How to appreciate your life

pond how to appreciate your life and feel no more anxious.

Anxious about work, anxious about home, anxious that I need to figure out who I want to be and who I am, what I like.


Anxiety can take many forms. It can make you search frantically online for information, it can make you try to collect different things, it can make you analyze things too much, it can make you not stay still, it can get you away from your inner self, it can make you obsessive compulsive with social media and it definitely takes away your tranquility.

It’s like a disease. No, an epidemic lifestyle.

I have a cure. A book. I was reading Pond by Claire Louise Bennett and I experienced a elevated mood rapidly because I got immersed in the style of the writing. It is exquisite. It sets you to stay still and listen to the words whispered through the beautifully written pages. It moves you into its direction: a peaceful, tranquil lifestyle. A love for being in the moment. For living the life you were given. For being curious with everything that it exists.


It made me so at peace that I really believe it stopped the long train of thoughts I had about all things in my life. If you choose to read it, I believe you too will be mesmerized by the way it makes you accept your life and love it. It will teach you how to appreciate everything you have. Everything you are.

It will be like a warm bath with candles, along a book and lovely flowers that spread their fragrance of life and color and it will haunt you long after you have put it down with its simplicity, yet refined writing style, with its delicacy, yet bold affirmations of life.


It will absorb your soul with its elegant creative writing and it will quiet your anxiety with its luxurious lush shapely cocktail of words that form a distinct universe in your mind, putting your agitation to do something or look for something to rest. Mental clarity is achieved and the inner turmoil accompanied when you experience anxiety will feel has diminished with the same speed the light travels through time. That’s how Pond will make you travel. In line with life, in line with NOW.  


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