10 unexpected things that happen when you study Psychology

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

1. You will better understand yourself and the people around you. You will understand behavior and will wonder at the theory of it all surrounding it. But you need to know that, that will not make you an expert in figuring out people once you have graduated. And you will clearly not be able to spot anything in other people’s mind. But if you want to read minds, here’s how you can do it.

2. You get more insight into mental illnesses. This will help you become more empathetic towards people that experience this and it will guide your behavior towards them to be able to help. My grandmother had depression. Studying depression and seeing one of your dearest living with it, it is a life changer experience.

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

3. Based on 2. you start changing your attitude towards life. You understand the principles of the brain, of the mind. There are 2 options here. Once someone graduates from Psychology, that person will either become focused on the scientific research or part of Psychology which deals with facts, with statistics, with clear facts or you will embrace the fact that the study of psychology has more than that and it does have to do a lot with the psychology of the well being. You will rarely feel in between. This means that you start to either treat people as brains and their cognitive actions transformed into behaviors, giving them labels or you will understand that the human and the human mind is way more wider to be encapsulated in a label. I am in that last category. We are more than brains and organs and chemistry. We are spirits. We are alive. Most importantly, you are not your mind.

4. You will understand and explain to people that psychology is not psychiatry. Psychology does not prescribe pills or drugs. It assists with therapy to help a patient through changing their thoughts, and then the cognitive aspects which in turn will change their behavior. Therapy is what psychology deals with most of the time. To be more factual, a psychologist usually deals with statistics and with research, while a therapist does therapy sessions with patients to assist usually with addictions through a non-invasive treatment, with relationship, with personal life, with personal development.

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

5. You will want to go to a therapy session or sessions. In my case, it was more than curiosity. It had to do with how does this therapist handle his/her sessions? What do they ask me? How do they ask me? How do I feel as a patient? I was so curious to understand this aspect because I could better assist a patient if I know how he/she feels. I will know or believe I will know how to guide the session better. It is also a great learning environment as it is practical. Reading about how therapy sessions are created or held is something that is learned mostly after you have graduated a particular school of psychology which is after your bachelor degree.

6. People do give you more credit simply because you have studied psychology. This will help you in your job interviews if are you smart enough to know how to play them, but it will also make new people that encounter you to lift their eyebrows. The first thing that I always get asked is this: so, you can read my mind? Actually, I can’t, but I can use the theory of mind and empathize and make an assumption which might turn out to be true only if I probe it with you. So, no. Psychologists and therapists cannot read minds. They can understand a specific behavior and your thoughts, how a mind works. But that does not transform us into mind readers.

7. You will discover there are more career options than you actually expected it before graduating or signing up for studying psychology. Some of the options that surprised me are sport and exercise psychologist, statistician, advertising psychologist, trainer, speaker in one particular field, writer in different fields of the vast psychology subject.

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

8. My father imagined that if I studied Psychology, I am actually being taught how to live. At first, that was a weird belief that I treated it as. But as time went by, you can definitely say that Psychology can teach you how to live. You learn behavior, you learn a lot about organizational psychology and a lot of the subjects studied are helpful in any career that you wish to pursue. It has to do with human nature and brain and that is connected to everything in life. You understand relationships better and you learn to be a better communicator, thus your communication skills enhance and all these are core aspects in anyone’s life.

9. It will help you in your work life. Whichever that may be, simply because when you learn about the brain, you will learn how it works, when it works the best and what counts to that. Performance, motivation, volition and learning environments are all going to make sense to you and you will grasp sooner what a specific employer expects from you or wants from you. You will perform faster and better at any job, because you have a foundation which is as my father called it, “learning how to live”.

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

10. After my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I chose a master degree in Criminology. What I learned through my dissertation paper named Corporate Crime, is that there are a lot more crimes (or criminal actions) performed by people who work in the field of Criminology and in other powerful jobs than you can even imagine. Corruption at all level is one of them, and even though we are experiencing at some extent everyday, we choose to ignore it as if it does not exist. Part of that, is because all organizations are psychopathic and whoever is in charge of them, if he/she is not a sociopath, eventually they will need to become one to be in charge and dictate its rules. A surprising thing that happened when I was presenting my dissertation paper to graduate, one of the teachers reviewing my speech, disagreed completely with everything I have put on that paper. To me it was surprising to see at what extent all large corporations have brainwashed us in such way, that we believe whatever they invent more than we believe in ourselves (or in our intuitions) to succeed in any area. It also surprised me to see how you are treated if you come up with a new idea that it is not something fundamentally studied and published by someone that everyone else knows or has heard of. Or wants to hear about it. 

Studying Psychology I have also developed a knowledge for some facts studied. Some of them are powerful enough to guide one’s life decisions upon. Take a read on what powerful facts have I taken on from studying psychology to guide my life decisions upon here.

10 things that happen when you study psychology how why

Would you have an interest to study Psychology?

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