31 mistakes I made in 31 years

1.Denying life as it happens, not accepting whatever you are being given by the universe to learn, refusing to cope with the situations you are put into to grow. 2.Not acknowledging the fact that tomorrow is another day. Not staying strong when things go wrong and not having patience for the miracle to happen, the next day. 3. Believing I will be skinny for as long as I live and not investing in going to the gym especially, starting going to the gym when young to make a habit out of it. 4. Not understanding the true value of health which is the most precious bank account you need to save up for. 5. Not reading more the following phrase: “You become what you do most with/of your time.” and not acting on it. 6. Not having fun as much as I should have had when at Uni and high-school. Picking the day and enjoying it as it is. This is connected to number 1.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

7. My eyebrows were unique. Destroying them at around 15 years old instead of letting them grow as wild as they were. Believing I need to be like someone in particular to be liked. Figuring it out too late that I need to embrace myself. I am unique. Even now, with the way my eyebrows have developed and have grown out of the trauma I put them through, they are mine. They are me. I am unique. And You are unique, along with everything that makes you unique and makes you to be YOU. 8. Not taking up the chances that came my way because I was afraid I would mess it up and make mistakes. When opportunities come along, you have to grab them. They do not come twice in a lifetime.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

9. Not reading more when younger when time was infinite and long and enough for everything. Because you will learn and understand with time, that, what you practice in private will be highly rewarded in public. Everything you read and learn and discover through reading will help you forever.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

10. Not enjoying myself more with friends and going out with them. Life is a gift and as Tony Robbins pinpoints it out: “it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

11. Believing of myself to not be enough to do x and z. When I was younger I could not focus on where I wanted to go, rather too much on what I feared it would happen if I would choose a specific path. Beliefs have the power to create but also to destroy. Learn to not dis-empower yourself up.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

12. Forcing myself to a job I hated. Because we all get what we tolerate. If I accept something harmful for myself in any way (being killing my own soul and energy with that job and draining myself of it instead of using it for what I truly wish to pursue), then I have chosen that I deserve that because again, I am fearful of what might happen if I do not follow what everyone else believes it is right for me because themselves are afraid of pursuing a different road. Connected to number 11.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

13. Not following my passions, hobbies and talents. I have learned from this to decide I will find a way, no matter what. Better to regret what you have done, than what you have not. As in that Robbie Williams’ song “No Regrets“.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

14. Being lazy in the mornings. Then I read something from Tony Robbins that goes like this: “People are not lazy, they simply have impotent goals, goals that do not inspire them.” I would go further and add that, again it is connected to fear, fear that I cannot dream of more, because I tolerate specific things to myself or I do not tolerate it.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

15. Using dangerous aluminium based ingredients antiperspirant.  16. Believing what my hairdressers told me about my hair because that’s what they have learned at their school and that’s what they think everyone should wear their hair like based on some labels for hair types. Do not label yourself or anything that has to do with you. Rely on your intuitions.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

17. Not trusting more my judgement. Not having self confidence. Not trusting my own decisions. Learn to be more independent. Not relying more often on my intuition. 18. Being too cautious not to make mistakes. 19. Not visiting more my grandparents after growing up.  20. Not taking up the classes I was interested in: graphology, positive psychology, music therapy, more new foreign languages. If you do what you have always done, you will get the same results you have always obtained. To me, not pursuing something new or different or totally unexpected was translated to an attitude of letting it go, of if I try again, it will work. You need to try again but with something else or using a different method. Otherwise you’re like the mad that expects to find something new even though he only tries the same thing. You already know that your attitude will determine whether you will fail or succeed. 21. Believing that I do not deserve certain things because I have not done something in particular for that thing. We should not try to be perfect. We need to be excellent examples of being humans. For that, we all deserve the best.

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

22. Thinking that I am way too old for a specific thing to do.  23. Not sharing more often my emotions and feelings. Believing I would be taken for weak or sentimental, or emotional or another dis-empowering belief like that.  24. Day dreaming too much and too little action. I mean, I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them. But even when relying, we need to act upon. Plan, execute, enjoy.

Unicorn fairy tale day dreaming too much

25. Giving up Public Speaking Toastmasters Club.  26. Doubting myself for the choices I have made. Believing that no one cares anyway. Doubting that anyone actually cares. This triggers inconsistency in your actions. Or, it did, in my case, anyway. Learn from that!

31 mistakes I made in 31 years

27. Saying too much “No” to life.  Saying “I do not know”. Being unwilling to do more. Being fine with receiving less than what I could and have deserved to receive. Not fighting for what I deserve. Not saying YES to myself. Yes, I deserve this, Yes, I can do this, Yes, I want this now. Yes, I will do this. Yes, I can. MORE of YES to also become, more positive. 28. Throwing away stuff on the spur of the moment and regretting it afterwards. “No regrets?”. A lot of those in this case. 29. Buying items that I will never wear or impulse purchases. Being a consumerist. A consumerist is not free. He or she is attached to the idea of showcasing their personalities through their stuff. They do not know who they are without that pile of stuff. Stop making these type of purchases. They loose you money and your self-esteem and self-confidence that you are more than your items, things or stuff that you buy.

30. Stressing myself out over things I cannot control at all.

31. Probably the most important mistake, from which I have learned a lot was being inconsistent with whatever thing I would decide to pursue. Because life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never ending commitment to act until they achieve. That’s why persistence and consistency are the main ingredients to a wealthy, healthy and happy life.

And remember, whether making mistakes or not, whether learning from that or not, whether you are with flaws or flawless, the world is more beautiful with you in it!


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