Cover letter of UK Expats’ 1st interview

expat uk interview cover letter

My first interview in the UK as an expat was due to the below cover letter. I hope you find some inspiration and motivation and self-confidence in your own worth.

To whom it may concern,

 As my resume details it, I have nearly 3 years’ worth of experience in designing learning content along with training materials and delivery of training, and I have gained it through my own personal freelancer project Map Your Future. I decided to do this, because after graduating in my country, I could only find jobs that would not suit my desire of working in the field of Psychology and Development, which I have studied. I am a serious, creative and open minded human being and I feel comfortable with teams and with fast paced projects, as I have worked in these types of working environments in admin, call centers and translating departments, that is why I know I am qualified to offer my knowledge, my skills, my ideas and my vision to your company.

Having worked in so many different type of activities, I have gained a skill that is not only helpful in the future, but also, in my opinion, vital to keep up with the fast forward moving society and technology and the need of alternate jobs to the different sort of needs for the society. That skill is called fast learning and adaptability and I am the happy owner of it. I like to read a lot, and create different contents for my blog, and through this, I am continuously learning and improving my skills, my knowledge and mostly my attitude.

I have decided to come to Belfast because I want to thrive in an environment where I can work with what I like, what I know to do and what can be of help to others. I feel like Belfast is a multicultural small city and after finding your announcement regarding the eLearning Designer position, I felt like this is the job I want. And it is!

I would like to also highlight the fact that I am interested in Psychology (which I have studied and continue to read on it), English, Education, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, and combining all my major interests in one job, a job that would require critical thinking, creative writing and synthesizing all that information into new learning materials, designing and explaining the concepts, then, you have definitely found the one to fill in the eLearning Designer position. Choose me, as I am very motivated in these areas and I would be very pleased to collaborate with you.

Finally, in all my previous work experiences, I had the chance of different challenges, career advancement and discovery, however, I know that nothing can be compared to working with what you are good at and what you love to do. I believe you will also thrive with what I can create and design for you, because I am very committed to my work and since I am a very creative person, I do not like to create “things” of which I am not proud of, or of which I do not feel it represents me. I strive for excellency. When I create, design, think, adapt and make something, I always see it as an expression of myself. And I like to offer something meaningful, helpful and enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact me for an interview, either by phone at ————— or by email at ———————- and you can meet me and discuss further.

Thank you for your time and your consideration,

Best regards,



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