How to read the ingredient list of your skincare products

The best advice I would have given so far in respect to that, would have been, to have as little as possible ingredients. To be something you can decipher. To be as much as possible natural. Or to sound natural because not only you will be able to read it but you can also check the ingredient’s names and decide if that is something you really want onto your skin.

Apart from that, there is something else you need to think of. Recently, I came across some new information about skincare ingredients. Oskia Skincare is an UK brand that relies a lot on transparency of the ingredients used, making full use of the natural spectrum of possibilities to include in the creation of a skincare product. I like when brands explain the reason behind using a specific ingredient. I want my skincare to be as much as possible natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan, and efficient at the same time. I use Vision skincare products most of the time, and I switch to other brands such like Oskia skincare when I feel my skin screams for it. If Vision skincare convinced me with their vegan cruelty free skincare based on natural ingredients from herbs and plants gathered at a specific time in the year, from the cleanest most ecological regions on Earth, being made into the best vegan sensitive skin anti aging product, Oskia’s new range of skincare products named City Life re-opened my eyes to its philosophy and to seeing more than just what the ads are selling us.

Pollution is a big factor in the efficiency of any skincare product. Being constantly exposed to outdoor and indoor pollution it can seriously affect our skin. Free radicals, caused by pollution can harm the cells and our skin’s own anti-oxidants. The mixture of Particulate Matter in the air and heavy metals can cause problems on the surface of the skin as well as it can penetrate through the pores leading to deeper damage.

Learning that, you come to understand that some ingredients in the skincare products you use may actually be harmful on your skin because they interact with the pollution and they end up in your skin, causing those skin issues we all want to run from. I mean, taking care of your skin should start from what you put into your body, and reading first the ingredient list on the food you buy. This will make things easier when you purchase cosmetics.

how to read the ingredient list on skincare products

In the last year or so, I have not tried to search for new brands of skincare or any other discoveries in terms to natural ingredients as I used most of the times Vision Vegan Skincare and if I was not using that, I did not use anything.

There’s a lot of noise around washing your face every night, taking make up off, and not all of us do that on a daily basis. We create excuses. Imagine if using skincare products can actually be bad for us as we trigger to push deeper the pollutants into our skin, what about not using skincare at all, or worse, not cleaning it?

It made me think, (of course I will purchase the Oskia Skincare City Life products) of an article I read from Vision skincare, about the fact that some skincare products or even brands use ingredients that are interfering with our hormones or that have specific hormones that make you experience a wonderful result but when you stop using it, your skin is worse. So you have to continue buying the same product. That’s totally unethical, unfair and harmful for our health in the end.

skincare ingredients read how to

Reading the ingredients list is not enough. Just as it is not enough to read the summary of a book and pretend you read the book. You need to dive into the brand itself and understand its story. Understand why its owner decided to come on the market with their products. How the products were born. Much like the story of a character in a book. We don’t really like the book. We like the character’s journey. The story the character tells. We don’t buy a product for its ingredients. We don’t go on the shelves and start flipping through the ingredient lists of all skincare products exhibited. It is taking a lot of time, energy and it does not tell us anything about the product. We don’t understand the ingredients anyway.

That’s like reading 5 pages of each chapter and deciding if we like the book or not. Documenting ourselves, researching the industry and being open to products or new brands that specific people we trust, use, should become a priority.

That’s how you should read the ingredient list. By reading the story of the brand. By understanding the ingredients from the owners perspective. That’s someone who has had extended experience in that field. Like Oskia skincare’s founder, Georgie whose ideas about beauty and taking care of our aging skin have reinvented my thoughts on skincare. I was so against specific ingredients and after reading more about that one, I had a totally different opinion.

Before you learn how to read for yourself the ingredient list in your skincare products, I would like to tell you what you need to start with. Start with understanding why you are interested in your skin. What do you want your skin to be like, to look like, to feel like? Find out your skin type and do some research into how you can actually achieve the results you wish based on your skin pre-conditions. Then, scrutinize through your skincare products. In my opinion, you do not need a whole cupboard of skincare products. First of all, you are not going to have time to use them all. And secondly, the more you use, the more your skin is going to experience problems, because you are constantly stressing it out. Are you peaceful when you are given a lot of tasks to accomplish? Your skin is you. It will react the way you react to stress. Next step, is to take a look at those products you hold which you really use, which you enjoy using and have made your skin happy, therefore yourself happy. Remain with those products. Now, you can start taking a look at the ingredients. Make sure you search the brand out, find out its story, discover more about the ingredients after that. Is it a cruelty free brand? Is it natural? How chemical is that skincare product after all?

ingredients how to read skincare products

Lastly, you should be able to understand how to read the ingredient lists on your next skincare purchase by making a note of all those herbs or plants or ingredients that are specifically designed for your skin type. The next time your brain wants you to grab something it’s seen in a commercial, blogger/vlogger review, celebrity ad, analyze it by understanding what your skin needs.

I for one, am against alcohol in a skincare product. Because my skin gets irritated. Itchy or too dry. However, if I only use once in a while a specific skincare product that does happen to contain it, it should not harm me. On the contrary, the experience I will get is something like reminding myself why I do not need to use that product often, it reminds me why alcohol is bad for me and it gives me so much more gratitude for the skincare products I do use, which do not make me feel dry and therefore more prone to aging.

In the end, it is your decision how you read the ingredient list and what you interpret from it, but I think it is important for us to open our eyes and minds to the brand’s story, as that’s the one that will actually reveal the ingredients’ importance and usefulness. That’s what it will make you trust it to use it.

skincare ingredients read

I maintain my vision that natural skin care products are the most efficient and safe way to keep our skin youthful and healthy. Unique cosmetics from Vision is developed based on the natural ingredients, which efficiency has been confirmed by clinical research and the time itself. Whereas latest innovative manufacturing technologies of purification, processing and storage allow Vision cosmetics to preserve unharmed the whole complex of useful natural ingredients for consumers. Vision skin care products are paraben- and phenoxyethanol-free. Moreover, carefully selected formulas, due to their synergic effect, allow to multiply beneficial features of every single ingredient and enhance overall result of application of Vision skin-care products.

I am also looking forward to testing Oskia skincare City Life range. Are you excited about any skincare brands or new products? What really excites you about it and have you checked the ingredient list to see if it really triggers that?