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Do you remember the first book you read? 

I don’t. 

I remember when I learned to read in the first grade, at the end of that school year, during summer, I read about 20 books and my mom bragged about me with other mothers when I got to attend the first day of school of the second year. I did not like that. I believe because of that, I do not hold the remembrance of the first book that made me carry on with reading.

I remember that I enjoyed (and still do) reading for the stories and places and things I would imagine and realms and worlds I would create in my mind and live in.

I get bored easily and reading is the hobby that brings me in the flow, that makes me be in the present time, that disconnects me from being worried, or frustrated, or bored, or stressed, or too much of a daydreamer. Reading makes me embrace a different kind of imaginative world, a world of possibilities to explore and lives to live to whatever extent I wish to live by and on the curiosity of the author as well, based on what they had in mind for that character. It is an adventure. It is a still adventure, but a very vivid one.

favorite best books

During this journey of discovering books and the beautiful pleasure of reading, I have learned to appreciate books and the type of books I would read. I am attracted to books that are different, to books that are new, to everything that is not boring or told already. New ideas. New realms of beauty.

favorite best books

I am very good at selecting books and overall new products. That’s probably because reading has made me understand how to read and get a better view of what it is actually said there, in the review, in the description, in the chapters, in the recommendation.

I am excited to present to you my long wishlist of books that I update each time I read about new books. I enjoy creating these lists, and I have them stored on different notebooks and notepads and so, even for my own convenience, having a one place, sound appealing. You can get inspiration on it and I hope I inspire you to read more and discover this hobby.

favorite best books

As a side note, reading actually makes you become more empathetic, more emotionally aware of yourself and the others and it can really boost your emotional intelligence. Since I love to read various diverse books at the same time, in the same period of time, because I love change that I choose, my brain loves it, as it is fed with new stimuli and it grows.

favorite best books

Enough of this intro, then. Are you ready? I will include a brief description of what made me put it into my long list. Most of the books were discovered through FlavorWire website, and that’s my number one source for book reviews and new books coming on the market. I also like to read from where books presented are rather non-fiction, that what I have taken from (which has fiction mostly)

favorite best books

My choices are not put in a particular order, it’s just as they met me in time.

My Books Wishlist Collection

  1. Nobody is ever missing, Catherine Lacey: I am attracted to read this one as it depicts the journey of the main character from her normal life in the city to the unknown in New Zealand and New Zealand is one of the places I have in mind to visit.
  2. Elizabeth is missing, Emma Healey: This is a book by a young writer that narrates an 82 year old woman with dementia who searches her neighborhood for an elderly friend and I chose it as I am curious to read about something so fresh and new. A very strange topic, however, something attractive. It may have to do with the fact that I have studied psychology so I am attracted to understand different topics, such as dementia in this case, storied in a literature manner.
  3. Tiny Beautiful Things: advice on love and life from Dear Sugar, Cheryl Strayed: Well, in this case, the title says it all.
  4. The blazing world, Siri Hustvedt: this is a mystery book and it is apparently about sexism in the art world and the human need for understanding.
  5. The man who couldn’t stop, David Adam: a story about obsessive compulsive disorder.
  6. The life changing magic of tidying, Marie Kondu: I think everyone knows about it as it had such a hype.
  7. The Skeleton cupboard: the making of a clinical psychologist, Tanya Byron: I imagine you guessed the reasons behind this choice.
  8. A place for us, Harriet Evans: this was praised everywhere. I am curious.
  9. Meeting the English, Kate Clanchy: honestly, I do not remember what made me pick this up, however it was a book that was long-listed for a book award back in 2014
  10. The ocean at the end of the lane, Neil Gaiman: I read only one book from this author and I enjoyed the pace and the writing, so I thought I would pick next this winner book of 2013
  11. Apple Tree Yard, Louise Doughty: the main character is happy or is she not, as is drawn into an affair even though married and successful. A thriller apparently.
  12. Far from the tree, Andrew Solomon:Non-fiction about parents and children.
  13. The lives of women, Christine Dwyer Hickey: as per the title, it makes me curious.
  14. We are all completely beside ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler: another book shortlisted for a book prize in 2014. The description on amazon says it all.
  15. The anchorness, Robyn Cadwallader
  16. The story of land and sea, Katy Simpson Smith: sometimes I like to read something more romantic.
  17. The hare with amber eyes, a hidden inheritance, Edmund de Waal: winner of 2010 Costa Biography award
  18. You only live once, Lonely planet travel guides: it contains 1000 experiences to inspire and entertain; to visit, to travel, to live.
  19. Unspeakable things, Laurie Penny: the title comprises what captivated me about this one.
  20. One hundred years of solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez: this is a classic, but had no chance to get my hands on it, only read excerpts every now and then.
  21. The emperor Waltz, Philip Hensher: a story of eccentricity or so it says amazon, however, you must note that I tried to find the reviews again on flavorwire, they do not come up if I put the name of the book or the authors, which is quite frustrating, and the review read there, made me put all these books in my list. I know for sure, the review was so exciting for me that I got all these pieces. I am more than sure these would be excellent choices to read.
  22. Daily greatness journal, a practical guide for consciously creating your days, Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke: this is more of a guide to plan my day and since I had started reading Danielle LaPorte and her insights into planning your life according to how you wish to feel, I became interested in new journals and ideas to explore my options.
  23. The art of stillness, Pico Iyer (from Tedtalks): reflections on mindfulness in a way and well as the title suggests, the art of stillness is something that just by reading the title calms me down, quite interested to know more about its content.
  24. Women in clothes, Sheila Heti, Heidi Julanits, Leanne Shapton: a different book as it contains conversations with hundreds of women about clothes and why we wear them etc. An interesting thing for me to read as it seems to be a cultural read as well.
  25. I laughed, I cryed, Viv Groskop 
  26. Before we met, Lucie Whitehouse: a perfect marriage and a divine cover.
  27. A song for Issy Bradley, Carys Bray: shortlisted for 2 awards in 2015, a story about the Bradley family.
  28. The examined life, Stephen Grosz: My father once said to me that he thought that what I studied thought me how to act in life and how to live. Well, I need to tell him that this book is about that. He should buy it for me.
  29. The luminaries, Eleanor Catton: this book is filled with psychological pleasures, how can I resist this?
  30. Astonish me, Maggie Shipstead: well, I want to read that, absolutely to get astonished.
  31. Survival lessons, Alice Hoffman:this seems to be a self help book and one that resembles the The examined life, Stephen Grosz.
  32. We need new names, Noviolet Bulawayo: I mean, too many wins from this book in 2014. It cannot be more than exquisite.
  33. Life after life, Kate Atkinson: the review reminded me of the Life of Adaline movie, so, how can I not embrace it?
  34. Mirages of the mind, Chushtaq Ahmed Yousufi, translated by Matt Reeck
  35. Book of numbers, Joshua Cohen: just read the description on amazon. It’s appealing.
  36. The turnip princess and other newly discovered fairytales, Franz Xavier von Schonwerth: a rare discovery in the world of fairy tales.
  37. Against the country, Ben Metcalf: there was a lot of complimentary words for this one.
  38. Counternarratives, John Keene

favorite best books

Some creativity boosters books:

  1. Wild ideas, the creative problem-solving strategies of different animals in illustrated dioramas, Elin Kelsey (artwork by Soyeon Kim)
  2. Creative workshop, 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills, David Sherwin
  3. Whatever you are, be a good one, 100 inspirational quotations, Lisa Congdon: I mean even the cover is inspirational.
  4. Brownie’s guide to expertly designed ideasI am pretty sure it is a volume 1 as well, as that was the one that I originally discovered, however I could not find that one, if you do, please let me know! 
  5. The sketchnote handbook, the illustrated guide to visual note taking, Mike Rohde: wouldn’t this had been handy in school?
  6. Breakthrough, proven strategies to overcome creative block and spark your imagination, Alex Cornell
  7. Artists, writers, thinkers, dreamers: portraits of 50 famous folks and all their weird stuff, James Gulliver Hancock
  8. Plotto, William Wallace Cook:
  9. Wonderbook: the illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction, Jeff Vander Meer and Jeremy Zerfoss
  10. Reading like a writer, Francine Prose: a tour of tools the author would offer for people who love books (of course) and to those who want to write them
  11. 1 page at a time, a daily creative companion, Adam J. Kurtz: an engaging journal for the 365 days of the year to get creative.

favorite best books

More books:

  1.  Bird by bird, Anne Lamott: authors instructions on life and writing.
  2. The Sea, Marianne Dubuc: the story of a cat and a red fish. I love cats. So I will love this book.
  3. The River, Alessandro Sanna: to me this would be another mindfulness story book to read, and I enjoy so much this type of books as they bring me tranquility and more kindness wishes for my own soul
  4. Furiously happy, Jenny  Lawson: about mental illness and how to embrace life.
  5. Gratitude, Oliver Sacks
  6. A handful of honey, Annie Hawes
  7. Life is meals: a food lover’s book of days, James Salter and Kay Salter
  8. The Utopia Experiment, Dylan Evans: the summary of the book made me so curious about this one. I think it is an adventurous and very insightful book to read.
  9. An unquiet mind, a memoir of moods and madness, Dr Kay Redfield Jamison: Dr. Kay Jamison is an authority in terms of manic depressive illnesses. This book interests me for the fact that it connects me again with what I have studied, Psychology and it is a way in which I can get information on the subjects, and at the same time enjoy a good read and insights into human mind and human nature, develop myself and my emotional intelligence. I believe that the more we understand mental health and its conditions, the more we are equipped to handle life situations, vulnerable persons, to become more tolerant and to be able to not judge and be more compassionate.
  10. What I do, more true tales of everyday craziness, Jon Ronson: I only discovered this author last year and I fell in love with his writing, his style and his job.
  11. The story of Alice: Lewis Caroll and the Secret history of Wonderland, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst: this is the secret history of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. How can you possibly not wish to read it?
  12. Neurotribes: the legacy of autism and the future of neurodiversity, Steve Silberman: analyzing another subject, autism and our neurons and overall, the autism issue has increased in the last years along with research and books on it, it is always a good thing to get informed and properly to be aware of the subject. Or at least for someone interested in this theme.
  13. Nothing is true and everything is possible, adventures in modern Russia, Peter Pomerantsev: it seems to be a thrilling, entertaining and adventurous book.
  14. Landmarks, Robert Macfarlane: exploring landscapes, words and meditation. A tranquil read from what I understand in the summary of the book and a shortlisted one for numerous awards.
  15. The planet remade, Oliver Morton: how geoengineering could change the world.
  16. The four dimensional human, Laurence Scott: this one is a winner of an award and it speaks about ways of being in the digital world. As we are all social media beings now, this would be a must to read.
  17. I’ll give you the sun, Jandy Nelson: a novel where you cry and laugh.
  18. The sky is everywhere, Jandy Nelson: a bestseller and same author as above.
  19. We were liars, E. Lockhart: best young adult fiction book of 2014.
  20. Bees, Laline Paull: it seems to be a novel set entirely within a beehive. This must be so fascinating to read.
  21. Let’t explore diabetes with owls, David Sedaris: title attracted me on this one, and I am keen on having it read.
  22. Pigeon needs a bath, Mo Willems: seems to be a funny book.
  23. The elements of eloquence, Mark Forsyth: this is a perfect book for anyone wishing to write beautifully in English.
  24. The turner house, Angela Flournoy: a very complimented book by different magazines, public personalities.
  25. Mr. and Mrs. Doctor, Julie Iromuanya
  26. The sympathizer, a novel, Viet Thanh Nguyen: cannot remember why I wanted it, but I know for sure, I would not have put it on the list if it wasn’t well thought.
  27. Mayumi and the sea of happiness, Jennifer Treng
  28. The complete stories by Clarice Lispector (translated from portuguese by Katrina Dodson): I did not find that version, however it was taken the name and the person translating it as a recommendation from Flavor Wire. They are never wrong with great books.
  29. Hollow heart, Viola Di Grado (translated from Italian by Anthony Shugaar): same as above.
  30. The vegetarian, Han Kaung, translated by Deborah Smith: winner of 2016 Man Booker International Prize.
  31. Wreck and order, Hannah Tennant-Moore: a woman’s search for purpose in an indifferent world.
  32. What is not yours is not yours, Helen Oyeyemi: read so many exceptional things about this author, and this one is the newest book she has written.
  33. Zero K, Don Delillo: a lot of great critic received and read on this book.
  34. Once and for all: the best of Delmore Schwartz: seems to be a book on an author that was not acclaimed as much as he should had been and he would deserve it.
  35. LaRose, Louise Erdrich
  36. Eleven Hours, Pamela Evans
  37. Everybody rise, Stephanie Clifford: lots of nominations for this novel as well
  38. Epilogue: a memoir, Anne Roiphe
  39. The history of love, Nicole Krauss
  40. Self-help, Lorrie Moore: absorbing, ironic 9 stories, that seem to also be funny and interesting enough for me.
  41. The Fran Lebowitz reader, Fran Lebowitz
  42. We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: you all probably know about the excerpt used by this author in one of Beyonce’s song.
  43. What we see when we read, Peter Mandelsund: this is quite a captivating title.
  44. Persepolis, Marjane Satrepi: an intimate story full with humor and tragedy, just like life.
  45. In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin: seems to be an old book; an oldie, but goldie.
  46. The passion, Jeanette Winterson: this author seems to be so praised lately, I really want to read this one.
  47. The fun parts, Sam Lipsyte: this seems to be a funny book, an entertaining one.
  48. Lucky Jim, Kingsley Anis
  49. The sixth extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert
  50. The sea inside, Philip Hoare: a personal book for the author and an inviting one as it obtained some prizes.
  51. Geek sublime, Vikram Chandra: the beauty of code and the code of beauty. Mysterious.
  52. Bird by bird, Anne Lamott: instructions on writing and life. I feel I have mentioned it already.
  53. The physiology of taste, Jean Anthelme, Brillat-Savarin: I like reading or getting information on various subjects, and this book is a very fascinating one.
  54. Man v Nature, Diane Cook: I pick the best of the best. Another one shortlisted for book awards.
  55. Can’t and won’t, Lydia Davis: words I wish I could use more often. Let’s learn how though this book.
  56. The unbearable lightness of being, Milan Kundera: a sweet author and a romantic book.
  57. Things fall apart, Chinua Achebe: an old one as well.
  58. Lives in Paris: archaeologist and the seductive love of human rubble, Marilyn Johnson: this one is a non fiction book
  59. Men explain things to me, Rebecca Solnit: seems to be a collection of essays, and it is a feminist book from the summary read about this book.
  60. Inherent vice, Thomas Pynchon: I just now I was so attracted to this book, due to a beautiful and captivating review on FlavorWire
  61. 10:04, Ben Lerner: I remember at the time I put this on the list, it was highly acclaimed
  62. The wallcreeper, Nell Zink: a portrait of marriage.
  63. Those who leave and those who stay, Elena Ferrante
  64. Panic in a suitcase, Yelena Akhtiorskaya: about the life of immigrants. I am an immigrant as well.
  65. Self-portrait in green, Marie NDiaye: a memoir
  66. A girl is a half formed thing, Eimear McBride: winner of so many prizes
  67. Hopscotch, Julio Cortazar: the story of 2 young writers
  68. The mezzanine, Nicholson Baker: it seemed to me by the title a horror book, but no, it seems to be a very funny story about corporate life in which I am absorbed as well, so it would be a nice reading
  69. Speedboat, Renata Adler
  70. The sonic boom, how sound transforms the way we think, feel and buy, Joel Beckerman, Tyler Gray: this is definitely a must read. A non-fiction.
  71. The third plate, field notes on the future of food, Dan Barber: something we should all be concerned about
  72. Critique of everyday life, Henri Lefelevre: seems to be an enjoyable read
  73. The fun we’ve had, Michael J. Seidlinger
  74. The face of any other, Michael J. Seidlinger: this book seems to dive deep into the search of the urban and the young and the insights our of that into a spectacular novel.
  75. Adam, Ariel Schrag: a funny novel
  76. Dept. of Speculation, Jenny Offill: a funny and wise novel on marriage
  77. Things to do with your mouth, Divya Victor
  78. Sweetness #9, Stephan Eirik Clark: is what we eat making who we are? let’s find out reading this darkly comic book.
  79. Citizen, Claudia Rankim: poetry
  80. A load of Hooey, Bob Odenkirk: I have this noted down as “funny”. So that must be it.
  81. Women in dark times, Jacqueline Rose: a book on 3 women and from what I understand it is inspired from real life
  82. 24/7 (verso), Jonathan Crary: on capitalism
  83. Lila, Marilynne Robinson: a moving expression of the mysteries of existence, the summary on amazon states.
  84. Fragrant: the secret life of scent, Mandy Aftel: winner of the 2016 Perfumed Plume Award
  85. The anatomy of dreams, Chloe Kruy Benjamin: this is a novel
  86. Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel: this was on my wishlist, and I read it last year. It was indeed one of the best books I had read. I have written a few words on my experience on this book here.
  87. You have to fucking eat, Adam Mansbach: have you read or listened to Go the fuck to sleep? If so, you are familiar with the theme. I know I will love this one as well.

In my books bucket list, these are all so far.

favorite best books

If I could pick my ideal job, that would be to enjoy reading whatever I want, for the rest of my life. I know my current list is long, and it will probably increase even more in time, but that’s a good goal, I guess.

favorite best books

As you can probably tell, I tend to choose different books, captivating titles and missions of the characters in the books. That’s because diversity brings more emotional clarity on oneself and on the others and it brings more emotional intelligence, a more calmer mind as it lived so many lives and meanings, and a lot more knowledge on the soul and heart and mind (in reference to the non fiction books).

favorite best books

I hope you enjoyed this post and you will get some ideas on what to read next. Let me know if you have read any of these so far and how did you find them? Were they worth the hype?

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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favorite best books