10 lessons I have learned from 1 year of attempted & failed blogging

10 lessons learned from failed blogging

Last year in December I have set up myself a goal to write constantly on this blog. I have spent the year wondering what I should create that would be so different and that would be valuable and would also bring me more readers. A lot of readers. Because I dream big.

I have failed successfully. Or I have succeeded failing? (the pessimist vs the optimist)

Thank you to those of you who have remained with me and who continuously have supported me in one way or another. Here’s 10 lessons I have taken this year from this:

1.I need to stop comparing my creative potential to my favorite content creator’s stuff.The standard is too high. I have learned to appreciate other’s beauty without questioning mine. 2.I am already different, valuable. I do not need to compare my flaws with other’s qualities. I have learned to see that and share it. 3.Dream big, yes, but not limitless. I have learned to accept I have limits and that’s fine, it is what makes me special. You can do anything, but not everything4.Success is measured by numbers, but it does not define it. Success is a state of mind which makes you feel good about yourself. I feel that when I write something that I like and believe it is worth sharing. It’s called being in a state of flow. 5.Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. If you have no fails, you will have not tried anything or learned nothing. 6.Being constant on something that is intrinsic is harder than being constant on something extrinsic. Simply because we tend to offer more to others than to ourselves. I have learned I need to discipline myself if I want to truly achieve some numbers. 7.I have learned writer’s block has nothing to do with creativity. It has to do with how you get motivated to do something. You are either going for attaining the goal or away from failing the goal. 8.Setting too many goals can actually inhibit you from starting them. Less is more. The memory volume is 5-7 items. Focus on setting maximum 7 goals to work towards. 9. I have learned I need to spend time away from my blog so that when I come back, I can see more clearly what I actually want to do with it. What I want it to look like. On most occasions, your blog actually looks better than you think. I have experienced this a couple of times this year. guide to follow your path10. I have learned that feelings are just visitors. I must let them come and go. You will feel down at times, you will feel blessed at times, you will feel creative or not creative. Treat them as you would treat a lovely guest. Encourage those feelings to bring you the answer. You know you have it.

10 lessons learned from failed blogging

Please share it with your precious ones, note these lessons apply to everything in life.

Because eventually, everything connects.