How to overcome writer’s block


Words that change minds. How to achieve that? How to overcome the writer’s block? There are a lot of tools and trick out there, however the words that change minds is actually a book written by Shelle Rose Charvet and it is designed to help you master the language of influence. It is a book that actually presents different types of people and how to speak to them to influence them.

One of the types of personalities and of minds of people presented by Shelle is described based on the motivation they have in life. What will trigger a person into action? What direction do they move in? Do they move towards an objective, or away from problem to be solved or prevented? To overcome the writer’s block you must understand the pattern used by one of these motivational traits. People are either moving toward a goal or away from problems.

how to overcome writer's block

TOWARD PEOPLE – are focused on their goals. They think in terms of goals to be achieved. They are motivated to get, to have, to achieve, attain. People with a strong Toward pattern often have trouble either recognizing what should be avoided or in identifying problems.

AWAY FROM PEOPLE – notice what should be avoided, gotten rid of and otherwise not happen. Their motivation is triggered when there is a problem to be solved or when there is something to move away from. They may have trouble maintaining focus on their goals because they are easily distracted and are compelled to respond to negative situations.

I am an Away from type of person.

THE CURE TO WRITER’s BLOCK – cited from the Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence
as follows: 

“When you write letters, reports, articles or books, do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If this happens regularly, they you probably have an AWAY FROM pattern in this context. It is much easier and more motivating for Away From people to correct mistakes than it is for them to remain focused on the goal of their text. My advice to writer’s block sufferers: get anything down on paper. Then fix it. It will be much less tedious and you won’t waste a lot of time wondering what to say. My philosophy is to work from my strengths, as opposed to suffering from my weaknesses. So knowing about my Away From pattern, I decided to write this book by doing what I do best: fixing what’s there. To do this, I had my audio tape series on the same topic, transcribed and put onto diskette. Then I structured the book, and imported sections of the transcripts. Lastly I did the fun part. I corrected the text, looking for errors and omissions, needed updates and few examples. I told my sister in law who is a writer, that I was able to produce about 22 pages of text per day. She found this to be incredible until I explained that I wasn’t writing 22 pages, I was correcting 22 pages and adding in what was missing.”

And that’s very helpful. Just do it works in writing. Just write it down and then correct and create based on that. It will be less stressful, more creative and more fun than imagining how to be innovative or original and start writing.

how to overcome writer's block

I hope this helped you as much as it did me!

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