What’s bugging you?

I attended an event last year in Belfast with John-Paul Flintoff, who is a speaker, writer, blogger, journalist, coach and creator of the What’s bugging you? maps.

He is an inspiration in the sense that his art is something practical, simple, yet so helpful and meaningful, or at least that’s how it feels to me. His brand is beautifully presented on his main website: http://www.flintoff.org/ 


What is this What’s bugging you?

According to the creator, John-Paul Flintoff, it is a map designed to help you find your solution to the problem you encounter. It is a tool to move you from the problem perspective into the perspective of a solution, and thus into a more positive approach to your life, to your world.

The What’s bugging you? map looks like a map, and it includes some essential questions you need to ask yourself to discover your own solution to the problem you face in your world.


I particularly enjoy the step which says: “Name those limiting beliefs (it’s good to recognize them when they pop up -which they always do).”

What is a limiting belief?

Just as the name states, it is a personal conviction that limits our actions. Because you believe so much in it, it will stop you from doing that thing you think it’s not good to do or you are not entitled to it.

Even though you think you have nothing like that, believe you, you have collected several throughout your experience so far.


Here are some examples:

  • I am not good enough.
  • I lost my purpose in life
  • Better to be one of the heard than called a weirdo
  • I cannot be vulnerable to anyone or anything
  • I do not have that formal education it is required
  • I cannot be happy until I reach that
  • Life is so hard
  • My parents are to blame for everything
  • I don’t need any help, I can do it on my own
  • Love is painful, I don’t need that
  • I cannot be happy unless I am in a relationship
  • It’s too late for me to pursue my passion, my dream
  • I can never be a fully functioning person, not after all I have been through
  • I cannot trust anyone
  • I am so alone


There are some limiting beliefs you may feel you own as well, from those included on the map such as:

  • I am too old
  • I am not attractive
  • Nobody wants what I am interested in
  • My creative work is not good enough
  • Nobody cares anyway


It is important to recognize your own limiting beliefs and then to deal with healing them.

I found some helpful insights into this on PurposeFairy blog. Here are the links:




Now, in order to help you let go of those limiting beliefs, here’s another article to teach you how to have positive vibrant radiant helpful beliefs that don’t limit you, they take you where you need to go. Closer to your dreams.



And do you remember my previous articles about positive efficient affirmations to live a happy life ?

In case you missed that, feel free to browse them here. I will link them for you:




What’s bugging you? for me, it’s more than a map to help you discover a solution to a problem, it is an essential question to take you through life, through your experiences. I find it’s fundamental to discover exactly what’s bugging you, as this is the right path to your own way to map your future, to create a vision to live by.


When there are things bugging you, it means you need to change something, it means you are on a new challenging path put there on your way as an obstacle you need to overcome in order to make you grow. To teach you something. What is it that really it’s bugging you? Is it the need for more money, is it a health issue, is it a need to have your own family, is it lack of love, is it a job that you wish to have, is it a dream you feel you are too old to dream about? Whatever it’s bugging you, bear in mind that it will not stop bugging you unless you work on it in some way or another.


For me, a lack of a specific direction or spreading myself in too many parts, is bugging me. Apart from this map, these effective questions you must ask yourself and be true to yourself, there are some Bach remedies that I found very efficient to help you unleash your actions and intentions wisely and beautifully to bring you that bliss everyone wants.


If you are not aware of the Bach Flower Remedies, please have a quick read on the following article I presented on DailyWeeklyFavorites some time ago:



First one, Wild Oat Bach Remedy. Wild oat remedy is efficient when there’s uncertainty over one’s direction in life. It is also helpful for those who feel they have come to a cross-roads in life and do not know which way to go. They want to do something fulfilling but are not certain in which direction they should channel their energies. They may have tried several careers or a variety of lifestyles but still do not feel content. They are the “lost souls” who feel they have not yet found their niche in life and are filled with dissatisfaction. This remedy will help these people to see the way ahead more clearly so that they may pursue their true vocation. 


Second one, Walnut Bach Remedy. Walnut remedy is the remedy for change. It is the remedy for protection from change and unwanted influences. It helps those who have difficulty settling into a new environment, new job or routine, a different country or a new home. It helps to break the link with the past so that life can start afresh, free from old ties and memories. It is helpful during any change in life, from marriage, divorce or moving house to major growth cycles like teething, puberty and menopause and it can help with the adjustment to childbirth and to all sort of changes happening in one’s life. Including the need for change however a fear over how to do it.


This remedy helps us to keep to our chosen path in life, protecting us from the ideas and influences of others that may lead us astray, and from those disturbing environmental influences which disrupt our peace and taunt our thoughts, and which may cause us to lose sight of our true destination. And this is the main reason, I take this Bach Flower therapy remedy. This remedy helps to guide us through any events in life so that we do not lose our way. When something is bugging you, this is a necessity.


Third remedy, it’s Impatiens Bach Remedy. And as the name suggests, it is for the state of impatience and irritability. Those of this temperament tend to be quick in thought and action. Everything is done in a hurry, they cannot wait. I feel I am impatient a lot of the times. And this is something that is bugging me. It may very well be something that it’s bugging you and you are not aware of it. You are not conscious of this trait of yours. And somehow, I feel these days we are all so impatient.


People with this nature can become quite brusque with those who are slow and may be tempted to finish a sentence for them, or try to finish the job they are doing. Impatiens people tend to be restless, fretful and jumpy. They move and talk quickly and their body language can too give them away – fidgeting, looking at their watch, edging towards the door in their haste. The remedy simply helps these people to regain their poise so that life is not so rushed; so that they may take their time and enjoy the pleasure of life at a normal pace. It is also helpful for any mental agitation state, having a calming effect.


These are my way of dealing with the What’s bugging you question. It may help you as well, and when it does, I would love to hear from you.

Overall, What’s bugging you? is indeed a helpful tool to manage your life, your beliefs and thus, your actions.


Go get yours and stop procrastinating over what’s bugging you, deal with it. 

What's bugging you?

Get more details on purchasing it here: http://www.flintoff.org/what-s-bugging-you


P.S. : Thank you for taking the time to visit , and here’s to your journey of growth !



5 thoughts on “What’s bugging you?

  1. Thank you so much Georgyana for such a lovely write-up of our map.
    I’m sorry it’s take so long for me to leave a comment but I somehow lost the link.
    We love the map.
    It was also part of the Blurt Foundation Buddy Box in February and that made us very proud.
    Thank you once again and we’ve linked to it on our website under ‘mentions’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Tina, thank you for your complimentary words. And congratulations on the Buddy Box! I will need to check that out! I am happy to be mentioned on your wonderful website! It’s very kind of you!


  2. Seriously Georgiana, you write so well ! BTW, it’s Jess (I’m supposed to have a blog about one theme and create a digital strategy…..Anyway)

    Your article is really interesting, because I think a lot these days about what’s bugging me, but I never thought about write about it.
    This map seems amazing, because you don’t think just about the obstacles in your life, you see them in front of your eyes, and in a way you must stop blaming yourself or procrastinating, and act to change it! It’s really good idea.

    The article about the healthy beliefs to be stubborn about is a really nice reminder.


    Liked by 1 person

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