish your MUST – Did you read this?*

*should and must in the pursuit of passions and dreams 

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