A very materialistic blog post

a very materialistic blog post

Living in a shared accommodation makes one person, like myself, to understand better what I shop and how am I going to store it, and also, how will I transport it when I move out. Or go back home. With lots of luggage. I realized that I shop for things that I like, such as different pieces of clothes that speak to my soul, that can show my soul out to the world, I shop for books of which story I want to experience, I shop for skincare and cosmetics to put my body and face out there in the most pleasing way possible and build this Georgyana that I am.

I realize that everything that I buy is an extension of me or a form to fabricate myself in order to exhibit my soul, my human being to other human beings. It is a way of communicating. Of understanding the world. Of being in this world.

And there are times, when I am so minimalist and I become fully aware of that fact that even so, at times, I want that “thing”. That thing that was advertised by someone else, giving me a perceived, maybe false sensation that specific item will help construct my self.

When we shop for stuff we want, love or need, we shop for our egos, yes, but also for our selves, for that feeling that we are of value and people will love us once that “thing” develops into ourselves. We shop for other people to notice us, to fulfill our beings.

If you ask yourself, Why do I shop?  and answer with the first reply that comes to your mind, you must carry on and ask again, Why ?, and again But why do you need that? and you will reach a point when your true reasons for buying emerge from your heart.

I shop to beautify myself. I shop to beautify myself because I want to be of interest to people for as long as possible. I shop because I like myself being young and beautiful and having the possibility to spend money without going broke. I shop to be alive.

I shop to show what I like. I shop to prove myself. I shop to be perceived. I shop clothes, organic food, books, experiences, home decor, stationery and all sort of other non-minimalist items. Because I want to show what I like, who I am to the world, to you, I shop to influence you in a way to buy that. I shop to change myself and the world.

I do shop ethically. I shop thinking about consequences. But not always. I sometimes shop for my ego, for my selfish nature. To be happy. I shop for gifts. For you and for me.

Then, I realize that I sometimes shop to support a specific person, an artist maybe, something innovative like technology, something that can help us all, as society, if we would all invest in that product or service.

I would say it is wise to shop to support something we believe in. Organic, natural, ethically sourced, fair trade, technology that can bring us all freedom, more green products, more environmental friendly purchases.

What do you shop for and why do you shop?

shop ethically and green