Would you hire me?

would you hire me

Are you looking for someone creative to incorporate in your company but do not wish to spend a fortune on their talent? Are you looking for someone who can work independently and is capable of delivering the results you expect and even go beyond? Are you in search of an extremely organized human and highly skilled at details? Do you want to be able to speak the same language when you talk about the responsibilities of the job and the expectations you have on people? Do you love to see passionate people in your workplace environment? Would you like to work with someone who is a fast-learner and does not need a lot of supervision to do the job? Do you need a human that is able to execute in an excellent manner? Or are you interested in collaborating with someone who is experienced in a variety of positions, ideas of doing the job, workplace environments and works well in a multi-cultural environment?

would you hire me 1

Do you need an employee or someone to collaborate with who is having harmony high on their priority list, willing to work in a realistic way for a better world, who enjoys appreciation of beauty and excellence, able to take decisions and judge and who is honest in their approach towards clients, consumers, stakeholders and yourself, as the employer? Do you like to have meaningful discussions about the job and the business and perspective is everything to you and you would like your employees to share your vision? Do you need in your company someone who has a gift for balancing the spiritual and the material planes and is able to lead people or attract this energy in the team? Do you like resourceful, lighthearted but at the same time extravagant people in your workplace? Is someone who enjoys insight and universal knowledge someone you would like to surround yourself with or your team? Do you want someone who is extremely fine tuned, sensitive (intuitive) and inspirational in your workplace environment?

What if I told you I would be interested in working with you? Would you hire me? 

would you hire me 1

How about we would all advertise our gifts, talents and capabilities instead of just jotting them down on a piece of paper and handing it over to our potential employers or recruiters? What if, we could choose whom we wish to work with, how we want to work and when we can work? What if, we could monetize our talents and we would be the ones selecting the company we want to have a collaboration with, instead of the company to choose us? What if, we were so confident about our skills that we would inspire passion and attract the company that would enjoy working with us, as extravagant as we are? What if the companies to which you advertise your talents or abilities would love for you to orchestrate them in their teams and workplaces to the realization of both dreams – yours and the businesses? What if, we would be well equipped to see the horizon and the promise and the way to reach our goals? What if, we would try more to prioritize our own desires instead of someone else’s dreams?

would you hire me like a boss

One way of taking responsibility means to take action by taking steps every day in order to make your dreams come true. Your life is being written day by day, moment by moment, are you the author or is someone else holding the pen?

would you hire me like a boss


“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart.” RUMI

What is that gift you have and you do not share it with the world? Or maybe you are a business, a start up, a small company or large one, and is to scared to work with people in a different way than up until now?

what truly makes me feel accomplished, happy and successful

What is it that your company is missing to bloom?

Maybe, it’s that passionate human who secretly wishes you would contact them but does not dare, because you, the company is not extravagant. Maybe it’s me, hopefully dreaming, some day, I will have the courage to advertise myself to you, the company. Or maybe, it’s both of us, hoping someone else would take the plunge and make the first step. 

Would you hire me?

would you hire me now