What to do on a rainy day

5 awesome things to do on a rainy day

UK is known to be one of the countries that has the highest rate of depressing people. That may have to do (along with other personal facts of a person) with the fact that there is a lot of rain, little sunshine and therefore less happiness or a less possibility to have a good mood, which can make one person more prone to sadness and to depression, depending on each person’s life circumstances.

5 awesome things to do on a rainy day

So what do to on a rainy day to cheer yourself up? Definitely TV is not a valid option for your mental health. Here are 5 options to take into consideration when thinking about indoor activities on a rainy day. I will refer to 5 things or activities and actions to perform when you are in your own home.

1. For Insight: Consider your life, your vocation and your passions. There is nothing more fulfilling then finding out more about yourself and working on that discovery. Especially if it rains. A cup of tea, a notebook, a pen, the view on your window with the raindrops hitting it and your thoughts should make a boring rainy day into a challenging one. We all strive and try hard and take a lot of “bullshit” at work, but we rarely take care of our own life management. This is a time to do it. If you need help in this, you might be pleasantly surprised and hopefully you will find meaning in this post. 

5 awesome things to do on a rainy day

2. For Personal Development: Take the calendar and consider the month we are in. No matter what month you are at, at the moment you are reading through this post, consider from that month onward a New Year. Mark the day of your New first year as Today and begin deciding what you want to be or accomplish by the end of next year this time. Start including tasks into your months and weeks and you can even consider introducing in this step, the first activity, above described. Be clear on what you want to become, what you would like to know (any knowledge gaps, any studies you need to finish up, any books you want to finish up, anything in particular tangible and that can be accomplished in one year that you would like in one year) and what you need to do in order to achieve that goal. How does attaining that goal make you feel? Once you have put the big goals, highlight the little goals for each month. Maybe you would like to learn something new each month. A new skill. A new hobby. Change. What goal and tasks do you have for this month onward and how can you achieve it? What about the next months? Maybe even plan few holiday trips.

3. For Shopping: Consider investing in something worthwhile of your time and money such as a planner, a journal that truly inspires you to take the steps at number 1 and 2. Stationery can be fun and smart at the same time. It can really guide your steps and help with your to-do-lists and tasks. Goals and passions together can create a wonderful combo that get achieved through the stationery and inspirational and motivational products offered by one of my favorite writer.

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4. For Health Improvement: Which can be combined with number 3. As it has to do with a purchase into an investment in your overall health balance. It is a bracelet designed and created by Vision. This is unique on the market and its main purpose is of preservation, protection and straightening of the health. It has nothing to do with magic. Innovative technologies and latest medical innovations have allowed to unite the power of ions, magnetic and infrared rays for the benefit of health. This made it possible to create a truly unique accessory—PentActivbracelet with bioceramic inserts. Thanks to nanotechnologiesPentActivbracelets unite the power of five elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons and magnetic waves. Each of these elements contained by Vision health bracelet jewelry are explained in full details for you in this post. Since it’s raining, why not give it a go?

5. For Fun: Read. Reading has proved to be 300 times more helpful in combating stress than walking and 600 times more powerful than video games for fun. Stress is a key aspect of depressing people and lack of fun contributes largely to that high number of people affected by it. Make sure to leave depression, sadness, stress and lack of fun buried deep into the past, because reading will definitely cheer your rainy day and make you enjoy it so much. You can have a go through my list of wish books. I think you will wish to read them too! And make sure to read about the benefits of reading fiction to motivate you into that in my previous blog post!

5 awesome things to do on a rainy day