31 lessons I learned in 31 Christmases

31 lessons I learned in 31 Christmases

1.Your intuition is NEVER confused or unable to show things clearly for you. I discovered my mom in the kitchen when I was around 8 years old and I saw her packing some Kinder Surprise Eggs which myself and my brother would usually get on Christmases and I told her: “You are Santa!”. But I was not sad that there was no Santa. I was fascinated that my assumptions turned out to be true. That takes me to number – 2.You will come to love yourself and you will love everything you are made of, exactly how you are, in terms of your physical, emotional, spiritual body that you were given. You will love your craziness (the good side though*) because that is yours and it makes you special. Maybe that’s the reason a lot of people do not change specific parts of their behavior. They are in love with it. With how that special trait of them turns people to do, make, believe, act or think in a specific way. Just as I am ALWAYS fascinated to discover that EVERYTHING I have an intuition about delivers that outcome. It is surprising to find out about yourself that you are more intelligent than you or others around you imagined you would be (especially if you are known as an introvert). – 3.If you are not very attractive while growing up according to media’s or society’s standards, don’t worry, you will make everyone wonder how you turned out to be so beautiful, graceful and elegant in a few years to come. – 4.Whatever number you are enjoying now, on this Christmas, be present, be in the NOW. It will not come back and next year you might regret you have not experienced what you had and what you had received as a gift from the universe. The joy you are given at a specific point in time; that’s there to test you or to teach you something, either in that moment or, if you choose, the next Christmas, and next Christmas, my dear one, it’s sad. – 5.The right shade of red will make you look festive, elegant and alive. It will cheer you up and it will also attract everyone’s eyes on you. – 6.You are a Santa yourself. So, don’t  get upset if you do not get the right present. You messed things up last Christmas too. – 7. Just as you are a Santa to someone or various persons, you are your own Santa as well. Treat yourself with the right gifts. Do not treat yourself with food. You are not a dog. – 8.Visit your grandparents on Christmas at least; it is a tendency we have to forget to do it after we have grown up. You will regret it if you take them for granted. They are not here forever, as much as we would like to fool ourselves of that. – 9.Parents will be parents. They will teach you something new each year. Of how you are supposed to act, of what you should have done, or said. Take that and make sure you pass it on correctly. – 10.Enjoy the cold, the snow, even the rain. If you are ever going to move in a far warmer country, even if you are that type of person that says (like me): “I could live here forever, with never experiencing cold again.” rest assured you will miss the snow, the cold (I have been there), maybe not the rain. That is everywhere. – 11.What you think you can never live without, will turn out to prove you wrong. – 12.You have always been a minimalist, but society fooled you with its “treats”, with its “deals”, with its “sales” or better it deluded you in its prison of temptations. Go deep inside and see what are you actually searching for when wanting a specific “gift”. What do you want to feel? What do you expect to feel? – 13.Christmas is not made up of just THE Christmas tree, gifts, wraps, food and family gossip or movies. It is about the Christmas inside. The warmth. Your soul. The start of a new beginning. Jesus Christ was born. The good. Forgiveness. – 14.Eat less chocolate. Less of everything. – 15.If there is something that you absolutely dislike, you will be forced by the universe to work in that area until you have changed your mind about that or until you have changed the activity. – 16.Do you believe of yourself you are socially active and cannot imagine not being that way or not going out every week end or even daily? Things will change when you have had found THE ONE. – 17.Marriage is a beautiful thing. But it takes 2 to believe that. Choose wisely. – 18.Life might bring you something that you have wished for unexpectedly and it will turn your world upside down. – 19.Something beautiful IS on your way. No, do not believe that, rely on it! – 20.Your teeth are EXTREMELY important. Take very good care of that aspect. – 21.Your taste in music will not change in time. – 22.Your pets will teach you a lot about joy and play. But you will only see that when they are not around you anymore. When you have grown up and moved out. When your pet died. When you are not in their presence for any reason. – 23.You will always act as a daughter/ as a son when at home. Your role in your family will remain exactly as you have grown up or made yourself “famous” for. Be careful how you choose to grow up. – 24.Dreams unfortunately do have an expiry date. That’s because no one likes to enjoy something expired. It’s like that to motivate you to take action now.  – 25.Choose eco, organic, cruelty free, natural as much as you can. It will make THE difference. And societies and companies will learn they need to adapt if they want to still have consumers. Things can change. – 26.Forgive yourself if you have not forgiven someone. It is a necessary step to forgive that person. – 27.Money will come if you are smart with your purchases. Do not waste it on things that do not give you a value. – 28.Be up-to-date with technology. And by technology I also refer to the future of The Online. Which Is The Future. – 29.Do not rely on your 9-5 job unless it’s something you absolutely know for sure you can do it in 10, 20, 30 years time as well. Be prepared or get prepared with other options. It’s up to you to discover those alternatives. – 30.Learn to ask for help. You can do ANY THING, but not everything.  – 31. Remember to smile daily. There are infinite reasons why you should do it and it would be a waste to not do it, especially on Christmases. A very important reason to smile now would be to be grateful for reaching another Christmas in this short lifetime of ours.

 “Merry Christmas! dear heart “

31 lessons I learned in 31 Christmases

If you found this helpful, on this Christmas, please share it with your precious ones! 

10 thoughts on “31 lessons I learned in 31 Christmases

  1. Aw what a lovely uplifting post! Being present in the moment is so important but it’s easy to forget! And I completely agree with your point about always being a son/daughter – I’ve moved back home with my parents and they still see me as the child who likes to give their opinion on everything ahaha. I really enjoyed reading this! x

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