I was on holiday


I have heard that scream that my soul shouts, I have heard its echoes and its bleeding. I have been away my dear heart, yes. But, I am here, awake to listen. Tell me, where should we go next? I know an year is a long time. I know that time is simply flying by. I know you daily advise of how, I should be more aware of how, I spend it, so remotely from my home. Far away, and lost in work. In this obsession to get more. To strive for something that someday, will make that life that you, so much, dream of. I do this for you, my dear soul. So you can rest at peace when old. To have a roof above your head and crawl that body next to him. But there are times, when sacrifice won’t suffix this thirst of life. Of travel, sun and fun, in light and bright moon to call Hey, I am alive!I feel you live for that far to be built future, afraid to lose something you think will make you happier. And in this quest to obtain more, you lose sight of your perspective here. You are not living for the future. You are scared of it and that’s the reason, you slowly hide behind this reason. You think you fool me, but I see you. I see you bleed in dark and dream of light. Your scars are visible in the sun. Few people can notice that as well as I do. And you know, soon, more people will do. Because your heart will scream for you. So as I scream when you shout too. When all your energy will be in vain. When all your time is done on that, which brings you nothing than pure delay for lust of present life, that’s when you’ll pay attention to your old wounded soul and you’ll scream at it for I have not screamed more. But I do scream and shout. And hope you hear my voice. It’s never tired or left out of hope. It’s always there, haunting your dreams and mind. I am here, with you, please notice me. Let’s play together in this world we are. Let’s lighten up another soul and dare to be as you are, soul. A joy, a power and the peace. You are and that’s all you need to grow your wings. To fly above and blink your eyes to see the beauty that’s below and fail to notice how blessed you are. Wake up now, as it’s not late. Wake up early and be brave. You have forever to exist, but only one life now to taste. I scream to you, can you hear me, please?


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