Review of the Bingo Theory using the Bingo Theory

A little personal introduction

Andrew Cohen (contemporary spiritual teacher) said: “Most men are very attached to the idea of being male, and usually experience a lot of fear and insecurity around the idea of being a man. Most women are very identified with their gender, and also experience a tremendous amount of fear and insecurity.”

The idea of being a male and the idea of being a female are related to animus and anima, which Carl Jung long time ago, wrote about, stating that we are made of masculinity and femininity. You can think of the right and left hemisphere to make sense of this, we need them both to be able to cope with life situations and different challenges and we use them in different situations either one or the other or both. As the left hemisphere is related to the masculine part in ourselves, we tend to say that, that it’s the organized and ordered part of us, and we speak of the right hemisphere as the creative side of us, the feminine part in all of us. To be able to live, we need to use them both and we need to have them both functional.

The Bingo theory review


The Bingo Theory is the name Mimi Ikonn (the author and popular, and one of my favorite youtubers) has given to her insights on this knowledge long known about regarding masculinity and femininity in all of us. What Mimi Ikonn suggests and I totally agree with her, is that the animus anima would actually stand for the creative feminine energy and the masculine orderly energy that we express in the world through our genders and our actions. Therefore, the Bingo Theory simply means that you were able to balance these 2 energies into one, that is fully aware of its energy and knows how to behave and be in each situation that life brings forth, and that each person knows how to use it accordingly to benefit from life.

I read the book in around 1 week. It is an easy to read book, not complicated even though it is put as a theory, in my opinion it is not a theory, as it is more a book full of insights and personal points of view, which I agree with and they are valid, mostly because the main idea of masculine and feminine energy is taken from animus anima concepts of Carl Jung.


I would like to use the Bingo Theory to bring an honest review of this creative book, as in my opinion, it is a creative book, a helpful one for many young people who are probably (most of them anyway) not aware of such ideas or concepts. And education is the most important part in the process of evolution and loveolution (a concept I read about on Danielle LaPorte’s website, which I find truly beautiful).

How I will use the Bingo Theory to review The Bingo Theory book

Let’s just put it this way: it is a creative and fun way to review a book and I find it very helpful to illustrate the books’ purpose in the manner that the book teaches us and to offer people a meaningful experience of this review. Not just a simple review, I liked it because … . I get to put my creative energy to work as well through this type of review exercise.

To start off, the book offers a questionnaire for you to take and to see what energy dominates most of your activities. To me, that is the feminine one, as you can see below.

The Bingo theory review

You will need to purchase the book, though to discover which energy defines you currently. 

Knowing my type of energy, I can offer a very creative review of this book (as per my intention to use the Bingo theory for that purpose).

The other energy which I am in dissonance with, is obviously the masculine energy and I will work my best to offer an orderly, organized and clear review of the book based on that. 

Since my feminine energy is the one I am abundant with, let me share that abundance with you now. Saying that though, please note that I believe, just as Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the well known “Eat, pray, love” mentions in her “Big Magic” book, that authentic ideas feel original and that is creativity being materialized into this world. I am going to be true to myself and be authentic in my opinions, and so, through this, I hope you will find this review original, creative, meaningful and at the same time, make you grab your hands on the book, and see with your own mind and heart what I want to highlight here.

The Bingo theory review

The feminine energy review

From a creative point of view (my own and the book’s), The Bingo Theory receives from me (a creative person, and I am humble in saying that) the highest creativity points possible. To sustain that, I have to mention the fact that Mimi Ikonn brings to our attention a theme which was not very much dived into; it is a simple theme on masculinity and femininity, that we are both all made of, and that she managed so well to create a whole book on these concepts. 

I really enjoyed the designs in the book, as it does contain some illustrations, images and they bring a subtle beauty in the book, like a ray of sun, like a rainbow, making you appreciate the reading as you go along, but at the same time, asking you to take a look at the images presented and to swim in it for a bit, to think of what you have read, to absorb that idea and to accept it as a belief, as a real concept or real idea that you owe. It’s like it makes you think more about the theme she is introducing us to. It is a smart move and I strategic action, and to me strategy is both creative and masculine energy. I also find that the quotes which appear at the beginning of each chapter are wonderfully put and they give a great brief and more poetic look the each chapter of the book. 

The Bingo theory review

The book has a lovely and alluring design, in the sense of structure (which is something that Mimi Ikonn with her masculine dominant energy is excellent at) but in an inventive way of capturing the whole book ideas and content. I find that the structure of The Bingo Theory is classy, yet complete, just like a theory. While reading the book, I felt like I was indeed being explained things in a concise, very clear manner and with a logic flow of ideas and explanations. And to create that flow of logic and sense and productive ideas, you require a remarkable inventiveness, as the theme of feminine and masculine energy, in my opinion is quite condensed in a couple of ideas and words. It is easy to explain it and to make it to be understood, however broadening the theme to such an extent to compel it in a book, is, in my opinion, mastery. 

The creative feminine part of the book, its creative ideas and design, is encompassed in the delightful chapters, structure of the content, explanation of the content with affirmations along the way for the reader, with quotes to sustain ideas and concepts, with great continuation of the chapters. Very linear, pleasing presented, and focused in its theme. I will highlight this: focused on the theme of the book: the masculine and feminine energy.

The Bingo theory review

To me, the book had the appearance of a beautiful efficient high end skincare product, very well presented, captivating packaged, with a graceful effect achieved if you use it, with clear indications of what it does and how to use it, with a fine substance/ essence and the fascinating american style captured inside through stories on men and women relationships based on their dominant masculine or feminine energy to pinpoint the theme again and her point of view and insights. A clever and creative way of standardizing these concepts of Yin and Yang, of animus and anima, of feminine and masculine energy.

I believe Mimi Ikonn expressed her feminine energy in the book, not just through the writing of the book, but also through the whole creation of the book, through the widening of such a little theme, in my opinion, through the fact that she managed to make a book on defining the polarity within us without using this word, and making it look as something revolutionary. Something fresh. Tony Robbins seems to have a small talk or article on his website, stating to embrace our dominant energy though and to use it in our relationships. Mimi Ikonn goes further and makes believe that we need a balance in order to live fully and happily.

The Bingo theory review


Can I just say something about balance, though?

An year ago, I read an article on (my first resource of new book reviews) about Elizabeth Gilbert’s approach to creativity in her “Big Magic” book. The author of the article, said that she had seen a post on the social media of the author which warned women to move away their minds from the word “balance”. Gilbert had said “The word BALANCE has tilted dangerously close, I fear, to the word PERFECT – another word that women use as weapons against themselves and each other.”, adding as well “The world is like a dropped pie most of the time. Don’t kill yourself trying to put it back together. Just grab a fork and eat some of it off the floor. Then carry on.”. What I want to illustrate now, through this, is something that I also believe in. Which I read about in the past as well, about the fact that there is no balance whatsoever. Geniuses and creative persons in the world are not balanced. They either have one or the other. Balance or passion. Creative spark. Business women all over the world, may seem to have a perfect life, however, that is never the case. There is always something that will be unbalanced there. And that is why, balance and the materialization of the word balance does not exist. We all tend to achieve it though, and wish to obtain that, along with the perfection, because we want to have it all. We can, but not in a balanced way in the same time. Or at least, this is what I feel at this stage.

The Bingo theory review

Based on that, in reference to the balance between masculine and feminine energy that Mimi Ikonn writes and speaks about, I have to say I, honestly, do not believe in being able to achieve a balance. And I will return now, to the first paragraph I wrote here. That people are attached to their gender energy, as Andrew Cohen mentioned. Because we identify ourselves with our gender energy, we lack the ability to use consciously  (at least until you get awareness on it, or you educate yourself about it) our non-dominant energy in specific situations. That is not something that can be learned to be expressed. You cannot read a book about it, and then be able to practice it, because, in my opinion, the dominant energy we have, is contained and it is  displayed and expressed through our personalities. The personality cannot be changed. It is against our nature. Human nature is not just masculine and feminine energy, we cannot shift from one to another, as we are not computers, although our minds are sophisticated and extremely well created to look like, act and be alike the best machinery in the world. After all, our bodies are perfect and all our organs, including our brains, know how to work in harmony to each other. It is something so subtle inside us, that we don’t even realize it.

The Bingo theory review

Because of this delicacy that we are not aware of it, and that most of it, we do not even think of, as delicate (but think about how your heart is in this moment perceiving sensations that the brain gives, that is simply incredible!), I think that we cannot collide into this way of thinking that currently we only use one energy, the dominant masculine or feminine one and that we need to learn to use them both, to achieve balance. First of all, balance is overrated. If you want to achieve awesome outcomes, striving for balance is a losing game. Life balance, relationship balance, career balance and so on, they are all so stressful. The word balance is stressful. Thinking that you need to balance both the feminine and masculine energy in a conscious way, to me at least, is stressful. Danielle LaPorte puts it so clear in one of her articles: “I don’t think remarkable artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs or generous souls, set out on their giving journeys with the aim to be measured and harmonious. Meeting your potential is inherently full of tension (creative tension). Trying to be balanced about it is onerous and futile. The pursuit of balance makes us juggle. It puts us behind (always behind), makes us guilty, neglectful, imbalanced. It’s as useful concept as original sin. You can never get it right.


To make my point, I need to carry on with the words that Danielle LaPorte so inviting are portraying, what I think it is, the truth, the reality: “When you refuse the banality of balance and go for full on life (which includes full on productivity and full on stillness), you will see the inevitable mess of it all as something more beautiful and purposeful – full of peaks and valleys – an adventure. The climb can be rigorous, grueling sometimes, but the air is cleaner, and the view will blow your mind.” What Danielle LaPorte highlights is that passion should be a priority as that is when our energy intensifies. Passion is the flow in everything, in life, career, relationships and vocation. It gives meaning and passion comes, in my opinion from your core energy, from your dominant energy. Danielle LaPorte says “…the more I pursue my passions, the more uncomplicated my life gets, actually. There’s not much in my life that I resent. And if resentment builds, I’m swift to get it off my plate. It’s not the imbalance-ness that sressed me, it’s doing meaningless things that aren’t taking me where I want to go.

The Bingo theory review

I am now using knowledge and my personal insights and views to bring my feminine energy into the review of the feminine energy portrayed in The Bingo Theory. I believe that passion, our drive to do something in life, whether to be with someone, to have a relationship with someone, to hold on a vocation, to family and life comes from the flow  of our core or dominant energy. Now, me being a feminine dominant energy, of course, I would, by nature, agree and be drawn to think, believe and act in according to the writings of Danielle LaPorte or Elizabeth Gilbert or anyone resembling to that energy/ passion manifested. Maybe I can write a book on that. Passion that is the main energy, either masculine and feminine and that drives our lives, which we try to balance, which is inevitably impossible, as you cannot balance your drive. When I get creative or passionate about something, I have that burst of energy for a long time and I can work on it, without even eating or sleeping as much as normal (when the drive, inspiration or passion is not at its peak). How can you put a balance on that energy that wants to come out, when you know that you need to let it out? When you know you cannot contain it and you are ready to let it go, to share it, to express it with others? That’s when you are expressing, in my opinion, your core energy. That’s when you probably should be balanced, as you do not want after that to get into a burn out. But that’s against our nature. I am not confusing the ideas or concepts. The masculine or feminine energy is as Mimi Ikonn says, and I quote from her book at page 36: “As mentioned previously, it is important to understand that we all have both masculine and feminine energy in us. It’s just that most of us have one energy that is more developed – whether through nature or conditioning – and this often leads to an imbalance.” and “Once you know what comes to you naturally, you don’t have to work on that any more. Instead, work on building up your less-dominant energy.” Also, Mimi Ikonn states: “The purpose of this book is to balance your masculine and feminine energies so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy and balanced life.”

The Bingo theory review

Therefore, I agree with the fact, as mentioned earlier above, that we are not just masculine or feminine, rather we express ourselves in one way or another, as our core energy, through our personalities, which cannot be changed. Mimi refers to the fact that we have one of the masculine or feminine energy more developed, and you should work on the one that is less dominant to achieve a balanced and a happy life/relationship, as the purpose would be to balance the energies. This purpose “to balance your masculine and feminine energies” is a masculine energy thought, belief and behavior to act upon. It is the masculine energy, the dominant energy in Mimi that speaks out, it is her personality, it is her view and her personal insight. Which is not right or wrong, it simply is. As I have already pinpointed it, I do not believe in this balancing of the energies. We already, as she states, have them in us and we already in my opinion use them anyway, in different situations, whenever so subtle and subconsciously, our brains give us (through their perfect existence and work) the clues to use it. We are not even aware that we use that specific energy in that moment. I graduated in Psychology and there was an important aspect that I was thought while in university. That consists in understanding that we behave differently in different situations. We do not act in the same way in all situations.

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We are made up of a cocktail of emotions and thoughts and behaviors and we use them as we please to get a good “drink” and “sensation” each time we practice and experience it. We use bits of non-dominant energy and the core energy while behaving. And we do not notice that. We use the dominant energy most of the day, and you know you are using it or trying to use it, when you want to make things easy for yourself, whether at work, in a relationship or in life in general. We use the dominant energy to get what we want, to please ourselves, because that is where our passion resides. We use the non-dominant energy when we know we need to do something differently, when we know we would not behave in such way in a different circumstance and when we wish to obtain something from someone. We are not using just one, we already are balanced. We definitely do not use just one of the energies. We use them both; we may not be aware of it, and that is when The Bingo Theory is useful to be read or known about, or shared about, because awareness and education about different concepts and ideas is the first step in evolution and personal development.

The Bingo theory review

What I think that maybe Mimi should have said, instead of stating that we should learn to balance them, and since the book does offer examples on how to control more your masculine and feminine energy, by doing some exercises or different activities to nurture that energy and make it visible in your life as well, to learn to use it, I think I need to mention this in my honest review; Mimi should have probably said that our task or the purpose of The Bingo Theory should be to learn how to use a certain energy BETTER in that different situation.

I cannot agree to use more your non-dominant energy. Just as our organs know how to work properly, know how to do their jobs, our spirit, our energies (masculine and feminine) know how to be displayed and expressed. What the problem, I think is, it’s that we do not take notice of that energy when it shows. We do not go in life believing in our gut, in our intuition. Sometimes, using the non-dominant energy can come in the form of the intuition. And we all know, we exclude that from our behavior. What if we are wrong? That is why I believe we already use these 2 energies, very well actually. But we are not at all aware of how they work and how they express themselves. We are not educated and The Bingo Theory can help a lot in that sense. It is a bit controversial as you can probably understand from my points of view and insights.

The Bingo theory review

Another reason I do not agree to use more our non-dominant energies is supported by what Danielle LaPorte wrote and that I mentioned already above, but I will reiterate it here based on the fact that I believe that the form of passion is being expressed/ used in the flow of the dominant energy put into meaningful work (the dominant energy is always meaningful, as by nature, we believe in what we like to do and what comes naturally for us to act on): “… the more I pursue my passions, the more uncomplicated my life gets, actually. […] It’s not the imbalance-ness that stresses me, it’s doing meaningless things that aren’t taking me where I want to go.” In my opinion, using my non-dominant energy for the sake of creating the illusion of balance in my life, that feeling to give to your Ego of “Hey, I am using both energies” (as if you would not want to waste anything, even though there is a lot of residues in our lives that we must determine ourselves to clear and be clear on how to prioritize the important things) and that I have a fulfilled life now, is close to describing perfectionism (which is not healthy) and is meaningless as it it not taking me nowhere, since I am focusing my energy on another energy which is not the one taking me further or creating the flow that I need to actually feel alive, fulfilled and happy.

This brings me a feathery remembrance of the concept of working on excelling at your strengths rather than developing your weaknesses. A person is desired for what they excel at, not for their balanced personality. A strong personality is an imbalanced one in terms or energies. And that applies to work, love life and relationships in general, in life.

The Bingo theory review

When I think about using more your non-dominant energy, I also recall a book I read some while ago, named “Le principe du petit pingouin” by Denis Doucet, which discussed the syndrome of adapting to an environment which is against your nature. It emphasizes the overadaptation syndrome which emerges when we live in a hostile environment and we want to adapt to it because of certain things we think we need to achieve. Suffering from overadaptation is different from re-adaptation concept, which excludes a hostile environment in which you do not feel you can thrive as a human being, in which you do not assume your own development. The overadaptation refers to going with an environment that makes you to die slowly, because it asks of you to adapt to something which you do not believe in, and because we adapt easily to new and even challenging situations, adapting to this type of environment is damaging for our mental health and overall well being and happy life.

The Bingo theory review

In some way, I believe using more than enough, or using more then when it actually comes naturally or handy to use our non-dominant energy is in a sense the same thing as the syndrome of overadaptation. You try to use an energy that does not come easy to use, and you over-adapt yourself to that, which in turn, makes you miserable, since you are lacking the meaning, the sense of what you are doing, you no longer assume your personal development. It is imposed to you in a way. You over-adapt to something you do not need. Society thinks you need it and it makes you believe that too. It’s like an adjustment disorder. It’s also in a way not being connected to your own values, since your core energy is linked to your personal values, that is why we are so tight to it, and we love it, because otherwise we would not use it so much 🙂

And I think, honestly, we already use both our masculine and feminine energy already, as mentioned in certain situations, in different situations and life circumstances. And we are not aware of it. What we need to do, is to read The Bingo Theory, to understand the theory behind masculinity and femininity expressed in energies and then decide for ourselves, by being aware of how we manifest ourselves in the world, understanding better if we really need to develop the non dominant energy or not.

The Bingo theory review

The masculine energy review

If reviewing the book using my dominant energy was an easy and creative task for me, using my masculine energy, my non-dominant energy is a sort of a challenge. Which in this situation (reviewing a book, or working as an example on a project) is going to actually expand my horizons and my brain, as I am working that specific “muscle”.

If using my feminine energy in the review of the book, I was intuitive, introspective and probably spontaneous, as I have expressed myself freely, and I do feel I have valued Mimi Ikonn’s insights as they are nurturing and wise at the same time, using my masculine energy to bring this review of The Bingo Theory, I will act consciously to be rational, analytical, powerful and independent in my review. Although my opinions given so far, do emphasize an independent, confident and strong opinion on the book, as I feel I have been competitive in my ideas with the little penguins overadaptation syndrome, with my disbelief in leading or living a balanced life, and in me addressing the focus of the book, which should have been on how to use a certain energy better in that different situation, when usually we do go with out dominant energy, even though we might feel we should behave in a different manner, however our Egos enslave us to that utopia of control over the handling of the situation.

The Bingo theory review

To address the scientific approach of the book, I will probably be harsh by saying that it totally lacks substance in that matter. It is not a scientific book, but it is a book which gathers personal insights, personal points of view, feminine energy addressed in a masculine energy – with focus on the theme, determination to pinpoint that theme and the personal point of view as a scientific approach through different tools such as use of quotes that inspire and at the same time, just because they are quotes, they are valuable and they synthesize so perfectly the essence of each chapter. Other tools include portraits of human persons inspired from real life (as the author states, from her friends and people she knows) which logically cannot make sense. The logic of that human nature is captured in some situations that are aligned to the general or universal law of happening things. Not applicable in real life. Seen rather in a black and white perspective. The human nature cannot be captured in those examples. However, those examples define the 4 types of the Bingo persons, type of people that find each other and try to work it out together to make a Bingo relationship.

The examples put in the book about how people of a certain type behave and act and end up, are in a masculine energy point of view like a fantasy. They only work  to pinpoint what Mimi Ikonn wants to suggests, that we need to balance our energies to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, that lack depiction of subtle emotions and feelings and actions of the human nature is not enough to justify on the long term The Bingo Theory, because the 4 types of people described are far more diverse in emotions and behaviors to be able to create just 4 universal generalized personalities. To me, and in a logical flow of how humans behave, that is based on some personal insights or close friends relationships put in a single situation, not in a whole spectrum of life situations or even life as whole, and I cannot agree with them being tagged into “a revolutionary guide to love, life and relationships”.

The Bingo theory review

At the beginning, before reading the book, I though it was going to be a more scientific theoretical approach, based on the word “theory” contained in the title, which is delusional in a way, as there is no theory contained in it. Because of that word, it makes you think it is connected to career and finances and lifestyle, and it is intriguing as the illustration on the cover is not connected to that first impression. And I will say here, that that is a brilliant way to advertise a book, making its cover so controversial, people would pick it up and look through it, seeing the chapters, which I have already complimented them, but I will compliment them again (they are amazingly put together), people will go and buy it. It makes you purchase it. Flipping through it, you see structure, clear content, easy to read content, interesting ideas masculine and feminine energy within us, something that not many books (actually I do not remember hearing about any books on this theme) describe and the tips and tricks on how to self help to achieve that balance, the purpose of the book, is fascinating. And that is new, fresh for most of the people. Not for me, but for a lot of people it is totally new and it can come as a theory, especially if they do not know a lot about the subject. It can come as something revolutionary, reading the description on the back of the book, it can enlighten you, of course, I won’t deny.

It is a strong book, with very, very good judgement and coherent. The only part that I do not find coherent is the explanation of the Bingo Types of Personalities with different dominant energies. That seems to be as taken from the way the characters of an american movie would be presented: cheesy, cheap and easy, it’s like the bias of the brain: a shortcut to human nature: like a simplistic, yet not with enough essence to make it complete as a human being, and at one point, one character depicted in the book reminded me of the main character of The Girl with the Green Scarf movie.

The Bingo theory review

The book is controlling, a main characteristic of the masculine energy: as it teaches us how we should behave or use our core and non-dominant energies to balance our life and be happy. Another point to bring to discussion, a logical flow: no one will ever achieve balance in life simply by reading a book, and nonetheless, the tips and self help activities to balance the non-dominant energies inside ourselves are just tips. It is not something life changing, it is not revolutionary. It seemed more like a gathering of to do lists designed for helping people to work more on a specific hemisphere of the brain. Something like puzzles or word games to improve our “masculine or feminine energies”. Very little inspirational, and a lot purposeless. As, even if you do take the exercises, it does not guarantee you will change your life and know how to balance your non dominant energy. That is something that cannot be learned, it needs to be felt and experienced, it needs to be let go by the Ego, everyone needs to permit themselves to listen to their intuition when it sparks. We need to learn to recognize when we subconsciously use the dominant and the non-dominant energy in everyday life. This seems to me more of a mindfulness exercise. Which as with all new things, first, it needs awareness on it, therefore The Bingo Theory book is here to help you with that, and second it needs practice.

The Bingo theory review

Nevertheless, the hard working part of the masculine energy can absolutely be noticed in the length of the book, the expanded and logic flow of ideas of the theme of masculinity and femininity, in the responsibility of how to use the book, and the advice given to the reader. What I also noticed about the content of the book, is that it is made up of a lot of triggers such as “So, are you ready?”, “Let’s start with”, “Let me tell you about…”, “remember, the purpose is to…”, “you can skip ahead […] where you can learn about…” and so on. That makes a great leader and most of the times, a leader is an organized, determined, focused, consistent, goal-oriented person that makes its masculine energy emerge in the same way the sun comes from behind the sun: patiently, but rigorously, and in an upbeat manner, in a decisive way, that brings you credibility in what will happen next (and in our book’s case, in what you will read about next) and it gains trust from the reader to the author, enhancing the author’s point of view and beliefs. This is how a leader leads. And that is a masculine energy and Mimi owns it.

More review or personal review based on the masculine energy in me, would be regarded towards the self help tips to bring out your masculine or feminine energy. These were as mentioned earlier, not something new to me, or not something that I believe people would not know about already. The presentation of that chapter and the writing reminded me of a Linkedin article or a personal development blog post. It felt like going through advises that I already read somewhere, but in different parts, whereas in this book, Mimi put them all under one single umbrella, to host an idea, to reiterate something that you already have in your head, but you do not know how to express it and it is a very structured organized presentation that brings you clarity and order and a “know how to do now” attitude. It’s like using the ideal words to speak of things we have so disorganized in our heads. That is an amazing quality of a masculine energy dominant personality. To bring clarity and to organize things. To plan and coordinate. To lead.

The Bingo theory review

A special conclusion for my review on The Bingo Theory

Have you heard of the androgynous myth?  

Long time ago, people used to be spherical creatures, with bodies attached back to back who cartwheeled around. There were 3 sexes: male – male (who descended from the Sun); female – female (who descended from the Earth), male – female (who descended from the Moon).

The Bingo theory review

One day the sphere people tried to take over the Gods and failed. Zeus then decided to cut them in two, separating the 2 creatures that were making the androgyny. Their task was now to find each other and be whole again. The Gods decided that they needed a reason to be alive, so they separated them so they can have a purpose. I learned about this myth when I was in highschool and it sounded in a way romantic to me. The purpose of the lesson at that time, was to establish the fact that we are searching for our soulmates and this is what people do in life. They search each other to be able to be happy together and create something, to move the world, to change the world.

The Bingo theory review

The Bingo Theory reminded me of this myth in the sense that there’s masculinity and femininity and only together (these 2 characteristics brought together) can make us happy and fulfilled.

The Bingo Theory to me, speaks differently about this, at least in my perspective. The Bingo theory says that we are already both masculine and feminine (energy) and we already use that in our everyday life, the purpose is now to balance that within us to be able to find another balanced individual with those traits and live happily and fulfilled together. It is a nice concept. However, it does seem utopian. The Bingo Theory is to be able to blend both energies so that you can get a balance, a beautiful dance between these 2 energies. But you see, in a dance, someone leads and someone follows. It’s not like the woman would lead very often the dance. It’s the man. Although, Mimi does suggest that in a dance like that we are each both.

The Bingo theory review

In my opinion, referring to the androgynous myth, we are still those creatures, we are still androgynous, but not physically. We are androgynous in an emotional manner. What we need to do is to learn to find  and to be aware of that masculine and feminine energy in ourselves and we will discover we are already whole and complete. And we only need a soulmate to compliment each others non-dominant energies, so we can create, change the world and the future, not by taking the Gods down, rather by being able to recognize that god within us, to see it in the other persons and to accept that we are all different gods and to love what we possess already. To showcase our feminine energy or masculine energy, if that is the dominant energy and to express our passions. And from time to time to learn, that we have to accept the other energy inside us, the non-dominant one, to be able to recognize it in others and to love it. The balance already exists in us. I do not feel we need to work on being balanced. The secret, in my opinion is to be mindful about it and let it shine. That would be the time to smile with a Bingo!. With the Bingo Theory.

The Bingo theory review

Please share it with your precious ones.