how lydia elise millen is shaping our thoughts about luxury

How Lydia Elise Millen changes the way we think about luxury

Luxury is not made up only by an expensive item. The price does not entirely encompasses the concept of luxury. For the most part of the time, I think we all have a misjudgement about what luxury really is. We think of luxury to represent rich people, snob people, people that never lived a day in their lives in poverty or people that are superior and spend a lot on things that do not matter while at the same time, someone is starving or barely coping with survival. But this is a misconception. Just as being minimalist is a misconception of being poor. It’s about priorities. About what matters to you. Buying luxury is buying items that last more, items that are made up of high quality materials, items that are probably more ethically made and that support a form of art or a designer (and that does not necessarily need to be a fashion designer, as it can be a furniture one, an interior designer or anything else connected to a form of art)

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For a very long time, I thought buying luxury items or services is something bad. Bad in the sense of wasting money. And in a way, yes, I might still agree it is. You do not need a 1000 $ bag. But if that makes you happy, I think you do need to follow your need. Because that’s what your soul is telling you to do. I am not saying to spend all your money on material things. Nor I am referring here to blindly follow someone online and start comparing yourself with that person and buy everything they have, even though you do not believe or really would wear that, but that person has it, so to be more like that person, you end up buying it. Because that is not the point. The real reason you start comparing yourself with that person that has it all and even luxury, is that you want that lifestyle, that success. Whenever you spot someone you appreciate and you want their life, is because something in your soul recognises that image of success. But not the image of success you see with your eyes then and there, represented only by material things. The image of success that transcends beyond our physical eyes, into our souls is the feeling you have when you see that person having success. You see the person being happy, fulfilled, able to express himself/herself well, able to live according to their desires and dreams, capable of doing amazing creative things and to receive beautiful opportunities. You see a feeling. That feeling is also made up by what that person buys. Because everything we buy is bought by our souls as a way of colouring our physical worlds with the colours of our souls. My vision or theory is that when we are happy with everything we do, what we believe in, what our values are used and how they are used in the world, the good we provide, we choose things, services, food, companies, stuff, clothes, everything to suit that interior sparkle. We choose everything to complete our values. If you believe in veganism, you will choose a vegan skincare brand, you will choose bamboo clothing over cotton or over artificial cloth. You choose externally whatever you are internally.

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And that’s why Lydia Elise Millen has her success. That’s why we love her. I hope you love her and appreciate her too. She is a great example of how to follow your dreams and how those internal beliefs and values will bring you the happiness, the fulfilment, the achievements and the dreams accomplished in the material world. Lydia Elise Millen is now a brand that stands for luxury, for excellency, for beauty, for reliability, for compassion, for kindness, for honesty, for wonderful work that translates into people and more brands wishing to work with her. That is true success – following your heart as she will know where to lead you. Your heart knows you best. If you follow her insights, her call, she will take you where you want to be. She will make you happy. I feel Lydia Elise Millen has fallen in love with her heart, following it beautifully, hopefully and confidently. And it paid off a lot. Lydia Elise Millen is shaping the world of luxury because you start to understand that luxury is not bad, it’s not taboo, it’s not being mean, egocentric or self-centered, it’s not about being materialistic. It’s about being in tune with your true nature. It’s about making your life the way you want it to be. Luxury is in a way of form of slow living, because you tend to appreciate much more the item or the service. You are more grateful for the opportunities you make and receive. Luxury makes you responsible. Luxury makes you outstanding because luxury is excellent most of the times (if you know how to choose the real brands) and it teaches you excellency as well, as it is making you work for something so well so that you are able to charge that high price. Luxury is also more eco friendly, in my opinion, because you only buy a specific item at a time, that can last you many years, without the need to buy the same item, next year or worse, next season, as the previous one’s quality was so low. These are all things that Lydia Elise Millen through her channel (even though she might not have mentioned all these aspects) and her blog has breathed it, has invited your soul to see it too. Lydia Elise Millen is also shaping the world of women and independent women; for some reason, I think of Lydia Elise Millen as the Beyonce of blogging. She introduced concepts and ideas in the form of videos, collaborations and writings that are different than anyone else’s and that through their significance, through the brand’s missions and Lydia’s visions highlight a new way or pattern of thinking about luxury.

Lydia Elise Millen is shaping the notion of femininity. It is so much more than beauty or being a woman. Femininity is about following your feminine desires, celebrating all the qualities that make us women – fashion, beauty, creativity, work, travel, career, being in tune to ourselves and pursuing that to portray our femininity. Lydia stands for all that and I am sure there’s more to come!

Her most recent post about her achievements in 2017 also speaks about this side of all of us, which we tend to suppress of fear to not be showed off as self centered. But we need to tell the world about our achievements. Because we also need to tell this to ourselves. We need to make a note of those things we accomplished. Otherwise, how are we going to know if we progress? Lydia’s definition of luxury is quality. And I admire a lot the quality she puts into her videos, fashion styles, blog writing and photographs. She is doing this influencer thing in a revolutionary way. Being an Aquarius, I cannot help but admire and follow her, constantly being inspired by her character, her strengths and her vision of beauty and quality, making me wanting to progress in my own pursue of excellency.

Who do you follow on social media and admire? 

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