Love Natural, Love Organic Exhibit

The 8th until the 10th of July 2016. A world of health. An “all natural” spot of products waiting for us to include them in our lifestyles and replace all bad habits with it.

It is the annual Love Natural, Love Organic, Love You Exhibit that takes place in London. If you are concerned with your health, if you choose healthy options for yourself and for your family, if you care about what you put inside yourself, if you care about using natural beauty products and if you care about the environment as well, this is where you need to be.

love natural love organic exhibit

The exhibit will challenge you to choose from such a wide variety of products ranging from food, health, beauty and even something for your home, so that we can all make small changes to obtain that big difference we all dream about and to contribute to a wonderful greener and healthier future together.

love natural love organic exhibit

Health is the highest value of a human being and health is the harmony between a person’s physical state, spiritual welfare, intellectual purposefulness, social equity and this can be obtained by sustaining a high quality of life. To achieve a high quality of life people focus on technology development and get distracted by all gadgets which rapidly have become our digital normality, forgetting about what we put in our most important gadgets: our bodies and our brains.

Love natural love organic exhibit

We have now this amazing opportunity to take part at an exhibit which stands for the unique and un-replicable power of nature. We must remember that our primary goal to be able to enjoy the technology is to be healthy. To have full control over our health. And there are so many options and healthy alternatives, that we cannot say anymore that leading a high quality of life for both our internal and external worlds would be problematic.

So get your ticket to the show here

I also have a free ticket for you to the Allergy, Free from Show which will be taking place at the Love Natural, Love Organic Exhibit in London. Here’s your link to enjoy it and share it with your friends and family:

Love natural love organic show

Love natural love organic show

Love natural love organic show

Love natural love organic show

Do you want to know more about why it’s SO important to choose organic?

Click here for a more detailed article to help you understand your impact if you make healthy choices. 

Love natural love organic show

At Love Natural, Love Organic show in London, there is going to be Nature’s Workshops as well. Last year there were practical tips on beauty, pampering, growing your own food, juicing and mealtime solutions, the natural way. To get an idea of what you have missed last year:

love natural love organic show

Supersize your life – food and activity combining for busy people with Bite the Sun

Food as medicine with Dale Pinnock

Cooking the foodie recipe box with Sorrel Scott, Abel and Cole

No cook healthy meals with Ceri Jones, Natural Kitchen Adventures

Shaping vital lives through food, movement and rest with Bite the Sun, Alliance for Natural Health 

Cooking the delightfully light recipe box with Jassy Davis, Abel and Cole

Healthy snacking on the go with Naturally Sassy, Founder of Naturally Sassy and Naturally Sassy Food

Cooking the super salad box with Rachel DeThample, Abel and Cole

Reset your metabolism for a cleaner and leaner life with Bite the Sun, Alliance for Natural Health

love natural love organic show london

You might as well enjoy following Love Natural, Love Organic on their Facebook page, which constantly promotes new businesses orientated to the natural way and especially in the organic industry:

love natural love organic show london

That’s how I discovered so many exquisite organic natural brands such as:

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic – Lynn Williamott (link) – an award winning organic age defense skincare products

Totally Organic website based on organic beauty products (link)

London Beauty Queen Beauty Blogger (link) who has won lots of awards last year as a blogger

Livia’s Kitchen who has got a cook book of naturally sweet raw and baked treats (link)

Hedihearts blog on the clean eating diet (link)

Oppo Ice cream (link) a healthier all natural ingredients based ice cream

Honey and Date – raw natural cakes (link) – now these are AWESOME

Deliciously Ella – vegan healthy recipes on her website, Youtube and books – (link)

Saaf Skincare – based on 100% naturally derived ingredients (link)

Amelia Freer  – a nutritional therapist (link)

Nom Foods – organic Soil Association certified snacks (link)

Coconut Merchant – ethically sourced coconut spreads (link)

Sweet dairy free and refined sugar free instant drinks  (link)

Frill the frozen smoothie (link)

Love your Blender smoothie creators (link)

Abel and Cole Organic Boxes (link)

Body me – organic protein bars (link)

Naturally Sassy blog on sweet gluten free, plant based recipes (link)

Candy Kittens – natural ingredients based finest sweets (link)

Yours truly organics – Cruelty Free and Ecocert organic certified skincare (link)

Jack and Jill natural toothpaste (link)

Of the earth superfoods (link)

and many many others.

Love Natural, Love Organic is the show where you can discover new brands that are natural, organic and you also get lots of inspiration to live a more healthier life.

I hope to see you there !

love natural love organic show


Love natural love organic show london

P.S. : Thank you for taking the time to visit , and here’s to your journey of growth !