Manifest magic money

How to get rich easy

Ralph Smart, psychologist, author and speaker advises:

“Money is a collective belief system held by the consensus reality. It is a piece of paper we give value. Money is not good or bad. It is something we have chosen collectively to use as a means of exchange.

How to get rich easy? It starts with eating rich.

What do the richest people in the world do? They eat healthy.


Start eating rich, healthy to feel rich. Because that primes your subconscious  mind to start attracting what you know you are worthy of.

It’s all about getting your energetic level up.

To become wealthy, you have got to find out what money can’t buy. Health. A beautiful relationship. These are the things that money can’t buy. 

You are already a walking billionaire and you don’t even know.

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

This is how to raise your energetic bank balance. Money is connected to your emotions. You can have no money and be really happy. At the same time, you can be very rich and be depressed. How many money can you have, if you cannot enjoy it?

It’s not about how much money you have in your bank account. 

It’s about how much money you have in your energetic bank account. That means, how do you feel about yourself.

Do you see yourself in a positive or in a negative way? How you feel about yourself it’s so important, because it affects how much money you make.

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

Warren Buffet said that if you keep trying to buy things you do not need, one day, you are going to sell things you do need. 

The negative subconscious beliefs about money is why most people don’t make money. Saying, money is evil, money is bad. NO. Money is just a tool. Which gives you more of what you already have.

Once you start changing your attitude towards money, money will change its attitude towards you.

This is how you need to see things: for everything that you consume, you need to create something. To give back. You need to give back more than you consume. Once you do that, then you have entered the law of exchange. Rich people don’t work. They supervise. But what’s gotten them to that level, is that, they are SUPER CREATORS. They are always creating ideas. Now you enter the law of exchange.

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

Business is created by peoples’needs. What do people need? Find that out and then you will enter the law of exchange. You need to ask yourself, what are you creating? Because if that does not happen, then you are simply a spectator. Become your greatest version.

The secret is to create things that last, with a long shelf life. Something which has infinite value.

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

Have you ever notices that people like Bill Gates never brag? Wearing the same clothes, the same suit. That’s because his primary focus is not on money, is not on making money, it is on providing a service for billions of people through his company. Don’t make money your primary focus. Money is just a by-product of what you love to do. 

When you focus on what you love to do, on the great people around you, then the money will flow to you. What we call – easy money. A lot of people focusing on money, are broke. Why? Because they are in a state of resistance. There is a lot of pressure on them to make money.

Passive streams of income are when you make the money to work for you. People who do everything, get nothing. People who do nothing, get everything. That is the secret to making magic money for lazy people. Do nothing. Which means, the only way to do nothing is to slow down, to focus on your talents, on your authenticity, on what you are good at, and to let it come to you. 

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

The more you learn, the more you earn. And not just by reading books. That applies to the fact that you discover a lot of things about yourself as well. The more you know yourself, the more you earn. 

Do one thing only. Stick with one thing. A lot of people have a lot of priorities. They spread their energy and time in multiple directions.

But what is your Priority? Your one priority?

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

Work on it every single day. Have fun. Work with other people doing the same thing as you. The wealthiest people in the world, always work together. To become richer and to make you poorer. 

So, realize that wealth is a mindset. It comes with changing your diet, by surrounding yourself with amazing positive uplifting people, doing what you love, not focusing on making money, taking care of your energetic bank balance and entering the law of exchange, which is providing value, not only for yourself, but for people all around you.”

What are you creating?

how to manifest magic money easy money for lazy people

Please share it with your precious ones.

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