Dear August

You have been sunny at the beginning. Welcoming and uplifting. The more the time flew by, the less warmer you became. Days started to become humid. Then cloudy. Then rainy. And windy. As if, trying to accommodate me for September. You have been so long, August, this time. Long and unexpectedly I wanted you to come to an end sooner. Because you kept throwing me in this unpleasant autumn weather when it was still possible for you to be warm and fun. You could have made me so happy, but you decided to make sure I know you will be over soon. You have not even been good enough for August.

Just let me dream. A little bit more. Send me back in time, at the beginning of June. Let’s collide with the warmth of the air, let’s dance in the greenish of it all, let’s smell the scent of the new flowers, let’s experience the summer. I have not had enough.

August, you are like the Sunday of summer. You know you bring the Mondays. You know I need to make the best of you. Yet, you do not help. You have been most of the times miserable. Bringing October vibes in too soon in the picture. Why should I contemplate the rain now, when there’s plenty of time for that in the next months?

Well, I guess, I can say I am now ready for September. I am ready to embrace the end of this August. Even though, you acted more like October. Maybe, you did that to make September feel more sweet.