Why I love Vision products

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If you have not heard about Vision brand by now, it is because Vision VIP Group is not a brand like any other brands. I have been using their products for years now and always will do, because I am convinced of their efficacy and benefits it gives to my health and, most recently, to my skin.

Vision makes bio-active supplements and recently they have released a vegan skincare range of products that I am trying out right now. Why I chose this brand and not any other random more popular one? You need to understand the vision of the company to understand why I love its products.

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Balanced nutrition forms the foundation of our health. Biologically active food supplements are precisely what you need to make your diet adequate and appropriate.

Biologically active food supplements are natural complexes containing minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers, extracts of medicinal herbs, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, etc. They make up for the respective deficiencies in nutrition, enhance assimilation of healthy substances, boost internal powers of the body and mitigate the risk of many diseases.

According to the scientists and doctors, accurate and regular intake of biologically active food supplements not only allows to retain youth, health and vitality longer. But also significantly improves the quality of life.

The earth’s flora is a huge, unfailing treasure trove of medicinal substances. Commanding extensive scientific resources, Vision performs regular monitoring of the environmental state of the regions on the globe that are most favorable for the growing of the botanical ingredients that enter into the composition of Vision products. Experts take into account such parameters as the degree of rarefaction of the air, the growing area’s altitude above sea level, average annual temperature, humidity, and intensity of ultraviolet radiation, orientation of the growing area in relation to where light comes from, and prevailing winds. Environmental certificates for the regions are drawn up based on the data collected. It is from the moment that a region is awarded an environmental certificate that the history of the making of each Company capsule, of every Company product begins its dating.

live healthy and wealthy motivational inspirational quote
Botanical ingredients are only gathered at a certain time of the year, because in this case seasonal fluctuations are a decisive factor in maintaining the vital forces of herbs. Then living herbs are placed in special “eco-transporters” and delivered to the factory. The unique technology of cryofracture, or cryogrinding – pulverizing the raw materials in a low temperature environment in an atmosphere of the neutral gas nitrogen – that is used for producing Vision bio-active supplements allows retention of the useful properties of the botanical ingredients without killing the invigorating force of the herbs.

Biologically active dietary supplements offered by the Vision company are the products of the highly technological processing of natural vegetable raw materials. In addition to an optimal vitamin and mineral complex, they also contain phytocomponents. These components are the biologically active substances of well-known medicinal plants.

Modern science and technologies make it possible to isolate those biochemical components, or biologically active substances (BAS), which produce the effect we’re looking for. These substances – pure and intact BAS – are then used to produce BAFS. We have not made it our goal in this paper to reveal to you in detail the exceedingly subtle mechanisms by which our Bioactive Supplements work, because special expertise would be required to understand this information. But we must say that all these substances are of exclusively natural phytogenic origin, which makes them valuable and active for everyone.

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The Company’s vegan cosmetic products represent a fortunate alliance of science and Mother Nature: 100% natural active ingredients and latest achievements in biotechnology – one of the most promising branches in modern science – are used to make them. Vision cosmetics embody all the excellence of the company’s innovative approach:

  • they abound in natural components distinguished by high activity and effectiveness;
  • they have an inimitable bouquet of delightful fragrances;
  • they have been scientifically tested; and
  • they possess proven and observable effectiveness upon application.

The new skincare released recently to the market is vegan, innovative and has the highest imaginable efficacy on your skin. All products are made with PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® stem cells that play a key role in age-related skin changes. PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® is based on stem cells from Saponaria pumila, a rare flower that survived the last Ice Age in the Alps. During this period of glaciation, Saponaria pumila managed to escape the ice by moving to rare ice-free mountain peaks that are known as nunataks. Despite being continually exposed to low temperatures and high amounts of UV radiation, this rare plant developed unique adaption strategies, effective repair mechanisms and protecting components.

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is naturally occurring proteins found in our skin. It stimulates cellular growth, repair and increase their number to fuel skin renewal.EGF improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin and helps to prevent the harmful effects of sun, the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

EGF in VISION Cosmetic is synthesized from plants. It is 97% pure and does not contain harmful endotoxins.

I would love to invite you to read more about the vegan skincare created by Vision and then to try out the products for yourself. You will be surprised by its efficacy. Visions’ philosophy is entitled to the Whole Health Option, that is the recognition that health is the highest value of a human being and a belief in health being the harmony between a person’s physical state, spiritual welfare, intellectual purposefulness, social equity and that this can be obtained by sustaining a high quality of life.

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Are you ready for a wonderful quality of life in 2017 with the vegan skincare provided by Vision?