Things Productive People Do

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Things productive people do

We are too busy to think about the future that we forget how to live our life to the fullest.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. We get lost and have no direction to go. The older we are, the more we realize that the world is no longer as a “playground” as it used to be when we were still kids. Life is full of struggles. But, don’t worry because I am going to tell you how to live your life to the fullest  without  worrying too much over your past or even about your future.

First of all, there is no need to regret the past because your past is just the past. You don’t need to mourn, to blame yourself by not taking chances or even by doing something wrong. Always, remember, it’s just the way it has to be. It’s God’s plan. You can’t control what you can’t change, can you? Just take the lesson from your past and be the better version of yourself. Important lesson: stop blaming yourself.

However, you don’t need to overthink about your future either. It’s great to set goals for your future, go on. Write them down on a sheet of paper so you can remember them and go back to it. But, thinking too much about your future can lead you to never take any action. Instead of only worrying about what your future might be, just be brave to take real action to achieve your goals.

Here are some things you could do on a daily basis, if you want to be a productive person:

Wake up early.

Great people don’t waste their time. People who crave success always appreciate their time. If you want to be content about how your day is going, stop being a lazy person. Start waking up in the morning, get up from your bed and do something that interests you. For me, it is doing exercise. For you? It is all up to you. If you like reading, try reading books in your living room or in the park near your house.

Put a big smile.

Smile is contagious. It can bring happiness to those around you. And even though you have nobody around, just smile, take a deep breath because it can boost your mood especially when you are facing a difficult time. Remember that everyone you meet has their own problem, and by giving them your heartfelt smile, you already help them to be less burdened. And that helps you too.

No mourning!

Give thank to God for the blessing He gives every single day. You don’t know how grateful you are until you see somebody else who is less lucky than you. When facing a difficult time, never ever mourn. This is what I keep telling myself, “When you don’t think about whining, you win.” Just because you deal with a difficult time, it does not mean that your life ends. Difficult time happens to give us lessons, to improve ourselves, to peel back the layer of ourselves that is unseen. Or in other words, difficult time happens to teach us how to use our creativity by overcoming problems. So, instead of mourning, you’d better take it as a challenge that can help you be a better human.

Do exercise at least 20 minutes.

It’s up to you, whether you are going to sit up, push up, or whatever. Some people are too reluctant to do exercise even for a brief time. But actually the case is doing exercise gives us some positive effects. Not only does it make our body healthier, but also it boosts our mental health and energy. I usually do exercise 20 minutes after waking up. Trust me, not only it is good for physical health but also for enhancing our mood in a positive way.

Drink mineral water.

Mineral water is important for our health. It can prevent you from falling ill, it can provide your body’s need of water, etc.  It’s better if you can drink mineral water 2 liters per day or about 8 glasses of water per day.

Eat Nutritious Meals

Eat accordingly. That means don’t eat too much but don’t eat too little either. Eat nutritious meals such as vegetables and fruits. That’s very good for your health. If you are still eating instant food such as burger or other junk foods, please stop it. They are instant, but not every instant is good. Think of the impact in the long term. Start from now on to be more selective in choosing your meals.

Text your beloved ones.

Beloved ones can be your mom, your dad, your sister, your best friends, your boy/girl-friends (if you have that one), or someone else who matters to you. Give them support to start a brand new day. Show them your love. Take a minute to text them or a couple of minutes to phone them, showing how you respect them, how you are grateful for them being in your life, etc.

Greet people.

Greeting people with a smile is the cheapest gift you can give to them. It is good both for you and for the people whom you smile at.  So, why not? Not only that, by greeting people, you are making sure that you are open to him/her, make them your friends, not your enemy, and that can keep the relationship going.

Don’t procrastinate.

Sometimes we find ourselves think that we still have time. Be wise. If you can do what you have to do today, just do it.  Do you want to get trapped in a cage of disappointment?

Do everything with heart.

This is important. If you want to do things and make it worthy, let your heart get involved. The more you do things with heart, the more you realize how easier you can get things done. Try it.


Well, if you are a busy person or have little time to even think of yourself, I suggest you do a little time for meditation. Meditation is important because it can bring you back to your inner self, it teaches you hot to get in touch deeper with yourself, so that you can understand how to live your life on the right track. You can meditate in the early morning or before going to bed in the night.

www.dailyweeklyfavorites.comAre you up to these common sense ways you can get more productive in your day ? What would be your tips on living more your present and be productive with it ?

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