Style investments I want to make in 2018

I know it is a bit confusing what I actually am doing with this blog, as I write about lots of abstract things, about doing more of what we love doing, about stuff that happens in our head, about thoughts and ideas, and concepts and readings, but, just as much I am interested in style, fashion, beauty and if you have been here for a while, you know I have a passion for green beauty, natural cruelty free brands and eco fashion or anything as much as possible eco, bio or/and organic. And tea, let’s not forget about it 🙂 But what you also know, from my previous posts, is that I have this character trait named appreciation of beauty and excellence and this is something that I find in fashion, style and jewelry as much as I find it in books, speeches, concepts, lifestyles and readings.

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This post is actually inspired by Rebecca’s blog post from who kindly let me use her idea to write about. I, too, as her, as she begins her post, have a wishlist post, and it is the one with Wantfeed, who unfortunately, are now running their beta version, which means (apart from improving and enhancing the site), you cannot access the data and images and the account (my wantfeed account link) on which I have thousands of fashion and style wishes, and you cannot see it for the moment. I mean, you cannot see, my immense list of stuff that I really adore, it is a lot of beautiful things in there, I can assure you. Some of it can be tasted in these prints screens I have made at the beginning of my wantfeed journey.

I have switched to a more minimalist approach in terms of fashion and style, it is true, and I am happy with that, but I cannot lie that there are items that I truly desire to use as part of my style and to make an investment in that. I currently have a wardrobe that I can say is enough for what I wear daily or occasionally and definitely I have enough of shoes, which I do not really make the best wear of, so most of my style investments are accessories and specific fashion items that I feel would make a statement and make me look different than anybody else, that would give me a boost of confidence and that can speak for myself about myself, my self, my personality and character.

style investments to make in 2018 georgyana

Here’s my style investments I would like to make by the end of 2018: 

One of a kind scarves – I love wearing scarves because it is easy to change a whole outfit with one, and it looks always stylish, elegant and different, especially when you have colorful scarves, which is what I want to invest in in 2018. The scarves I will refer now, are from designers and they are expensive, but as mentioned (and as discussed here my opinions on luxury), they can benefit your outfit and take you out of the copy paste style trends on the streets. I have always been a fan of FreyWille jewelry and I have in plan to invest in some too, but until I reach that point, I thought I could save up for these beautiful colorful scarves.

passionate russia gavroche frey wille scarf
Frey Wille Scarf
Hommage a claude monet silk scarf
Frey Wille Silk Scarf
Gavroche Frey wille scarf hommage a claude monet
Frey wille scarf

Another designer from whom I am interested in purchasing scarves is a Romanian one, named Marie Nouvelle. These are again silk scarves, in case I have not mentioned that the Frey Wille ones are silk, they are, and very colorful and definitely portray my soul – appreciation of beauty and excellence. The pattern on Marie Nouvelle’s scarves belongs to painter owner of Marie Nouvelle, and I actually appreciate the brand itself and its story as they create clothing in an ethical manner, producing only once or twice per year, with 100% natural silk or wool; the brand also sustains responsible commerce with eco-friendly materials and low impact dyes and fun fact, they actually work with a digital fabric print company based in UK and all Marie Nouvelle’s suppliers and factories operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct. How could I not support this vision and invest in this company and in my style too, while at the same time, promoting the company, its vision and inspiring other people (hopefully reading my blog post) to support small visionaries creative businesses like Marie Nouvelle? If we would all buy more from ethical companies, not just fashion, but also food, we would be able to change the world, as we bring more value to the true values of society and we all benefit, including the planet. These are the scarves I am attracted to, I know, they are a lot (but in my defense, I wear scarves in a variety of ways, daily):

marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf
marie nouvelle silk scarf wool
marie nouvelle wool scarf


From Marie Nouvelle, I also want to invest in a clutch. I have a black one, old and still extremely fashionable, but I just want something more fun and alive, colorful like this.


This colorful clutch is also made up of ecologic leather.

There is still another scarf that I like (from Arona Carelli brand). It is the material that I want, and I enjoy the minimalist design of it too. It is a cashmere scarf and this is how it can be worn. Quite extravagant and a lot like me, not too much, not too little, just elegant and setting up a trend.


It feels like I am a Queen. 😛

Other accessories I intend on saving up for consist of rings. As I mentioned about the FreyWille jewelry, let me start up with two rings I have put my eyes on, even though if you take a look at the shop, I for instance, feel I want them all. These are the patterns I am happy to wear:

Ring Pharaoh Egypt Luxor

and this

Ode to joy of life ring

The reason I love rings is because I can wear them everyday, these full of color and life rings give a different vibe to the person owning it and it transforms an outfit and the hands into something unique and so beautiful. I feel I am connected to items (here, we shall include the rings) that my spirit loves because that’s how my spirit is displaying itself into the world. Hey, this is me!, I can hear it saying. 🙂 Everything we are inside transcends outside, just like beauty. So, as you can probably have noticed so far, I am luxurious, extravagant, wanting to be perfect, beautiful, excellent. Wanting to be a muse, an inspiration, a portray of a vision or mission. I have a strong desire for insight and universal knowledge. I am Resourceful. Lighthearted and an extravagant at certain times. I seek out beauty and harmonious environments and I want to share the value of all the information (discovered along my path) that I find to beenjoyable, helpful and meaningful. My Mission ? To bring all that to you !

And this blog posts brings out not just items, luxury things to put on your wishlist, but my soul inside out. It’s not all of it, obviously, as I am a quiet introvert, but parts of it, here and there, glimpses of sparkles and beams of light and rainbows. There is also rain and clouds and snow. But that’s for another blog post.

style investments for 2018

Other style investments I am interested in for 2018 is bags. Now these bags, are not ecologic leather and maybe this is the dark side of my soul, because even though I do not purchase leather items in general, most of my other items in my wardrobe or shoedrobe consists of good leather and because they lasted so well in time, I rarely ever need to purchase a new pair. Hence, the amount of shoes I have, and I do not have the occasions to wear them. I am not saying I have a huge shoe collection or that I have so much leather shoes, it’s just that those few pairs I have, make up for a whole decade that I have been using them. So obviously, I have 4 specific leather bags and shoes (2 and 2) that I have intentions to purchase. The shoes are from a Romanian designer Coca Zaboleteanu and here they are:

and the bags are one from Ana Kaloni, and the main reason I want it, is because it is classic, you can put a lot in it, and it goes with everything while at the same time, having a unique creative vibe to it, which I always like to incorporate in my personal style.

Ana Kaloni black purseThe other bag looks a lot like a DG clutch or Dior handbag, or maybe it’s just my impression, but I really like the pattern, the colors and the style of it. And it is a bag, again good for special occasions. Different. It’s like a touch of something else. Innovative. Creative. New. Beautiful. Or at least, to me. Do you like it? It’s from Sophie Handbags by Andra Paduraru and more styles can be found on, where Ana Kaloni, Coca Zaboleteanu and more of the brands I will share here can be found.

I mentioned about jewelry, and apart from the FreyWille rings, there is this weird one that I really like and I am interested in investing in from Obsidian brand. It’s from silver, my favorite metal and it’s so weird.


And this necklace from Snob brand, which is different and makes a statement for sure and takes any outfit outside its comfort zone.

In terms of clothes, there are some outfits I really wish to invest in. Izabela Mandoiu is a Romanian fashion designer and because the designs are very much inspired by Romanian costumes, I am quite attracted to its dresses and fashion items. Here’s some of the ones I am really into and wish to purchase as they would make a great addition to any wardrobe or capsule wardrobe, because they are versatile, quite a classic look, but with a fashionable twist, elegant and casual at the same time, you can dress them up or down. This flexibility trait is something I always look for in clothes. First we have an all black overalls with extremely feminine touches.

Secondly, we have some Romanian patterns inspired dresses made of cotton, by the way the rompers above is made up of cotton too.

I also would like to invest in 2 coats. One is fashionable, the other is fashionable too, but also very classic cut and makes any silhouette appear delightful. The white coat is from Zenon and it is made up of wool and the pink one again from Izabela Mandoiu and it is a folk wool with embroidery coat. Very eye catching.

I also want to invest in this stylish no sleeves jacket, that can be worn, in my opinion in summer as well as in winter months, because of its versatility. Again, from Izabela Mandoiu, Romanian fashion designer.

crepe dress gilet with embroidery

It has again my iconic colors style wish and attraction and it is embroidered, the material being cotton. You can wear whatever underneath it.

I am also keen on saving up for this bon bijou brooch. It’s so dreamy. Pretty much like me.

Bon bijou

What style items are you saving up for?