Lessons of digital detox

forced digital detox

December 2017 surprised me not with lots of gifts as you might expect but with a zero connection to the online realm. Which at the end of it, I have to say it was a good thing. It was a gift hidden under a punishment or retrograde mercurial error.

digital detox online

This is a brief overview of what I have learned from my one month forced digital detox. 

  • I realised at the end of the digital detox, when I did get back online, that I was following a lot of useless things on Youtube. I was subscribed to people and channels that had nothing to do with my interests and that were distracting me from my true goals and from highlighting my real achievements to stop comparing myself with others.
  • I realised I am more efficient with my time now, after being forced to not use the internet, in the sense that I manage it much better, without wasting time online, rather focusing and working on what is really important to me and to my future.
  • I realised I do not really need the internet that much as I thought I would. And this comes from the fact that being away from the online world, you really start enjoying the little things in life and you appreciate it so much more, understanding that life happens outside Instagram, Youtube and blogging. Your life is out and in you. Life does not happen through your online avatars.

forced digital detox

  • I realised I have a lot of spare time and I can do so much: cook healthier, eat peacefully, without any Youtube distractions, exercise, read, meditate, etc. There’s plenty of time for all those activities and for much more, if you want to study something or learn something new. You have so much time. But the online life is keeping us blind to the freedom we really have and believe we don’t. 
  • I realised how grateful I am for having internet connection even if it’s running slow. It’s the same feeling I had when I read Station 11 a couple of years ago, of which I had taken some lessons and jot them down in this post.
  • I realised how precious information is and how precious access to information is. Never ever will I take this for granted.

Thank you Virgin for not providing me with internet connection for one month, as you have made out of 2017 Christmas a real Christmas and the gift of gratitude and appreciation of what I have was truly understood.

Have you experienced a digital detox so far? Are you planning one in 2018?

digital detox plan 2018