Open letter to my older self

Hi! I hope you are well. I know for sure this letter is unexpected but I believe it is a pleasant surprise for you. I imagine it would be for me if I would receive one from our past self! I want to tell you I have big dreams, lots of stuff I wish I would have accomplished by the time you would get this. And I imagine that while you are reading these lines, you smile with gratefulness as it did happen. Oh, I cannot wait to be in that place you’re now!

open letter to my older self from my younger self

At the same time, I do wonder if you are as I imagine you. First of all, still looking young, healthy, calm. Our signature. I do hope you are healthy, fit and surrounded with love and peace. I hope you are reaching your goals and you work on what makes us happy. I dream you are beautiful, pleasant, alive, kind, healthy, happy. Successful in all the ways imagined. I hope all my dreams came true through you. I wish you could reply back and reassure me of that. It would make me feel more determined.

open letter to my older self from my younger self

I dream you would send me these days a letter and tell me all the great things that await me. I wish you would say to keep my focus because it will lead me where I dream to be. I wish you would provide some advice of some sort on what passion to follow to find you. I wish you would say I will become more confident in my own powers, passions, ways to do things and that my plans will transform themselves under my eyes and I will see them happening.

open letter to my older self 1

Why don’t you send me a proof that I have succeeded? Or a gift maybe, gift me something that I will create some day. I am so very curious about you. How you look now, how you dress, what you work, how your day looks like, what has become of your hobbies and dreams. I keep mentioning the same things, right? I would love to see a picture of yourself, of where you live. I am curious about the world you live in, too. How are people? And, do we have a garden, an ecological house? A cat?

How old are?

I wish to hear from you, get the answers on my questions and maybe become less anxious about the future, about my life or where is heading to. I would love to know the road ahead, thus planning on how I will fix things if they go wrong, or even, prevent them. I wish you would tell me what to expect. I would like you to tell me you are free, because the world we live in is free. Free of the burden of any financial or health stress. I want to hear from you. I need your support, your vision, your strength, your power, your courage to change.

2 open letter to my older self.jpg

Please, be well!




open letter to my older self from my young self.jpg

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