Are you spiritually fit ready? 

People train their bodies to look good, and to be healthy. But how many train their spirits as well, to be fit? The next step in our evolution is spiritual fitness, which according to Jeffrey Allen, a spiritual teacher and energy healer, is a measurement of our progress in our spiritual growth. What is this spiritual fitness you may ask? It is the answer to the the following:

Why, giving the same spiritual training and coaching to groups of people, some integrate the knowledge easily and put it into practice smoothly and can gain considerably from it, whilst others seem to struggle practicing what they were thought? 

The answer to that resides in this concept “spiritual fitness” – as with all new learning there is the stage in which you put a lot of energy, time and struggles, pretty much comparing it to climbing a mountain to reach the top, then once there, going downhill, it’s easy and much more enjoyable, exactly how it feels after you have learned something and you practice it with joy and self esteem that you can do this – that’s how spiritual fitness manifests when you are fit. You can easily learn new concepts and grow better and easier if you have reached the top and you go downhill (new information, spiritual insights, teachings are better learned and practiced) than if you go uphill. When you are up already, therefore spiritually fit, it allows you to reach your highest potential. If you are not physically fit to run a marathon, you will not finish it. If you are maybe a dancer or a football player, chances are, you will cope better with running it.

Just as in the past physical fitness seemed something weird, yet now it is something normal and even expected, spiritual fitness is a global movement and if a couple of years ago, meditation was seen as way too hippie or out of this extroverted world, now it is accepted, embraced and it moves the world towards a global spiritual movement. It is needed. 

For this reason, spiritual fitness is a lifestyle choice, just like being a vegetarian or a vegan is. And we will all have to bring our level of spiritual fitness up so we can operate at our heighest selves. So we can enjoy the many benefits such as a life where synchronicities happen all the time, where life flows easily and we can enjoy ourselves so much more being in tune with the universe, with this new energy that arrives. 

Being spiritually fit means that all the things that bothered you so far, simply do not do it anymore as you understand better yourself and the world, it also signifies that if you find yourself in a situation that up until that moment you could not cope with, now, embracing the spiritual fitness concept, you discover it’s easy to move yourself out of it gracefully. 

How up is your spiritual fitness level? 

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